tunnel rat posted on August 21, 2011 12:21

Fellow Insurgent Donna Conroy at Bright Future Jobs is leading a rally in Palo Alto on Aug. 27th 2011 to protest the ethnic cleansing at the hands of the IOR (Indian Outsourcing Regime) and the high-tech junta.  Here are the details:


On August 27th, Bright Future Jobs and Black Economic Council (BEC) will lead a rally to put Americans Back to Work at the Apple Computer Retail Store in Palo Alto, CA. located at 451 University Ave. The protest will begin sharply at 11:45 AM.

Please join us and let Steve Jobs and Sergey Brin know that you want them to show that they care as much about America as you do.

As the American Jobs Crisis deepens, Bright Future Jobs and the Black Economic Council aren't just talking -- we're rallying--and we already have press coverage lined up!

Raise your voice with us on August 27th, and demand that Apple and Google take a leadership role in Silicon Valley and sign the following Pledge to America:

  1. Recruit Americans FIRST. Have their contractors and developers do the same.
  2. Use HR Recruiters based in the US
  3. Freeze Off-shore Projects
  4. Start Planning to repatriate US jobs
  5. Show their EEO Data to San Jose Mercury News


Why are Apple, Google, Yahoo, Applied Materials and Oracle hiding their EEO hiring data from the San Jose Mercury News? What don't they want the public to see? As the American Jobs Crisis deepens, America needs to know what is really happening to hiring practices within our borders.

James Otto, the lawyer representing the IT professionals displaced from Molina, will be there and speaking to the press, along with Donna Conroy, our director.  Yolanda Lewis, a former software engineer will represent the BEC.

If you can't join us physically, how about joining us in spirit? We've had to borow to cover expenses and desperately need professionally printed posters like the one above to convey that we are serious about representing IT professionals in this fight to restore the American economy. 

contribution you can share will do wonders for turning around the juggernaut of job loss.

The team at BFJ,

Donna C., Mike R, Brendan K., Baxter S., Barbara M., Barbara G., John R.



While I am sure that this will be a peaceful protest, at the same time the rest of us hard-core insurgents will continue to seek retribution in our own special way, such as:

1.  Hunting down Desi douchebag and former Molina CIO (and current ACS exec) Amir P. Desai at his home in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and having a demonstration to protest his campaigns of occupational aparthied at Molina and ACS.

2.  Slashing tires of collaboratores and delivering cow heads to the lobby of Curry Den Qualcomm in San Diego.

3.  Surrounding the West Coast headquarters of Infosys in Fremont and demanding to see the visa documents and LCAs of all the slumdogs working at 6607 Kaiser Drive.

4.  Incorporating Anonymous-like tactics to take down and infiltrate the web sites of NASSCOM, USINPAC, TiE and every fuckin' Desi bodyshop in New Jersey.

5.  Publishing the personal information of collaborators in corporate America who are displacing US workers with scabs from HCL/Tata/Infosys/Patni/[pick one].

Happy hunting, Insurgents.



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India H1b super genius
August 21. 2011 16:08
H1b super genius

Good luck with hippie protest, rat.  Too bad for you Apple has billions in bribe money to pay.  hehe

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United States RG
August 21. 2011 19:32

Their website will mostly likely get hacked by the Chinese.


United States Drifter
August 21. 2011 19:58

H1B's are nearly extinct. Nobody trusts these pakis anyhow and the infosys scam will only help prove the truth we've been preaching for years.
Don't let up until we drive this failed experiment out of existence.

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United States Heartlander
August 21. 2011 20:01

My insurgent cell in the Rockies is already preventing desi resumes from seeing the light of day, getting marblemouth incompetents at vendors replaced with native english speakers, giving heart attacks to desi phone center staff. We've been ramping this up for the last five years and are looking to add to our operations.

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United States James
August 21. 2011 22:12

Apple hires mostly Americans and CLOSED their R&D in India in 2006. Donna is barking up the wrong tree protesting Apple. Google yes, Sun, yes. Microsoft, yes. But govt' LCA data shows Apple employs a mere 1300 H-1Bs while Microsoft employs over 35,000 of them.

Having said that, we we need to start protesting in the streets. BIG protests that the media cannot ignore.

And they need to be ongoing and continuous - every day if possible.

And the idea of staging protests outside slumdog offices and homes is BRILLIANT. The idea that these slumdog slave traders can just WALK into our country and operate for years with no visible resistance from citizens is over. It's time to put pressure on them by protesting every day in front of their homes, offices, everywhere for as long as it takes. It is our Constitutional right to do so.

As for H1B super genius isn't that an oxymoron? Supergenius at collapsing economies maybe....

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United States Heartlander
August 21. 2011 22:21

We need something like this for outsourcers too.


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U.A.E. axe
August 21. 2011 23:17


Here is the H1B breakdown by nationality.

India - 60,000 each year --> Liability
China - 10,000 each year
UK - 3,000 per year ----> Mostly Indians
Phillipines - 2,000 per year
South Korea - 1,000 per year
Japan - 1,000 per year  ----> Asset
Mexico - 1,000 per year
Taiwan - 1,000 per year ----> Asset
France - 1,000 per year
Germany - 1,000 per year ----> Asset
Brazil - 1,000 per year
Turkey - 1,000 per year

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August 22. 2011 01:51

Indians are in no way special people having special talents. I admire Gulf countries immensely for NOT granting citizenship rights to the Indian expats.

America should take a leaf from them. Amend your laws accordingly. Let them whine & perish. They are only capable of bringing nothing but chaos wherever they go.

It is media that glorifies Indian businessmen like Ambanis & Tatas. They might generate profits. But they are mostly unethical & unprofessional. Never empower them.

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August 22. 2011 16:58
all 3

LOL, Are you critical?


