Tilak Mandadi is typical of slumdog CIOs that show up at American IT departments.  The first thing they do is shitcan all the American workers, then they bring in their buddies from Infosys, Tata, or in Disney's case, HCL.  Usually they are getting HUGE kickbacks for turning their new fiefdoms into curry dens.


Mandadi is trying to keep a low profile -- even his LinkedIn profile shows him to still be working at American Express, another site of ethnic cleansing at the hands of slumdogs.  


Comments (33) -

United States noh1b
September 30. 2015 12:40

When will Americans wake up? The same shit happened to me at my last job. In fact the CEO, and senior managers were all INDIAN and replaced most Americans with Indian shitheads.

no site

United States Rat Pack
October 1. 2015 03:19
Rat Pack

We won't wake up.  We have been told that Indians are brilliant (look at all the doctors with Indian-sounding names) and that Americans are lazy; we are told there is a shortage of smart STEM workers so we need to import foreigners; we are told that we lack the training and skills to do this kind of work (look at all the "earn 50k a year in a few weeks by getting a certificate in programming/databases/networking").

We are lied to constantly about this on all fronts, and our enemies dismiss any complains with cries of racism and/or xenophobia.  Until that changes, Americans cannot "wake up".

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United States crash boom
October 2. 2015 21:56
crash boom

OT but possibly relevant.

<b>Air India launching SFO-Delhi nonstop flights</b>


Another step to keep the H1Bs flowing?? Some of the comments are funny.

no site

United States Johnny Rigel
October 3. 2015 13:59
Johnny Rigel

To listen to Indian bullshit about how great they are is disgusting. The country is a corrupt shithole where nothing gets better.
Huge gobs of money are eaten by the political class leaving crumbs for the rest of them.
The country is so corrupt and nasty that the career of choice is no longer "DOCTOR ENGINEER" but government Babu who can then siphon of crores of rupees.
If you hire an Indian for a programmer you get a scam master who won't think like an engineer but only how to get the job done by ANY MEANS possible.
I've worked with hundreds and honestly most could leave with not effect. A few were worthy but that's about 5% maybe.
We the American Stem workers have allowed ourselves to be out flanked by a corrupt pack of liars.
I hope Trump gets elected and then kicks them all out. Tomorrow go. What a jobs program eh? Suddenly one million good paying STEM jobs? The country would go crazy.
Kick out the Mexicans and the same would happen for construction, landscaping etc. Sure prices would go up but at least we would all have jobs. We would be buying a lot less Chinese junk and could live normal lives, not the hyper consumerist existence that we have now.

no site

United States Uni bank
October 5. 2015 22:33
Uni bank

Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

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United States Patriot
October 5. 2015 22:53

Indeed we had this one Indiot scammer at work who was a complete fraud and did ZERO real work and fooled management for some time. Then when Americans like myself came on board we exposed the joke he was and started doing the real work the right way.

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United States H1B Eat Shit
October 6. 2015 22:28
H1B Eat Shit

I think it pretty much makes no difference whether upper IT management is descended from curry burglars or not, EVERY idiot high-level IT manager want to believe in  magic cheap indian turds, that are brilliant and work for free. The slumturd CIO's like "Man-Crappy" above might be worse than others, but at the end of the day, a lot of CIO across the board have been staking their careers on the ability to hire cheap scab slave job robber shits from india...and look where it's gotten us today

no site

United States Joe Stalin
October 7. 2015 04:15
Joe Stalin

"Tibetan Buddhist monk Tenzin Damchoe, 39, said Trump is "making a lot of noise to be noticed." Trump "must remember that the U.S. does not belong to white people, they themselves were once immigrants," he said."

