tunnel rat posted on March 20, 2010 10:41

Well, now that the Feds are off my back, I can finally write about the events of the past few months. 

It all started late last year when an agent from the Joint Terrorism Task Force came by my house.  I wasn't home, but he called me on my cell.  He mentioned something about an email threat, or what they thought was a threat, but it wasn't really a threat, or some shit.  It had to do with some violent act at a university in Georgia.  I referred him to my lawyer, and never heard from him again.

So much for that crap.  Some slumdog obviously sent a bogus email to the FBI, spoofed the header, and made it look like it came from an email account that was traced back to me.  No big deal.  Like I always say, the Insurgency only advocates rhetorical violence.  Slumdogs are not worth going to jail for.

There was only one problem.

I have never sent mail from my Time Warner email account.  But how did they even get that email address, I wondered.  That must have been some slumdog at Time Warner, who has plenty of H-1Bs working at its data centers in Virginia.

Then I got a call from my lawyer about some FBI agent named Abalon who wanted to set up an "interrogation" with a DOJ lawyer named Thomas Dukes.  Well, not really an "interrogation" -- that is the term my dumbass lawyer's bimbo secretary used.  Anyway, the Feds wanted to talk to me.  And not about some violent act in Georgia.  The only thing I knew was that I was not a target of an investigation.  Considering the jack-booted thugs at the Department of Jihad had not yet served me with a warrant and confiscated my computers, I really didn't have much to worry about. 

Fast forward three months, and I was being served with a subpoena by my fuckhead FBI agent Joey Abalon.  This prick refused to call my attorney back and just ran out the clock until Thomas Dukes was forced to issue a subpoena for me to testify as a witness in Virginia.

I flew into Virginia last week, and made my appearance before the Grand Jury investigating the hacking of a Virgina state web site dealing with prescriptions (which was probably facilitated by some slumdog at HCL).  With my fresh haircut and crisp suit, I hardly fit the profile of a deranged cracker who was about to start killing people. 

The DOJ lawyers met with me in a small room before my testimony.  I told Mr. Dukes that I don't have to answer any of his questions, and that this was all a huge waste of time and taxpayer money.  Once he got the hint that I knew the rules, he stopped trying to trick me into running my mouth and showed me the "evidence" he was going to ask me about.

I use the term evidence lightly.  This is what he placed in front of me:

1.  A printout of my blog post titled "The Retribution Continues".  Big deal, I thought. 

2.  A printout of some web page comment on a Washington Post story about the case:

We in the Insurgency only advocate rhetorical violence, but there are other cells that are taking more extreme measures. Some are involved with MS-13 in SV and the GD in ChiTown.

These folks that broke into the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program
have been in touch, and I can neither confirm nor deny that we have aided them in their patriotic efforts.

We have your data. We know where you live. The discrimination, denigration, and displacement of American I.T. professionals will stop.



Posted by: tunnelrat1 | May 8, 2009 1:55 AM

That was obviously a phony post, even though those were my words; I never have to use the TunnelRat1 nym because I am always the real Tunnel Rat.  No big deal.

3.  A printout of an email messages that I clearly didn't write.  First off, it used the N-bomb repeatedly.  I never use the N-Bomb in my writing.  Only desi douchebags like Vivek Wadhwa use the term "nigger" to further their own agenda.   This message, once again, had something to do with a violent act on some campus in Georgia.  Maybe it was the same fake email that the JTTF was investigating.  Either way, I had nothing to do with so I had no worries.  But I vowed to find out who sent that email, even if it takes me the rest of my life.  I have already requested the digital email so I can have my security experts in the Insurgency investigate it.

So that what was it.  This would be easy.

More to come...

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United States Proamerica
March 20. 2010 19:08

I'm trying to see why you had to go to a grand jury. This could all have been handled with a simple meeting. Unless there's a lot more!

no site

United States Proamerica
March 20. 2010 19:16

Are you saying that the gubberment isn't going to try to find the perpetrator?
Of course, I think it was APEX trying to shut you up.

no site

March 20. 2010 22:22

Now I get it.

So you were a suspected accomplice with knowledge IF they could get you to admit to writing that goofy tunnelrat1 email.  Now I understand why the feds wanted to talk to you.  It all made no sense to me until now.

Can't wait for the rest.



March 21. 2010 03:17

They wanted him at the grand jury because they thought he wrote the email stating that he knew who broke into the Virginia Prescription database (they "have been in touch, and I can neither confirm nor deny that I aided them and abetted them in their patriotic efforts").  If TR had written that comment, it would  be tantamount to an admission that he had knowledge of who did it.

Hence, they pulled him in.



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