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United States James
October 30. 2014 12:42

Yes, but they want to whine about the illegal slumdogs, not the US Citizens they are throwing out of work.

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United States James
October 30. 2014 12:49

And what about a fair playing field for American workers?

Note also the PhD they interviewed who claimed the US can't function without these workers is ALSO from India - he's lying so he can get more of his lazy countrymen jobs in America created by Americans.

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Kenya Slumdoggie
October 31. 2014 07:44

This is for the Haters  !


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United States Boss
October 31. 2014 09:00

The reporter is reporting as if this is a "NEWS" and they have never heard of it!!  Ideal solution for Americans is to stop H1B and L1 programs completely and send these idiots back to India or at least make third party placements illegal... But wait a minute.. Obama's strategy is different.. Give millions of green cards  and Work Permits to foreign people like H4 guys and let them free from their employers.. Good strategy!!!

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United States Seeing Things
November 1. 2014 10:00
Seeing Things

But Obama is going to Asia next month - with a pocket full of goodies to use on the TPP Trans Pacific Pact - kind of like NAFTA only with preferences for Asians instead of Canada and Mexico. Included in this is bound to be increases in H1b visas for those countries. Watch for it.

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United States Ameristem
November 5. 2014 02:48

Woman gets 16 years prison for fake university

Scam to bring in Indians as "students" to displace American workers has been rewarded with 16 years in prison and huge fines for the scammer.

Finally a little justice!


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United States PB
November 5. 2014 03:06

The newsman in the video keep on saying that these are 'highly educated' workers.  They are not.  A lot of these people simply are not qualified to do what they do.

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United States Jackson Hole
November 6. 2014 06:39
Jackson Hole

They make these guys out to be victims - and they are.

However the other real victims are the unseen masses of our youth and experienced workers who are slowly being shoved out of one of the last remaining lucrative professions we have.

I agree they are not that highly educated for the most part.  And that Anish guy is pushing the same BS that these companies can't survive without them.  Maybe if they went to colleges and recruited engineering grads with training programs they would not need this slave trade!

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United States TaxiDriver
November 7. 2014 00:47

It's important to understand how most people think. They think that a job is something that pays what it pays based on some formula of credentials. A BS degree is worth x, set in stone, and a certain software qualification is worth y, so the job should pay minwage plus x plus y. Most people just don't get the whole supply and demand thing. Even Bright Future Jobs seems to fall prey to this kind of thinking, by saying "Hire Americans *first*." People just don't get that if a "second" choice exists at all, then that automatically raises the bar for the Americans.

The way the market is supposed to work is that if there really is a shortage of people with a certain skill, then those with the skill command a huge salary, but.... The "but" is that when others without that skill see how much those with that particular skill can earn, they will also pursue acquiring that skill. In other words, if the market is under supplied, more supply will enter the market, until it reaches an equilibrium point.

It blows my mind how many people utterly fail to get this very simple concept, but it remains that they refuse to do just that. I can explain it to someone three times, and they appear to understand perfectly, but then they turn right around and say "well, if there aren't enough Americans to fill the jobs..."  Arrrrgh!

Makes me wanna smack some sense into people, for all the good it would do.


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United Kingdom Mr. X
November 8. 2014 03:20
Mr. X

Which are the best states to live in the US for IT jobs? Anyone?

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United States James
November 9. 2014 09:54

Companies can't survive without them? Survive like Sun did? Survive like that?

Does Adobe Creative Cloud software even work now that Indians too over the company? The stuff is junk.

Survive like that?


India is quietly destroying the US economy:


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United States James
November 9. 2014 09:58

Looks like the Indians are about to destroy IBM as well:


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United States Boss
November 10. 2014 05:15

1.Yes, free market is a concept of Capitalism, so that market and competition (demand - supply) can decide the wage.But why is the "free-market" restricted only to "jobs" ie,  middle-class? Other words, if government wants to accept me the concept of free market and hence LOWER INCOME,then my EXPENSES like housing etc shouldn't have any geographical boundary restrictions and should be subjected to the same Free-market theory as well. But in reality it does not work like that. So what we have is a "Monopolized-Capitalism", which means one party is subject to free trading rules and other side does not have to face the competition. e.g, In Healthcare industry (one of the notorious industries),why don't they allow companies from India and China to compete and decide the insurance price? NOPE they won't because it is  "monopolized".Companies have bribed (lobbied) the government to not allow other foreign companies to compete so that they can continue to have higher insurance premiums. This is the real problem. As a middle class guy , my income is subject to competition and does not have any geographical barrier and my expense has a geographical barrier (I cannot outsource my expenses to China or India).

