Tunnel Rat posted on June 26, 2017 02:09

But they got off with a slap on the wrist...

Indian outsourcing giant Infosys Ltd. agreed to pay $1 million to settle claims that it placed foreign workers in jobs in New York without obtaining proper visas or paying high enough wages or taxes for their work, the state's attorney general said Friday.

New York pursued Infosys for allegedly depriving the state of taxes it would have collected had the company paid higher wages to foreign workers, a spokesman for the state's attorney general said in a statement.


The Bangalore-based company previously paid $34 million to settle allegations brought by the U.S. Department of Justice that it systematically abused U.S. visa regulations by bringing foreign workers into the country on part-time travel visas, rather than standard H-1B work visas, in 2010 and 2011.


In a statement, Infosys said it committed no wrongdoing and denies all the allegations brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. "Infosys maintains robust policies and procedures to ensure adherence with all applicable regulations and laws," the company said in a statement.


The settlement comes amid growing scrutiny of Indian tech firms for their heavy use of the H-1B visa program for highly skilled foreign workers. President Donald Trump has criticized the practices of firms like Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., the two largest Indian IT services firms by revenue, arguing the tens of thousands of workers they send to the U.S. every year could be taking jobs away from Americans.

Infofys earlier this year warned of slower revenue growth than expected due to the increasing scrutiny of worker visas. The company announced plans to hire some 10,000 American workers in the U.S. over the next two years to help serve clients in the financial services, manufacturing, retail and other sectors.

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United States indianamerican
June 27. 2017 11:19

Of course, we indians all have white mistresses.  I prefer young blondes who haven't been ruined by blacks.  I myself have a child with my white mistress, along with 3 from my indian wife, and more on the way.

We'll take over the whole country.  We will of course leave plenty of space for the chinese, mexicans, and blacks.  We will even do business with the jews but we'll keep them under control, unlike you whites who let them take over.  You whites can all live on reservations in Alaska, plenty of space up there.

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United States SeeingThings
June 28. 2017 06:19

Next, watch what Infosys does.  
After their $30million settlement on the long-term abuse of the B1 visas they announced layoffs of 'senior on-shore resources' to compensate for the amount of the fine.  Of course, as we all know, 'senior on-shore resources' is code for American workers - as there are terms in the H1b visa sponsorship which prevent THEM being laid off.

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United States James
June 28. 2017 06:48

Modi The Ape came to DC today and in his speech refused to even speak English, instead speaking that monkey-language called Hindi. What an outrageous show of disrespect to the American people and Trump.

Wake up America - we are being taken over by looters from Asia. These people are not our friends.

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United States James
June 28. 2017 06:50

"taxes it would have collected had the company paid higher wages to foreign workers"

Ah ha! Now they are finally getting it. Our govts are in debt because foreign workers aren't paying their taxes where the Americans they replaced did. No wonder we have such huge debts. USA is being looted blind by India  Incs.

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United States patriot
June 28. 2017 09:32

Here is the big problem right now for American engineers:

Most of the large and small tech companies have been infiltrated and infested by slumdogs at all levels. Hiring managers, CEOs and VPs to grunts are all fucking slumdog indiots now! So getting hired as a non-Indian is super impossible.

This is why after 20 years of tech work, I gave up and started my own venture. Even if I fail, at least I will die trying on my own terms not that of some parasite bunch of jackal indiot dot heads! Trump and Sessions have not done a damn thing to improve our lot.

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United States James
June 28. 2017 20:50

IndoSys is being sued in TX for racism. 94% Indians only. Now we know why Americans are out of work. There are 1000s of these India Inc staffing companies which are really just RICO organized crime shops. INDIAN MAFIA. And they are deliberately and systematically throwing Americans out of work on a massive scale.

Total violation of EEOC laws and US Civil Rights Act.

I hope the DOJ, FBI, ICE, DHS, and DOL are listening. Especially DHS since India Incs are a major threat to NATION SECURITY. Wake up DHS! DO SOMETHING!

