Greetings Insurgents!

I can't believe it's been almost 11 years and I am still blogging away.  My blog has been shut down in the USA, Panama, and Canada, but I have found a stable ISP in Malaysia that doesn't respond to US court orders and C&Ds.  I don't post as much, and most of my stuff is just re-posts from other sources.  I've been too busy working 50-60 hours a week at the curry den I am currently contracting at, and I've been working on my Masters degree for the past few years.  I'll be done with school in a month, so I may get back to some of my more creative blogging, like back in the day.

Things are looking up for the insurgency now that Trump is prez, and even though there has been no drastic action on the slumdog slave trade front, I do think change is in the air.  The fucking slumdog infested company I am working at now had the nerve to layoff 100+ Americans at the beginning of the year, and I know of about a half dozen new hires since -- all from The Land That Time Forgot.  However, I believe that by the end of the year, we will see wages rise in IT and the slumdog purge begin as they are priced out of the market and companies decide not to waste their time on the H-1B paperwork and bad karma that is involved with filling their IT shops with curry-eating wage-pirates.  

It's been a long time since the days of doing rhetorical combat on the DICE discussion boards, and the slumdogs are a lot less arrogant now, at least online.  But trust me, they are still just as full of themselves and delusional in the curry dens like the one I work at.  They have taken over entire departments, like QA, and have their stinky potluck shitshows once a week, and babble in Hinglish all day.  

I have been on a death march of a project for the last few months, led by an incompetent slumdog VP who is a master of the circular head bobble.  The business analyst that is supposed to be getting all the reqs. for this fucked up project and she is the slumdog wife of the Desi DBA whom I am forced to deal with on a daily basis.  I call it the Triangle of Desi Death.  The horror...

I have recently come to the conclusion that the DBA and his BA wife have conspired to sabotage the project so that I get thrown under the bus and the slumdog VP escapes without blame when things blow up.  The other night this stupid fuckin' DBA, who walks around like his curry-scented shit doesn't stink and is always trying to act like he his some sort of genius, had one job -- RESTORE THE DATABASE.  Of course, he fucked that up, and I was there until 9 PM on a Friday while he tried to call all his Indian buddies, including the slumdog VP, to try to get the system back up.  The one guy he wouldn't call was the ops manager, a redneck IT old-timer who would have reamed his ass.  "No, don't call Bob, he will panic!", slumdog DBA begged.  I let it slide, but I am waiting to pull his punk card when the time comes. 

In the meantime slumdog DBA keeps refusing to grant me DB rights, and then he starts an email shit-storm when the meager drive space he allocated to me fills up.  The cheap motherfucker (is there any other type of Indian?) acts like he is paying for the storage out of his own fucking pocket.  So I finally get his honkey manager to give me the drive space, and this manager sends an email to his whole crew of DBAs to give me whatever the fuck I need.  Of course, this infuriates slumdog DBA, so he makes a big deal out of it, but ends of looking like an idiot because he is the one that put the DB logs and transaction files on tiny drives on the SAN.  He acts like I am minting bitcoins or hoarding kiddie porn on these drives, when all I am doing is running a major ETL job THAT HAS TO FUCKING WORK THE FIRST TIME OR THE WHOLE PROJECT IS FUCKED.      

To top it off, his slumdog wife, the Desi BA, is spitting out incoherent specs that all clearly designed to confuse anybody who has to understand them.  She constantly has PMs and QA managers in her cube trying to figure out WTF is going on, and she has taken to giving me the stink eye when I try to get some clarification -- she doesn't even read, much less answer my emails, and hasn't done so for months.  I've made it a point to update my PM when he comes by my cube, loudly letting him know that "I would be done, but I am waiting for [slumdog BA] to give me the reqs" at which point she has to emerge from her curry-scented Hindu shrine of a cubicle to make some excuse about why she can't do her fucking job.  Cunt.