Looks like the world considers the USA not even belonging to the people who created it. We need to have ZERO immigration now if we are to prevent the US from plummeting into a self-imposed Third-world status.

no site

United States unibank
October 7. 2015 22:29

The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

no site

United States Raj
October 8. 2015 03:09

Actually white American CEOs have been big fools to ensure that America becomes third world country sooner than later.  Look at politicians Americans elect, more stupid a person is, better are his or her chances of getting elected.  Looks like Trump may tackle immigration issues but South Indian scammers have too deep roots now in America and it will be tough for anybody to cut those roots.  Whole network thing is disgusting.  Looks like Americans have decided to make America a third world country like India, a garbage ground producing dengue, malaria, typhoid due to loads of mosquitoes and unsafe drinking water.  Well India also has lot of money but visit India including capital of country, you will see thousands of stray dogs who may bite you and large mountains of stinking garbage, but then India has money.  So you all want life like that?

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Ukraine Slumdoggie
October 11. 2015 01:31

Proof that slum-doggies are better than honkeys


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United States James
October 11. 2015 18:58

Just like THIS scum who walked around Adobe writing down the names of all white software devs so he could lay them off!


Wake up America foreign powers are invading and ethnic cleansing you out of your own industry.

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United States James
October 11. 2015 18:59

Indians have never created anything.

That is why they have to come to USA and take over white industries.

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United States James
October 11. 2015 19:04

"the U.S. does not belong to white people, they themselves were once immigrants," he said."

Except that white spent 506 years building the place while Indians were sitting around picking their noses.

If USA doesn't belong to whites then all the jobs and industries stolen from USA by BRICs doesn't belong to them. Cut off trade now since those are stolen industries and does not belong to them.

I guess when you can't create any decent country at home you have to takeover one built by other people.

no site

United States Rat Pack
October 13. 2015 00:00
Rat Pack

I just noticed this slumdog CIO even looks like a rat.  Look at the curve of his face, the eyes and even his facial expression.  He does not look like a human being, he looks like an animal.

no site

United States Crash Boom
October 14. 2015 00:02
Crash Boom

It's not just IT jobs either.

"Toys ‘R’ Us Brings Temporary Foreign Workers to U.S. to Move Jobs Overseas"


no site

Ukraine Slumdoggie
October 15. 2015 09:08

no site

United States Rat Pack
October 15. 2015 10:37
Rat Pack

Actually he looks like a Ferengi from star trek. Compare the two.

no site

United States Raj
October 17. 2015 05:31

It's over for Americans and especially white Americans, well whites keep on saying, things cannot be generalized but it is known truth that Indians or South Indians only hire from their group, so whites may not help each others but South Indians do.  The only hope for America is if Trump gets elected, it may change something since he is talking common sense reforms else day is not far when whites will be on roads begging from South Indians and these people are without morals or ethics, note US management education fails in Indian context.  

Read new scam in India today, Indian railways contractors were serving cheap and low quality water on railways while charging in name of quality water.  So what can stupid whites expect from such community, well US CEOs have decided to make America slum so nobody can stop it now.


Remember, Indians believe in only taking and taking, that is part of its culture.  Everything for oneself and one's family.  Yes each culture has some rare exceptions but whites should have brain to watch and understand trend.  Go and see India, full of filth, garbage, unfit air for breathing, animals on road each street corner in even capital of country has 10-15 dogs, contaminated water and crowd everywhere.  This is what is vision of US politicians for America in coming times and all in name of cheap labor and parallel propaganda that South Indians are intellectuals, well they are cheaters and liars.

no site

Ukraine Slumdoggie
October 19. 2015 01:46

You all are jealous fat ass losers.  Keep watching football aholes.

no site

India A Balanced View
October 20. 2015 01:08
A Balanced View

I'm an Indian working in the IT industry and while offended by the racist and diabolical nature of this website, I believe in free speech and WILL TRY to understand the point of view of posters here.