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United States James
June 28. 2017 20:52

Every single American should start a website exposing India Incs and the Indian Mafia. Come on folks - it only costs $50 measly bucks a year!

1000 websites exposing India Incs organized crime syndicates would shut the entire thing down in a day.

Are there not even 1000 displaced American IT workers who will fork over $50 bucks a year?

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United States ScammersGoHome
June 29. 2017 01:02

@patriot: "Trump and Sessions have not done a damn thing to improve our lot."
You're right. I guess we knew that his H-1b promises might be BS and so far he has not kept them. I suppose if Hillary had won, she would have already expanded the H-1b cap to 1,000,000 per year and taken a nice cash bribe from India for doing so. As battered as we are now after close to 20 years of this crap, I for one am grateful to merely maintain the status quo. That's how sad the political landscape is right now, having been sold out by both the Rs and the Ds.

You've started your own gig, excellent. Yes, winning on your own merits is better than participating as the mark in some glorified street con game run by a dumb (but with serpent-like treachery), 82-IQ, inexplicably arrogant, brahmin priest. That's what it is like dealing with indian brokers and managers now.

Good luck. I hope your business takes off!

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United States ScammersGoHome
June 29. 2017 01:44

"Our govts are in debt because foreign workers aren't paying their taxes where the Americans they replaced did. No wonder we have such huge debts"

Indians don't really assimilate beyond taking our jobs. They are non-contributing free riders.

But Zuckerberg, Ellison, Gates are unconcerned about the USA having debt as long as they personally profit from the destruction of our tax-paying middle class. After all, to them there are no borders, no America, other than the legal shelter it provides for them to get rich(er). In their minds there are only different global markets containing potential users of their products.

What is most appalling to me is their phony liberalism where they pretend to 'care' about third world countries when all they really want is to expand their global customer base.
They are racing to see who can be the first to be worth $100 billion and Gates is in the lead. How do you spend $100 billion? You give some to charity to assuage your guilt at screwing your own countrymen and women and wrecking the careers of America's IT workers.

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United States James
June 29. 2017 17:54

"Infosys maintains robust policies and procedures to ensure adherence with all applicable regulations and laws," the company said in a statement."


By hiring 94% Indian nationals, InfoSys is in violation of at least:

- EEOC laws.

- Civil Rights Act of 1965


- Probably the Fair Labor Standards Act

- Trading With Enemies Act

- Probably other laws such as laws requiring foreign agents to register with the US govt and Federal election tampering laws.

We need a private investigation of IndoSys to see which Federal election laws it broke by illegally donating $ to US politicians. After all, it IS a foreign entity.

The US DOL and DOJ needs to CLOSE these organized crime rackets masquerading as "business" down now. They are breaking US law with impunity.

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United States James
June 29. 2017 17:58

Why do we allow FOREIGN LOBBIES to mess with OUR gov't?


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United States James
June 29. 2017 18:01

Nasscom hires lobbyist, PR and law firms on US immigration Bill


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United States James
June 29. 2017 18:04

California company imported Indian workers, paid them $1.21 an hour


Eight workers from India were paid as little as $1.21 an hour by a tech company in Fremont, Calif., over several months in late 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as reported by the Associated Press.

As a result the company, Electronics for Imaging, which specializes in printing technology, agreed to pay $43,000 in back wages and government penalties. Electronics for Imaging, or EFI, said in a prepared statement that it “unintentionally overlooked” U.S. labor law and has "taken steps to ensure that this type of administrative error does not reoccur."

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United States James
June 29. 2017 18:32

India's Daughter documentary. See what we are really dealing with:


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United States Bigen
July 1. 2017 00:37

This is India.  Check this out, not for the faint hearted:


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United States Seeing Things
July 1. 2017 02:29
Seeing Things

Here is one more good reason to avoid working with Wipro - BEDBUGS in the office!  

