Tunnel Rat posted on May 16, 2016 00:25
From Computerworld:


Newspaper IT employees 'angry as hell' over foreign workers

"The are basically firing me and hiring a foreign worker to do my job at less than half the rate they were paying me," said one IT employee. "They really couldn't find American workers to do this job? Seriously? I am angry as hell."




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United States James
May 18. 2016 15:46

Looks like the Indian conmen also want to get control of all editor positions so that they can supress the truth about their RICO fraud which is now coming out in the media. There is no crime these lowlifes won't stoop to in order to get their way.

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United States James
May 20. 2016 07:11

Obama Spends Millions Helping Refugees Steal American Jobs!


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United States ratpatrol
May 29. 2016 08:35

ZUCKED UP: Why Silicon Valley is Scared to Death of Trump Part 1

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Thailand Slumdoggie
June 3. 2016 22:47

James Boi, you've robbed, murdered and raped lots of native women.

Your kinds will become extinct soon.

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Sri Lanka Wasa
June 4. 2016 20:34

Hello Tunnel rat, Greetings from SL. Is there any statistics on the following:

(1.) Total IT professionals (i.e. SW engineers, BAs, PMs, QA engineers etc.) in the US.
(2.) Out of the above total, how many are Indians, how many from other countries like Columbia, Brazil etc?
(3.) How many STEM grads pass out of US universities each year.
(4.) How many native born American IT workers are out of a job, or doing jobs in other fields due to the H1B & outsourcing fiasco?

You need to answer these questions to get the BIG picture.

Great site BTW. Keep it up.

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United States Raj
June 8. 2016 02:55

Another fraud and rip of America continues till resources last and last white person and women is thrown out of IT sector and put on welfare.


Hopefully Donald Trump can win and help Americans.

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United States Indrid Cold
June 15. 2016 07:23
Indrid Cold

The book "Sold Out" by Michelle Malkin and John Miano has all the statistics and details you need. I'll give you a statistic from a reliable source at Microsoft. They started major layoffs in 2009. The percentage of South Asians working at Microsoft was about 10% before 2009--same percentage as East Asians. Now it is over 35%. The company was always an international mix but no other demographic group has grown like that. Layoffs have continued in 2015-2016 and each round is a cycle of purge of employees and replacement with contractors. Dozens of bodyshops have sprung up around campus to serve the endless need for cheap, temporary workers. I don't blame the workers BTW, I blame our corrupt immigration system and the bodyshop chattel merchants. As you drive south on 156th Ave from campus the neighborhood looks like Bangalore. You're a minority in your own country. The layoffs were a coup, the insourcing a veritable invasion.

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June 15. 2016 21:58

India is building a supercomputer to forecast the monsoon


Hey tunnel rat do you think it's kinda legit? Will they be able to build it with 60 million dollars?

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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