tunnel rat posted on October 22, 2010 10:51

Here's another hard-hitting ad against collaborator cunt Carly Fiorina, this time with Insurgents who used to work for HP.



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United States SF_worker
October 22. 2010 13:10

This is all great stuff. There's no way she'll get votes. She torched everything she touched. Good riddance.

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United States mark
October 22. 2010 13:56

Stupid cunt-led company (HP) wasted a ton of my time applying to jobs for which they only intended to fill with H1-B's.

May the bitch burn in hell.

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United States Capt. Kirk
October 22. 2010 17:45
Capt. Kirk

What a scumbag whore. God help us if she gets in office.

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United States Rob
October 22. 2010 21:11

What a choice... a worthless pol who runs jobs off as gubmint policy and a corporatist who runs jobs off as company policy.

Too bad California doesn't have "none of the above".

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United States James
October 23. 2010 00:06

Anyone who does not think we are being manipulated by Asians is a fool:


McLEAN, Va. – A Michigan man pleaded guilty Friday to accepting $70,000 from Chinese spies as he attempted to secure jobs with the CIA and U.S. Foreign Service that would have allowed him to expose U.S. government secrets.

Glenn D. Shriver, 28, of Grand Rapids, Mich., acknowledged Friday in U.S. District Court that he sought the jobs with the intent of selling classified information to Beijing. He pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiring to provide national defense information to Chinese intelligence officers.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to recommend a four-year prison term that a judge is required to impose at sentencing set for Jan. 21.

Court documents said Shriver was approached by Chinese officers while living in Shanghai in 2004 after earlier study trips to China.

In China, Shriver answered an English-language ad seeking someone with an East Asian studies background to write a paper on U.S.-Chinese relations. Court documents said that led Chinese officers to recruit Shriver and encourage him to seek out U.S. government jobs that would gain him access to classified and secret documents.

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United States James
October 23. 2010 00:18

Maybe BigR and Gupta need to read this:

Multiculturalism crumbling in Europe.


And you can bet if it is crumbling there, America will not be far behind.

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United States debugman
October 23. 2010 12:32

I was at HP when she laid off locals, brought in foreign workers and sent the manufacturing to China.  After this election, hope this is the last time we hear the name Carly.

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Canada ezygoer
October 23. 2010 21:37

@ debugman

I feel for you as I was affected in the same way with HP Canada when she was there at the top - whatever is written about her here is "nice" compared to what I can write about her. Well I bought HP stock, sold and profited from the "globalization" farce which is all I could do !

But what's the point - as we type VA is turning into another NJ with H1-B's crawling all over the state.

As there are only two options in the US - GOP or Dem - who cannot tackle this parasitic issue - the American worker has very few options !!

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United States Heartlander
October 24. 2010 08:32

Back when the first ad ran, Boxer was ahead. When Boxer went on to the pro-life attack, Carly narrowed the gap. Now, according to Real Clear Politics, Boxer's lead has widened again. Coincidence? I think not.

The gap is still too close to call the election, but the 'wiggle' in the polls may be significant.

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United States Drifter
October 24. 2010 19:40

Brilliant career moves, Carly.

BigRetard and Poopta are rather quiet about this tragic story. The anti's are just a small group of zealots.... Right. Wake up and open your eyes.

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United States James
October 25. 2010 00:26

If BigR & Gupta want to see some real xenophobia, just have them check out this video:


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United States James
October 25. 2010 17:58

Slumdog infiltration and takeover plan:

1998 - clean out Silicon Valley
2004 - move on to Wall St.
2006 - move on to detroit.
2008 - clean out health care
2010 - move into gov't contracting, clean out all the federal $, collapse the gov't

India is just a pack of termites going where the $ is, taking it all and moving on.

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United States Vincenzo
October 25. 2010 21:27

Mark said:

"May the bitch burn in hell."


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United States Roger
October 29. 2010 15:28

Citigroup, or "ShittyGroup" as I call them under the direction of that Desi thief, Vikram "The Bandit" Pandit, has done the same thing and blatantly brought in a boatload of incompetent and unskilled slumdog H1-Bs' to do coding work and told the current American employees that if they don't train these monkeys, they will be terminated on the spot.  Any what good is that when they'd still be terminated anyhow?  They're only delaying their termination dates, but it's inevitable that they all got the pink slips afterwards.  If that was me, I'd tell them all to go to holy hell and let them fire me so that I could collect unemployment, but I'm too proud to be training these turd world monkeys to do my job and they shouldn't be here anyway if they know nothing.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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