Take it from me, it can indeed be very painful when ANYONE has to lose their job to corporate greed. It doesn't matter whether you're an Indian or an American. I was laid off before, it was not a pleasant experience and I don't wish UNEMPLOYMENT on my worst enemy. The kind of hardships I had to face would include my parents being forced to sell  their home just so I could afford to pay off my debts (I agree it was foolish of me to spend a lot more than what I was earning in the first place), loss of all my material assets (fixed deposits, car). Even my unfaithful wife left me for another man because of our constant financial stress during the 2009-2012 recession. But despite all this, I always tried to be optimistic and overcame each and every challenge that came my way with a smile on my face. I have always been a high wage earner by Indian standards and have traveled three times to the US to work on onsite projects. My experiences have made me stronger as a person and nothing really scares me anymore.

The real reason this website offends me is because it presumes ALL Indians are job thieves who automatically stand to gain from Americans being laid off, dehumanizes ALL Indians as low wage coolies ("slumdogs") and automatically presumes Indians are only capable of doing repetitive work that requires no imagination or creativity. That we are a nation of low IQ copycats, and nothing good can ever come out of India. I strongly disagree with all these points. For one, tens of thousands of Indian IT workers are laid off each year, some have attempted suicide because of financial stress and are equally stressed about losing their jobs as an American if not more. By offering a one-sided view, this website fails to see that "Indian IT workers are on the same boat and are only trying to make a living for themselves", that's where it acquires racist overtones.

Now coming back to the skills of Indian IT workers, factually speaking, LOADS of Indians have contributed to the present day success of Silicon Valley. There are way too many to enumerate. Just check out the links below. Yes, there's an active PR lobby of Indian IT industry in the US but that also holds true for other countries like UK, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. PR/lobbying can only take you so far. Indian IT workers are widely recognized for their skills and creativity - whether or not you agree, we are today the LIFE BLOOD of the IT industry.


While it's true that mostly white Americans were the original brains behind the success of Silicon Valley, Indians do come a distant second. In fact, 25% of all start-up ventures in Silicon Valley today happen to be of Indian origin. A lot of Indian VCs are the angel investors fueling the growth aspirations of future entrepreneurs.

You need to understand while a lot of Indians may be mediocre and unintelligent, this country has also produced its fair share of geniuses including Nobel laureates, has an active space program that is currently sending missions to Moon and Mars - not all of us would be dimwits now?

Let me tell you, your average American would not be able to crack the entrance exam of one of the Indian Institutes of Technology. Some of the brightest minds from India congregate in these colleges, and loads of IIT graduates are yearly siphoned off by American corporations even before their 5th or 6th semesters - US is the single largest country fueling brain drain from India - you take our best and brightest just because you can afford to pay them high wages and give 1st world R&D facilities. Fair enough, but then I'd say in return for India losing 60-70% of its brightest minds each year, the US owes us big time and US corporations are obliged to provide a decent living and employment to not-so-bright Indians living in India if they want to continue benefiting from our brightest minds.

Apart from IITs, India has loads of national institutes of technologies and other prestigious engineering colleges which are as difficult to gain admission into, and have a record of producing intelligent graduates that are IN HIGH DEMAND wherever they go.

From Japan to Australia, Germany to South Africa - whenever I told someone that I'm a software professional from India, I was immediately greeted with RESPECT and ADMIRATION. So the stereotype that all Indians are dumb and stupid is simply not true. Well a lot of them may be mediocre but that's a common situation in every nation. Yes, Indians don't do well in Japan and Germany because of the language barrier  but that's changing fast. I've been to Germany - they are CRAZY about Indian IT professionals over there. The only reason I wouldn't want to work in Germany is because the taxes are very high over there. You're hardly able to save anything.

Now coming to another issue raised in this blog: the BAD EXPERIENCES small American businesses have had with hiring Indians....well there's a saying, "if you throw peanuts, you'll get monkeys". Most small businesses based in the US in my experience DO NOT PAY WELL, even by Indian standards. The market has been commoditized to such an extent that it's become IMPOSSIBLE for an intelligent freelancer to make an honest living by selling his skills online.

But really, I'd like to repost an article called "Bad Indian programmers" which truly answers the question as to why so many outsourced Indian workers do not deliver quality. Read it if you have a heart.

Living in India.

