This SCE story seems to gaining traction. Here, SoCal talk-radio hosts Jon and Ken had a rep from IEEE to talk about the purge of American techies at Southern California Edison:

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United States James
February 12. 2015 03:59

You would throw them into the streets because 1) all Indians want to see Americans unemployed, 2) so do all the Zionist banksters on Wall St. such as Bernanke, Yellen, and "wage levelling" Mr. Greenspan. And because if Americans make too much they don't need to go get BANK LOANS now do they?

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United States Babu Rudeboy
February 12. 2015 04:51
Babu Rudeboy

The story made the front page of the LA Times website today:

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United States Carl
February 12. 2015 10:10

If I was God then here's what I would do:

1. End and cancel H1b visa program immediately
2. Send the Indians deport home immediately
3. Prosecute and imprison all fraud lawyers, bankers and Indian scabs

Or setup another Devils Island prison and let Congress, Indians, Wall Street bankers kill each other

Hire only American engineers!

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United States The Evil Worm
February 12. 2015 22:39
The Evil Worm

It's getting close to the point where we need an angry and all-out response to these traitors in US corporate offices and the Senators in both corrupt, thoroughly bought-off political parties. Especially Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mark Kirk, Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, Charles Schumer and Dick Blumenthal-- high treason they're actively trying to commit here. Aided and abetted by Gates, Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, the banksters and the rest of the corporate traitor crowd that's bought off both parties, special thanks to the robed idiots on the US Supreme Court for exacerbating this systematic treason. If some corporate crook or crony-capitalist bribed a Senator and tried this outsourcing or H1b crap a century ago, he'd have been tarred and feathered, hanged and set on fire for his treason against the people and the USA. Crazy how soft America's become since then.

I suspect a part of what's holding off revolution is that Americans are emigrating out of the United States like crazy these days. Tons of my ex-colleagues and classmates now down in Chile (beautiful country and becoming a big tech hub), Brazil or even Colombia, Panama and Argentina, tons in China, Korea and Asia, even more in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Holland... America's becoming like Mexico, a corrupt klepto-cratic shithole with parasitic elites that crap all over their own people, saved from their stupidity only by the safety-valve of mass emigration-- except that even Mexico and Russia make efforts to at least retain their high-tech talent, only America forces STEM graduates into crippling student loan debt AND THEN is dumb enough to send their jobs offshore while depressing the wages of those still in the United States.

Our response to this corruption has to be take no prisoners, have no mercy. Mass disruption of SCE and any other company that uses the H1b or has anything to do with Wipro, Infosys or Tata, dozens of lawsuits, bad press and media coverage, calling and overwhelming the switchboards of sell-out US Senators and corporate execs (if anyone has the links to their office phone numbers, addresses and emails, please post here). Plus yelling at and discouraging them and their staff (gleefully making their lives miserable and utterly unbearable), frustrating their messaging (computer skills are handy for that after all), in general being mean and harsh to these traitors at every opportunity, week after week with no let-up. Make them suffer.

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United States The Evil Worm
February 12. 2015 22:45
The Evil Worm

Oh, and for anyone who's wondering about the legal sleights of hand companies like Southern California Edison use to commit perjury and hire H1b's around the supposed restrictions: here's the infamous video of Attorney Lawrence Leibowitz at the crooked Pittsburgh Cohen and Grigsby law firm, explaining to companies exactly how to undercut their workforce and to not hire Americans:

Make sure to have a glass of water nearby, you'll need it after all the retching this sickening bit of anti-American filth will evoke.

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United States fortune 100 minority
February 14. 2015 00:51
fortune 100 minority

Getting this out in the media is key to its demise.  If politicians and the media get to keep pushing the line that we need more of these visas people will believe it.  I talk to people who know nothing about our business but they believe that we have some massive shortage of tech workers that require more visas because they hear it on the news all the time. The information war is being lost to the big guns.  But if these types of things get out in the media when they happen more and more then lawmakers will be forced to stand down on increased visas.

Tunnel Rat - on another note I am glad that you were able to get your Desi manager fired for rigging the employment towards his countrymen.  I would like to know more if possible because I was put at the center of a similar effort where I work - being given only Indian national resumees for an onshore position I was required to interview...

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United States James
February 14. 2015 04:27

The TRUTH people, the TRUTH:

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United States Tunnel Rat
February 14. 2015 08:31
Tunnel Rat


First off, make sure you don't let any slumdog fake his way past your interview.  Also, get your own local candidates from LinkedIn, whatever, and submit those to your boss.  If he rejects all of them and only allows slumdogs into the process, you have de facto discrimination.  Log EVERYTHING and file a complaint with your company's ethic hotline.  Secretly contact HR and show them the resumes.  Record interviews if you can, it is easy with a phone now.  Send the resume of a fully qualified local to your boss, cc and b'cc everybody, including HR, and lay the trap.  Force him to go on record and explain his motives.  

You would be surprised how stupid these Desis are.  They are really lonely and alienated without fellow slumdogs and will do anything to surround themselves with other dotheads.


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United States uscitizen
February 14. 2015 09:30

hey tunnel,

Still crankin out asp.shit ?

-US Citizen

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 14. 2015 09:54

This is exactly what S.N.Ramachandran(965-97201449) was doing in the companies he was working in Kuwait. In KSRv which was later renamed HEISCO , as its cfo he brought in all Indians. As many Indians as possible. Who all were related to one another or hailing from the same place in India. It is Indians who keep repeating "we are all hard working".

