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United States James
April 18. 2016 11:36

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United States paccevo1
April 19. 2016 13:49

did you see this article about a fake university sting operation - University of North New Jersey


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United States James
April 21. 2016 02:21

TCS fined $940m in US for ‘stealing’ healthcare software


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United States Habib
April 21. 2016 21:57

Emblem Health in the news for ethnic cleansing of American It workers to H1-B outsourcing firm Cognizant.


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United States patriot
April 22. 2016 00:35

Here is the deal:

The ONLY WAY this criminal grifting against the American people will ever stop is IF the Wall Street bankers and corrupt Congress who are in bed with NASSCOM and fraud ripoff Indian companies are PUNISHED severely financially and brought to justice on RICO charges. ONLY THEN when these scumbags are put in PRISON and lose everything, will change occur. Until then the same fraud and ethnic cleansing will continue.

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United States James
April 23. 2016 12:19

Sooper hindoo genius Nutella sure has been good for Microsoft!



Sun, IBM, Microsoft is next.

There is nothing these dummies can't destroy.

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United States DB
April 27. 2016 09:34

I'd love to work in my chosen career field. It's not possible now. I moved to the southern US states a while back and when I was hiking the other day with my mother at a National Park guess who comes up the trail in droves, more H1B workers. Last place I thought I would see them, on a trail in the south US.

Now I have to re-train to become a tradesperson like a CNC machinist or Electrician. The American Dream is gone hopefully Trump will win.

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Ukraine Slumdoggie
May 4. 2016 08:34

TCS will not pay a dime . James boi can go to hell

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United States Raj
May 5. 2016 06:33


Don't assume that a fraud can continue for ever.  South Indians may have learned art of making fool out of Americans but if you see carefully, Donald Trump became nominee of Republican party and nobody can underestimate the man.  He may put policies in place to stop ripping of US businesses.  Well ultimately Americans can't lead life playing dumb and holding boards with LGBT rights and climate change, along with endless benefits for union members  (especially teachers)whose incompetency has resulted in weak education for US kids.  Queen may help NASSCOM and Indian outsourcing industry like she has in past by supporting TCS and outsourcing New York jobs but in history America has seen leaders like Ronald Reagan, JFK, Lincoln and few others who did good for country.  In India we haven't produced a single leader, MK Gandhi was overrated British agent (who made fool out of illiterate and gullible Indians who lost self pride during Muslim invasion from 7th century to 17th century and later on British occupation till 1947) and so is Gandhi family which has been in power over India for almost all of the years after independence.  Current Prime minister has not delivered anything except talks and Arvind Kejriwal is even worse.  South Indians politicians are more sophisticated gangsters, look at Karunanidhi and Jaylalitha.

So who knows Trump may do some spin off and South Indian fraudsters have to pack up.  Ultimately it just requires one policy, hire Einstein but don't put Einstein at third party sites or may be put a minimum H1B and L1 salary and index it to inflation.

Something will come up, nature has its own way to correct wrongs and US H1B and L1 policy is not sustainable, soon all whites will be on roads and then their women have nobody to weigh on with "feel good" talks, may be Muslim invasion will finish it further like European union, then also feminists will loose like German women are realizing that feel good and touchy talks work with only white males and not tough middle east men, after all problem with whites is they need empirical evidence and hypothesis proof using data to even understand common sense, that is why they can't generalize and interpret from patterns and history.

Indians and especially South Indians are masters of tricks, no doubt but nature is superior than everybody and looks like Trump has brain.  Lets see if Trump can get pass with Queen first as queen will use strategy of women card and then rob same women from jobs and security by outsourcing and by importing more middle east men from Muslim countries.  Americans are again dumb enough to not hold queen accountable for behavior of her husband towards other women in 90s.  Trump has at least built companies and employer people, currently also employees 22,000 people which is better than so called liberal senator who gets 300 K for one lecture at ivy league university at east coast and still has guts to lecture others on inequality.  Well she lives in mansion like queen who runs a foundation with payback from her global clients.

So wait and bottom line is, if you have already looted US from 2000 on wards, then you are in good shape, lot of South Indians have 7-8 flats in Bangalore while they keep living with 4 people in room in Edison, New jersey and eat rice.  But still if you haven't looted USA from 2000, well things are becoming bit difficult, the current person in in charge is tightening grip around banks and financial institutions so there may not be endless money to rip away from dumb white Americans.

We all will see but enjoy till spoils last and this rip off is going, Americans are too innocent and dumb except perhaps top 1 percent.

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United States James
May 6. 2016 03:36

Trump will be in office in 8 months.

Party's over India. Find a new host.

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United Kingdom Mr. X
May 13. 2016 18:51
Mr. X

A new round of layoffs is expected at intel
Look at this fat fucker:

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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