Also have lived in India until recently. I remember spending three hours a day commuting (either by car or public transport). That's 15 hours a week.
Public transport used to always be really crowded. The summers saw 45 degrees celsius. Everything had a long queue / wait list, it was hard.

Long story short, the quality of life is really bad. Worse than what my words describe.
If you lived there, you know what I mean.

If I talk to somebody working in India, and he is cheerful, I respect that.
Maybe, just maybe, there could be a correlation between quality of life and quality of work?
Am I in denial about crappy Indian programmers?

Probably not. Having worked around ten years with Indian colleagues, I probably have more stories about bad Indian programmers than you.
On the same note, I probably have more stories about brilliant Indian programmers than you can ever imagine.

Given the economic situation in India since the mid 90's, IT / Software is often the best job option for a young adult in India, and he/she picks up an IT / Software job regardless whether he / she has genuine interest in the field.
That is the reason why many Indian programmers you encounter are demotivated, uninterested and produce less than desired quality of work.

They're not stupid, they're demotivated.

I don't blame the quality of education here. That's a common excuse. If a person is motivated, he'll surpass that constraint.
Now, given that they're indeed demotivated (as I claim they are) why do you choose to outsource to them?
And if you do, isn't it part of your responsibility to keep your team motivated?
Software projects fail.

Even with the best guys, a vast chunk of the software projects don't see the day of light.
That's the nature of software. That's why we hear from (agile || scrum || kanban || the-latest-greatest-process-of-today) gurus selling their methodologies as if it were the silver bullet to solve all problems.

Could it be it wasn't "those Indian guys" who caused your project to fail?
Everybody else's code sucks

Working with legacy code, regardless of how well it is written, will always be a challenge.
Even if you start understanding how it was written, what stakeholders expect from the product changes over time.

Thus legacy code will be inadequate regardless of which timezone it was written in.
Cost vs. quality trade-off

So you want to hire somebody for less than ~ $20 per hour.
And you expect the quality of $200 per hour experienced developer.

Stop having crazy expectations.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
October 20. 2015 13:00

// there could be a correlation between quality of life and quality of work//

I agree with the comments of A balanced View.

no site

United States James
October 20. 2015 15:42

"diabolical nature of this website"

Oh and there is nothing "diabolical" about a group of people who fabricate a plan of takeover, lie and say the people who created something are too "stupid" to do the work they invented, and then siphon an entire country of everything.

Nope, nothing diabolical about that.

As for IIT it cannot even get accrediation in western university rankings.

India has never invented anything and in fact couldn't even get a rocket off the ground until it stole USA launch tech.

I distinctly remember in 1998 India begging USA "Share you technology with us".

Yep, USA - REAL diabolical.

no site

United States H1B Eat Shit
October 20. 2015 22:55
H1B Eat Shit

typical stupid shit "Balanced View" indian moron...blathering on forever about senseless crap, that no one is interested in hearing. They all think they know everything, and can't wait to ramble on, paragraph after paragraph after paragraph. Also full of b/s and lies. Indian schools are among the worst, and india is probably one of the most racist and backwards countries on Earth. If it's so great there, why don't you go back moderchod ?
How's that for racism curry burglar ?

no site

United States Raj
October 21. 2015 04:11

@A Balanced View.  Ok so you have talked about problems of Indians and perhaps indirectly are pointing to fact that all white Americans should have sympathy for IT professionals in USA.  Now can you answer,1.IT industry in USA is controlled by South Indians (Telgu(language spoken)-Andhra Pradesh(name of state),Tamil-Tamil Nadu, Kannada-Karnataka, Malayalam-Kerala) in decreasing order of power and fraudulent activities.  Now these people hire only from their own community, open your eyes and see any US corporation, you can count whites on fingers.  So how are Americans suppose to deal with this corruption and nepotism of South Indians in IT industry?.  Please don't tell me the usual rattling that Americans are not good at STEM and there are not enough people to tweak excel or power point and make phone calls.  We all know what south Indians do at client site in USA, they make fools of white gullible Americans who themselves are ripping US stock markets.  You know easy money.  2.  Many H1Bs are getting close to 100k, we both know that Indians can't work with others because of caste, regionalism and general attitude of hate towards others.  So in your opinion what should white Americans do to earn a living in USA, this cheap labor thing has infatuated foolish US CEOs, so can you throw some wisdom on what should whites do to survive?

