Tunnel Rat posted on June 14, 2015 02:17

It looks like one slumdog invasion at Disney has been put on hold after threats of a boycott...

Just two weeks ago, the Disney ABC Television Group told a team of approximately 30 to 35 application developers that they were being laid off. Their jobs were being moved to an IT contractor with large offshore operations. Some were told their last day would be at the end of July.

But on Thursday, the Disney ABC TV Media Technology & Strategy development team told the developers that their layoffs were being rescinded. The change was confirmed by a Disney ABC source, although a company spokesman would not comment on the reversal or even confirm it.


- Computerworld


The feds are also investigating slumdog bodyshops Infosys and Tata over charges of ethnic cleansing at Southern California Edison:


The U.S. government is investigating two Indian outsourcing firms and a California power company over whether they violated labor and immigration laws by replacing American workers with foreigners on temporary work visas.

The Labor Department said it is trying to ensure the Indian companies and Southern California Edison complied with the terms of the nation’s skilled-worker-visa system. Controversy has exploded in recent months over whether these foreign workers, who typically have visas known as H-1Bs, displace or complement U.S. workers.

A Labor Department spokeswoman said she couldn’t provide any more details of an “open investigation.”

 This comes on the heals of another slumdog invasion at Fossil:


Yet another American business, this time Fossil Group, has fired most of its tech workers to make way for cheaper foreign replacements.

“We’re doing what we think is the right thing for Fossil,” CIO Ed Robben told The Dallas Morning News, saying the move will help the company cut costs and invest in other areas.

To keep their severance packages, the fired employees will have to train their foreign replacements in videotaped “knowledge transfer sessions,” which the Indian firm charged with replacing them, Infosys, will use to train its workers in other countries.


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Serbia Slumdoggie
June 14. 2015 22:58

Madarchod  James will be deported soon for inciting racial hatred and bigotry

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United States Tunnel Rat
June 15. 2015 00:13
Tunnel Rat


That is all legal in America, maderchad.  This ain't India.

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Israel TRfollower
June 15. 2015 03:36

bwahahahaha... India, India, I pity you how much you are low in all sphere of standards ( look the chart in the article, can't even made 'anything' as per the norms... bwahahaha, so big head and arrogant but really nothing solid to hold on! Shame on! ( a country of absolute absence of universal ethics ) I have no respect for the society that is made out of this big headed and cunning ( mother of all cunningness)

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United States Raj
June 15. 2015 07:27

I think Americans need to get their act together which includes developing a multidimensional and adaptive brain like Indians or specifically South Indians.  There is a reason why Americans are dumb and can't get any job in US IT industry except some start ups in Silicon valley, once even those start ups are scaled and have access to public money, they will also fire costly white Americans and hire South Indians.  There is a reason that South Indians help each other, operate offshore call centers who charges dollars to onsite resource for help in every task, Americans simply are not up to game.  The last genius was Steve Jobs and with South Indians taking over, no new products from America anymore.  All wealth of white Americans needs to be taken over slowly and salaries to fat cats for what?  Just to talk?, wear good clothes and shoes and screwing up a white blonde or brunette.  This is not acceptable anymore since South Indians wants it, after all women run after money and we all know now, who has the money?.  Poor white Americans, who long you will afford dry cleaned clothes? why your living standard is so high? It is not acceptable in globally flat world where movement of goods and services is allowed freely.  White women should also not discriminate or show racist attitude towards South Indians and should become friends with all of them, lets remove all barriers, this is one world, it is now time of South Indians, those left over intelligent white geeks, please come up with inventions in robotics and automation soon enough so that remaining of you can also be sent to McDonald and pizza places, corporate America belongs to sophisticated, intelligent, tricky and "we know all" mentality South Indians.  Also white guys, what is your slow speaking style all about?, trying to play games with con masters?  Won't work. There is race to the bottom and your sophisticated talking style or stupidly watching body language in interviews doesn't work anymore.  All your management techniques, strategies and everything has fallen flat before intelligent South Indians.  You live in big home, drive cars, not acceptable?  Take public transportation, cut down on your expenses, learn something other than talking.

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United States Mr X
June 15. 2015 21:06
Mr X

I am thinking of studying mechanical engineering, or even a mid skilled trade like Welding. Do you think it is possible to back to school and a get a job without experience at age 40?
I want to throw the towel to full time programming. Let the slumdogs take over.

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United States Mr X
June 16. 2015 15:34
Mr X

I would not train anyone for a severance package less than 6 months worth of salaries. I hope that's what they are getting. And the severance agreement must be signed, sealed and payed in monthly installments along with the normal salary while training is being carried.
Otherwise I would pretend to go along and sabotate everything.

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United States noh1b
June 17. 2015 00:59

Well Americans have been swindled by the corrupt people in power in business and government. The solution for Americans is to start their own companies and hire fellow Americans who are unemployed and to boycott American multinational corporations that offshore, H1b and hire Indiots.

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United States James
June 17. 2015 01:22

Oh videotaped sessions now. What's the problem - can't the geniuses from the Curry Containment Field learn from Americans? I thought they were all smarter than we are? Why do they need training at all?

