I was taking a little hiatus from blogging and didn't realize that my hosting company expected me to pay for their service...

I'll try to file more dispatches from the IT front, but in all honesty, we are sort of in a state of trench warfare in the battle against the curry-scented wage pirates.  My own recent experiences as an IT contractor indicate that slumdog H-1Bs are fewer and farther between in corporate IT as the economy has picked up pace.  Wages for guys like me are rising, and although they are not at dot-com era levels, they are up.

Clearly the IT companies that used to purge American techies to make way for bugger-farming chair-warmers from the land that time forgot have learned a lesson -- DON'T CONFUSE PRICE WITH VALUE.  With the H-1B cap still in place and some high-profile lawsuits, companies are now forced to deal with the market forces of supply and demand.  Now that I am on the market again, having escaped another Desi manager and his H-1B-turned GC-carrying tech lead at a place that shall remain nameless, I can attest to the relative shift in the demographics of the IT landscape.  Of course, I still get the numerous calls from marble-mouthed retards like "Amit from Macrosoft" wanting to see if I am interested in a COBOL position in Des Moines, but even the calls from the Desi bodyshops seem to be less frequent, now coming in at 3 or 4 a day instead of 10 or 12.  Case in point, Molina Healthcare, a notorious curry den here in SoCal that got caught purging whitey to make way for a pack of jackals from Cognizant, is now actively recruiting programmers to clean up the mess that the slumdogs left.  A recruiter even referred to "that H-1B thing" at Molina in a recent phone call I had.  

I always found it amazing that the biggest advocates for having unlimited H-1Bs pour into our country are usually the free-market plutocrats that opine at places like the Wall Street Journal.  Speaking about the WSJ, I've heard from a few insurgents that there is reporter sniffing around and wanting to talk to the infamous Tunnel Rat.  FYI, Tunnel Rat doesn't speak to journalists that work for an organ of the hi-tech regime that would like to see him making Mumbai-level rates coding complex software.  There are almost 10 years of posts here to read, including a screenplay, so what more can I add for his below-the-fold Section B story?  I bet he is expecting to hear some sob story about a middle-aged hack who didn't see the writing on the wall when his whole IT department started smelling like tandori chicken and everybody began communicating in broken English, and then found himself a victim of occupational apartheid, jobless and bitter, left to vent on his blog.  That is what they always want, because that is all you read about when you see a story about the H-1Bs.  The theme follows a pattern - poor, brilliant Kumar who can't get a green card or naive Ashish living in a guest house with 10 other slumdogs in Edison, or the 40-something techie out on his ass, going on his second year of non-work, bitching about how some douchebag named Amir flooded his old company with slumdogs.  

You will never hear about the ex-Marine who got his Desi boss shit-canned for trying to game the recruiting process at a big-ass tech company so that he could flood his department with fellow upper-caste Indians, preferably from Gujarit.  Yeah, that guy -- the one who can tell recruiters to literally fuck off when they send him a req. with a below-market rate and an invitation to meet with the hiring manager named Rajeet.  No, that narrative doesn't play well with the subscribers to the WSJ, who bitch and moan about having to pay circa-1999 wages to developers with cutting edge skills and twenty years experience in IT -- THOSE FUCKERS WANT A 25-YEAR OLD SLUMDOG WITH THE SAME CV, AT HALF THE PRICE.  


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United States noh1b
February 4. 2015 03:51

Greetings Tunnel Rat,

My own personal experience mirrors that of yourself. As a white American male over 40, I've suffered
the same fate with Desi slum dog managers and their H1b scab cohorts. Fortunately, I now refuse to take another job
where the manager is a curry bastard and I plan to pursue a pure business focused career outside of tech.

The problem now is that even in Director and VP level tech companies, the hiring managers are 90% Indian or Chinese. They pre-reject Americans in favor of H1B from Bangalore, Andhara Pradesh or some other curry den.