2.Please think rationally. Why do we have COUNTRIES and BOUNDARIES in this world? The whole world could have been a single nation?
The concept of "Nations and boundaries" was created based on selfish agenda to protect the economy,culture and people within that boundary. Hence to create an economical disparity. If we need free-market,which is kinda reverting the original theory of COUNTRIES and BOUNDARIES, then revert the concept of COUNTRIES  and BOUNDARIES and ,let the world be a SINGLE COUNTRY.
Now capitalists want the whole "Middle-Class-Jobs" to be beyond any restriction of BOUNDARIES AND NATIONS. Do you see a problem here?????

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United States James
November 10. 2014 16:15

Yes, the concept of national boundaries was created to protect nations. For example in civilized countries we don't want people crapping in the streets, throwing human dead bodies in rivers, or burning brides. That's stuff that only goes on in barbaric countries like India.

Just look at the damage Indians have done to the US and its economy. Imagine what would happen if all Indians were unleashed on the whole world.

Heck, Japan won't even let them in in large numbers - they don't want their beautiful civilization destroyed.

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United States Slumdogs Suck
November 10. 2014 22:56
Slumdogs Suck

Boss is a raving idiot lunatic

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Uzbekistan Slumdoggie
November 11. 2014 08:19

1st generation slumdoggie and world's #1 rock climber .  Nope he is not white.



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Kuwait Anonymous
November 11. 2014 12:37

" Yes, the concept of national boundaries was created to protect nations".

I agree with what James has written.

"Good Fences Make Good Neighbours".

It is also true that human dead bodies are NOT meant to be thrown into Holy Ganges.

A lot of people taking a dip in Holy Ganges spit , urinate and everything that ought not to be done.

Indians do not CARE to maintain the sanctity of their Temples. The purity of various water bodies including all Holy Rivers & Temple Tanks.

The prime culprits are politicians who are only focussed on taking away whatever monetary collections get deposited by various devotees. Most politicians of India to start with take pride in calling themselves atheists / agnostics / secular. In India this word 'secular' is thoroughly abused & often abused.

Have you ever seen Indians following something as simple as a "queue" ?

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United States Boss
November 11. 2014 21:57

Do you want to logically counter me? ,instead of your silly tactic like name calling etc..

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 12. 2014 10:46


By now at least you must be aware of what these indians are. They have nothing to offer worth considering other than hurling abusive epithets.

@James ,

I cannot but agree with you in each and every point you make.

A Japanese woman decided to marry an Indian. Her parents were ALARMED. They called her over the telephone advising her to stay away from notorious indian men citing many such instances one of them being this "bride burning".

However she considered herself very smart emboldened by her high academic qualifications & was swept off her feet by that knavish Indian equally qualified
and good track record of having worked in many well known American companies etc.

Both got married. Slowly she DID realize marrying this indian male was indeed a wrong decision she had made in her life. She being too polite to say so bluntly swallowed the bitter truth focussing full time instead on her career.And other interests. Further breaking away asking for a divorce starting all over again is something easier said than done.

My son knew nothing at all about all these details I have mentioned above.On his own he told me after watching them together in a couple of instances:-

" Why did she marry an INDIAN...like all typical indian males does not let her even speak a word forever muzzling or interjecting very rudely. Another indian male also behaved the same way with his Japanese wife I saw in a party hosted in their house".

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 12. 2014 12:21

I have written in detail most of the important details (ALL FACTS) of my life.

That my Father S.Janakiraman was the SOLITARY noble trustworthy GOOD Indian.
He trusted rest of the putrefying indian respirating carcasses around (men , women,  boys & girls seemingly innocent children included) outsourcing the SIMPLE responsibility of looking after me well.

Now you all know how this SINGLE outsourcing was wantonly destructively diabolically accomplished by allthe indian hindooo vegetarian etc etc DEVILS.

This itself is more than enough to  convince all AMERICANS , ENGLISHMEN , CHINESE,JAPANESE , North Koreans included NEVER to outsource anything to indians. NEVER empower them.

Including the dangerous  ezygoer which has resurfaced to my utter consternation.