Don't ever train anyone. Just drop it and walk out on the spot if you get laid off. Without the training, they aren't going to be able to do jack so just get up and walk out right then and there. Forget the severance - no price is worth facilitating slumdog job robbers. Just walk.

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United States James
June 17. 2015 01:23

Slumdoggie is in another country! What's wrong - got kicked out of another one for visa fraud? AHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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United States James
June 17. 2015 17:14

AND now that Slumdogie claims Indians will take over Apple and no new products will come out of America, then where will the rest of the world get its jobs from? Since Asians have never invented anything (and never will - they are too lazy), who will create the new jobs? Once IT is finished off and gutted by slumdogs, where will they get their jobs?

Will we hear "The shine is off IT" again from TOI? Americans are done creating stuff for Asians to take over and destroy. Soon the world world will be unemployed since all Indians can do is "loot and remit" everything created by white people.

Enjoy it while it lasts slumdogs since soon there won't be anything left for you to take over.

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United States James
June 17. 2015 17:16


Multi-dimensional and adaptive brain? Are you serious? You can't even build enough toilets for your own people.

The only thing you "adapt" to is taking over what white people have created..

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United States Seeingthings
June 17. 2015 22:06

Don't foeget - there is training and there is training.  These people memorize and imitate - they do not learn organically... don't expect great leaps in understanding from someone with a puffed up resume. Check out the ones of h1bs you worked with on linkedin - the least coder lies and reports that he practically ran the joint.

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United States Roger
June 18. 2015 11:49

Slumdogs stop whining!!!!

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United States Mr X
June 18. 2015 21:10
Mr X

Speaking of inflated linkedin profiles

Chronicle of a typical h1b lying scab
Part I

The other day I was reading the Ext JS forums and I noticed a post in badly worded english (Not that I am particularly gifted with words).
My slumdog meter instantly went off the scale. Not only I was not going help this "engineer", but I was going to vote his post down for
polluting the forums (Apparently there were other insurgents in the forums, as his post had already been voted down
several times, and no replies). It was not a trivially dumb post. It was cryptic and spaghetti like, pretty much like
slumdog code. He certainly made an effort to appear intelligent. I decided to google his username.
What I found confirmed what this blog has been saying about most indian coders. They are on this trade, not
because they are skilled or, at least love it, but just to siphon money from stupid companies who hire them.
I got hold of his linkedin profile.
The lies start immediately in the summary:
"I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer & Certified Scrum Master, working as a “Senior .NET Solutions Architect”
and hold a Doctorate in Information Technology. With an overall experience of 10+ Years in related fields."

He got his first job as an applications developer in 2007, so he will have 10+ years experience in 2017. We are
in 2015!

Stay tuned for part II.

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United States StopH1b
June 18. 2015 23:43

Indiots never innovate or create anything well rarely that is unless you consider visa and job theft innovation.

Americans will create new industries and hire fellow comrades.

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United States ezygoer
June 19. 2015 13:05

First time in 20 years that I have heard H1B replacement scheme being cancelled in favor of the US techie.

Now what will become of TATA & INFOSYS and cheap IT replacement costs ? How will businesses succeed ? And the American economy that they promise to help ?

A small speed bump in the Walmartization of the tech industry but good news anyways.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 20. 2015 13:28

This ought to have happened much earlier. Nevertheless I am glad America has taken these steps. For their own well being America , Europe, Canada should stop this influx of immigrants from India , Bangladesh etc.

Indians on the whole are anti Americans. They keep exporting nothing but chaos & corruption.

This apart I pray America cracks the whip on Indian film industry. Which has been plagiarizing almost all Hollywood movies. If USA could disable crappy & debauched indian film industry it would be doing IMMENSE good to the entire world. Indian economy is heavily dependent on its cricket & film industry. That explains the swagger of indians as a whole.

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United Kingdom Defecate_Indians
June 20. 2015 21:29

Millions of subhuman degenerate hindus are praying in temples to get out of shit hole nation that they are born into, these degenerate subhumans create filth everywhere and are source of all major human problems on earth


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United States USCitizen
June 23. 2015 08:34

Hey Jameass and tunnel turd,

Whats the market like for .Net these days ? ROFL

Hey, I just moved a few jobs to my outsourcing partner in the Ukraine.
I could'nt find qualified Americans for these jobs.


ps: I have a job for you. Since you know quite a lot about toilets, can you stop by and fix mine ?

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United States Mr X
June 25. 2015 00:35
Mr X

Ha ha ha ha,
So even their ministers have fake degrees:

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Panama Slumdoggie
June 29. 2015 07:37

America's White future


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United States DBS
July 13. 2015 03:11

Raj's comments sound like they're from somebody on drugs. He ignores the fact that it's Indians that are coming to us, like beggars. We Americans did not and had no reason to, go to them for anything. What could they possibly have that we would desperately need? Try to imagine if India hadn't existed for the last 100 years, while we Americans were busy developing the technology that has gotten where we are today. Would all are scientific research and the technology that was born out it, been completely crippled? Now try to imagine if it was the USA and the rest of the civilized Western World that hadn't existed. Would India still have developed like it has, and been able to do it without even noticing that we weren't there? For the sake of India's good reputation, Mr. Raj should keep his mouth shut. I feel pity for British who had to spend all those years Governing the place. They were stupid wogs then, and they are still stupid wogs now.

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