Tunnel Rat posted on June 24, 2018 02:26

Retribution has begun for the American techie:

...This is the fourth time that Yadav, who has two academic degrees and works as a manager at a consulting company, has tried to get to the U.S. He has a job waiting for him in the Bay Area if he can secure an H-1B visa. But he keeps getting rejected. And if it doesn’t work out this time — even with the help of Lord Balaji — he’s going to stop trying.

The effects of President Trump’s crackdown on foreign newcomers are particularly felt in Hyderabad, a city dense with visa recipients and hopefuls, where an American education and resume have long been held as status symbols and a ticket to a better life. Telangana, the surrounding Indian state, saw its economy grow 14 percent last year. But even considering India’s lower cost of living, the salary differences are stark: The average Google software engineer, for example, makes a base pay of $21,500 in Hyderabad, but about $121,400 in San Francisco, according to Glassdoor, the job-reviews site...

...He was eating dinner with his girlfriend in Indiana in December when he got an email saying his H-1B extension had been denied. After he’d worked six years for the same client, the government decided that his job wasn’t “specialized” enough to warrant a high-skilled visa. The same extension application, he said, had been accepted just three years before.

Such denials are becoming common, as immigration officials follow orders to tighten up the process...


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United States Indian-Rapist
June 24. 2018 07:44

I hope they all end up cannibalizing each other in mumble-mouth-Mumbai.  Good bye H1B trash

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United States Bigen
June 24. 2018 15:33

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United States patriot
June 25. 2018 05:01

Good keep them in India. Hire Americans for a change! What a concept- we need to put the heat on corrupt USA congress to enforce EEO laws that it is ILLEGAL to hire Indian H1b over American engineers! Vote against the Goodlatte/Ryan bills as they will destroy American economy options for US engineers.

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United States darkmatter
June 25. 2018 07:35


So sorry to dash your curry scented fantasies but it will NEVER HAPPEN. The average curry den dweller IQ is 82 compared to the average American/European IQ of 98/100 and the average Chinese IQ of 105!

See here:


CHINA will obliterate INDIA if they come to terms and the Europeans/Americans innovate at much higher rate than the smelly caste infested corrupt shithole of a nation called INDIA. No the indiots are only good at lying, scamming, cheating and LOOT and REMIT scams.

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United States indian american
June 26. 2018 00:29
indian american

The British once tried to take over India and starve us.  Today there are 1.3 billion Indians, and 1.4 million Indians in Britain.

We laugh at your feeble efforts.  You are on the run from the blacks and mexicans, what makes you think you can stop us Indians?

The future is Indian.  You can always drown your sorrow at this realization with a cocktail of alcohol, tobacco, benzos, prozac, heroin, and meth.  Best to stay at home and get it done with, if you are taken to the hospital it will probably be an Indian doctor looking over you.

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India Great Indian
June 26. 2018 10:13
Great Indian

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United States JR
June 27. 2018 01:46

So what's next for the slumdogs?

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United States Rat Patrol
June 27. 2018 06:36
Rat Patrol

Take up the White Man’s burden—

Send forth the best ye breed—

Go send your sons to exile

To serve your captives' need

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild—

Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

Half devil and half child

Take up the White Man’s burden

In patience to abide

To veil the threat of terror

And check the show of pride;

By open speech and simple

An hundred times made plain

To seek another’s profit

And work another’s gain

Take up the White Man’s burden—

And reap his old reward:

The blame of those ye better

The hate of those ye guard—

The cry of hosts ye humour

(Ah slowly) to the light:

"Why brought ye us from bondage,

“Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Have done with childish days-

The lightly proffered laurel,

The easy, ungrudged praise.

Comes now, to search your manhood

Through all the thankless years,

Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,

The judgment of your peers!

Source: Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden: The United States & The Philippine Islands, 1899.” Rudyard Kipling’s Verse: Definitive Edition (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1929).

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United States ScammersGoHome
June 27. 2018 08:05

Indians thought they had won the lottery of the century! They had found a perfect profession where they can use their snake-charming and conning skills and their lack of any ambition.

"I can't believe it, guys (they like the word "guys"). Those dumb Americans have fallen for our con!!!!

But that's ending fast, Indians. You are going home and new Indian field-shitters are looking for other countries to cheat and trick into giving up their middle class jobs to illiterate cow-herders without a fight. America has wised up to you now.