Outside of tech, at least there is better mix of Americans in business. I may open a few businesses and completely exit the STEM field due to the ethnic cleansing of Americans. Politicians do not give a care and have sold out the middle class Americans. It is controlled by Wall Street greed which is why they are flooding America with these scabs.

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 4. 2015 12:48

Good to see you! Welcome back.

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United States James
February 5. 2015 04:06

Looks like the morons on the east coast on Wall St, the media, and DC have finally gotten the message - after their big 2008 slumdog-caused collapse and a Fannie Mae slumdog logic bomber now sitting in a Federal pen.

You can only gut an economy out so far before your profits too begin to sink. Guess enough evidence has hit the web for these complete idiots running America to figure things out. One too many Sun Micros, Bear Sterns, and Fannie Mae collapses and US taxpayer bailouts.

Took the morons long enough to notice - oh, say around 17 years or so. Some people are even slower than we thought.

But can Amerika ever recover? Who knows? Some slumdogs are still here and even running places like Microsoft now. Or should I say siphoning them and then running them INTO THE GROUND?

Loot and remit baby, loot and remit.

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United States fortune 100 minority
February 5. 2015 23:55
fortune 100 minority

Hey check out the latest carnage in SoCal at the energy company:


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United States fortune 100 minority
February 6. 2015 00:01
fortune 100 minority

Another thing I wanted to mention is I know you are going after the WSJ and that kind of implies anyone with conservative views....

But this is one issue that spans all political spectrums.  A poll was recently done which indicates 86% of all Americans want equal or less immigration. Please read this link below for more details.  I don't care if you're reading liberal or conservative rags, you'll see the same pro-immigration job destroying garbage.  I see little difference in the impact both parties seek to make on our industry. Maybe each one has slightly different motives but it really doesn't matter in terms of the end result.  An interesting thing though is that you have Bernie Sanders and Jeff Sessions - complete opposite ends of the political sphere - are very outspoken against this travesty.  We should support anyone who speaks the truth and unite on a cause that affects us all in the same way.


This is probably the most unified issue amongst the people right now.  

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United Kingdom Mr. X
February 6. 2015 01:42
Mr. X

While tunel rat was on winter holidays, india kept raping foreign women:


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United States Carl
February 6. 2015 02:26

Welcome back TR! We were worried that some slumlord had trashed your site.

Americans are better off nowadays to just avoid a STEM career and run a hotdog stand or pizza delivery service.

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United States Bork
February 6. 2015 02:40

That SoCAL Situation is ripe for unionization and mass walk-out, and now that everyone is on the same page believing it's all about money and nothing else, management has no leg to stand on, and they WILL demand hand-cuffs.  Also, nobody is crazy enough to hand the keys to the power grid over to a bunch of Indians, but SoCal, so expect outages.

We just learned today Anthem got hacked, they outsourced a few years ago so that one is right on schedule.

Public is at the point of zero patience with this !@#$!#it.

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United States Slumdogs Suck
February 6. 2015 05:55
Slumdogs Suck

gang rape, open defecation, fraud and corruption, never take holidays in India

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United States Carl
February 6. 2015 06:54

Well the curry scented wage pirates have destroyed California especially the once lovely Bay Area that American engineers built thanks to the slumdog H1b invasion. Every other store is a Indian grocery store, disgusting Indian restaurant or bullshit scam. That's why I left after losing my job.

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United States noh1b
February 6. 2015 08:16

I have ZERO desire to ever visit that shithole dump called INDIA. It would be a great day that India, China and Pakistan nuke each other to oblivion once and for all. Maybe then America can put Americans back to work.

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United States James
February 6. 2015 09:50

"Also, nobody is crazy enough to hand the keys to the power grid over to a bunch of Indians, but SoCal, so expect outages."