United States joshua
August 22. 2011 20:30

it does seem like Apple was not the ideal choice here, but I definitely
don't want to take any steam out of this rally either.

next time I would love to see this rally at Microsoft if not even better
at usa headqrtrs Infosys/Wipro/TCS etc. I would even fly out for the
rally myself if it was at one of these places.

heard a story about a small tech company meeting where the USA soon-to-be-layoffs
had an initial meeting with their H-1Bs replacements, apparently the meeting
included more FOBs than usual and the FOBs were not instructed on bathing reqts.

apparently some US workers who attended the meeting, which unfortunately
was held in an office with no windows, had to leave the meeting after 5 minutes
because the H-1B FOBs smelled so bad of curry and BodyOdor. A couple of
the workers even had to go home after puking in the nearby restroom. The
company director "got wind" of the situation (yes, pun intended) and fired
the US workers on the spot. They were not even allowed back in the building
to collect belongings.

will look for the link about the story, it was pretty recent, will post


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August 23. 2011 12:41

@ axe:

ALL H-1b's are liabilities. The only work-visa class that I would categorize as an asset would be the O type visa, for persons of renown in their respective fields. But regardless of how good they are, it's wrong to bring in aliens en masse in the first place. Generally -- and by generally I mean 99.99 percent of the time -- Americans should get not only the first shot, but the ONLY shot at American jobs, because Americans are the only ones with a RIGHT to them.

If we allow the fight to be merit based, Americans workers are almost certain to lose the fight. Here is why this is so:  

Our founding document (that's The Declaration of Independence for those of you who haven't studied American history) declares that all men are created equal.  Assume arguendo that this is literally true for everyone in the world.  Also take as given that America is only one twentieth of the world's population. If we were to allow employers to give American jobs to anybody in the world, and to let the employer decide who he can hire regardless of immigration status, then by pure probability, for every American worker doing a job, there would be 19 other people in the world who could do the same job just as well. This would mean that every American worker would be faced with competing with 19 other equally qualified people just to KEEP his job.  It would only take one out of those 19 to be willing and able to provide a better value to the employer for the American to lose his job to the alien. Such a policy would be great in the eyes of the employers, but would be damnation in the eyes of the workers.

Fortunately for American workers, the workers greatly outnumber employers, so a wholesale opening of the borders would be impossible in a democratic society.  
For this reason, Americans decided 120 years ago, on the heels of the War on Cheap Labor (aka The American Civil War), that American jobs belong exclusively to Americans. Since then, the ability to work in the United States has been a matter of RIGHT, not a matter of providing a better value.

But little by little, over the years, the employers have countered by doing the next best thing; they employ "salami tactics."  Get the government to carve out a little slice of the American labor market, so as not to honk off the majority.  IT professionals have been one of the victim market segments.  Low skilled workers have been another.  Next, it's over the road truck drivers (just wait until September when the Mexican trucks begin traversing the lower 48 -- don't say I didn't warn you).  They lobbied congress for the Bracero program, which was eventually shut down.  Most of the people didn't oppose the program, because they perceived that they were not personally affected by a few Mexicans picking fruit in the fields, devaluing labor in that arena, and taking American jobs. Then came the Air-Traffic Controller strike.  The striking workers were fired, but the majority didn't care because they were not air traffic controllers. The majority also made less money than the ATC workers, so it had little sympathy for the striking workers. On the heels of that strike, the groundwork was laid for the H-1b program, which legislation was passed based on a "draft" report released by the National Science Foundation PREDICTING a shortage of engineers because of a population drop! Fewer 22 year-olds meant fewer engineers... that was the NSF's logic!  Congress bought it, the bill was passed, and the majority didn't complain because the majority weren't engineers.  Next is the truckers.  The majority won't complain because the majority aren't truck drivers.

The bottom line is that it DOESN'T MATTER who is better.  The ODDS are that SOMEBODY in the world would be willing and able to provide a better value than the American.  What matters is that AMERICANS BUILT AMERICA, and so they and only they have the RIGHT to enjoy it.  Period.  It belongs to them, exclusively.

For this reason, ALL guest workers constitute a usurpation of the rights of American workers.  It constitutes a taking of the exclusivity aspect of our exclusive right to enjoy what we have made.  Allowing guest workers essentially means that we are being deprived of title to the fruits of our labors.  If someone else could have done it better, then let them do it better in their own country, or let them immigrate to the United States for the purpose of BEING an American, in which case they would gladly publicly RENOUNCE (as they would be required to do) all allegiance to their former country. Thomas Edison's parents did it. Alexander Graham Bell did it. How many Indians would be willing to do it?



August 23. 2011 12:56

@ Joshua

Perhaps Apple was chosen precisely BECAUSE they have relatively few guest-workers compared to the companies you listed. It would be a lot easier for Apple to change it's policy quickly than it would be for the others. We both can predict with 100 percent certainty that "Infosys/Wipro/TCS etc." would never even consider changing their policies, since those companies are BASED on the guest-worker model.  We can predict with equal certainty that Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, etc. would likewise never even consider changing their policies. Perhaps the organizers were considering the possibility of the rally actually having some noticable impact on Apple!

Think of what kind of message would be sent if a company with a name as big as Apple were to publicly announce that they would stop hiring guest workers to work in the United States. Think of the possibilities! It might kick off a new trend -- one that would be most welcome to the Americans in the movement.



United States H1Brules
August 23. 2011 13:49

You have to listen to this, I would take this scientist's words over incoherent mumblings of an internet tough guy like Tunnel Rat


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United States Jimmy Legaro
August 23. 2011 22:22
Jimmy Legaro

Oh I'm reading H1-B Genius and thinking hmm, I've heard this before. I've heard about the "Vaunted" Indian engineering genius. Of how they were born to be this way, naturally superior to all as Engineers. Engineering Racists, that's what I would call them.
Of course they never invent anything useful. That would be a good measuring stick of how well the have done. In fact, they have not even mastered English for the most part, even though the British ruled them for 400 years. United India for the first time, brought Railroads, post offices, toilets to the land that time forgot. Now look at the rail stations, almost in ruins. The trains are ancient and dangerous.
Toilets are not available in India for the most part so people crap and piss all over. The smell is horrible. In the summer months this all dries up along with the animal waste and creates a horrible dust that makes you cough. In these times it's best to wear a dust mask else risk a nasty illness.
Yes they are superior in all ways. Let's not even talk about the corruption that has impoverished the country, destined to be third rate as all it's money is stolen. The same corruption that Indian IT firms use to capture American market share. Ever wonder why so many corporations won't hire Americans for IT jobs? It's because these Indian body shops have paid off the corrupt managers and hiring people in these companies.
No one is that stupid not to realize how useless these people are. Follow the money and shut the horrible H1-B program down. Reform the L1 program as well. Time to send them packing.

