A bipartisan group of senators is seeking a federal investigation into alleged abuses in a popular visa program that has been linked to layoffs of U.S. workers in favor of cheaper foreign labor, the Los Angeles Times has learned.

Prompted by reports of massive layoffs at Southern California Edison Co. as the utility company outsources information technology jobs and other positions, the senators Thursday called on the Justice, Homeland Security and Labor departments to investigate the practice.



...In the letter, the senators wrote: "To add insult to injury, many of the replaced American employees report that they have been forced to train the foreign workers who are taking their jobs. This troubling practice seems to be particularly concentrated in the information technology (IT) sector, which is not surprising given that 65% percent of H-1B petitions approved in FY 2014 were for workers in computer-related occupations. Though such reports of H-1B-driven layoffs have been circulating for years, their frequency seems to have increased dramatically in the past year alone."



...The company told employees a year in advance that their positions might be eliminated as part of a move to outsource the information technology department to Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, both based in India.

In a statement to Fusion, Southern California Edison, or SCE, said the move was part of “an effort to act as cost effectively and prudently as possible in operations for its customers,” citing the need to match services provided by competitors. 


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United States Boss
April 13. 2015 08:38

Its all drama. End of the day government works for US companies and bringing more and more foreign labors. Recent example is H4s are granted work permit and USCIS will accept applications from May-26th 2015. Obama's executive action stipulates that approved I-140 applicants will be granted EADs (its under process and will be passed soon). Obama is considering an increase in L1 visas. Saying US government supports middle class is a joke.

Numbersusa,Media and US citizens and stuck in "illegal immigration" part. They completely ignore or are not aware of more dangerous "Employment Based Legal Immigration"(Indian immigration)...
They have been taught that "immigration=illegal Mexicans" .. So nothing is going to happen. Expect more and more Indians and fake resumes flooding in the market...

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United States James
April 16. 2015 16:52

They are all illegals and inelligible to work in the US as long as Americans are unemployed.

TITLE 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens.

It's also ILLEGAL to REPLACE American workers with foreign workers. Period. The H-1B was intended to AUGMENT the EXISTING US workforce, not lay them off and replace them. All totally illegal top to bottom.

Besides, I don't care what the cost is, having your ENEMIES run your power plants is insanity.

How may of these foreign "guest workers" are actually intelligence gathering spies here to learn how every aspect of our country operates?

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United States Raj
April 17. 2015 03:46

Americans don't have any chance in US IT market now, a new EAD rule is passed which frees spouses of all H1B holders to work for any employer in any geography, in short is just like Green card, so it is over for Americans, they are more busy in LGBT rights, abortion, global climate, English proficiency, gender equality and online assessment exams to get call center or service jobs in Walmart.  Rest are busy in sports, soon Indians should be able to take over US medical field as well since doctors are making good money in USA, it is already happening exponentially.  The only way for American is start your own company or join government job or perhaps open a Pizza store.

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Kuwait Anonymous
April 19. 2015 13:20

Indians in Middle East also have been doing the same.

By repeating ad nauseam "indians are the most harrrd working , we only discovered zero...indians only score hundred upon hundred in Maths , win spelling contests , the greatest civilization have conned many ARABS consolidating themselves here.
Many Kuwaitis consider Indians are indispensable. Hindus like S.N.Ramachandran (965-97201449) have recruited too many indians ( mostly hindus). While in HEISCO he gave promotion , increment etc to one Panneerselvam who brought in whole lot of hindus from his town in Tamil Nadu. One kamalakannan (965-66738750)   brought his wife balasarawathy carrying her toddler harshini (or some blahblah INDECENTLY walking all over my house looking into every nook & corner)  home suddenly  with " Sir..rrr ..you have done so much ...take this Tanjore painting Sirrrr ". bala his wife told him " these Kuwaitis know nothing...i have done water management blah blah ..get me a job in KISR with your vaastha ".

They will always SIGH heavily posturing they are suffering in Middle East but are actually LUXURIATING , ENJOYING producing babies very fast . All going to Indian schools...all vying for jobs in the same Kuwait/ UAE / Oman/Qatar as the money they make is very handsome. Plus all creature comforts are well provided for in Kuwait SANS TAX. Panneerselvam brought in his son sendhil & his wife into Kuwait. Both have produced two children. Most of these wives ALSO manage to get jobs. These hindus swelling in numbers bring in too many indians from India who do cooking/ catering / running restaurants. Thus forever splurging on eating ORGIES in lobbies of apartments , public parks , school auditoriums screaming happy deeewaleee, happy holi , happy pongal , happy wedding anniversary , happy birthday ....and unleash  CRICKET mayhem all over. Too many indian debauched film stars also come. ARABS should crack down pronto. Let Taleban /ISIS/ Al Qaeda get rid of all these indian CRIMINALS in the guise of " peaceful law abiding harrrrd working indians (read hindus)".

There is one Sampath Kumar (965-66145421)a hindu working in Ahmadi branch of the same Fouad Alghanim Industries. Very close to S.N.Ramachandran. I believe he has brought in too many indians displacing Egyptians. The christians of India have their own powerful lobby. S.N.Ramachandran told me the recruiting head is a converted christian from India. Thus lot of them like Jane , Sequira , John , Sean , Cosmos ( works in  HEISCO) etc etc are there. Plus entire hospitals , schools are monopolized by christians from Kerala , Goa , Mangalore, Phillippines , SriLanka.