Not true. They are also all over SRP in central AZ - and are now running the biggest nuke plant in the US - Palo Verde,

no site

United States fortune 100 minority
February 6. 2015 23:12
fortune 100 minority

Foxnews covered the SoCal issue today head on.  Guest workers being used to replace American workers.  I hope CBS, NBC etc. will also cover.  

The fact that H1Bs are being used to replace American workers is finally getting national attention. The more this happens the better it is for the cause because it will awaken the American people to what is really going on.

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United States noh1b
February 7. 2015 02:37

While it is encouraging to see the news media finally broadcast the workplace ethnic cleansing of Americans from the workplace, unfortunately the POTUS and Congress already have sold out the American middle class and crashed the economy as a result. Obama was bribed by NASCOM INDIA INC recently and wants to grant unlimited H1 visas to the Indians and unlimited immigration to the Mexicans. It will take a major revolution to get rid of the parasites in government and big business.  

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United States Carl
February 7. 2015 03:52

Perhaps a major nuke meltdown caused by slumdogs might change things especially if it happens in the backyard of the elites behind the h1b fraud?

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United States Karl
February 9. 2015 03:31

Nixon said it right, Indians are slippery and treacherous.  Raping and open defecation aside, here is what India did to its neighbors.

1947 Annexation of Kashmir
<a href="www.counterpunch.org/.../">http://www.counterpunch.org/.../a>;

1949 Annexation of Manipur
<a href="www.tehelka.com/.../">http://www.tehelka.com/.../a>;

1949 Annexation of Tripura
<a href="www.crescent-online.net/.../the-myths-of-one-nation-and-one-hinduism-in-india-zawahir-siddique-2316-articles.html">http://www.crescent-online.net/.../a>;

1951 Annexation of South Tibet:
<a href="kanglaonline.com/.../ ">kanglaonline.com/.../ </a>

1961 Annexation of Goa:
<a href="goa-invasion-1961.blogspot.in/.../...ining_16.html ">goa-invasion-1961.blogspot.in/.../...ining_16.html </a>

1962 Annexation of Kalapani, Nepal:
<a href="www.eurasiareview.com/.../ ">www.eurasiareview.com/.../ </a>

1962 Aggression against China:
<a href="http://gregoryclark.net/redif.html ">http://gregoryclark.net/redif.html </a>
<a href="asiapacific.anu.edu.au/.../renewed-tension-indiachina-border-whos-blame ">asiapacific.anu.edu.au/.../renewed-tension-indiachina-border-whos-blame </a>

1971 Annexation of Turtuk, Pakistan:
<a href="www.openthemagazine.com/.../suddenly-indian ">www.openthemagazine.com/.../suddenly-indian </a>

1972 Annexation of Tin Bigha, Bangladesh
<a href="www.dhakatribune.com/.../killing-fields ">www.dhakatribune.com/.../a>;

1975 Annexation of Sikkim:
<a href="nepalitimes.com/issue/35/Nation/9621#.UohjPHQo6LA ">nepalitimes.com/issue/35/Nation/9621#.UohjPHQo6LA </a>

1983 (Aborted) Attempted invasion of Mauritius
<a href="thediplomat.com/.../  ">thediplomat.com/.../ </a>

1990 (Failed) Attempted annexation of Bhutan:
<a href="www.nytimes.com/.../...seek-to-disrupt-bhutan.html ">www.nytimes.com/.../...seek-to-disrupt-bhutan.html </a>

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United States fortune 100 minority
February 10. 2015 01:39
fortune 100 minority

Maybe they're forced to hire guys like you and pay the rate simply because they need the skills and the government isn't doling out H1B visas like they grow on trees, which is what the crony capitalists want.  

Or maybe many are starting to realize the error in their ways of, as you said, confusing price with value, and are now coming to the wiser side of things.

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United States noh1b
February 10. 2015 05:14

Maybe if they deported all these frauds back home to India and just SENT all jobs to India then people would wake the fuck up and demand change. While we are at it, why not send all the Congress criminals there too.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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