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Disney’s Wild IT Ride


WGBH television is promoting the new three-part program in its American Experience series: Walt Disney 1, 2 and 3. Part of this program about the man who built “the happiest place on earth” is a clip on working at Walt Disney studios.

The irony lies in what American workers in Walt Disney’s IT departments have been experiencing. It’s like nothing you’ll find on Disney’s Main Street U.S.A. – or want to for that matter. It’s also like nothing that’s supposed to happen according to the intent behind H-1B Visas. Disney’s IT department is no longer a happy place.

The Timeline

In a nutshell, here’s the timeline of what happened:

October 2014:  250 employees in the IT department at Disney Parks and Resorts in Orlando, FL were told that their jobs were being transferred to workers from India brought in by an outsourcing firm using H-1B visas. As a condition for receiving severance pay and a measly four months of unemployment insurance, they had to train their replacements. That meant sitting with them every day, teaching their jobs to people who were far less qualified and experienced than the Disney employees.

January 30, 2015: The New York Times runs an article, “Pink Slips at Disney, but First Training Replacements” by Julia Preston that “outs” Disney’s callous and miserly action to millions of Disney theme parks customers. A furor ensues.

April 29, 2015: Computerworld publishes Senior Editor Patrick Thibodeau’s article, “A restructuring and H-iB use affect the Magic Kingdom’s IT operations,” on the Parks and Resorts layoff.  Negative publicity and social media follows.

H-1B visa, offshoring, outsourcingLate May, 2015: Disney lays off 35 technology employees at their ABC Television Group in New York City and Burbank, CA. These people were also forced to train their replacements, immigrants brought in by an outsourcing company using H-1B visas. Their last day was scheduled to be July 31. 

June 11, 2015: Disney/ABC Television Group cancels plans to lay off the New York and Burbank employees.

June 19, 2015: Mr. Thibodeau (@DCgov) reports in @Computerworld that Disney/ABC Television Group has reversed its decision and rescinded the layoffs, granting a “reprieve” to the 35 affected employees. 

July 2015: The U.S. Department of Labor begins investigating Disney—and the labor contractor HCL America—in response to complaints filed by several of the Orlando workers who had lost their jobs in the January layoff.

There’s nothing like shining a light on abuse and the negative publicity for @DisneyParks in all of this has been significant. It has not been enough, however for Disney to cancel the layoffs in Orlando and rehire the employees it discarded there in favor of cheaper immigrant labor. To find out what that felt like, you can read a first-hand account from aDisplaced Disney Cast member on Breitbart B. 

The Elusive CIO

As bad as this story is—and it’s not unique by any means—there is a hidden story that no one is looking at. The skunk in the woodpile, the man who made the decision to outsource IT and call down bad publicity that has affected the Disney brand, is the company’s CIO: Tilak Mandadi. I decided to do some research and found that he’s a tough man to pin down.

Mr. Mandadi, Disney’s SVP and Global Principal Tech Officer, is not included on theDisney management team that’s listed on their web site under Chairman and CEO Robert Iger. He does appear by name and title only among the executive management for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. His LinkedIn page is not up to date and does not extend beyond his previous position as Senior Vice President of Information Technology at American Express. He does, however, include Enron where he was director of information technology. His ZoomInfo listing is pretty bare bones. A Usenix page is completely blank.

He holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from the University of Oregon.  Aside from that, the only information I could find on the elusive Mr. Mandadi is that he was co-chair of the 2015 Special Olympics in Florida and is a Capricorn. I don’t have paid access to Lexus-Nexus or BoardroomInsiders.com so it’s possible that a lot more is out there. But it seems odd that a man who holds such a prominent title in one of America’s foremost corporations is virtually invisible on the internet.

Unscathed and Unrepentant

Also, it’s clear that, despite having caused a great deal of negative publicity for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, having damaged its brand, and having possibly caused unnecessary expenditures for cancelling at least one labor contract and rehiring of the New York employees, he remains unscathed and unrepentant.

