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United States Sammie Barranca
July 7. 2016 11:38
Sammie Barranca

You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually one thing which I think I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely huge for me. I'm looking ahead for your next put up, I¡¯ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

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United States Daren Paulik
July 9. 2016 23:58
Daren Paulik

Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the great works guys I¡¯ve added you guys to our blogroll.

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United States Just Say No to H-1b
July 10. 2016 06:02
Just Say No to H-1b

Excellent. Ms. Coulter elucidated the problem very well. She touched on how low-quality Indians are enslaved as H-1bs. When an Indian gets a job in the U.S., that means an American, who is usually more talented, will be denied or lose an I.T. job. She mentioned Dr. Norm Matloff's astute observations. She exposed the hypocrisy of the lying, whining phony liberals like Zuckerberg, Gates and Barrett, who have enriched themselves by screwing their countrymen and women. The goal of these hypocrites is not to help third-world people, but to use them to make themselves even more obscenely rich (to get that 7th Lear Jet since 6 is not enough for them).

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United States Just Say No to H-1b
July 10. 2016 06:03
Just Say No to H-1b

Regarding the upcoming election, Mrs. Bill Clinton has taken a lot of money from India in exchange for her helping Tata et al, bring H-1bs into America to replace quality American STEM workers. Anyone who votes for Clinton can expect more of the same, and not just in I.T., but other industries too.

I guess that means Indians who have scammed the U.S. long enough to get voting rights will vote for her. The Indians already in America want to help other Indians in general, and especially back in their home villages (and of the same caste) replace more Americans. Indians want every single STEM job, make no mistake. I know this because I have heard Indians admit it in their unguarded moments. Hillary is 100% on-board. She is pro-India because India bribes her, She has no patriotism, only personal greed. Americans who say this chicanery doesn't affect them personally should think about their college-degreed children and grandchildren working at fast food joints and serving Indian I.T. posers.

The Indians already in the U.S. simply need to go home. The ones still in India need to stay there on their farms or in their manual labor jobs and not come to the U.S. with newly printed fake degrees and resumes.

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United States James
July 12. 2016 00:07

It was the Clintons who sold USA out in the 90s which started this mess.

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United States Indrid Cold
July 14. 2016 04:24
Indrid Cold

Every Bollyshop in the US should be required to sign a policy statement regarding human trafficking such as this one for Kelly Services:

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United States TaxiDriver
July 15. 2016 10:04

This video is a snippet of the audio version of Ann Coulter's latest book "Adios America, The Left's Plan to Turn our Country into a Third World Hellhole."

I get the audio versions because I can't read books while I"m driving lol. It's represented to be unabridged, but there are no footnotes as there are in the print version. The audio version is (obviously) recorded by Ann herself. I highly recommend it.


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United States dolph9
July 20. 2016 11:13

If white people are so great, then how come you let so many immigrants into your country?  How come you slave away for the jews and blacks?  How come you can't even control the arabs even though you dump bomb after bomb on them?

You American whites are pathetic.  Look in the mirror, and see the modern day loser.

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India Abiya
July 21. 2016 14:59

This blog is having the general information. Got a creative work and this is very different one.We have to develop our creativity mind.This blog helps for this. Thank you for this blog. This is very interesting and useful.

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United States Hindu9
July 23. 2016 05:10

Pathetic white people.  You can't stop the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Jews, the Blacks, so you have to attack some Indian programmers.

Say goodbye to your precious USA, but it's not our fault.

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United States James
July 25. 2016 03:33

The New Communism called H-1B and mass immigration continues unabated.

From each according to his abilities (Americans) to each according to his needs (Indians).

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United States James
July 25. 2016 04:12


"If white people are so great, then how come you let so many immigrants into your country?"

Because NASSCOM and USIND-PAC pay US pols to do so. And because India has threatened US with nuclear attack if US doesn't hand over all white-created jobs to lazy Indians, that's why. And because US corporations love cheap labor like Indian slaves who have so little self-respect that they will work for next to nothing. That's why.

"How come you slave away for the jews and blacks?  How come you can't even control the arabs even though you dump bomb after bomb on them?"

Because American Corporations love cheap foreign unemployed losers who can only stay employed by stealing jobs from Americans, that's why.

"You American whites are pathetic. Look in the mirror, and see the modern day loser."

Indians cannot even build enough toilets for themselves let alone create anough jobs for themselves. The only way Indians can have jobs is to take over US companies created by white Americans.

White Americans created the modern world and everything in it. Indians are the world's parasites and everyone knows it. Job beggars who have to steal jobs in other countries to stay employed. India has never invented anything except poverty and unemployment.

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United States James
July 25. 2016 04:18

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United States James
July 26. 2016 05:34

Have to attack some Indian programmers? Of course - you are the largest invading takeover group.

Asians Now Outpace Mexicans In Terms of Undocumented Growth

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United States patriot
July 28. 2016 01:38

Loot and remit is the motto of stinky curry job robbers from India!

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United States Just Say No to H-1b
July 28. 2016 04:08
Just Say No to H-1b

It must take a lot of nerve to go to someone else's country with phony "credentials" in hand, then bribe the new country's decision makers into terminating the local workers and giving the locals' jobs to the invaders.

We are not interested in Indians' views on muslims, blacks, mexicans, etc. in America. It is none of Indians' business. Indians have their own country.

It certainly is Indians' fault if they leave their own country and go to a foreign country to take good people's jobs.

I found a quote from old President Nixon and he was right about Indians - "a slippery, treacherous people".

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