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United States ScammersGoHome
June 27. 2018 08:09

The new name for the Santa Clara football team (formerly the 49ers), is the 82ers, which accurately represents the average Indian Silicon Valley resident's IQ.

Too bad no Indian could ever PLAY pro football, since that takes strength and size, not just lying ability. It also requires hard work which is anathema to Indians.

"Oh! I think so, I have learned a new English word. Let me mispronounce it: Anna-THEEM-a!"

No NFL team nickname so accurately depicts its fan base constituency as the 82ers!

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United States ScammersGoHome
June 27. 2018 09:30

Sorry but I didn't watch India Superpower 3020. In 1,002 years, will India have finally invented fire and the wheel?

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United States James
June 28. 2018 19:25

Yeah that's right jackasses - the jig is up.

You're going to have to find some other cookie jar to stick your hands into.

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United States James
June 28. 2018 19:29

British brought civilization to India including the concept of cities and railways.

IQ82 Indians rejected them and kicked them out, then blamed the west and the white man for all their poverty.

Not to mention IQ82s also licked failed communist Russia's boots for 60 years which further collapsed their economy.

But then they blamed the west, which has now given them everything.

Clearly Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, USA, and Europe have the highest IQs.

India is borderline retard in intelligence, in many cases lower than African countries.

USA does NOT need these loot and remit scammers who only want to "die for dollars" and "loot and remit" so they can buy a high rise palace in India without every producing anything for their host countries.

Indian and Mexican looters are the cause of US economic problems.

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United States indian american
July 1. 2018 13:11
indian american

Manly virtue, war, sports, competitive games, has thousands of years of history in India.

But true, we can't beat the steroid filled blacks at football.  Nor do we need to.  We own all the freaking hotels, we're gobbling up the tech companies and we're in every profession.

We'll just watch it every now and then.  We'll let you guys destroy your bodies and minds.  When you're 40 you'll have 6 joints replaced and your brain will be mush from all those concussions.  We'll be sitting back sipping pina coladas checking our investment accounts.

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United States Bigen
July 1. 2018 13:19

@Great Indian,

Britain owns India nothing.  And it is pretty disgusting for India to complain about British colonialism when India itself do its own colonialism of bullying and land grabbing without skipping a beat once the British left.  Here is a selected list of India land grab.

1947 Annexation of Kashmir:

1949 Annexation of Manipur:

1949 Annexation of Tripura:

1951 Annexation of South Tibet:

1954 Annexation of Nagaland:

1954 Attempt annexation of Sikkim and Bhutan (Failed):

1961 Annexation of Goa:

1962 Annexation of Kalapani, Nepal:

1962 Aggression against China:

1971 Annexation of Turtuk, Pakistan:

1972 Annexation of Tin Bigha, Bangladesh:

1975 Annexation of Sikkim (the whole country):

1983 (Aborted) Attempted invasion of Mauritius:

1987 Invasion of Sri Lanka

1990 (Failed) First Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

2006 Annexation of Duars, Bhutan:

2013 Annexation of Moreh, Myanmar:

2017 Aggression against China:

2017 (Failed) Second Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

2018 (Thwarted) Attempt invasion of the Maldives

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United States patriot
July 7. 2018 01:17

Well I do not see any change since Trump has been in office. Actually, now I see WAY more INDIANs taking jobs away from American techies. As an American tech guy, I am struggling to find employment in my own country. I keep getting pre-rejected by all Indian panels at the companies in California. Congress is ignoring Americans as well.

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United States ndian american
July 7. 2018 01:56
ndian american

The British once tried to take over India and starve us. And Hare Rama, by jove they did rule our pathetic brahmin asses for nearly 200 years!  Today there are 1.3 billion low IQ ugly starving poor Indians, and 1.4 million Indian losers in Britain. Many more are getting their curry asses booted out of Britain under the new stringent visa rules for the past 10 years.

We laugh at our feeble efforts as Indian hindoo nationalists to appear significant and great.  We are on the run from the blacks, mexicans and now whites too. Wonder, what makes us think we can stop us Indians from ever screwing up and getting our asses kicked everywhere we go?


The future is Indian according to my delusional fantasies. I understand reality is pretty much the opposite. We can always drown our sorrows at this realization with a cocktail of alcohol, tobacco, benzos, prozac, heroin, and meth.  Best to stay at home pray to the faggot Rama and suck the little black stony lingam of our Lord CoolOmo Naam Hain Shiva as an aphrodisiac and get it done with. If you are taken to the hospital & your condition gets worse, it will probably be because an incompetent Indian doctor was looking over you.