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Rwanda Slumdoggie
November 12. 2014 12:41

Thank you for your service , TR         ( not )

((((  gives middle finger salute to welfare veteran  ))

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United States Slumdogs Suck
November 12. 2014 13:08
Slumdogs Suck

no, I think it's clear to pretty much everyone that you are nuts based on your one-country utopian fantasy nonsense...it doesn't warrant any type of discussion

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United States uscitizen
November 15. 2014 02:56

Hey James,
I thought you said you r leaving the country for good.
Bye bye asshole

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United States Tipster
November 15. 2014 13:45


No, he's white. Hippie parents.

Chris was born at home to Gita Jahn, a local masseuse and healing artist, and Bob Sharma, a maintenance supervisor at UCSC. His parents were married at Mt. Madonna Center. Babagi Hari Dass, the spiritual leader and founder of the center, gave them their last name of Sharma. He also gave Chris his middle name, Omprakash, which means "light of Brahma."


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Kuwait Anonymous
November 16. 2014 19:17

When I was working in BSRB ( Banking Services Recruitment Board) Calcutta , there was one
Pattanaik from Orissa who was the Chairman then. Everyone said this Pattanaik had served in Indian Railways for sometime & was made the chairman.

He had a separate spacious room with a long elongated oval table with lots of empty chairs.
The only reason he was not swatting flies & mosquitoes in his big chamber was because it was heavily air conditioned.

In the meantime I was trying very hard to get a transfer to a particular branch for various personal reasons. Someone suggested I should approach this Pattanaik as he alone had the power to do so.

It was only ONCE that I went in with the usual " May I come in Sir". I stood at the other end of the table which was near the door.

Pattanaik was alone . He said " Come here & tell me..i can't hear you".
When I took a few steps nearer he caught hold of me without getting up from his swivel chair but by LUNGING at me.Started kissing me on my lips & hand. And said " you must keep coming like this whenever & wherever I ask you to come ...only then i will consider your transfer ...for a long time i have been looking at you ..and thirsting...promise me that you will come & not tell anyone..".

I came out . Went to the washroom designated for us the clerical staff . Washed my lips & mouth. Went down , staring at the tramcars trundling by. What could I do ?

If I had told the others (clerks) working with me they would have only USED me to push their agenda. They were ALWAYS agitating as Calcutta with its communist ideology was very fond of attacking anyone who happened to be the Chairman. Pattanaik's predecessor was one Mazumdar who did not misbehave thus. Moreover I never had ANY reason to enter into the chairman's room. It was at someone's suggestion I did so.

The female colleagues (clerks) I knew would have felt jubilant at my predicament.
I was the only Tamil speaking Brahmin woman. And right from the beginning most of the staff men & women officers included were virulently hostile towards me. Only one S.P. Shukla was civil & kind towards me.

My home front was worse. I seethed with resentment for a long time. Went up to my table resuming my work. Dropped this very pursuit of transfer. Soon BSRB itself got disbanded many getting transferred to various branches of U.Co , Allahabad bank & United bank of india.

This is the FIRST time I am reporting about this Pattanaik (hindu) from Orissa.

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United States Boss
November 17. 2014 08:47

--no, I think it's clear to pretty much everyone that you are nuts based on your one-country utopian fantasy nonsense...it doesn't warrant any type of discussion

Fist of all calling someone nuts without proper understanding is very silly and immature. Since we all are hiding behind computers it is easy to do name calling and use curse words. Even I can do the same....  Smile

Now coming to the point...
This shows your poor understanding of what I wrote. Single-Country fantasy is not mine, it is what capitalists (corporations)  want(not literally but theoretically). FREE-MARKET is based on this theory. Basically dissolve the borders (not literally but theoretically) and free movement of resources (humans) with no restriction ,so that wages can be stagnated. So my point was FREE-MARKET will not work since it is against the very basic fundamentals of formation of the entity called "COUNTRIES AND BORDERS".

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Kuwait S.Ramachandran
November 17. 2014 11:50

I am the only husband of Anon who is posting from Kuwait. She is not Anon anymore.
My fat, bald, bipolar, lunatic wife is confined to mental hospital in kuwait under heavy medication.   I urge all American not to waste their precious time on her as she is a  wate of space and time.
I've made arrangements to deport her to mental hospital on Agra ( india ). She will be locked in one room without any internet connection as she is violent and dangerous nymphomaniac.

I care less of this anti-indian site. Hope you all maderchods burn in eternal hell.

