Tunnel Rat posted on March 6, 2016 04:02

There has been talk among insurgents for a long time about using RICO statutes against the collaborators who work with the Indian Bodyshops to displace American workers.  Finally, someone is doing exactly that:

"Immigration lawyer Sara Blackwell discusses her suit filed against the Disney corporation on behalf of highly-skilled American workers replaced with cheap, foreign labor and completely shut out of their fields of expertise."


Here is one of her clients:

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United States SeeingThings
March 6. 2016 12:00

I was trying to figure out a good approach to handle this in the courts - but I kept thinking about IRS income reporting - as I figure there is a bit of bribery going on. RICO is good, I think this will work. Keep it up!

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United States James
March 6. 2016 18:44

Game over India, your criminal racket is being exposed. Soon all Indian job robbing conmen will be deported and the jobs given back to their rightful owners - Americans.

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United States Mark
March 7. 2016 06:34

Every last General Counsel at every US corporation that uses H-1B's should take note (and then proceed to shit their pants).  Class action lawyers should smell blood in the water along monetary damage awards that approach if not exceed that of tobacco litigation.  

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United States Patriot
March 8. 2016 11:07

Awesome about time!

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United States Raj
March 8. 2016 11:09

James, South Indians are masters of tricks and it is impossible for Americans to even understand them, forget about bypassing and beating them and getting back control of IT industry.  Yes, if Donald Trump who is not politically correct comes at top position then may be dynamics will change.  Otherwise US CEOs, C level executives, political class and Indian executives are hand in hand with each other.  Well the so called queen has been known for helping outsourcing Industry for years and nobody questions here, similarly the senator from Texas and Florida have supported alarming increase in number of H1B visas and then these people don't even understand impact of L1 visa which is equally harmful.  Forget cheap labor and outsourcing concept for a moment but then nobody even asks why to get South Indians from India in US corporate houses, many Americans will work at same price in absence of any jobs.  Reality is all hiring and control is with South Indians and they hate everybody else so others don't stand a chance to get a job.

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United States James
March 10. 2016 09:12


You think I don't know that? As someone who has been dealing with job robber weaseals for close to 20 years, I am full aware of their tricks.

Just look at conmen like Anil Bhavnani, formerly of Adobe, but now scamming out jobs @ Yahoo.

These scammers all operate by cons. We all know that.

But we also know Indians are not qualified to work in IT. After all, everything they have they stole from American workers,

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Turkmenistan Slumdoggie
March 10. 2016 22:36

Slumdoggies will rule the world . They are the God's chose people.
Frustrated gay man like James will cease to exists.
Future is bright for slumdoggies.

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Turkmenistan Slumdoggie
March 10. 2016 22:36


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United States gangRapist
March 11. 2016 13:17

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United States Hanging-by-a-thread
March 14. 2016 10:32

The major fortune 500 company I work for has done this so slickly... no H1Bs involved... Indian dude brought in as CIO in US even though he ran an outsourcing shop in India.  Bought in his company as a subsidiary, made him CIO, he eviscerated the US staff as much as he could. Started out promising only a 50-50% distribution of IT workers.  But over time, hired only Indians stateside, especially as mid- and high-level managers.  Rigged the awards, incentives, and promotions processes so that only the Indians had a non-dead career in IT. Nasty things like: No Indian in India has any accountability to the managers they work for statesides, because they don't "report to" who they work for; in other words, both US and Indian reporting chains run separate and parallel right up to the top (the Indian CIO!) so, whose gonna elevate trench issues to that high up the chain of command?  No matter how bad the screw ups are.  US makes a mistake, someone on the US team gets fired.  India fucks up, someone on the US team gets fired.  Hey, are you a US-non-Indian manager?  Can't visit your team in person in India!  No way!  Not even on your own dime!  Legal issues if a slumdog stabs you!  Can't even set a single foot on the company premises.  Are you an Indian-in-the-US manager?  Sure, take a three month vacation to "home" and work from the India offices during that "vacation" and get to meet and work with your India team. And you might even get Manager Star of the Year Award.  The US non-Indian manager?  No award possible. Also, CIO installed an Indian "Global Head of HR" who co-opted and subverted the entire HR Diversity apparatus so that the usual function of Diversity initiatives (you know what they were back in the 90s, right?) to totally support an Indian-Supremacist culture.  Example: One person from the subcontinent told a coworker of mine, "I went down to your Washington and saw your White House.  What a tiny piece of shit! It didn't even have any gold on the roof. Have you ever seen the Temples in Tamil Nadu?  Have you seen the Taj Mahal?"  That non-Indian person went to HR.  *They* were the one let go (yes, fired!) because of a "diversity infraction."  If you make a peep about the emergent non-diversity in our new post-junta world, you are out.  Diversity infractions come down on people at the drop of a hat.  But only some people.  Guess which people?