Also,if you get chance read, "The rise of South Indians: Invisible dimension in decline of jobs for Americans in US economy", link is amzn.to/1oTuFNJ

no site

United States freedom_vigilante
October 24. 2015 04:03

Addressed to: A Balanced View

The vast heap of your rant is pretty stupid. I am indian, went to high school and university in Canada then moved to the US on a NAFTA visa. Your rant reeks of an entitlement mentality. When you say the following, you forget that No operating system, programming language or middleware has ever come out of india. So much for your IIT geniuses. They can solve well known problems but rarely out of india do you see the level of creativity that the western schools are known for.

Nevertheless, I do believe that Indian people can achieve anything when they're given the support but they have been woefully inadequate in building a society like that. There are too many fault lines along tribal identities.

Lastly, there is nothing great about any group of immigrants who can come to America or the west and work hard, start business and get an education. People do that in Bangladesh, Laos, Pakistan and Nigeria. But only in America do they get a sense of accomplishment. Only in America is there an opportunity to realize their full potential.

So if you've been buying and drinking the kool-aid that the politicians have been selling you - that some how you are a godsend to america, I highly suggest you think of it the other way around. America doesn't owe you or me or anyone, anything. Stealing from her doesn't make it better.

"Let me tell you, your average American would not be able to crack the entrance exam of one of the Indian Institutes of Technology. Some of the brightest minds from India congregate in these colleges, and loads of IIT graduates are yearly siphoned off by American corporations even before their 5th or 6th semesters - US is the single largest country fueling brain drain from India - you take our best and brightest just because you can afford to pay them high wages and give 1st world R&D facilities. Fair enough, but then I'd say in return for India losing 60-70% of its brightest minds each year, the US owes us big time and US corporations are obliged to provide a decent living and employment to not-so-bright Indians living in India if they want to continue benefiting from our brightest minds. "

no site

United States Johnny Rigel
October 24. 2015 12:07
Johnny Rigel

In response to the previous poster I do agree with many of his points. However, the main point is ignored. WE DO NOT NEED H1-B. It's just a corporate subsidy at the expense of the American I.T. worker.
I live in India and it is corrupt shithole. It works, but barely. The power is out half of the time, the water is of such poor quality that everyone has a R.O. unit in their kitchen for drinking and cooking.
The people are rude, selfish and nasty. Rapes abound with the latest atrocity being a four year old girl raped in Delhi. Nice.
Western women all comment on the harassment they endure. None will return here after that treatment.
As for the vaunted IIT I think it made 350-400 on the U.S. News and World Report top 400.
First I think was Stanford followed by Harvard and Princeton, MIT Etc.
Even my Alma Mater Florida Institute of Technology was in the top 100..