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United States James
August 23. 2011 22:48


"What matters is that AMERICANS BUILT AMERICA, and so they and only they have the RIGHT to enjoy it.  Period.  It belongs to them, exclusively."

You are right, but we are living in a new age of worldwide communism called Globalism. Globalism is just another word for taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive. Where were India and China when IT was 98% white American males from 1978-1998? They were sitting around doing nothing! Yet all those jobs brilliant Americans created are now held by people who didn't have to lift a finger to help create the industry. America makes, the world takes.

The fact that the US economy was BOOMING 13 years ago and that 13 years of mass invasions of foreign workers has led to nothing but economic decline is all the proof we need that Americans and not foreigners built America.


It's a well-known fact that Kaku has been bought off by NASSCOM - they go to anyone who is not white American and who has some poistion of authority and try to use them as proof we need more immigrants. Fraudy (NASSCOM's mouthpiece) even went so far as to try to say American-born Guy Kawasaki is an 'immigrant'. NASSCOM also PAID Tom Friendman to write his two books extolling the virtues of globalism and India. We're being manipulated by India and we need to put a stop to it. And for every Kaku or Kawasaki, there are 100,000 faking 3rd world grifter conman job beggars who come here and drain us dry. Mass immigration has clearly harmed, not helped America.

Let us not forget that India is a Russian (Soviet) ally and that they too raised generations believing in communism. That is why they think they are entitled to come here. America clearly does not need these people and it is indisputable they have harmed the US economy.

So there you have it. All this is just communism and nothing more or less. Let's start recognizing that fact.

Appeal to Authority is one of the prime logical fallacies. Kaku has no credibility because he has clearly been compromised by NASSCOM. The entire American peoples' opinion has more weight than a couple bought-off NASSCOM shills.

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Vietnam SlumDawg-Trillionaire
August 23. 2011 23:23


(  hope tunnel monkey picks up some curse words  )   LOLOL

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Canada ezygoer
August 24. 2011 00:41

"Globalism is just another word for taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive"

Or to clarify further Globalism means the exploitation of third world labor mostly to benefit US multi-nationals at the expense of the American workforce. In the US the alphabet soup of visas H,J,K,L etc meant pitting thirld world labor against the US workforce to make easy money. Also transferred $$$$ to India, China etc etc (Indian firms and software "talent")

The few who get green cards, citizenship also affected by this after sometime !!

Recent learner - IBM now a master of the labor arbitrage game !!

Bright future jobs for whom ?  Americans or third worlders ?

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United States James
August 24. 2011 01:02

Now the slumdogs have to go beg the jobs from china?

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August 24. 2011 04:23

Incorrigibly hubris filled conceited Indians irrespective of their religious belief systems , gender , lack or presence of literacy including hiiiigh degrees , sans exposure or well travelled & living for generations in the West have certain dangerous prejudices:-

That all western women are pushovers with easy morals. That they lack mental maturity. And so forth. This RSS Gurumurthy once wrote:-

" Where Americans with no love for Jesus Christ are busy baywatching , we the pious are flooding our Hindu Temples ".

This Gurumurthy is extremely close to Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation New Jersey promoting rubbish like " Breaking India " " Cow Caste Cash theories ". These Indians the swadeshi brigade  on their sojourns abroad visit Carter Institutes & this Rajiv Malhotra smug with their Sanskrit prowess abetting & aiding treasonous activities WITHIN & WITHOUT America.

The same poisonous contempt is getting reflected in many Indian ( bollywood / kollywood / mollywood etc ) movies. This Indian film industry is so flush with money they travel all over  South Africa , New Zealand , America , UK , Australia , Europe very much including Switzerland etc etc for shooting their bump & grind smutty  routines along with fight scenes. Wherein they purposely with MALICE bring in WHITES & BLACKS of both genders showing them as scantily clad bimbos & dumb males receiving lots of punches.

THIS SELLS apart from nurturing their hubris. Whereas one Mike Myers who was VERY HONEST in his expose of Indian charlatans in his 'Love Guru' was hounded & bludgeoned.

Be it six pack torso or anything for that matter , Indians pick up everything from you . As they have the manners that would elicit contempt from alley cats they stab you with glee & gusto.

This very much includes the Indian writer Shobha De ( now calling herself Shobhaa De whatever) unduly feted. She is armed with knowledge of English & French , money & MALICE. Hence keeps writing such malicious stuff.

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August 24. 2011 04:32

Once one Chopra Indian filmmaker went to Europe for filming his " Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge " calculated to make money & be conferred blockbuster status.

On returning from songs shooting the actress called Kajol on Indian Television whinged :-

" These Westerners are all SSSO Raceeeest ( racist). There we were running around & singing all over Switzerland , England watched avidly by Indian diaspora. Not even one of the Westerner stood & appreciated. They have no respect for our culture , our Indianness . They are all sso raceeest ".

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August 24. 2011 04:41

GODFORSAKEN India's entire money making rests on cricket & movie industry. Politicians including many Chief Ministers ( DMK very much included) are in cahoots being both the beneficiaries & financiers. It was BJP ( Sushma Swaraj) that legitimised them ensuring they can siphon off money from banks.

DMK brazenly donated precious land & free apartments to these kollywood filmstars including the lecherous alleged brahmins in film industry. Sachin Tendulkar , Amitabh Bachhan , Jeetendra etc etc  own lands meant for poor farmers. In fictitious names. Lucrative investement for them evading tax thus. Indian lawyers have helped them.