All over Middle East it is mostly Indians particularly from Kerala who monopolize everything.So much so they behave aggrieved if native Arabs are given employment.

In Canada where my uber rich brother J.Mohan & his wife vasudharini have become citizens purchasing lot of properties in London Ontario & Toronto they rent out their property only to Indians.They detest the Chinese. So refused to rent out to them.

Earlier both were working in Kuwait followed by Dubai.When Iraq invaded Kuwait I was in India. My brother J.Prakash & myself desperately desired Mohan & his family to be wiped out by Iraqis. Alas , it did not happen.

In America lot of my inlaws & relatives are living. Should they all be massacred by I would be very gratified. S.N.Ramachandran's eldest sister called Papa alias jayalakshmi married to a Sikh & her two daughters , their families , one son & his family are all settled down in America. Add to that R.Sivaprasad & his relatives in New Jersey. Kill them all & confiscate their properties , money salted away.

They are all hindu CRIMINALS.


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Kuwait Anonymous
February 14. 2015 09:55

It is KSRC. Sorry for the typo.

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United States Boss
February 14. 2015 10:09

While H1Bs are flooding, Desis are campaigning for H4-Work Permits , aggressively..

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United States Carl
February 14. 2015 10:27

Great advice Tunnel Rat,

The next time some dot head manager plays this game with me I will use this strategy. Only desi slumdogs suffer from this racist tribal sickness. The Chinese and Russians can be ruthless in business but at least they are wise enough to have American partners.

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United States fortune 100 minority
February 15. 2015 06:49
fortune 100 minority

OK I have all this documented... Here's what happened.  I get tapped to do most of the technical interviews.  We have a slave trade company in house for some work and they get to do the recruiting for contract positions.  But lo and behold some 15 out of 15 resumees that come to me for interviewing are Indian.  Not one non-Indian, forget American.  I don't know about you but I find it odd that 100% of the people interviewed on US soil are from one single foreign nationality. It strikes me as a blatant title 7 (national origin) violation.

This is after earlier last year scores of non-Indians were laid off leaving in some cases entire departments 100% Indian.  One of these Desi directors before that basically harassed most of his Americans to death and none of them would file complaints.  

The stuff I've seen is outrageous.  I do agree the Desi managers are so blatant about it that they make the case easy to prove.  I've noticed many have not adapted to American culture and where they come from there are no such laws against discrimination like this.

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United States noh1b
February 16. 2015 10:39

So I did an experiment. I posted job ads on some web sites and lo and behold almost all like over 90% of the resumes are from Indian slum dogs! I guess that Americans have figured out that the STEM field is a lost cause as few American engineers bothered to send me a resume. I refuse to hire a slum dog even as an intern as they are crooked lying backstabbing two faced parasites.

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United States Carl
February 16. 2015 14:37

I wish that the Indians and corrupt US government would be sent back to that shithole called India. Why not just send everything there instead of mass importing these scumbags here? Let the U.S. collapse a bloody civil war will fix things when these dregs along with the greedy Wall Street bankers get the justice they so deserve.

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United States Denis
February 24. 2015 07:35

When out of work back in 1999 (I quit) and receiving few replies from recruiters (puzzling) just to confirm my suspicion I put an Indian name on my resume. Yup, the phone started ringing.

*I also changed my first name to 'Denise' and sent resumes out. Again, calls.

Finally did land a FT position after consulting at a .gov job for a few months that required a security clearance (something 'Slumdogs' can seldom get).

Dude, you rock!

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United States Ron Warner
February 25. 2015 18:52
Ron Warner

US to provide work permits to spouses of H-1B visa holders from May 26


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United States Boss
February 27. 2015 08:54

Breaking News: USCIS is ready to accept applications for H4 Work Permits from Mar-26th. Another victory for Indians. American government and politicians once again proved that they are the biggest public enemy than Bin-Laden or any other terrorist in the world..
and they just care about wall-street big pockets...

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United States PolishKnightUSA
March 3. 2015 03:41

"almost all like over 90% of the resumes are from Indian"

I have a theory.

My wife associated with them (against my advice) and here's what she told me: They have a variety of social media websites where they share any leads AND they're job hoppers.  They are willing to take a job they're unqualified for and work it for 3 months and live in a roach motel and then move on after they get fired or sense the employer is getting wise.  Consequently, there's a lot of them out there looking for transient work.  They're like Home Depot day laborers.  The average one probably works 6 different gigs in a year (of course, their liar resume will claim otherwise.)

An American wouldn't apply for a job he thinks he's either unqualified for or doesn't even work for his geographical region.  I was disgusted when my wife told me she was considering a job halfway around the country for a few months because "That's what my Indian friends do."  I explained to her we weren't poor beggars willing to jump into a sewer for a single rupee.

In a Free and LEGAL market, employers should either raise wages to induce workers to relocate _or_ offer moving expenses.  Remember those back in the days when the USA was a first world country?  If an employer couldn't find someone local, they'd pay for moving expenses (a real truck run by guys, Americans, who moved your stuff for you.)  I mentioned this to a contracting company and they laughed.

But yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the word is out and young Americans are avoiding STEM careers because they've been ruined.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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