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United States NetDeveloper
July 2. 2017 02:27

For the past few years I have worked as .NET developer. I've been through a few companies and when I saw this article I felt the urge to comment.

I'm American by birth and female and a software engineer. In school and out in my field my experience with Indians has been less than pleasant. Case and point, f'ing Infosys called me for an interview and f'ed up the interview communication twice. SO on paper it looks like they did the right thing, in actuality I never had the interview. I've had thousands of phone calls from Indians for IT jobs and not one call has been a decent lead. I hang up on them when I can and screen calls...anything from certain area codes in New Jersey or even GA I let go straight to VM.

These people have no respect for Americans and will only look to protect their own or other foreigners...often times from countries like Pakistan and Iran. On paper and following due diligence procedures it looks like they are participating in the whole "multicultural" theme, in reality it's not true. They only do business with US when they have to.

I'm not okay with the fact that one of the most lucrative industries in the U.S., where some of the most sought after degree programs for American students, has created a hostile playing field for American workers. In school I worked side by side with Indian guys and girls. In the workplace I have experienced racial tensions with both guys and girls. Not every Indian is an asshole, but over the past several years I can honestly say I've had more negative than positive experiences unless they are kissing my ass because they need something. I've only met a handful of Indian software engineers that are truly collaborative.

People wonder why there is this feeling of a shadow government in our system, no need to look any further folks. They are right here in our faces, using our resources to do business with our enemies...their neighbors. I've seen it first hand, the scary truth is this trend has been going on for a few decades now. It's not just IT.

Americans need to protect their own culture and get these assholes off our soil!

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United States patriot
July 2. 2017 04:18

Thanks, yes, it is more difficult but in the long run, I will be free of these filthy parasites. Americans need to figure out ways to create their own small business to hire other fellow Americans. Fight the corruption!

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United States James
July 2. 2017 07:47

"New York: Two top Indian-American former executives of a Chicago-area information technology company have been charged by the US federal regulator in an accounting fraud scheme in which they misled investors and siphoned millions of dollars from the firm for their personal benefit. Nandu Thondavadi, 63, of Illinois was the CEO of Schaumburg-based Quadrant 4 System Corporation (QFOR) while Dhru Desai, 55, was its chief financial officer."


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United States James
July 2. 2017 07:51


And now guess which state is going under - bankrupt - because SO MANY non-taxpaying slumdogs took over and kicked all the taxpaying American workers out?




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United States Raj
July 3. 2017 05:05

I had high hopes from current administration but they are not doing much to break abusive practices of Indian IT companies and South Indian mafia.  Current President cares for his country, still he is not fixing the system, bit surprising, may be Indian lobbying is way powerful.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
July 8. 2017 10:48

If you want a laugh, here's an example of the toxic waste dump known as NJ scamming over the local dupes:

The jokes on them in that particular section of Trenton is not for the faint of heart.

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United States Arrow
July 10. 2017 13:09

It doesn't matter south or North Indian, but North Indians are extremely racist , while South Indians play the undercutting game to get ahead. I witnessed Indians letting  down their non Indian Collegues, and refusing to hire a white lady who was local to the area - the hiring manager felt she had less 'passion' to work than she had for being close to her family - what a ridiculous bunch of Morons. Never give managerial or Directorial roles or hiring authority to Indians , unless they have MBA from local universities and constantly demonstrate that indians are less than 25% of their sub-ordinates. This racist North Indian i work with also refused to hire a candidate of Sri Lankan origin , he also jokes constantly about senior workers - making fun of their age , mocking them privately etc, constantly bitching about personalities than getting focused on the task at hand. He claims to be an Architect , but he did not even know how to write a simple SQL decode() function . All he can speak is in his guttural hindi dialect like a loudmouthed macaque. I wish I could somehow report him to a reliable party at the client site where i work for bullying and mockery.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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