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"Antis" is what vile slave traders like immigration lawyers call us in the Insurgency. Greg Suskind, who makes a nice living off of the blood of American programmers and exploited guest workers, has a blog full of posts attacking "antis" and "Losers Guild (Programmers Guild)". Here, the vermin eagerly campaign for the extinction of the American I.T. pro, and practice the art of DENIGRATION, DISCRIMINATION, and DISPLACEMENT of U.S. citizens in the STEM fields:

Based on the inability to compete with people from a rather "backward subcontinent" and even more so on the significant moaning and hand wringing I see from American IT workers, when those in other professions seem to have no trouble with H1B or foreign workers, I fear that the American IT industry is in for extinction. It would be an event of concern but maybe its preferable to a bunch of guild workers trying to keep their ancient credentials current. If there is fraud and abuse, the feds have the ability to root it out.

Never mind that H-1B laws are designed to keep Americans from being able to compete. I used to think that companies had to recruit Americans before filling a spot with an H-1B. Not so. That law applies to Green Card employees. There is no need to for an American company to look for local talent -- they just go right to the low-cost slumdog kennel.

Anyway, some of these "Antis" that have been blogging are suddenly disappearing. VDare alerted me to the fact that Carrie's Nation is gone. Democurmudgeon also notes her absence.

There are more.

This guy hasn't blogged in years.

Here's another missing blogger. Probably killed.

Others post for a few days and disappear.

Well, as a blogger who has faced the enemy for a few months, I can explain what happened to these bloggers.

They were threatened.

Like I was, they probably got the hate mail, the putrid comments, the "We know who you are and will get you" kind of crap that NASSCOM/TiE/USINPAC and their agents at Immigration Voice spew the minute an American tries to confront the invasion of the curry-scented-pod-people.

After awhile, you get used to it. I did. But the threats to your privacy, your career, your family by the Hindu Nazis (and they are Nazis) can get to some who don't have the intestinal fortitude to carry on the fight.

So they disappear. Some are too innocent to cover their tracks. The slumdogs have been trying to uncover my domain registration for months, even exchanging tips on their visa-scam site that is a front for NASSCOM. BTW, if someone can provide legal advice on how such a criminal operation like Immigration Voice can have its non-profit status revoked, I would appreciate it. Here's some details about their finances.

Some are H-1Bs that have been breaking the law by harassing me and trying to violate my privacy for months. FYI, the DOJ, USCIS and DHS take great interest in these cases. They are fairly easy to prosecute. At least that is what they told me when I reported these crimes to them.

Sometimes, you just have to play hardball. I got an ENTIRE forum on Dice deleted after some slumdogs were trying to reveal my identity, and even jeopardized the safety of an innocent American who they thought was me. It took a little pressure, but in just two days, and the slumdogs had to move on.

It started with this:

Dice Moderator,

I am a U.S. citizen and Marine Corps veteran. I have been a Dice member for years. And I have been targeted by members of Nasscom, USINPAC, and Infosys because I have exposed the fraud and corruption of the H-1B program and the Indian outsourcing business in general...


...agents of India, Inc. have mistakenly and maliciously posted the Facebook profile of an innocent American named Kevin Flanagan, thinking it was me.

It is clear that Dice cannot control the content on its forums.

I am requesting the following actions be taken:

1. Dice removes its entire forum section. The company cannot be trusted to manage an open dialogue on its site without personal information being revealed.

If the “Discussions” section is not removed, I will do the following:

1. Contact the Urbandale, Iowa Police Department and file a report for privacy violations that occurred on
2. Notify the FTC of a privacy violation.

You have 48 hours to respond. If no action is taken within that time, this email will be distributed to the numerous contacts I have in the media, and I will seek legal counsel.


Tunnel Rat

CC: Thomas M. Silver
CC: Jennifer Bewley
CC: Christopher J. Farrell, Judicial Watch

They didn't get the hint, so I had to push a little bit more:

FYI, you now have 24 hours to get that forum down and get rid of the India Mafia that has turned it into a Hindu ghetto. My 90210 lawyer has been contacted and is ready to file a C & D. It could be a nasty civil suit. The first step would be a subpoena of all your internet traffic so that the H-1B from India that has been stalking me on line will be identified.

Next step, I go public with this crime committed by Dice Holdings.

Most recently, I had to the threaten H-1B pimp and immigration lawyer Greg Suskind with a C&D because some slumdog was trying to invade my privacy on his blog.

Greg, I have some cyber-stalker agents of NASSCOM or USINPAC that have been threatening me and my family. Thay have been invading my privacy on your blog by posting some details of my identity. Unless you want a nasty civil suite, which will involve a bitter discovery phase, I would suggest that you remove this ENTIRE comments section of this post:

http://blogs. ind/2009/ 05/immigration- amid-a-recession .html

Sure, I can have my 90210 lawyer send you a C&D, and then post all the embarrassing communications between a thug IL and his attempt to invade the privacy of a U.S. citizen, but it really doesn't have to go that far.

Keep in mind that I was able to get to remove an entire forum with tens of thousands of posts, all because the H-1B lobby was using the site to reveal private information. it just took one little email.

Don't believe me? Check out http://seeker. olc/forum. jspa?forumID= 25.
That forum used to have 50k+ posts until I shut it down.

So, I have a blog, and you have a blog. You don't really want to incite a rhetorical riot do you?

BTW, I don't care if people know who I am. I don't have to work in I.T. anymore.

But you still have to keep your law practice. And making an enemy of an ex-Marine with nothing to lose may not be the best business decision. The internet is a big place. And you know that I could have you disbarred for invasion of privacy.

They have a saying about Marines.

No better friend, no worse enemy.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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