What people have to understand about Indians is that they are congenital liars and are corrupt to the core. Living here has taught me that. Not all of course but too many. Doing any business with the Government is a horror show of bribes and delay.
The Indians have exported the bribery model to the U.S. to take over outsourcing/insourcing as well as consulting.
The Indian mindset of delay, obfuscation and outright lying do not fit in with American culture.
They are also the worst racist I've ever met. Once I led a team of developers (maybe eight total). Most were Indian. One guy was a backward cast fellow educated by Christian Missionaries through college. His fellow workers were all Brahmins. They refused even to talk to them. They weren't happy when I told them if that behavior continued I would fire them all.
I became a friend with the persecuted fellow. His mother died and he had to go back to India for a month. His father was out doing Pooja etc. and his best friend was "taking care of the house". He (the best friend) pillaged the home stealing everything.
My friend returned with a broken heart. He said Johnny, I don't want to speak ill of my countrymen but NEVER TRUST THEM.
I had an Indian girlfriend in NYC once for a year from Tamil Nadu, she told me "Johnny don't every trust an Indian!". My wife now is Tibetan and grew up in India and tells me "Johnny, Don't every trust of of them!!". She battles them everyday here. They don't show up for work, try to cheat, have horrible quality work ethics it's very much worse than you can imagine.
One time an Indian guy in a market grabbed my wife's breasts. She instantly thrashed him. I joined the party. It was quite a ruckus with fruits and vegetables going everywhere. Welcome to India.
So, having lived here for years, having worked with them for years it's best to prevent them from coming here except for the best and brightest.
The O-1 Visa will let in an unlimited number of highly talented individuals. The H1-B should be eliminated at once.
If not then a 100 percent tax on salaries should be levied (just like India does).
America should invest in itself and I don't see where using foreign skilled labor does that. It has decimated the country. Of course the Indians don' care. They are in the U.S. to get as much as they can and go back to the Promised Land, Bharat.
There are a few Indians that I know that love the U.S. so much they won't go back for any reason. They refuse. They openly admit what a corrupt sewer the country is and have a serious disdain for their countrymen.
They all have American friends and have integrated fully into American life.

no site

United States Johnny Rigel
October 24. 2015 12:24
Johnny Rigel

Also, for high rates $80 - $200 per hour don't you think there are plenty of Americans to do the job?
Why use an H1-B for those jobs? There is a reason they are paid less. They are hi-tech coolie scabs come to America to break the high salary monopoly that the American tech worker enjoyed for a long time.
The companies involved have done a good job of manipulating the media into believing the mythical "STEM worker shortage".
Guys like Zuckerberg and Gates don't give a crap about the average guy. In fact both of them got rich off of other peoples work.
First Gates bought MSDOS and IBM licensed it. Until then it was a small company. Afterwards Gates backstabbed IBM by rolling out WINNT after 3.1. Of course IBM had a very good operating system with OS/2. With the success of WIN 3.1, Microsoft decided to back out of their agreement with IBM an market their own OS.
Zuckerberg is nothing but a damn thief. He stole the software from his roommates (they got a 30 million payout because of this).
So, these are the guys telling congress how they will fold if they don't get more scabs.
I don't see the point in bringing in scabs so companies like IBM, Microsoft and Facebook can save money.
The big problem is that American STEM workers are loners for the most part. They should band together and walk off any job that has a scab working there.
I hope Trump gets elected and ditches the whole model.

no site

India A Balanced View
October 26. 2015 01:30
A Balanced View

To all the racist posters above me, since you hate Indians so much why don't you petition the US Congress to nuke India off the face of the map. Seeing that we are a worthless country and people, just go ahead and elect a politician that would be eager to decimate India. The US does have an excellent track record in destroying entire nations - Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria...shouldn't India be next?

Indian software companies in the US are guilty of nothing but capitalism at which they're beating the Americans in their own game. I'm AGAINST unfair practices including visa violations but you don't want to hear that since it would shatter your one-dimensional view of Indian slumdogs.


no site

United States H1B Eat Shit
October 26. 2015 06:40
H1B Eat Shit

Johnny Rigel tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.  indian scab shits are the worst conmen liars ever...ever. They can't help it, it's in their cultural DNA, it doesn't abate when they get off of a plane here in America.  In fact, it explodes - why? Because here in American, first, we've got lots to plunder, unlike filthy fuck india. Second, Americans are prone to being afraid of non-PC behavior. Scab trash shits like "A Balanced View" come here and capitalize on those weaknesses, exploiting every opportunity and stealing everything that isn't nailed down.
Time to go home H1B scab

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
October 26. 2015 15:00

@ A Balanced View ,

You are defending the wrong countries ( Iraq , Syria , Afghanistan ) to vent your ire against America.

It is quite possible to have cordial relations with America , Germany , Netherlands , Austria , Russia , China than with the countries you have mentioned.