India is one cesspool of corruption. Gimmicks like fasting is no solution at all. The fault is with their  CHARACTER.

Defang & disable them pronto. Would do a lot of good to many Indians also along with  this world at large.

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August 24. 2011 07:00

Agree entirely with comments of Jimmy Legaro , Taxi Driver & James above.

Incidentally , that Indian economist called Atanu Dey ( deeshaa.org) who globe trots is the typical dissembling America hating Indian. Once when Americans mentioned the problems brought in by Mexican immigrants at once he responded by writing :- " ROTFL...now they say ( Americans )Mexicans are happening ". He was once invited in Mexico for giving some lecture & feted. That favour apparently he was returning by backstabbing America.

This atanu dey despite knowing Art of Living SSSSRAvishankar to be a charlatan called him a " useful person " bringing knowledge of breathing & hatha yoga to the West. Rajeev Sreenivasan ( shadow warrior2004blogspot) ALSO stoutly justified SSSSRAvishanakar's misdemeanours by " he is selling a soft brand of Hinduism ".

I sent both of these hiighly qualified idiots IITians that AMERICAN's blog link which is brilliantly self explanatory. Atanu Dey went about stealing all the reasonings of that American recycling & representing as his own. With the rest of the Indian sycophants serenading him with " hatsofftoyou/yourockman ".

Rajeev Sreenivasan & the entire gang being footsoldiers of SSSSRavishankar went about hacking that American's blog & spreading malicious propaganda calling that American (sic) " a drug addict / frequents discotheques / not qualified to talk about Spirituality " yadayada.

This SSSSRavishankar has ENORMOUS money power. Government protection , mastery over blackmagic cults & chantings , owns lots of properties all over the world including South America , Australia , Europe , Canada & USA. And GULF countries also. Even went to Mongolia once.

You have no idea how diabolical these mind manipulating cults are. Throw them out offering no explanation , apologies and compensation. They all luxuriate evading taxes in the guise of non profit NGOs religious organizations in liberal countries like yours.

That way it is Patanjali who is to be credited . These are not Patanjalis. Only recycling & making money. Conning you all.  


no site

August 24. 2011 07:17

Recently an Australian wicketkeeper RIGHTLY mentioned the ill mannered behaviour of one Indian cricketer ( cannot recall his name ). Certain Indian cricket fanatics also agreed with that Australian in their living rooms.

BUT , the entire nation called India whose religion happens to be religion cried " RACISM ". The allegedly non corrupt Chief Minister of Gujarat called Narendra Modi who is virulently anti American on being denied visa for abetting communal riots after Godhra train arson proved his wily malicious credentials then by pitching in. He also raised the well worn " racist card " defending that Indian cricketer. Indians invariably refer to Australians as  (sic)  "descendents of convicts " . Including one *Sri Sri Guruji Muralidhra Swamigal*. One of those sanctimonious half baked hindu discourse giver.

Indians have no scruples. Their motive is to stay afloat by hook or by crook.

Narendra Modi could become THAT arrogant when he calculated countries like Japan ( geopolitics ), China , Vietnam cannot do without trading with India. Plus emboldened by Ambanis & Tatas who I believe feature in Fortune magazine as the richestest entrepreneurs.

Now & then the hindutvavadis & Indians  heap some anaemic praise on Israel for obvious reasons. Turn a deaf ear to such saccharinous outpourings.  


America & Israel should take over governance , administration , weeding , streamlining in India.

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August 24. 2011 07:22

James writes :-

" It's a well-known fact that Kaku has been bought off by NASSCOM - they go to anyone who is not white American and who has some poistion of authority and try to use them as proof we need more immigrants. Fraudy (NASSCOM's mouthpiece) even went so far as to try to say American-born Guy Kawasaki is an 'immigrant'. NASSCOM also PAID Tom Friendman to write his two books extolling the virtues of globalism and India. We're being manipulated by India and we need to put a stop to it. And for every Kaku or Kawasaki, there are 100,000 faking 3rd world grifter conman job beggars who come here and drain us dry. Mass immigration has clearly harmed, not helped America.

Let us not forget that India is a Russian (Soviet) ally and that they too raised generations believing in communism. That is why they think they are entitled to come here. America clearly does not need these people and it is indisputable they have harmed the US economy.

So there you have it. All this is just communism and nothing more or less. Let's start recognizing that fact.

Appeal to Authority is one of the prime logical fallacies. Kaku has no credibility because he has clearly been compromised by NASSCOM. The entire American peoples' opinion has more weight than a couple bought-off NASSCOM shills ".


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U.A.E. axe
August 24. 2011 08:59

Taxi Driver,

The idea behind my list was to show that Indians are OVERWHELMING recipients of H1's.  Even if you buy into the idea that brilliant techies are needed, I am suggesting that I would at most take the 1000 German or Japanese software engineers.  In the 60,000 Indians coming in each year, most can't even put a sentence of English or a line of code together.

Indians also DESTROY the corporate culture through well-known tactics such as cheating, plagiarizing, ass-kissing, back-stabbing, poor coding, self-promoting, racism, stealing credit, manipulating etc.  

I have worked with many different nationalities in both US and Dubai.  I will tell you one sustained competitive advantage that Americans have that I don't think Indians will EVER match: CREATIVITY.  What bothers me is that an influx of Indians suffocate creativity in the corporate culture.    

I am sorry to say this but Indians are never going to come up with video games like the americans and japanese.  They are not going to create intuitive, stylish and aesthetic interfaces like americans.  They will however have 1 Indian doing some shit-coding and take the FULL credit for the entire operation!

You americans should at a minimum do what we are doing in arab emirates... not hand out citizenships to indians.  In malaysia, they have special laws to protect the natives.  (Indians came as indentured servants and have now multiplied like locusts).  You all know about Uganda.

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Denmark Indian
August 24. 2011 10:59


I strongly feel that TR will no accomplish any thing...

Because i know that Entire system is corrupt and US officials are Promoting it.