Computerworld publishes Senior Editor Patrick Thibodeau’s article, “A restructuring and H-iB use affect the Magic Kingdom’s IT operations,” on the Parks and Resorts layoff. Negative publicity and social media follows.The explanation for that is pretty simple, though. Robert Iger, Disney’s CEO is a co-chair (along with Michael Bloomberg and  Rupert Murdoch) of the Partnership For a New American Economy, a group that supports immigration reform. (BTW: Mr. Iger makes $46,000,000 a year.)

The organization promotes tripling the current 85,000 available H-1B visas under a program called  “I-Squared”  that was introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). With this kind of reform, we won’t get a new economy. We’ll get a lot more pink slips for Americans in STEM jobs. Somehow I don’t think that Walt Disney had pink slips and layoff in mind when he created the Magic Kingdom.

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United States Patriot
November 2. 2015 01:14

The elites including Wall Street, US government, and execs of corporations have completely been compromised by greed and decided to sell out the American worker. Only solution is to start businesses for Americans and hire other Americans.

I really do not see an end to the H1b mess unless a major civil broke out and these scumbag traitors were drawn and quartered in public due to outrage. The masses are asleep and brain washed that Indiots are the best and brightest when reality is that they are dumbest and most scandalous. I give examples of past jobs where I was replaced by these scabs from the subcontinent and even at recent gig, I am cleaning up a mess by a past H1b scab who conned management when not doing any real or quality work.

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United States faewoij
November 2. 2015 05:32

Hurray for "qualified" farmers, gang rapists, open defecators, and free loading trash getting training from US "unqualified" workers.  If US workers are so unqualified, then training more qualified workers on how to do things will make those more qualified workers LESS qualified right?  2 + 2 = 5.  Bad is plusgood.

Get the f out of the United States and build some toilets in your own country you scamming useless freeloading pieces of sh*t.

no site

United States H1B Eat Shit
November 2. 2015 08:06
H1B Eat Shit

Can't wait to "Balanced Jackass View" weigh in.  How do indian thieves justify coming and taking what doesn't belong to them? Don't they have their own country, what's wrong with them that they can't get their own house in order? And do we really want these conmen thieves coming here - the same ones who can't fix their own domestic problems - and wrecking what we've worked so hard to build.  Time to go home H1B scab

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United States Raj
November 2. 2015 09:34

Elect Trump, all others are liars and are sold off to lobbyists.  This H1B and L1 is not such a big problem to solve for if someone is willing to do it.

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United States batgirl
November 2. 2015 10:44

Disney has a history of being labor-unfriendly.  If any of you watched the PBS special about his life and work, he underpaid his animators, to the point where they went on strike.  He did not treat the women who worked on coloring the animation cells well, either.  I remember that the park employees went on strike in the 1980's.  

So this latest action keeps with the company's tradition of labor mistreatment.

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India Nityanand Gopalika
November 2. 2015 11:38
Nityanand Gopalika

Nice article

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United States Crash Symbols
November 3. 2015 03:33
Crash Symbols

The news you'll never see on ABC (owned by Disney)


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United States haterade
November 5. 2015 12:28

Hi TunnelRat,

Would you mind giving a shoutout on your blog to folks asking them to comment "No" on the OPT F1 Visa extension program Obama and DHS are trying to covertly implement? Detailed and thought out responses will make the most impact since DHS is supposed to review every single comment and address any and all concerns before proceeding. Here is the link on learning about the program and the implications of if it passes: http://www.stopoverreach.com/

I've checked out the comments on regulations.gov for this proposed rule and it's mostly Indian and Asian fobs writing a few words or sentences saying that the extension is good for them, for the US, and for the companies hiring them. The voices saying no are far and few in between.

Appreciate any help on the matter. There are 14 days left prior to the comments being shut off so if you can act, please do so sooner rather than later.


no site

United States ezygoer
November 5. 2015 13:04

Republicans aka Big Business and India Inc aka cheap business go hand in hand in reducing IT costs to the detriment of the US techie. Still looks like a losing battle for the American worker. Will Trumps' approach if 1.25 times the wage for the foreign worker upset the labor arbitrage games being played by these 2 ?

no site

United States Tom Jones
November 5. 2015 23:51
Tom Jones

So the Jew Iger gets 44 Million and the I.T. workers get the boot so Iger can get more money. WTF????

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India clickmind
November 7. 2015 18:44


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