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United States ScammersGoHome
July 7. 2018 09:12

"Oh, yes! I am a highly skilled tech professional!"

This one says he is a doctor.


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India Great Indian
July 8. 2018 02:18
Great Indian

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 11. 2018 02:30

Per PBS, it is terrible that poor indian women might have to give up the QA jobs they stole with their unconstitutional H4s and their fraudulent CVs. No mention of the real victims - the Americans whom the indians displaced.

I can't believe that American taxpayers are paying PBS to write this anti-American nonsense.


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India Indian Brahmin
July 14. 2018 23:37
Indian Brahmin

"And Hare Rama, by jove they did rule our pathetic brahmin asses for nearly 200 years!" And thats the real problem facing the world. Its the sin for which the world is paying with lots of wars/environment destruction.

Brahmins are born to rule and should be rulers for world to prosper. Realizing this, now you look in India, except Modi, most of his council of ministers are Brahmins.  

Some white crap has mentioned that he could not clear interview. How he can if he demands double the salary with half the productivity. On top of that he will raise issues and file lawsuits. Entitled behaviour of white should end and for that we need Brahmin president of USA 2020.

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India Indian Brahmin
July 15. 2018 12:40
Indian Brahmin

Brahmins are born to lose and should be losers for world to prosper. Realizing this, now you look in India, except Modi, most of his council of ministers are Brahmin who like losers take their orders from a low caste like PM Modi.  

Some white man has mentioned that he could not clear interview. How he can if he demands double the salary with much better quality productivity. On top of that he will raise issues and file lawsuits. "Entitled behaviour" of white should end and for that we need Brahmin president of USA 2020 which ofcourse means 2 things:

1). a low IQ Brahmin president of the the USA will NEVER happen. The Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, LGBTQABCXYZ community & Feminazis are already standing in line and will never allow some low IQ ugly brahmin like you or me to even think of entering the race.

2). In a hypothetical sense, even if a low IQ brahmin dog like you became POTUS, it woul;d certainly mean the sure demise of the greatness & superiority of America and western civilization.

From Brahmin supporting RSS-BJP Hindutva hero- Modi's city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat we have this gem:


More from the duh..."master race" :






And, from the Christian/ Europeans/ Westerners aka whites you get these:





Conservative white American Christian republican man owning an ugly upper caste Hindu bit#h:


Let the world now decide as to who the real master race could be.

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United States patriot
July 19. 2018 03:24

These low IQ indiots are stalking and harassing Americans online now and LinkedIn especially.
Then they blacklist Americans from employment with all Indian hiring panels at US companies.

This is ILLEGAL and violates EEOC laws but WTF is the Congress or EEOC doing? NOTHING!

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United States click through the up coming article
July 20. 2018 19:16
click through the up coming article

Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

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United States James
July 22. 2018 06:55

Has anyone else noticed with amusement just how bad all the slumdog UIs are? Skype, Windows 10, you name it, looks like 3 year olds with crayons made them. Icons that are way too big, garish colors, weird UI element placements. I sit and chuckle to myself every time I see one of their highly skilled and talented creations in what used to be an awesome industry.

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United States James
July 22. 2018 07:01

I call them the "Uh ok" master race. At work in 2004 at a slumdog run company:

Ram: "I need to debug your code on my machine here in India".

Me: "Works fine on my machine here".

Ram: "When I run the login it crashes on my machine after entering the name and password".

Me: "What machine config are you using".

Ram: "PowerMac G5 8GB RAM, 1.66 GHz".

Me: "I'm using dual 2.0 Ghz 8GB RAM, same model".

Ram: "Why it does not crash on yours"?

Me: "Could be multi-threading, or the RAM config is different so something is getting moved around in memory on one machine but not the other".

Ram: "OH OK".

AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. This wannabe clown didn't even understand the ramifications of moving code or data in memory and how it might affect performance and stability for subtle, hard to find bugs.

I've seen this "oh ok" mindset at other workplaces out of Slumdog Inc.


no site

India Indian Brahmin
July 22. 2018 11:14
Indian Brahmin

Hare rama. Hare krishna. Oh almighty penis of da little black Shiva Lingam: What do we do hai bhagwans? The White Gora Christian sahibs are already begun to kick our ugly brahmin asses outta their lands. The purge against us brahmin losers has already started yaar.










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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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