Anyway, HAPPY 4th OF FUCKING JULY, and hopefully by this time next year, we will be celebrating independence from the HINDU MAFIA.



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United States James
July 3. 2017 21:07

Congrats Rat!

Yeah it has been a long time. Yeah I remember those days when the corrupt judge in NJ shut our blogs down. Hard to believe it's been so long. We're still here and we're still going.

I have moved to full unlimited memcached servers with unlimited bandwidth now so it's rocking and there's nothing they can do about it. When I renew the hosting next year it's going to a .com domain for Google SEO.

And more good news - I captured a major new .com domain and am starting a new blog dedicated to India Incs' crimes only - like the InfoSys TX lawsuit and their hiring 95% slumdogs in violation of all US law. This blog is going to be awesome and entirely dedicated to exposing the Organized Crime Syndicates known as INDIA INCS. It should be a huge hit. We need a lot more insurgents to start blogging to expose this.

Those DB slumdogs are morons. I mean how hard can doing damned SQL be? They must be complete idiots to not be able to handle simple stuff like that.

Change is indeed in the air - one can only get away with this level of crimes and fraud so long before the old Karma thing comes prowling around. Too bad for them. I can't wait to see them all prosecuted + deported.

Keep on trucking and don't let the slumdogs get you down. We will prevail in the end.

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United States patriot
July 4. 2017 04:20

Kudos to you TR and happy 10 year anniversary of the revolution against evil forces. I have been driven out of good companies and jobs by slumdogs many times. At this point, I am fighting back with creating entertainment since Americans consume it at a fast rate.

In fact, my upcoming science fiction novel and screenplay features villains that are mirror images of slumdogs and their evil twin the muzzie ragheads! The leader uses indiots and muzzies as foot soldiers which leads to a major global civil war in which the American patriots obliterate these scumbags before the alien force invades the planet due to the failure of slumdogs and muzzies to get the job done. In one scene, the alien leader disembowels the lead slumdog!

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 4. 2017 04:30

Congratulations TunnelRat on 10 great years as a beacon of light.

Happy 4th of July.

Happy American Independence Day.

Our independence from scab labor Indians is coming; the American people have awakened.

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United States indian american
July 5. 2017 01:22
indian american

This whole country was built by criminals.  Whether the white criminals who founded it, the blacks and jews who traded slaves, the wall street gangs, the italian mafia, the mexican and chinese syndicates, etc.

You guys are only mad because we indians have our own schemes and we are winning.  You can't stand being outcompeted.  And look even your hero Trump is powerless.

Too bad, so sad.  Too late...don't hate.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 5. 2017 02:17

The Tunnel Rat moniker is poignant one. July 4th is a day to reflect on the courage that it took to separate from England. It's a day to consider the sacrifices, both personal and financial, that Americans have made since 1776 fighting and dying for the Stars and Stripes to ensure that we could be free of tyranny.

Our  ancestors and mine did not come to America with arrogance and a sense of entitlement to immediately steal a middle class job from an American. No, our ancestors were hard-working and willing to take any job. They started at the bottom of the economy and built their lives and this country into what it is today.

They were also willing to enlist in the military. What is the enlistment rate for the children of H-1bs? I hope I'm wrong but based on Indian supremacists' attitude I would say it's pretty low. Indians in the U.S. consider themselves Brahmin priests and priestesses (what a joke, and we are the butt of that joke). Indians feel they don't have to get their hands dirty. They are only here to take our best jobs.

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United States James
July 5. 2017 11:42

@ indian american

This nation was built by great people who built the modern world long before the nation of crime - India - arrived.

Without America and Americans and their inventions, the entire world would look like the hellhole India.

But Indian sure love taking American jobs and tech and remitting US doillars home don't they? Criminals all.

H1B is the biggest mass crime scam ever perpetrated on the American people, and possibly the world. India has stolen enough in high tech wages from Americans to pay off fully half the national debt.

