Perhaps the collaborators want another workplace massacre...


Click to view this disturbing story:


A fellow insurgent at SCE informed me about this confidential report that indicates that SCE was a SHITHOLE:

final-imt-report.pdf (601.63 kb)

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United States noh1b
February 7. 2015 02:28

I am waiting for enough angry Americans to go ballistic on these parasites. It would be true justice to see these Indian H1 scabs along with their corrupt slumlords in prison or sent back home to that shithole called India.

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United States James
February 7. 2015 05:18

US-India Business Summit? Oh yeah - that's the place where our pols take suitcases of cash from India's NASSCOM IT lobby so they can rob more jobs from Americans.

It really is surprising that the American people have not dealt with this parasite problem in the traditional American way yet.....

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United States James
February 7. 2015 05:58

India: Quietly Destroying the U.S. Economy

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United States James
February 7. 2015 05:59

India has stolen over $10 TRILLION from the US:

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United States Carl
February 7. 2015 06:22

Until Americans kick both traitor parties out of office as well as send corporate execs to prison for fraud and eliminate H1b, nothing will ever change. I've been screaming for years on this ethnic cleansing yet nothing changes. All the INDIANS need to be sent back home NOW and the frauds busted on RICO charges.

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United States fortune 100 minority
February 7. 2015 07:25
fortune 100 minority

Tata came into my world last year.  I was one of the few token Americans kept while scores of my highly qualified colleagues got nice severance packages last year. Since then I go to work and I don't speak the language and have watched a bunch of jobs backfilled by H1Bs only.  

This same scenario played out where I work and I'm sure is happening all over the place.

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United States SeeingThings
February 7. 2015 07:42

What I don't understand about this is how SCE is able to get true, valid, security clearance for physical and logical access to the nations power grid for all these H1B visa holders. NERC CIP requirements. How did they get around that????  This is NOT in the interest of national security.

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United States Slumdogs Suck
February 7. 2015 10:43
Slumdogs Suck

I'm not surprised that SCE was a nightmare work environment, I've known more than a few peep's who've worked there over the years, they've all said the exact same things. From my experience, every place that goes on an H1B-job-robber-scab binge, is usually a crappy place to begin with...places that value their employees, DON'T make attempts at replacing them with slaves.  No surprises here with SCE

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United States Anon
February 7. 2015 12:01

Just imagine how much that report has been sanitized, though they did let slip the one about the "caste" system.

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United States The truth will set you free
February 9. 2015 05:16
The truth will set you free

Ain't nothing gonna change as long as the ordinary Joes and peeps in general do nothing other than whine and cry from their computers.

Let's face it, the politicians have shafted us all big time and yet we keep on voting them into office so they can shaft us more.

The slumdogs are only taking advantage of what that has been handed to them on a plate by the self-serving traitors who are supposed to serve the country while in public office.

Are the average Americans of today ready to do what it takes to take back this country from those who have betrayed us?
NADA I think not.

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United States Carl
February 9. 2015 13:32

It will take a million man march of unemployed American engineers on Capitol Hill and complete government shutdown to get any real change done.

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United States James
February 11. 2015 02:33

"God forbid we be 20 years without a revolution".
-- Thomas Jefferson

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United States NJT
February 20. 2015 08:07

My first experience with Indians was in 1988 (Fresh out of the USAF) at a Sihk owned small computer manufacturing and valued added VAR. First couple years were great until, the owner started bringing over his relatives... bankrupt a year later.

Worked for an Aussie company for the next seven years so... NO interaction with 'Slumdogs', until the next gig.

American integration and distribution co.(software and hardware).

Was an expert (1997) on MS Access, SQl and emerging web tech. stuff but they wouldn't let me do that. Instead, they brought over and put at clients Desi deadbeats.

Finally, when a Fortune 500 client had a major web-based app. due in two weeks (they had 6 months) that the 'slumdogs' were nowhere near finishing they let me loose... It was difficult to say the least but got it done and it worked! (Demanded and received a large bonus for 'saving' the account).

When I got there I couldn't believe that all the 'dogs had accomplished to complete was a half-assed 'splashpage' and crappy tables that...

Kicked their asses from then until 2003 when the whole dept. I was part of in a big Pharma. Co. was outsourced. Did two more FTE gigs at Pharmas after that and...laid off because of outsourcing to the denizens of the land that time forgot.

*One Pharma had their prescription data stolen! This was AFTER I warned them that it was happening, multiple times!

Now I'm working at a privately owned American Citizen ONLY manufacturing co. (yes they still do exist). This will be my last IT gig as I'm now 50 and moving into something more stable (Landlord business - My own).

The H1-B program has destroyed the American IT industry, millions of American's futures and hurt our country more than any other enemy ever dreamed.

Good luck and God bless remaining fellow American IT staff.

- NJ

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United States jimmy legaro
February 26. 2015 14:22
jimmy legaro

At this late stage in the game it is obvious nothing will change. The H1-B fiasco has devastated a large segment of the upwardly mobile middle class.
Add on to that the Mexican invasion and downward income pressures the middle class has been hacked to pieces.
I am amazed at the timidity of my fellow Americans. We should be protesting en-masse, refusing to pay our taxes, creating new political parties, making our voices heard and felt.
We have done nothing except to be happy this week that we weren't on the chopping block and returning to the latest reality show.
India is a corrupt, dirty shithole. Why we would let anyone in from there or for that matter places like Somalia is beyond me.
We are so screwed.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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