They are perennially at war with every other non muslim country in this world. Unlike India which decided to remain a dhimmi benefitting through muslim vote bank , America decided to crack the whip. Look at Canada that has become altogether dhimmi.

Yes , Americans have been taken for a ride by greedy corporates. So they have every right to take remedial measures. And America is quite good at trouble shooting. Unlike Indians who only talk & talk worshipping false gods like mk.gandhi the appeaser calling him one 'mahatma' & nehru of congress party.

It is true most Indians are untrustworthy.

no site

United States H1B Eat Shit
October 26. 2015 22:13
H1B Eat Shit

don't let the door your unwashed ass on they way out

no site

India A Balanced View
October 27. 2015 01:47
A Balanced View

To H1B eat shit and all other posters...You guys are really so full of it..

Ever heard of Reductio ad absurdum, the logocal appeal to extreme with an aim to have an absurd conclusion. Suggesting that H1B visa holders from India stealing ALL American tech jobs is one such example.

Chew on these facts by PEW Research...the number of tech jobs in the US stood at nearly 4 million in 2012 (Source: www.pewresearch.org/.../TechOccupations.png) Clearly, this infographic does not lie.

The total number of Indians in the US at any given point of time (including the ones on temporary L-1 or H-1B visas) is in the range of 2 million (Source: Indian embassy + NRI sources). Now this figure includes all kinds of Indians, not just IT workers: small business-owners, blue-collar Indian workers, their wives and children. I've been to the US three times: most Indians I met WERE US citizens and hardly any worked in the technology industry. They'd prefer running their own business including family-run motels, donut shops and burger chains, many are taxi drivers. Yes, some of the educated ones like to work in banks and financial institutions and are in wealth-creating industries. By and large, Indian-Americans are a successful demographic in the US. But you have to remember they're all Americans and have zero affiliation to India. In fact, based on my personal experience, Indian-Americans (or "NRIs" as we call them) look down upon Indians from India.

The above demographic I mentioned is 75%-80% of the Indian population in the US. There are many Indians who live and work illegally in the US, somewhere in the range of 200-250 thousand people, mostly people on expired visas. But that's a very small fraction compared to the illegals the US imports from Mexico, Cuba and places like Afghanistan.

Assuming even if ALL the remaining ones in the US were Indian tech workers, the number should be in the range of 200-250 thousand. For the sake of argument, let's double that to 400-500 thousand (which is really a tall stretch - no way there must be half a million Indian IT workers in the US at any point of time, it's impossible.). Even if it were true, if you divide that number by 4 million, the percentage of Indians working in the US high tech sector cannot exceed 10% no matter how you try to present the facts. So much for Indians taking over ALL jobs from Americans.

Yes, this is a sizeable workforce compared to any other nationality in the US at present but Indians haven't exactly taken over ALL TECH jobs from Americans. They're just here in response to business demand and supply.

In other words, all of you're being unreasonably racist against a small section of poor Indians eking out a meager living in America through hard work. Many of them intend to go back to their home country after the project is done.

Americans should really worry about all the Mexican drug cartels that are pouring billions of dollars worth of narcotics into the US. The money laundering schemes of US high net worth individuals e.g. America is the largest offshore funds provider to Channel Islands, Mauritius and other money laundering destinations.

But no, you don't want to pick up fights with the real bullies - Washington DC is full of corrupt politicians and you're perfectly OK with that. There's no fun in going after the big fellas who can make your lives hell. It's always easier to pick on the relatively small number of Indians who can be easily intimidated because of their visa statuses and financial compulsion.

no site

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The thoughts expressed on this blog may or may not be the author's own and are protected by the 1st Amendment. Any attempt to reveal his identity by contacting a slumdog hack at Google, or a corrupt Desi sys-admin at his ISP will be dealt with promptly and severely. Civil and criminal penalties may apply if one is found to have used private information in an attempt to get the author fired at the Hindu-only I.T. ghetto he currently works at. In addition, any Desi who attempts to burn the author's house down because they are enraged over his writing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn't India.

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