Tunnel Rat posted on September 5, 2016 08:57

From Medium:

...We had 8 young Chinese employees on H-1B visas with us as developers, limited in experience but eager to please and learn. They end up being the ones to suffer the most...

More on Slashdot:

It should be called "H-1B'd" considering how many of these failure stories involve companies who fraudulently claim no Americans are available to work, then fraudulently import workers for their sweatshops.


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United States James
September 7. 2016 21:01

Ah yes, all those sooper genius Asian workers the USA can't do without.

Do you have any idea how much venture capital is being sucked out of America by tens of millions of fake workers in fake "startups"? It's hundreds of billions annually.

Millions and millions of parasite workers from other countries are dumped into the US and employed in fake "startup" jobs. They get paid for a few years coasting on US VC, they produce nothing, and they send all that $ right out of the US. That's BILLIONS that could have kept Americans employed but was given away free to useless foreign lazy workers.

"Startups" has become the biggest international socialist scam on the planet.

The rest of the world is dumping its unemployable refuse into the USA to give them $ so they don't revolt against their governments back home.

Tens of millions of them. They move in, loot and remit, and suck as much $ out of the USA as possible in the form of REMITTANCES.


THAT is what is wrong with the US economy. THAT is why we have deficits and debt. If Americans were employed using that same $, they would be paying TAXES on it and spending it back into the US economy. Those additional TAXES would be paying off the US debt.

Instead the world is using the US economy as its free cookie jar and it has gotten used to doing so.

It's time to cut off the free loot and remit ride for the rest of the world. Let other countries solve their own problems and let other countries come up with some new industries to keep their own lazy people employed.

YAY! Free jobs in AMEEEEEEEERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!



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United States Kelly
September 10. 2016 08:12

I think Donald Trump is worrying about the wrong groups of people. I have yet to see a Mexican steal an IT job with a fake diploma and then expect an American to train them. A wall is not going to keep an Indian with an H-1B visa out. If Trump really wants to get popular with most Americans (the ones that want to work for a living), he needs to spend as much time talking about (or yelling about) the South Asians who come to America, take somebody's job, and then go back to India (and taking the job back home with them). I don't really think Mexicans and Muslims are that much of a threat. (BTW, most Indians are cow-loving Buddists, not Muslims.)

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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