If not American managers ,indians wouldnot have landed in USA..

TR , i can understand your pain..but friend ..There is no more justice here in INDIA..

IN India only corrupt and Croocked people will be successfull, the society is highly materialistic and corrupt.

I have known recently that Reena Vasan Wife of my Senior Project manager had sex with Boys half of her age..

she regularly visits Night Clubs in Denmark..

TR...Kindly inform Danish officials what indian Immigrants are doing in your country..

Denmark governament has authorized Green Card for Indians--around 800000 indians Applied for permanent green card ....

I am not sure about the selection list..

Most  indians here Ovulate and Tease white girls...and being an indians i myself feel ashamed of it...

many indians in denmark opely pee on street..God knows what these people are upto

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United States James
August 24. 2011 19:48

"pious are flooding our Hindu Temples ".

Pious hindus? You mean into the temples that have statuary on the outside depicting hindoos having sex with animals. And the Kama Sutra. Or how about Times of India where every other headline is about sex, "babes", or "Boobs"? Yes, we in the west are sooooo easy....

As for not admiring their culture and not appreciating it, what's there to appreciate? 600,000,000 human animals crapping on the ground and stinking the country up coast to coast so that the whole place smells like one giant toilet? Yes, surely an ugly, garish, profane culture to admire. For sure.

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Canada ezygoer
August 25. 2011 01:02

Well there are 2 business models in IT:-

1. What Corporate America wants - low cost delivery with perceived quality - leads to outsourcing and off shoring and unemployment for the local workforce to which they pay lip service. Can be achieved by work done in third world countries, India being a big recipient of the largesse !!

2. What the American techie would like - creative work for good pay and benefits and a career. Corporate America and the likes of Nasscom hate this as the easy money then would dry up !!

Tunnel's blog brings out all the other angles like the culture clash between third worlders and the American workforce and is hilarious to read. Obviously people who do not have plumbing are working US IT, including Indian housewives in Virginia and NJ to the delight of Corporate America and Nasscom !!

Have yet to see Corporate America lose a one sided game like this !

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United States Bobby Jindal
August 25. 2011 12:58
Bobby Jindal

" ezygoer @August 25. 2011 03:02
Well there are 2 business models in IT:-.."

Well said. And corporate America will not loose because
1) American kids will always make fun of even borderline nerdy guy in class, thereby reducing the entry of good-but-not-great students into s/w engineering. I am sure many of these guys can do outsourced job at a lower price within US.

2) America voter will always vote the big-business friendly GOP because the GOP guy will do some veiled trash talk against any "furriner", ensuring corporate America's supremacy.  

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United States Fuckrat
August 26. 2011 01:15

Tunnel rats are tiny people with tiny wieners, who get sodomized by fellow marines. Looks like someone baked your ass real hard Wink

Now watch this and learn


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August 26. 2011 01:54

The world at large relishes America bashing owing to sheer ENVY. That is all there is to it. It is churlishness & meanmindedness among people that just cannot tolerate EXCELLENCE among certain others.

That way what about corporate culture among Indian entrepreneurs? By blindly repeating India is largest oldest democracy we have made the mistake of comparing & equating America with India. To deflect attention from inherent corruption & ethical bankruptcy  Indian Establishment along with corporate heads & useless media  have been misleading the people as though religion , caste factors & past invasions are the cause behind this chaos.

India is NOT America.  

no site

August 26. 2011 02:12

The importance of good infrastructure & corruption free atmosphere cannot be captured in words.

Take for instance Gulf countries. As NRIs on our routine trips to India do we dissipate our energies worrying about burglaries , conking out of water heaters ,water filters , flush tanks , washing machines and so forth ? Whereas as Indians whenever we step out or stay within our homes in INDIA , we HAVE to be painfully vigilant enough about the aforementioned factors. Anytime taps will go dry sputtering. And falling sick due to waterborne & airborne diseases is a GIVEN in India.

I know of one Indian couple who were resentful ,

their only son settled in America  married an American. His father did not talk to him for one year. Indian women only exist to play second fiddle. Hiding their true feelings. The son was quite conscientious that way taking care of them to the optimum extent.

Initially after spending some time with him in America both of them professed they were pining for India. Gradually that underwent a change. Now they are green card holders. The conservative mother wears jeans & sneakers while in America & is full of grievances about INDIA on their return . Pining for America.

Ofcourse , they have not said a single word of praise about that American daughter in law. That is typically Indian.


Americans need no good conduct certificate from Indians.

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August 26. 2011 02:18

Because of chaotic conditions within India , stress levels , anxiety , violence , riots all exist. Thus paving the way for proliferation of charlatans like art of living SSSSRavishankars , Lifebliss foundations , Oneness Kalki bhagawans , kicking saints , hugging saints , spitting saints etc. Rest of the world imagines India is ssso religious ...ssso many "avatards" & soothsayers.  

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August 26. 2011 11:14
tunnel rat


As an immigrant myself, one who has repaid the gratitude of American by serving in its armed forces, I have nothing against immigrants per se.  

What I am against is parasitic scabs from a third world shithole who are shipped into this country to displace Americans and spread there misogyny, bigotry, and nepotism.


Denmark Indian
August 26. 2011 12:40

Tunnel rat:  you can't do a thing Indians my friend,

As an indian i can tell you one thing, Indians will never Leave USA...Only If USA becomes a Third world SHITHOLE Like INDIA is ,then they will search for other Options ....

Forget about it,INDIANS are here to stay and Suck as much Blood from Americans as Possible

in 10 years from now USA will become third world country and INDIANS will start their Own CASTE system here and discriminate People...

slowly but surely ...American culture will adapt towards INDIAN parasitism and Americans themselves will become new parasites ...

Then INDIANS will search for New host, Chinese will not allow INDIANS, for they know about these Cheap Bootlickers since day one..

Japanese are allowing Indians---Japan will surely end up as useless Thrid world country , in 10 years Japan will be completely cleansed ...and INDIANS will siphon  as much money as they want..