But the main point is: no official Outsourcing or H1B Visa abuse involved in this racket.  And this is a huge major, major company.  But as far as the journalism world is concerned, there's nothing legally or morally amiss here. Successful game of the system. Nothing to see here.  Move along.  "There will be retribution???" When?  After the H1B situation is fixed?  After the offshoring situation is fixed?  Then you'll get to the distributed corporate model and fix it?!!!  Just in time for my great-grandchild to get a job in IT.

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United States James
March 17. 2016 14:54

Here is how "diversity" rolls in India:


100% Indian workers. No exceptions.

They can come to USA and steal your job but you can't go there and work.


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United States James
March 17. 2016 14:56

Boycott Abbott labs.

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United States Patriot
March 18. 2016 01:15

@Hanging-by-a-thread is absolutely 100% correct. This is how the Indiot con game works in real life. I see it now at every job in past five years. CEO, SVP, CIO comes in and cleans house of American engineers.

Unfortunately, this con is very difficult to eliminate. It would take massive RICO lawsuits to be successful to at least put a minor dent into the Indiot cartel of crime stealing jobs. I see it in medicine as well. Ever notice more Indian doctors and dentists?

One area that is still not full of slum dogs is sales and blue collar jobs. However, Mexicans have taken over blue collar jobs.

America is screwed.

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United States johnny rigel
March 18. 2016 13:11
johnny rigel

The H1-B game was played very well by the corrupt Indian outsourcers like Infosys, Igate, Tata, HCL etc. etc.
They bought their way in and had the American worker displaced. Our fault. We should have fought it tooth and nail, gone on strike, organized etc. We did nothing except for a few lonely blogs, cries in the wilderness if you will.
In America no one gives a shit if some I.T. worker gets the ax, his family starves and he never works again. THEY DON"T CARE.
Why the huge success of Donald Trump, as flawed as he is? He has openly stated his opposition to outsourcing manufacturing, insourcing I.T. workers, illegal immigration etc.
People are so damn tired they are ready to tear the place down. The Government has proved to be the enemy of the people and has sold us out.
The U.S. will be nothing of consequence soon at this rate.

The other thing US IT People have to understand is the corrupt and nasty nature of the Indian. I've lived in India for eight years, and I can tell you they live to scam you. They are callous, cold hearted assholes in the worse way. Never trust any one of them. The more they smile and treat you well, RUN.
Every Indian knows this, but for some odd reason people in the U.S. are naive to the point of stupidity about it.
The scammer Indians will hide behind "Diversity" and whatever else they can use to cheat and steal. Shameless disgusting people.
The Indian Government is so corrupt just trying to do the most simple thing is a nightmare from Kafke. The cops openly stop you and take "fines" that go into their pockets. The RTO (Vehicle registration office) is an epic nightmare. You have to pay a "guide" who knows the right guy to bribe so you will get your vehicle "smartcard registration" in a month.
The scams and corruption are endless here and that is why this country is doomed.
I don't see why we should let any but the best into the U.S. Let the incredibly talented and smart ones in on the "O" visa (exceptional talent) and get rid of the rest. Send them back to this dirty, dusty, corrupt nightmare of a country.