This Sampath Kumar on 14th of this month April text messaged s.n.ramachandran "happy tamil new year's day mentioning lot of female names like haripriya , jeya  , kanyahaa". Obviously I was very perturbed. This lecherous faux husband s.n.ramachandran has been  expanding his vaastha network unchecked as the Kuwaiti Owners are least bothered. One Ahmad Shimmary( 965-90099007) a Kuwaiti very close to the management (but extra loyal to S.N.Ramachandran as the latter brought him from from HEISCO to this Fouad Alghanim Company) told me " company is protecting him...will not take any action against him...he makes profits for the company...".

With great difficulty I have filed a case against S.N.Ramachandran in Kuwait Court of Law. Against this HINDU CRIMINAL who is the cfo of this company.
He has audaciously hired an Egyptian lawyer working in the same company to defend him. How ETHICAL is THAT ?? His name is Nasser Ali. Tel no- (965-51555134).

In the court he along with S.N.Ramachandran kept bragging " look at my CV...at my track record...i made so much of profits...i made three quarterly presentations ...i made half yearly projections....that project ...this project...i only built Avenues Mall...i only am working on a huge Cancer hospital project in France & Kuwait....".

Thank GOD . the Court Authorities in Kuwait ALONE had the sense to snub him & his lawyer curtly pointing out they were totally impertinent. Whereas indians LACK this very basic commonsense & clarity of insight. They purposely suck up to this hindu CRIMINAL S.N.Ramachandran as he is their boss , has given them jobs , promotions , increments , GIFTS...& ORGASMS (females).

The way he recruits indians is out & out dubious. One Dhokania ( hindu marwari who else) working in Ernst & Young ( living in the same building where I live allying with S.N.Ramachandran labelling me mad / crazy / mental patient /) sent the cv of one hindu UNMARRIED woman called Radhika (965-67760150) coming from Nagpur( Maharashtra) calling herself a tamilian BUT CANNOT speak a word of tamil typical yuppie chartered accountant sans scruples. Without my knowledge she became quite chummy with this scoundrel S.N.Ramachandran. She has been working in some company in Kuwait for more than SEVEN years as Finance Manager making a lot of money. GREED made her get in touch with s.n.ramachandran through Dhokania of Ernst & Young to fix her a job in some well known  Company called Combined Group ( involved in construction business etc) using his vastha with one Kuwaiti called Khaled Kal Azmi.

Khaled Kal Azmi has NO idea about MY predicament in the unlawful custody of S.N.Ramachandran since 1982 till date. I called this hindu SELFISH SLUT called radhika explaining every sordid detail. Shockingly she REFUSED to extend any help for me. Instead calculated it was win-win for her. She could get a job by just sucking up to lecherous s.n.ramachandran; soon would host a party to thank him & live as his paramour calling it " just friends like uncle & niece or brother & sister". She hustled me into giving his blackberry number. Both MET personally.

Without MY knowledge.

As soon as she got his blackberry number STOPPED answering my calls . Rejected them instead. When confronted s.n.ramachandran said "can't i do social service...The Lord says help the needy....i am doing social service to as many indians as possible...you are interfering in my office work...".In the beginning he DENIED vociferously telling " i swear on Lord Ramana Maharshi , Lord Muruga ....i know nothing at all about radhika..who she is...i met nobody...i am sssso busy...so tired...boooohooo give me my underwears , ties & suits...."

Accoding to him extra marital affairs to POISONING & PLOTTING to KILL me are all "social service". All these radhikas , kamalakannans , priyas , janes , johns, kuppannas, sampath kumars ,Mrs.Loys ( crypto christian also known as sivajothilaxmiparvathy) are going to ADAMANTINELY insist " s.n.ramachandran is a great great person great great irreplaceable cfo....".

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Kuwait Anonymous
April 19. 2015 13:41

On the one hand CRIMINAL S.N.Ramachandran cfo of Fouad Alghanim Industries keeps on mocking at AMERICANS behind their backs " ...these Americans have nothing to wear..only one shirt & one pant...keep wearing the same...know NOTHING at all about accountancy , financial management....look at me....so many expensive suits & ties...it is my expensive suits & perfumes that sway all BANKERS in Kuwait & worldwide to sanction whatever loans I ask for". He says this while at home & in India. Indians are NARCISSISTIC. Full of contempt towards Americans , British , Germans , Arabs , Chinese , Pakistanis ....

In the same breath from his plush office  clad in the same natty suits , ties wearing BLACK , BROWN , BLUE , multi coloured underwears booohoos to all " my WIFE..oooo only threw me out of the original house...with nothing to wear...i have nothing to wear....all my underwears are with her....".

WHO is INSANE ? His colleagues BELIEVE in such outrageous spiel. Such INCORRIGIBLY INSANE people make too much of Kuwaiti Dinars also. This SIMPLE STARK truth is going over the heads of the Owners.

I told him " you are no Daniel Craig James Bond of Quantum Solace...leave alone physique & looks...Daniel Craig is a GOOD HUSBAND too to his wife Rachel Weisz..why waste money on expensive fancy underwears when u are forever  removing them for your virtual & actual FUCKING with various hindu SLUTS...why posture as some renunciate keeping photos of Ramana Bhagavan all over your office , company given German made AUDI car... your paramours look so hideous to me...you find them gorgeous & sexy...& they also find you very sexy...you are nothing but a MALE PROSTITUTE...if you are THAT indispensable a CFO for this company why not commute & work TOTALLY NAKED sans clothes... this is very good cost cutting move...Kuwaiti Owners I am sure would be mighty impressed...entire world will take a look at you wonderstruck...".

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United States James
April 21. 2015 16:56

Or just boycott all Indian doctors.

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United States Jackson Boultinghouse
May 1. 2015 13:00
Jackson Boultinghouse

Your method of telling the whole thing in this piece of writing is genuinely nice, every one be capable of simply know it, Thanks a lot.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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