Denmark has started welcoming INDIANS----I am so afraid what this Place will eventually will become due to large Influx of so called---INDIAN Skilled people

Seems INDIAN Governament is Persuading Norway and Finland....In FinLand Right wingers are protesting AGAINST Indians..

same with Norway....

Sweden might become Next Victim...

Moreover----most sad thing is---Russians are welcoming Indians now, and Many INDIANS are cheerleading that

Now INDIANS can Mass Produce in RUSSIA as country has just 140 Million people with Land area of 10 times that of india..

May be INDIAN parasitic Attack will occur in Russia---There are many Right wing institutions in Russia..

But having seem Vast Land area,lot of NASSCOM Groups are Lobbying for Jobs in Slokova---a Russian silicon valley ..

NASSCOM cheif and INDIAN companies are Moving slowly to Russia..

recenlty ---TCS  CIO---ShanMugan a Tamil brahmin...---

"Said these things--Russia is Vast Land Area, Full of White women and Vodka" --In Conference hall in Cophenburg

one of Attendees Said Loudly that---we can start OuR Marriage operations in Russia...

If  TCS launches Marriage Portal--many INDIANS will Marry a White Russian girl...

My Manager Sriram sangameswaran----said,

Whole Tamil Nadu will Relocate to Russia for White Girls...

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August 26. 2011 13:37

" Nepotism " is very common among Indians. In Kuwait in a company called HEISCO which was originally called KSRC ( Kuwait Shipbuilding & Repairyard Company) there is Stores Department headed by one Panneerselvam. Almost all of the people working are all his relatives or those hailing from his native place belonging to same caste. Panneerselvam's son & daughter in law are in Kuwait working. All of them call themselves " Design Engineers ".

Keralites are also very clannish.

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United States James
August 26. 2011 16:27


Who is this commie shill of a professor? All the US universities are teaching globalization and offhsoring in their curriculum. Now let's disprove his shill arguments:

- In 1998, before the monster immigration wave, the US was BOOMING. 13 years of a flood of 3rd worlders has destroyed the US economy.

- Many of them are here deliberately keeping Americans out of jobs. I have experienced this first hand. 3rd worlders have to keep Americans out of the jobs because they cannot compete with Americans. So they take jobs they can't do, then all the companies collapse. No job stealing going on there, right?

- Wages have been falling since 2001. In 1998 a great US engiener could earn $150,000. Today a good US engineer is lucky to earn $75K. No wage depression going on there...

Sorry shill, you are clearly a liar!

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United States joshua
August 26. 2011 18:12

anyone know why the rally was postponed?

just curious


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August 27. 2011 00:02

There is this Amar Gangadharan son of Lalitha (one of my  sisters in law) & Gangadharan ( a Telugu not Tamilian) who was a drug addict while in school in Andhra Pradesh. Wore leather boots , learnt car driving and did some shady networking. Landed in America without any qualifications. Claimed he was into fashion technology. Soon informed he got into film editing with so many Telugu people around.

Now I hear he has a permanent job in American Express Bank in America a green card holder. The eldest sister in law calling herself Paappaa ( meaning baby) and/or Jayalakshmi with all her three grown up married children & grandchildren are all well ensconced in America. Calling themselves Engineers & IT wizards.One of her daughters called Deepa & her husband are in Infosys. They own properties in Bangalore , Andhra Pradesh etc also as safe havens should they get kicked out. The entire family is filthy rich. Paappaa married one Bir Singh a Sardarji who is a rich businessman. Automobile business.

All the above mentioned inlaws despite being uber affluent DEMANDED & EXTORTED free silk sarees , mounds of ghee laden sweets & savouries , financing of their train and/or air fare , free expensive clothes for all their children , spouses , the washermen & maids  in their respective families from my late father S.Janakiraman's life insurance money & savings. Plus the entire wedding expenses including suits , HMT watche , gold ornaments free food & lodging ,  rental cars for their perusal all borne by my late father's SELF EARNED MONEY. For the faux marriage that took place on 31 March 1982 in Calcutta.    

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United States James
August 27. 2011 00:23

The rally was postponed because of Jobs' resignation. Can't be out there with a bunch of signs with his name on it when he's not an exec anymore. Plus Donna is probably rethinking picketing Apple, after my comments about how they closed their R&D in India in 2006.

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United States gobacktoandhra
August 27. 2011 17:11

Most of the H1B frauds are committed by guys from a state in India which is called Andhra. Thousands and thousands are here from this state with fake degrees,fake resumes and so on. Everything associated with them is fraud. They speak their disgusting language, telugu on the phone in public. their last name mostly would be Reddy, some Konda, some fuck leni or something like that. Google "Andhra H1B fraud" and you will be surprised to see how many shows up. Look at this for a sample


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U.A.E. axe
August 27. 2011 18:39

There is this Amar Gangadharan son of Lalitha

---> It's funny this crazy indian lady giving away secrets of her family.... LOL

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Canada ezygoer
August 28. 2011 00:18

Indians are $1200 per capita cheap labor that is arbitraged against US workers by the enablers i.e Corporate America, Nasscom and various other shills under the guise of Free Trade. The easy money for enablers will dry up if these myths are not propagated:
- Shortage of tech workers in STEM
- Outsourcing does not do much harm but creates jobs in the US
etc etc

Cant see what Bright Future jobs can do here as they are up against pretty well entrenched and established Corp. American practitioners of "Globalization" !!

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United States gobacktoandhra
August 28. 2011 20:37

ezygoer - Agreed that its a tough job to fight against the big corporations. But its easy to report the small Indian body shops to the ICE and shut them down. That would for sure save few thousands of jobs from going to these fake degrees and resumes. Just pick one of these body shops and look at their Linkedin profile and how many Indian technical recruiters they have for a sample. How dare they hire H1B recruiters. They say they can't get highly skilled technical Americans, alright. Its ridiculous to see they can't hire an American for tech recruiter jobs.