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United States Raj
March 20. 2016 10:05

Americans don't understand most of these South Indians won't and can't get US $200 job in India but they can get US $100,000 job easily in US without doing anything whole day except browsing internet, read newspapers, plotting schemes and cheat, lie and make fools of Americans, why? because whole world knows American whites only are interested in three things, LGBT rights, Climate change and political correctness.  If Elites let Donald Trump capture nomination then may be Americans will have something left else soon no one will see any white in any job and all this feminist talk and feelings nonsense will go away with nothing left for Americans as everything will be taken over.  Ironically even educated Americans don't understand tricks being played on them, may be nature will interfere, how can someone be so dumb?.  May be Elites and establishment plan to distribute some bread to white men, kids and women and make them hold banners while illegals take blue collar jobs, manufacturing is taken by China and IT by South Indians, no whites allowed in onsite positions either because South Indians won't allow it.  Kids won't get jobs because there aren't any except in burger, pizza and some retail stores, so called service jobs as mentioned by economists, remember whites are not allowed in ethnic stores either.  The only job  of whites is to hold banners and scream diversity and apologize for all ills in world.  Well import more bodies from middle east so that whatever is left of culture is also changed, remember diversity, climate change, feminist and LGBT rights.  That is all in lives of whites.  Establishment won't allow Trump and queen is already known to outsource everything, she is pretty close to Indian lobby.  So wait till queen comes and start using lawyer type lies.

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Ukraine Slumdoggoe
March 21. 2016 05:29

you all are bunch of whining cocksuckers !!

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United States sylvia
March 24. 2016 04:24

You are foolish if you think Trump will help.  He has hired only H2 visa holders for Mar a Lago down in Florida.  No Americans need apply.....

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United States PolishKnightUSA
March 24. 2016 05:30

I have good news.  A friend of ours who is a hiring manager at a local company got 5 resumes for automated QA testing with the usual fake references claiming to work at local firms but under a shadow consultancy firm.  

So she reached out to her linked in friends, including myself, working at the companies to dig and see if the employees were ever here.  Since they weren't actual employees, I couldn't ask HR directly (that's the trick so they can say they worked as a consultant for someone else) but their email address remains or is in the change management system, but deactived.  Every employee from day one.  

And they weren't in there.

She told HR that the contracting firm was sending over fake resumes and to try someone else.

I'm now doing this trick as well.  Someone claiming to be a web technology expert was asking me about an issue with a "directory" after I sent him a URL.  A URL isn't a directory.  So I'm having a friend look up his name at a company his resume claims he worked at.  Another, I'm going to out him 2 months after he starts work so even as he gets all his benefits activated...

He'll lose them the next week.  Just in time to pay the obamacare penalty.  Hehe.

It's been done.  There is a way to fight them!

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United States gangRape
March 24. 2016 12:46


Gang rape is a legal form of punishment in India for crimes you do not commit.  Let's bring more of the gang rapists over here to dole out justice in America.

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United States Raj
March 28. 2016 05:13


Then vote for queen who opens mouth and speaks lie after lie often in a sophisticated way since she is lawyer and has been part of system who is only interested in maintaining status quo and is extremely close to outsourcing lobby, she brought Tata in first place to USA, and moreover socialist can't get nomination.  Queen has been responsible for millions of lost American jobs  to big Indian outsourcing companies.  

Also just hold banners and shout LGBT rights, feminist rights, climate change, diversity and political correctness.  Celebrate before imported men from middle east change whatever little is left.  May be 1 percent who are making money on top of trade deals, outsourcing, frivolous lawsuits and policy propaganda including establishment in Washington have and will have future in America, others can just settle for bread crumbs.  US has no comparative advantage left so Economics 101 including Ricardo theory doesn't hold true anymore.

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United States Habib
March 31. 2016 07:50

Racists aren't born, they're made, and given how these curry ape slumdogs behave, they create more hate towards themselves than any other race of Asians that exist.  If their body stench alone isn't offensive enough, their "cultural" norms of screwing over one another and taking pride in such should be reason enough to give them a good kick in the rear.  Not too long ago, there was an article in the local paper about some curry ape bitch who faked having cancer in order to solicit donations through a gofundme account she created.  When people started questioning her about it, as she claimed she had 6 months to live, she promptly packed up her stuff, abandoned her little Indian curry shithole restaurant, and fled from NY to FL and has been in hiding ever since. This right here is typical of the kinds of scams these dot heads pull on stupid and naive Americans who embrace their diversity rubbish.  These traditional Hindu fucks are NOT your friends, so stop kissing up to them.