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United States patriot
July 5. 2017 16:01

Amen to that.

Oh Mr. Indiot American, I would not be crowing and bragging so arrogantly if I were you!
In fact, once the jig is up for Indiots, and soon it will be, you will be the ones shipped back in cargo crates.

The whole world has been an eternal battle between good and evil, God and Satan, corrupt scum and the humble good.
It goes in cycles. Enjoy your arrogance for now. But soon the tables will turn and we will throw your Brahmin asses back to your turd world shithole.

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United States Raj
July 6. 2017 03:09

Indians just like Mexicans and Chinese believe in only taking (everything for self, family and relatives, out of these three, Indians are worse because other two at least put hard work to develop their country and to maintain cleanliness in surroundings in which they live).  Indian will only clean his home and put all garbage on street or in front of neighbor, that is why whole country has so much garbage.  

US IT sector is controlled by south Indians who are well known for sophisticated lies and tendency to grab money without doing any productive work.  Americans shouldn't have made situation so bad for themselves in IT sector.

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United States James
July 6. 2017 19:10

Guess who.........

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 8. 2017 06:19

Imagine living with Indians. Everyone is trying to screw each other over 24/7. It's a constant game of chess where one can never let his/her guard down. Every word spoken has the purpose of laying the groundwork for eventually taking advantage of someone. Unfortunately I just described the post-Indian-invasion IT department where it is necessary to protect yourself at all times if you intend to keep your job away
from a scheming Indian.

Or, living with Indians would be like living 24 /7 with career politicians. Everyone you meet would be a hardened, cynical politician - men, women and children.

Thank God we at least we can drop the manipulative mind games every day as we leave the Indian-infested office and rejoin normal society and normal people (non-Indians).

With values and mores like that, I don't see anything whatsoever Brahmins have to be proud of.

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United States Jamaes
July 8. 2017 15:26

Outcompeted? What fantasy world are slumdogs living in?

They can't even get one simple SAP proj right without getting their asses sued for $100 million by Korporate Amerika.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
July 8. 2017 22:28

"I let it slide, but I am waiting to pull his punk card when the time comes. "

My wife gave me some very good advice.  She said to never help them or to protect the company from their mistakes.  As a professional, it's a hard habit to break.  I give them the minimal information they request and don't handhold them like I would have in a more professional environment that respected professionals.  In the curry den, it's every man for himself or their caste.

I even extended this to ordinary gossip where I talk about such things as how to save money on airline tickets, or great deals on auto repair, etc. with my coworkers.  I try to keep the desis out of that loop as well.  I'm friendly with them and will offer to talk about such things as TV shows or sports but keep it limited to stuff they can't gain an advantage.

You shouldn't have let it slide.  Stop being nice.

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United States patriot
July 9. 2017 00:34

Ya know ever since leaving IT, I really do not miss the stench of curry infested workplaces.

Outside of the IT world, things are much better. At least people are somewhat normal and do not reek of body odor and actually speak English.

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United States Rat Pack
July 9. 2017 00:37
Rat Pack

Stuck in another curry den, eh Rat?  Sad to hear that.

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United States IndianTrash
July 9. 2017 02:02

I think that comments you see on-line from hindoo animals says it all, about their culture, their society, their way of life...what's in their DNA.  Yes, they are the best and lying and cheating and stealing...I don't think anyone disagrees with matter how much you might think they are shits, I think that's something everyone can find common ground on..I won't take that fact away from them.  And they are proud of that, that's part of what they are, it's what makes them "them".  It's how their society has functioned for thousands of years.  Think about it, they've been around forever, and if they had the wherewithal to be something extraordinary, they would have done it by now, don't you think.  The whole country is like a horde of crabs in a bucket, when one of them starts to climb up, the others pull that one down again.  And now, we've let this trash invade our country and proud professions, all so we can save a buck.  And when they come here, they don't shed their ways, they come here, talk their monkey gibberish, and proceed to lie and cheat and steal like they do back home, behind the Curry Curtain.  They do that everywhere they go...parasites, deliberately swalling a tapeworm, and here they are now, among us, and IT is a mess and sucks, and wages are stagnant, and projects fail left and right and companies don't want to start new stuff because now, ALL you can get IS indian have no choice because everyone smart or desperate has left...they've succeeded in destroying something else that was once good.  I can only hope that other countries learn a lesson from what's happened here.  But, at the very least, the curry burglars can be proud and feel good knowing they've done a "great job" at doing what they do best

