Tunnel Rat posted on April 9, 2017 23:47

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United States patriot
April 10. 2017 01:57

A good start BUT we need to have ALL of the slumdog H1b sent home NOW and put Americans back to work.

That includes the following:

INDIAN Slumdog hiring managers
ALL of the Indian IT and engineering people
INDIAN HR and INDIAN recruiters

Let these fucks build toilets and fix their own rotten country and stop raping the west.

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United States Arrow
April 10. 2017 06:30

Fraud is happening at locations like
1. HCL Americas - Hires Americans to do an eyewash, undermine them internally in projects, and then the client is asked to let them go , and HCL offers a low cost H1 or offshore replacement with limited skills.
2. TCS Americas - Same as above, sells green cards ( and stolen American livelihoods) as incentives to employees that sat for 6 years or more in their offices back In India.
3. Cognizant - Same as above, but more importantly gets a bunch of middle aged Indian people as 'Managers' on H1B or L1A with no prior US managerial experience or US MBA, no technical competence to manage IT projects , and sponsors International Manager Eb1-C visa (green card shortcut)   with hire & fire authority - even though they absolutely lack cultural competence & leadership skills in being able to work with Americans, Hire and Train Qualified American graduates  .
They are also shit scared of lawsuits arising out of workplace abuse, bullying, sexual harrassment and deliberately try their best not to Hire Americans - especially US Citizen women.
Increase Scrutiny on Non technical H1-B roles in IT - Business Analyst, Managers etc - all the lip service and grunt work jobs- they don't bring any useful technical skills or innovative ideas, and when given hiring authority - rarely ever recruit eligible local graduates.
4. Wipro- run by Azim Premji - whose mentality is more fit for running an Indian Sweatshop manufacturing adulterated Vegetable oils
( Vegetable Products - VePro-> WiPro) than a global tech giant , the evidence is at hand when teh World Bank banned them for bribery of its senior officials. Remind them this is not India.

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United States MAGA
April 10. 2017 09:15

As they say, "no good deed goes unpunished". The H1-B was created with good intentions , but has been relentlessly abused. This video from some years ago summarized the rampant abuse and deliberate fraud of how the the rules were manipulated to
deny US citizens jobs:


Nobody can say that the current actions on the H1-B are "unfair". The abuse has gone on for decades and created an entire industry around how to game the system.

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United States James
April 10. 2017 13:02

Tunnel, can you fix your contact form - I need to get in touch with you for some projects.


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United States GreatIndian
April 10. 2017 13:46

The below link explains everything.

Your last hopes are lost. Indian are there to rule IT.

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United States James
April 10. 2017 14:31

They are going berzerk over remittances, their prized jewel because we all know without remittances, there IS no Indian economy!


Just goes to prove I was right all along: the reason slumdogs come to US is for looting, not to "contribute".

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United States Simon Rothstein
April 10. 2017 16:50
Simon Rothstein

Great Job! God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

Screw these low IQ ugly hindo-doo brahmin scam artists! Time for them to go home and build proper toilets and drainage systems. And if possible, maybe fix their demented hindo-doo religion and failed culture which ONLY created an epic dirty 3rd world Shithole like India.


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United States James
April 10. 2017 21:22

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United States FUH1bDckSckr
April 10. 2017 22:06

oh no!!! now what do the parasites do ??? It looks like your robbing and stealing has finally caught up with you.  Do you go back to Curry-ville and risk not being able to return, or do you stay and wait for the axe to fall here and then having your visa revoked ? what a conundrum...one thing is for sure: the sooner wage-lowering, fake-resume, H1B curry burglar job robbers get out of America, the better

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United States patriot
April 11. 2017 01:11

Problem is that UNLESS the INDIAN managers are sent home things will not change. Also many INDIOTS are in charge now of recruiting other slumdogs and HR run by these scumbags.

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United States indianamerican
April 11. 2017 05:10

This is your job, white men of America.  This is the purpose of your existence:
-to work like a slave for the corporations
-to work like a slave to enrich the jews
-to work like a slave to keep the negros sheltered, fed, and getting healthcare
-to pimp out your wives and daughters to the negros
-to send your kids to die fighting arabs
-to invite the immigrants of the world into your country so you become a minority

Those are the reasons for your existence.  If you don't like it, you can drown yourself in alcohol and painkillers.  Stop complaining about Indians, we are the least of your worries.  We are just coming into a dying country and getting the spoils.  India will outlast America.

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United States ScammersGoHome
April 14. 2017 06:47

Good to see INFY down 5% today. It's odd to have to root for someone to fail, but then again these Indian bodyshops' primary business model is go to America to throw Americans out of their livelihood, i.e., their business. So here's hoping INFY, WIT, and TCS.BO drop 10%, 20%, 30% in the coming months.

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United States Raj
April 15. 2017 02:49

South Indians won't allow this loot to stop so easily, there entire lives are built on this loot.  Administration needs to use iron hand to stop this loot and Americans should start complaining about these fraudsters.

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United States James
April 16. 2017 04:00

HCL was BANNED by FAA from 787 project because the ES OS they wrote was unsafe to fly. Boeing had to trash the whole thing and start over, costing them millions.

HCL is now being SUED by MillerCoors for $100 million for a FAILED SAP project. $100 million looted out by India Inc fraudsters. Wonder if the MillerCoors board still thinks India can save it $ after just getting robbed of $100 million with nothing to show for it.

Fatass Vinny is now resigning as CEO of HCL because of the failed project and $100 million lawsuit.

Tata was fined $940 MILLION for STEALING trade secrets from Epic Systems in 2016. More massive looting by India Incs.

Wipro sold a flawed financial software trading system SPECTRAMIND to Lehman in 2007 - causing the company to go belly up forever. Wonder how Lehman's board and shareholders feel now about "Indian cost savings". Another fast one pulled on Corporate America dummies by Slumdog Ripoff Inc.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The list of India Inc fails and trillions looted out of the USA is a mile long with no end in sight.

With the new DHS tip email addreess, forward every India Inc resume-stealing email you get from them and let DHS know just who the India Inc fraud looters are and where the DHS can RAID their offices. We need to clean this country up and round up the India Inc cockroaches like the insects they are.

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United States SeeingThings
April 16. 2017 11:12

Use REPORTH1ABUSE@uscis.dhs.gov

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United States Psychotron
April 18. 2017 23:35

Dumb ass indianamerican, you can barley formulate a cogent sentence and you think whitey is doomed? I've teched out dozens of Indians and know all their tricks! You know, when there's a delay to an answer and you can hear them Google the question (clickety click) or they get confused because while I was talking Raj was trying to give the answer in an ear piece from India (I guess Skype sucks at 2400 baud from the mud hut). Most Indians here have no class, no skills and are philological liars. Don't even get me started on the bobble head shit or clicking your Ts.

I do love the ignorant stereotypes you throw out there though. White boys are all on hillbilly heroin in our trailers because the Indians took our jobs and our wives and daughters are banging ghetto dwellers. Grow up dumb ass and learn the OOP principles, how databases work, virtuilization, static code analysis, CI, DevOps, etc. I might interview you one day and you will be disappointed when you don't get the in person interview.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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