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United States Raj
April 3. 2016 09:21


You really have nerve to point out religion of "Hinduism" in all this.  Well no doubt South Indians control US IT Industry but what has; being Hindu to do with it?.  Hinduism and Buddhism, (for your information Buddha's original religion was Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma or Vedic religion and he was born as Kshatriya means warrior class, ancient four Varnas like Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra were based on occupation and not birth, only during Muslim invasions of India from 7th century to 17th century and later on during British occupation, Varnas were misunderstood as caste system as an effort to destruct an advanced and oldest religion on planet, Zoroastrian people worship fire as a medium to reach God,which was and is still only one ritual in Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma, 400 million Hindus died during Islamic invasions from 7th to 17th century).  Christians also went for crusades and read Goa inquisition; which focused  converting Hindus to Christianity and it was one of the most brutal inquisition done by Christians on peaceful Hindus especially Brahmans used to leave in Goa during those days.  The leader of inquisition, St. Peters was bestowed upon Sainthood by Vatican.

Believe me Europe including Germany, wouldn't be in trouble if they would have imported Hindus and Buddhists to their countries, well those people could have produced some babies and used welfare, there is enough poverty among Hindus in India.  Yes, none of them had capacity to marry 4 wives and produce 8-12 children from each since it is religiously not sanctioned, they are pretty peaceful also and mind their own business instead of imposing Sharia on rest of the world.  Also India allows all people to practice any religion and it is not like Muslim countries who don't allow anybody else.  Look around whole world and don't tell me you are victim. “Islam preys on the weak and uses political correctness as cover”.  Truth is western world is tasting ways of Islam now only, India tasted it from 7th to 17th century and peaceful Hindus proved no match against aggressive Islamic military generals so 400 million of us died still we had perseverance, will and tactics to save Santana Dharma, look at what you people do it other native religions. World will soon see, religion of peace(politically correct name of Islam) versus religion of mercy (politically correct name of Christianity) and languishing global war. White people don't even understand that whatever money they give in form of Charity is used to convert poor Hindus in tribal belt all in name of Jesus (who at least was a good person or saint and taught some good teachings like Kindness, he never said force, manipulate and convert others using technically correct tactics like "spreading good news").  Well an army general who caused havoc on world was last prophet according to you and a person who was not able to save himself from evil Romans was only son of God according to Christians, and so called concept of trinity, holy spirit, God and son of God are one.  

Well Hinduism says there is one supreme power but wise personnel can seek it in different ways, so anybody is free to choice his or her frame of reference and contemplate upon God either using inward focus (through meditation, yoga and recitation of mantras) or outward focus, with or without using idol as frame of reference.  We don't impose beliefs on others and neither need savior nor a book and so called divine Sharia law to guide our whole lives.  We believe in theory of Karma, actions produce consequences so focus on doing good actions to create destiny.  So Hinduism or even Buddhism are complex philosophies, Buddha taught eight fold path to reach Nirvana or enlightenment, having a right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.  We don't have standard doctrine in Hinduism or even Buddhism.  Do as you please but then be ready to face consequences is the gist of everything, just Karma and Dharma are important and this doesn't mean harming whole world and others in name of after life benefits.




So in future don't bring your nonsense into a complex discussion.  First tell your community to live and let others live in peace,look around whole world what your religion of peace is doing.  Whites can't manipulate and that is why South Indians took over US IT industry.  Let me also assure you in last 20 years, my experience is every Muslim in US IT industry or even otherwise lies and cheats.  Your tactics don't work with Hindus because most of them have read medieval India history which teaches all tricks and tactics as used on non believers, so you don't have anything new.  On the other hand white learn everything in linear dimension using empirical evidence, hypothesis testing and studies based on which majority opinion is formed or negated.  All economists told Americans that global trade deals and outsourcing will help Americans.  Look how it turned out, yes they got cheap products but slowly there won't be money left in pockets of whites or feminists to buy those cheap products, also why they are against Donald Trump when he says, ban entry of Muslims, again whites don't understand.  They can't think in multiple dimensions or use multivariate analysis.  There is a reason that South Indians took over US IT industry and now they decide who is allowed to get job and who isn't.  In parallel Indians are also coming up with product companies and Microsoft doesn't have monopoly on operating system market anymore.  China is doing OK without Google.

