tunnel rat posted on June 6, 2010 13:01

Operation Uganda II is in full force now, thanks to the efforts of Insurgents across the country.  The USCIS has received only 18,000 applications for this fiscal year.  Remember when the 65k quota was gobbled up by the Desi bodyshops and the high-tech junta in the first day of April (April Fool's Day)?

The work of the Insurgency has caused this drop in the slumdog slave trade.  Don't kid yourself;  when a slumdog in Pune or New Delhi reads this blog, they think twice about flying 14 hours to some place were they will be hated, reviled, and exposed as the frauds that they are.  And if they encounter an Insurgent like me in the workplace, they may even have a tragic accident in the men's room.

Perhaps you get deported upon landing in Newark by a vigilant CBP officer, who sees that your place of employment is Atlanta, but your Desi bodyshop sponsored you to work in Edison, NJ.  Go home slumdog, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. 

If you do make it past CBP and USCIS, and get to your Desi bodyshop like Apex Technology Group or ComData Consulting, you may find that you will be harassed by a some goons if you contact the authorities about your exploitation.

And if you are a collaborator, like this creep, you will think twice about bypassing the American workforce to hire low-skill, low-wage scabs.  You may face the wrath of a violent American techie that decides to fly a plane into your office after you forced him to train his replacement.  A small private plane crashing into your corner office will definitely fuck up your day. 

Maybe a guy will just go medieval on your ass, and start capping rounds into the heads of your employees after you decided to get your civil engineers from the vast pool of H-1B workers. 

If you are a shill and propagandist for the high-tech junta, like Don Tennant or Stephanie Overby, you'll tire of the emails with death threats, the vile comments condemning you in the comments section of your posts, and the creepy invites on LinkedIn or Facebook from pissed off American techies, some obviously with guns and the coordinates of your house and office.  You may even start to write more objective pieces about the topic. 

As you can see, even the slumdogs have gotten the message:

"There is no brain drain the poor American work force is waking up now after acting in porn movies. Moreover Indian companies and other good companies are hitting the American workforce so no more jobs in USA and already a lot of gujus who are supposed to sell vegetables entered into software and have ruined the american market. No one wants to go to USA"

BTW, WTF is a guju?  And only some of us are porn stars.  And if we get fired, we porn stars will go medieval on your ass, and then jump of a cliff to our death.

But as always, there is still that delusional dipshit that clings to his dreams:

"speak for yourself, i bet you're not Indian, just one of those loser american programmers with no skill, who've been rightfully ousted "

And finally, this is what I have been saying for a long time:

"...Moreover, Indians with their family systems and culture are a complete misfit for the US."

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United States James
June 6. 2010 17:37

Loser American programmer with no skills? That's a good one. Why is India unable to produce its own operating system or even any applications anyone uses?

Why did ComAir's 100% INDIAN IT staff cause the Christmas 2005 nationwide airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long in the crew scheduling software they were working on. Why was GM booming in 2006 until it signed a $300 billion outsourcing deal with India, Inc. Why was Lehman booming until it bought flawed Spectramind software which had been taken over by WIPRO and screwed up? Why was Adaptec's Indian CEO fired? Why was Quark's Indian CEO fired after he almost destroyed the company? Why is Adobe going down the toilet with an Indiot at the helm? Why did PeopleSoft die after being taken over by Indiots in 2001? Why did Kohsla have to sell a dying Sun off to Oracle after Sun was taken over by Indiots in 2001? Why is Apple BOOMING after CLOSING its R&D in India in 2006? Why is Microsoft's stock $28 down from $125 after it hired 30,000 H-1Bs from India.

No programming skills? Look in the mirror, India.

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United States James
June 6. 2010 17:38

Why was WIPRO BANNED from the World Bank for 3 years after Indian frauds got caught?

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United States Drifter
June 6. 2010 18:00

Oh noes!!! The American software industry will fail! We'll be begging them to come back - we're in trouble now. Vivek, we should have listened instead of criticizing you about your 70's turtlenecks.

You know, maybe if they had restricted the 'techies' they sent over here to the ones that really knew the trade and contributed some good ideas and work, (which would be a mere fraction of the hoardes) the whole thing wouldn't have imploded upon itself. Short sighted profiteering ruined the game. They should have policed themselves instead of opening the floodgates to the ones that should be selling vegetables. It's been like a plague of locusts for the last 8 or 9 years.

It looks like the gig is finally up - as we all knew would come - but I'm not holding my breath. Damn fine start though.

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United States James
June 6. 2010 18:10

Here is what all those 'skilled' IT workers from India have produced:


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United States James
June 7. 2010 02:37

I remember very clearly back in 1998 after Americans had created the economic boom, all we heard out of India was "Let us help you", "Indians want to help America", "Indians want to become Americans".

Boy did we get fooled.

Now that they have kept the very Americans out of IT and have failed to keep anything going at all, they are fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. Funny how they only want to go where the money and success is and then flee the instant hardship sets in - hardship THEY created -a nd once again leave Americans to clean up someone else's mess.

Indiots are all TAKERS. They just want to clean everything out, grab $, then move on. They could care less about America or "helping America". Except for the federal income tax, India, Inc. has got to be the biggest con ever in American history. Imagine getting robbed by a conman. Now imagine EVERYONE in your country getting robbed by FIVE MILLION conmen. That is what has happened to America.

No wonder our economy is a wreck. WE'VE BEEN INVADED AMERICA. INVADED AND LOOTED. And yes, India IS to blame.

Beware of India and let this be a lesson to you America - for all you corporate greedsters who believed that cheap labor would be good for the economy. You got exactly what you deserved.

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United States ww
June 7. 2010 21:01

"Gypsies" , or the "Roma" people of Europe are descendants of an Indian tribe.

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United States James
June 8. 2010 01:16

Sure, and all people come from Africa, just like Bill Clinton said.

White European races == civilization.

Brownie, yellow, and everyone else == animals.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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