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United States patriot
July 9. 2017 03:59

Well said guys.

Indiots excel at grift and crime not invention. Think about it for a moment. Where did the word THUG come from? Yup, you guessed right, indians! Thuggees were the mafia cult that the British ended after centuries of murder, extortion, and crime waves in the Hindu turd world continent. Now it is back this time with even a bigger vengeance on a much larger global scale.

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United States James
July 10. 2017 06:19

Not only do I not help them at all, I turn the tables on them and get THEM fired. They always think they can "outfox the Yankees" since most don't know what they are up to, but I flip it back on them and they are shocked at how I am "smarter" (i.e. more clever) than they are.

When I worked at one of the biggest software houses in the world, a scum Indian manager started laying off every white American worker in the company. When I was laid off by him and then asked to come back and train my replacement, I sent him a nasty email saying how Hindoo geniuses were all stupid because they laid off Americans BEFORE getting their knowledge. I insulted his race and IQ as stupid. He was so enraged he SUED our employer, which of course, immediately cost him is job. I laughed at how dumb he was and watched as he too was tossed out of work.


Two can play at this game! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 10. 2017 11:13

I had an Indian manager who thought he could talk down to me, an American, in my country.  It became a cold war between us. One day he said "You know, one of us has to leave". I just stared at him. The very idea that I would quit my job over some Indian snake. Try again, snake. It definitely wasn't going to be me leaving, I knew that much. But I said nothing.

Several months later he sold his house and moved his family back to where he belonged - India. To this day I don't how much credit I deserve for that, but I know I helped his decision.

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United States James
July 10. 2017 20:49

Now Indians are ruining Apple. Just look at this messed up English!

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United States James
July 12. 2017 07:33

"For Heaven's sake why should American companies help Indians to steal American Jobs. Why and what do we owe to India? During the cold war Indians were buddies with our enemy, USSR. And should we trust a cast driven culture to supplant our own enterprises and our free society? I don't think so".
-- Abdulhaq Syed

"Indians are a slippery, treacherous people" - Late US President Richard Nixon

"The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive g**damn people around" - Henry Kissinger

"We will dump 6 million Indians in US and capture their entire IT market and no American will ever come to know about this. We will throw these Americans out of their own country. They don't know what we are doing over here".
-- Wipro high-level meetings

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United States patriot
July 12. 2017 10:05

And that is why I am done buying any future Apple products. Period. Slumdogs are destroying a once great company and once great product line. Guess Linux is the future OS as that seems to be a rare thing these Indiots have not ruined yet!

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United States ModerChod
July 12. 2017 21:34

the best is when you go to an interview, and you are deluged with an H1B indian-turd-gang-bang of monkeys interviewing you, and deciding if YOU get a job in YOUR own country.  Imagine that, you're a citizen, you're looking for a job, and a bunch of gibberish-speaking non-citizen moron H1B's get to decide if you get to earn a living in your country...amazing.  Run away from companies like that. It's only going to get much worse once you start working there, assuming you get a job. I've worked for a couple of indian managers in my time as a contractor, they almost always suck.  They can't communicate, and they expect you, the American, to basically do the work and thinking for all of the job-robbing Indians they hire under them.  Their aim is to always turn whatever place they're at, into a giant stinky, monkey-infested, dirty Tupperware-filled curry den

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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