So keep Hinduism, Christianity, Islam out of all this.  You asked for it so without being politically correct and diplomatic I told you reality and go through listed sources, they have further empirical and historical evidences from primary and secondary sources including violent quotes of Koran, also concept of abrogation and taqqiya as practiced by Muslims is explained clearly.  Free speech rights and associated amendment in US constitution allows my protection and thankfully it is not Saudi Arabia and Pakistan either so you or some Imam can't get fatwa released to harm me physically for expressing facts contrary to your beliefs and opinions.

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United States patriot
April 4. 2016 03:11


I am more concerned about radical islam siding with the left destroying western civilization than hindus from india. Look at Europe and the mass rapes happening and Paris attacks. Radical wahabi muslims funded by Saudi Arabia are a serious global threat! They have a history of causing trouble in India as well.

With that said, personally, I have nothing against India or Hindus. My issue is with the grift and corruption of the US government by Wall Street globalist bankers who use H1b to destroy the middle class of America and the west and ship jobs overseas to China and India.

At current job, half the team is actually not H1b but in INDIA. I am one of the only American guys in the team of 20. Something wrong with that picture.

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United States Raj
April 5. 2016 06:12


I 100 percent agree with you, the fact is South Indians who are from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala states in India; control US IT industry.  This is because of golden parachutes for C executives and culture of Wall street money.  See no executive has personal skin in game and by the time consequences of actions resulting from outsourcing appear, a certain executive will retire or take another job; after all it is just public money.  Ultimately Institutional investors also manage and receive public money in one way or another.  The poor middle class white working hard to save for retirement is loser.

I pointed to Habib the truth because, it is impossible that Hindus can do violence.  Hinduism is a complex philosophy and very inclusive for all.  Same inclusiveness was persuaded upon to Islamic invaders from 7th century but it fell on deaf ears because Islam is a social-political and religious ideology which advocates submission and conversion of anybody who doesn't believe in particular way of worship.  I have asked Muslim acquaintances at times in life, have you seen Allah especially when you show aggression and point others to say it is all false.  They become violent, but it is nothing new; Timur during his invasion to India killed 1,00,000 Hindus in one night because they refuse to convert.  We are not considered "people of book" so only option is to convert or die.  Western world knows one battle of Thermopylae, Rajputana, modern day Rajasthan; in India has seen countless similar battles with every inch of land soaked in blood of Hindus.  A practicing Hindu who really understands philosophy and acts on it can't even harm an ant. If Merkel and Europe wanted more bodies, they could have  imported Hindus and Buddhists, there won't be any clash of civilization or culture or even interference in native customs, but life is not linear and thinking can't be one dimensional.  Merkel has PhD in Physics but she doesn't understand the ground reality, seems she doesn't understands quantum physics as well.  All she should have done is, read history of India, especially sacrifices of house of Mewar against Islamic invaders from 7th to around 1620 AD.  It tells all tricks and tactics which India faced from brutal Islamic commanders.  Perhaps and hopefully western world will learn, almost all inventions in recent times is gift to mankind from western civilization so it is good if this civilization advances and stays healthy, prosperous and peaceful.

This South Indian strategy in US worked because it is mental game.  There is law in US and once a person understands system, it is easy to game the system.  If you are managing team in India, believe me their jobs are more secured than yours.  I know you must be alone but say thanks to God that you have job since South Indian mafia is so deeply entrenched that it is close to impossible for a white to get a job or keep one in US.  Looks like Donald Trump may loose Wisconsin so establishment and business leaders won't let him in, looks like he knew what is the ground reality of visa scams but he may not be even nominee for his party, Queen will win so status quo will continue or may be it will get worse.  May be Indian lobbyists and NASSCOM need to donate more money to queen's foundation in name of so called feel good charity.

Ironically these Indians who are making 1,00,000 US dollars can't even get 200 dollars per month job in India, so tell me why everybody will not come to US when it is all rip off going on.  After all becoming pet of manager doesn't harm if end result is so much money and easy life.  Fake or even no education, terrible communication, no delivery, nothing but ability to play politics and get 1,00,000 US dollars, what more one needs to ask in life?

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United States gangRapist
April 5. 2016 07:57

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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