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Canada ezygoer
August 29. 2011 00:08

To all "insurgents"

Shutting down some body shops alone will no do as others will open up under "Free Trade" laws. Corporate America et all will not allow the visa programs to be abolished so the labor arbitrage games will go on. Even if visas tightened or abolished firms like IBM will only increase headcounts in cheap labor countries.

So maybe an unemployment rate of 80% may turn the tide when people come out onto the streets like recently in the UK !!

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Canada ezygoer
August 29. 2011 00:22

Here comes the next wave of talent from India.........


Very soon they will hear about how their skills is so needed in the great US of A !!

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United States Indian_tatti
August 29. 2011 21:43

Intel managers call Rambus employees incompetent

SAN FRANCISCO: Rambus Inc can blame itself and not the semiconductor makers targeted in its $3.95 billion suit for the failure of a memory chip to become the industry standard, according to Intel Corp managers who worked with the company.

Paul Fahey, an Intel engineer called to testify in defense of Hynix Semiconductor Inc and Micron Technology Inc at an antitrust trial in state court in San Francisco, told jurors that Rambus's technology was flawed and its engineers less competent than their peers. Rambus's insistence on a so-called guillotine contract also led Intel to conclude its alliance with the company was "doomed," William Swope, a former Intel strategic planning manager, testified.

Rambus engineers "were not as competent and they didn't work as hard," said Fahey, who in 1999 as a program manager for Intel oversaw the development of Rambus's version of dynamic random access memory, or DRAM.

The testimony from Fahey, Swope and at least three other current and former Intel employees may undermine Rambus's claim that Hynix and Micron colluded to drive its DRAM chips, which it called RDRAM, out of the market. By 2003, Intel abandoned its work on RDRAM as a solution to a computer-memory bottleneck that threatened to stymie the growth of the Santa Clara, California-based company, the world's biggest chipmaker.

In the trial that began June 8, Rambus argues that Hynix and Micron conspired to lower the prices of their own chips and deserted their commitment to produce RDRAM, relegating it to a niche role. Sunnyvale, California-based Rambus, which doesn't manufacture the chips it designs, contends it would have earned $3.95 billion in royalties without the alleged conspiracy. Under California law, a jury finding of damages in that amount would be automatically tripled to $11.9 billion.

'Rocky at best'
Hynix, the world's second-largest maker of computer memory chips, and Micron are doing a "great job of using Intel to make their case by showing that the relationship between Rambus and Intel was rocky at best," said Michael Cohen, the chief executive officer of Fremont, California-based MDC Financial Research LLC, who is following the trial for investor-clients. "And they've showed that Intel may have been willing to move away from Rambus even had the manufacturers not conspired."

As of Aug. 26, Rambus shares had fallen 19 per cent in Nasdaq Stock Market trading since the start of the trial. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 7.3 per cent during that same period.

Linda Ashmore, a Rambus spokeswoman, and Chuck Mulloy, an Intel spokesman, declined to comment on the testimony by Intel employees. Ken Nissly, a lawyer representing Ichon, South Korea-based Hynix, and Micron spokesman Dan Francisco also declined to comment. Boise, Idaho-based Micron is the largest US maker of computer memory chips.

DRAM chips are used to store data temporarily to help devices run multiple programs at the same time on computers.

'People went home'
Testifying about his work with Rambus, Fahey said he spent afternoons with the company's engineers and called suppliers in Asia after hours to work through problems "while the Rambus people went home."

"They could have stayed with me on the call," Fahey said, adding that he was sometimes the last one to close the doors at night. "I recall one incidence when I was feeling very sorry for myself."

Swope testified that "for years" he was the "biggest RDRAM advocate businesswise at Intel."

'No longer viable'
That view changed by March 1999 when he wrote an email to Paul Otellini, then an executive vice president, who became Intel's CEO in 2005. Swope said in the message that, after analyzing technical manufacturing delays in Rambus memory chips that Intel relied on exclusively for its Pentium 4 processors, Intel's dependence solely on
Rambus was "no longer viable."

Swope, who retired in April after working 20 years under Otellini, testified that he determined Intel's relationship with Rambus suffered from the guillotine contract that obligated Intel to promote RDRAM. If certain conditions weren't met, Rambus could block Intel from shipping any processor that relied on the chip designer's technology, Swope said.

After failing to reach a compromise with Rambus to eliminate that provision, Swope said he concluded that the "entire industry" was threatened by the agreement and that Intel's relationship with Rambus was "doomed."

"My recommendation to Mr Otellini was that we could not do business with a company that could put us out of business," Swope told jurors.

Under cross-examination, Swope discussed a January 2000 email to Rambus's then-CEO Geoffrey Tate about how to end the guillotine contract. Bart Williams, a Rambus lawyer, asked Swope if it was true, as he said in the message, that he remained convinced Rambus and Intel had a "huge win-win" potential.

'Really bad'
"Probably not," Swope testified. The collaboration was "never going to win," he said, citing the "really bad clause in the contract that was causing such animosity and was causing such damage. I did not see a way for the two teams to end up working together."

In its effort to prove there was a conspiracy to undercut its memory chip, Rambus has introduced as evidence e-mails from employees at Intel, as well as at Micron and Hynix, that it says show a plot to stall production of RDRAM and provide an edge to competing products.

An internal Intel email in May 1999 described Micron as trying to "create as much turmoil to prevent RDRAM as possible."

Pete MacWilliams, an Intel engineer who was one of the recipients of that message, has been the only Intel employee called by Rambus to testify.

Micron was advertising for synchronous dynamic random access memory and double data rate chips that competed with RDRAM, MacWilliams said. "They were also going out and very aggressively pricing SDRAM and promising very aggressive pricing on DDR," he testified.

Causing 'turmoil'
At the same time, Micron engineers "weren't making progress" on manufacturing the RDRAM chips that it had committed to, MacWilliams testified.

"They may have been in the market trying to cause turmoil because they couldn't build the part," MacWilliams said. "Or they may have not been building the part because of their motivation. It's not clear to me."

Hynix, in 2005, and some of its employees pleaded guilty to US charges of fixing prices of some chips. A Hynix lawyer told the Rambus trial jury that RDRAM chips weren't among the products cited in admissions of wrongdoing in the criminal case.

Micron avoided prosecution in the price-fixing probe by cooperating with the US Justice Department. As a result, jurors in the Rambus case won't be told about a Micron salesman's 2004 guilty plea to obstructing the government's investigation.

'RDRAM killing'
Farhad Tabrizi, a former Hynix executive called to the stand by Rambus, was asked whether he was promoted to vice president of worldwide marketing after engaging in a campaign from 1995 to 1998 called "RDRAM killing."

Tabrizi said the term meant that he promoted an "open standard" for DRAM in opposition to Rambus's proprietary and licensed product.

Rambus lawyer Williams asked Tabrizi about a 1998 email to a colleague responding to an Intel request for Hynix's estimates of its quarter-by-quarter RDRAM production. "My recommendation is to show bigger number than actual plan, maybe even two to three times," Tabrizi wrote in the message.

Tabrizi testified that, if he provided Intel with the actual production numbers, Intel would have produced fewer processors compatible with RDRAM. "Intel wanted to create an over-supply of RDRAM so the prices go artificially low, and I didn't want to give that pleasure to Intel," Tabrizi said.

Overstating production
Williams asked Tabrizi if he suggested during an October 1998 meeting that representatives of other chip manufacturers, including Micron, should overstate RDRAM production.

"It's possible," Tabrizi said. "I don't deny it." Rambus lawyers presented a 2001 e-mail exchange between Linda Turner, then Micron's vice president of international sales, and members of her staff citing the declining prices of standardized DDR chips.

In response to a comment that the declining prices were "scary," Turner wrote, "No problem! We want DDR to explode into the marketplace so have actually been requesting Infineon, Samsung and Hynix to lower their DDR pricing to help it become a standard (and drive Rambus away completely)."

Turner, in videotaped testimony played for the jury, said her message was "totally sarcastic." At a time when the memory chip industry was in "dire straits," Turner said, what she suggested in the message was "absolutely ludicrous."

"Everybody was fighting for pennies and to think they would go lower in their pricing was crazy," Turner said.

Ruining Rambus
Cohen, the MDC Financial Research CEO, said that in a trial in which jurors are being asked to piece together "several mosaics" of sub-plots, the Turner email is "one piece of evidence where you have everything you need."

The message shows Micron directing other chip manufacturers, by name, to lower their prices, and that the purpose of the coordination was to ruin Rambus, Cohen said. He said he found Turner's explanation that the message was sarcastic to be "unbelievable."

Hynix and Micron have said they will finish their case by early September. Rambus will then have another chance to rebut their evidence.

The case is Rambus Inc v. Micron Technology Inc (MU), 04- 0431105, California Superior Court (San


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Denmark Indian
August 30. 2011 12:39

All Indians are celebrating These days as 21 year old Fresher---College Grad grabbed  Facebook and Microsoft Jobs..

Most of them are of Pay scaled around 120000$ --140000$..

Head of department of NIT Warangal remarked--

These young chaps are Far better than PALE WhITE Donkey "whites"

no site

United States Indian_tatti
August 30. 2011 21:05

Infosys plans concrete steps against mounting visa issues

IT major Infosys ' troubles over alleged visa misuse have breached the pain barrier and the company is taking some concrete steps towards controlling the entire situation internally, at least. CNBC-TV18's Sunanda Jayaseelan reports

Industry watchers have been quick to dismiss allegations that Infosys misused visa quotas to its advantage. They claim these allegations could be politically motivated ahead of elections in the US. However, the issue seems to be picking up momentum.

And Infosys is moving to stem this problem.

CNBC-TV18 learns that Infosys has moved its head of HR Nandita Gurjar to the US in a signal perhaps that it intends to engage more with its employees there and take the issue head on and also as an indication to the world that the company is viewing the entire episode in serious light.

It's a move born out of a growing problem. Earlier, the CNBC-TV18 had reported that a second employee based in the US had also filed a whistleblower complaint, leading to a second project being cancelled for Infosys.

Remember, Axis Group has reportedly cancelled its project with Infosys after the first whistleblower complaint by Infosys employee Jack Palmer.

Sources say that a resolution to the lawsuit filed by Jack Palmer and the subsequent grand jury investigation could take at least a couple of years. In the meantime, Infosys does now want to leave anything to chance.

When contacted, Infosys declined to comment on the matter.

no site

United States h1bsareuptonogood
August 31. 2011 05:15

Iunderstand this rally was cancelled. Were the organizers spooked by someone big?

no site

Denmark Indian
August 31. 2011 10:00

Tunnel Rat..prepare  for American Demise..my friend , you can't do anything other than creating blogs like these..

i feel sorry for americans..they allied with wrong people this time..

I can understand the pain of TR but sadly his pain and his anguish is not worth a thing for indians

as Indians mean only Money they have no respect for anything other than money and racial supremacy

no site

August 31. 2011 10:31
tunnel rat


No, it was just a permit conflict.  There was a street fair permitted at that location at the same day that BFJ was going to protest, and the police denied BFJ the permit.

BFJ is now starting to go all Jessie Jackson upside some slumdog's asses, are there are no bigshots that can stop them.  If anybody is spooked, it is the high-tech junta and the slumdog slave traders who are spooked, because now they will start seeing the Insurgents march into their buildings, demanding an end to the occupational apartheid.


United States James
August 31. 2011 17:03

"Tunnel Rat..prepare  for American Demise..my friend , you can't do anything other than creating blogs like these.."

Haha. So far we have been hearing this for the past 13 years and it hasn't happened yet. And it ain't going to happen. India can't even run an international sporting event or build enough toilets. Meanwhile the US economy, due to American workers can even absorb 10 million faking frauds from the shithole subcontinent and still keep right on going.

Go home job beggars - the USA doesn't need you and you can't bring us down anytime soon. Your country's Sanitation Department is in desperate need of your skills.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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