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United States PolishKnight
November 18. 2014 04:15

Amazing review for Freddie Mac on Glassdoor.  Read between the lines:

"“Excellent Company for Indians in America ”
Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer in  McLean, VA  
I have been working at Freddie Mac full-time (more than an year)
Excellent company to sponsor H1B in America. Seems like everyone else in IT is from India. Excellent opportunity. Tuition reimbursement, Free Gym, Covered Parking. Business area support us. They even have a course to help with your english.
Not much pay. Little challenge. Have to sit in a conference room.
Advice to Management  
Invest in your workers who support you."

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United States Boss
November 21. 2014 08:19


Obama's executive plan.Please read 4th page 1st paragraph. It says he is going to give EAD to ALL I-140 pending cases (its literally all Tom,Dick and Harry.. basically all Indians, since everyone has an approved I-140 through Desi consultancies.) and their spouses. As per the current law they have to wait till the visa numbers are available. So for India it is about 10 Years. Once this rule is passed everybody including their spouses will get EAD immediately and can change jobs without any restriction. Which means expect another 2 Million Indians in job market from next week.  If this passes they don't even need H4- EAD. But wait.. he is also passing H4-EAD !! So it is double lottery for Indians... What is for Americans???  Well, pay taxes and f***k out of this Desi-Ruling USA!!

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United States Boss
November 21. 2014 09:39

Finally Indians have no longer to be with the same employer. Obama's new rule will set them free and allow to work for any employer(Both primary applicant and spouse.). Also passed H4-EAD rule!! So we Americans are done!! Expect a flood of Indians now...

Here is the WhiteHouse Draft...

         Providing portable work authorization for high-skilled workers awaiting LPR status and their spouses.  Under the current system, employees with approved LPR applications often wait many years for their visa to become available.  DHS will make regulatory changes to allow these workers to move or change jobs more easily.  DHS is finalizing new rules to give certain H-1B spouses employment authorization as long as the H-1B spouse has an approved LPR application.

Indians are celebrating their victory over Americans, on Trackitt..


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United States Slumdoggie
November 21. 2014 17:35

Its OVER   !!!      
James Boi, Go back to Europe . Let slumdoggies thrive and enjoy breadcrumbs you've left for them.

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United States Boss
November 23. 2014 11:36

Mr.O executive action document..


Please see the "High Skilled" section..

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Canada Mark
November 24. 2014 03:43


Sure looks like a big correlation between where the H-1B's work downtown SFO, versus incidents of public defecation.  

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United Kingdom Mr. X
November 24. 2014 05:43
Mr. X

Allowing I-140 to switch jobs can actually be good. They can demand better working conditions and better salaries, which will increase the average salary, or not?

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United States Boss
November 24. 2014 10:35


Question answer on Obama executive order.."HIGH SKILLED" invasion

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United States Boss
November 26. 2014 05:58

No it is not.The problem is an approved I-140  will allow PRIMARY applicant to file I485 (adjustment of status), even if the Visa numbers are not available, as per the new rule. As a result, SECONDARY applicants will also get Work Permit ,along with the PRIMARY applicant. So basically this rule will almost double the job seekers in the market. So now you apply supply-demand theory here ....

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United States James
November 26. 2014 18:35


"Its OVER   !!!      
James Boi, Go back to Europe . Let slumdoggies thrive and enjoy breadcrumbs you've left for them."

Go back to Europe? How about we take all our inventions with us.... you know the ones like the internet, cars, airplanes, TV, modern medicine, PCs, and just about everything else.

You claim we "stole this land" but you seem to forget everything we've given the world while here.

Without whitey coming to America, the world would still be back in the stone age.

Be grateful we created jobs for you people to rob from us.

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United States James
November 26. 2014 18:38

Freddie Mac? Oh that company that was DESTROYED by Indians and had to be bailed out by American taxpayers in 2008? Indians caused the 2008 "crisis". Looks like you couldn't even handle some Federal loan jobs very well.

One of the Freddie Mac slumdogs is now sitting in a Federal pen:


All you losers care about is what "perks" you can get out of some job - not actually DOING the job.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! India - a nation of parasite losers. Everywhere they go and everything they touch DIES.

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United States Boss
November 27. 2014 09:29

Proposed H4-Workpermit rule will be finalized in this December and put in the federal register. Another victory for Indians..


As per this rule , spouses H1-Bs  who have approved I-140 will get Work permits.
Please note that more than 70% of H1Bs have approved I-140, through their Indian employers.

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United States Raj
November 28. 2014 04:19

I feel the way President has passed executive actions, market will become better.  There will be large pool of workers for employers to choose from and then there will be abolition of slavery for these workers.  The only problem is American workers need to learn about flexibility more then ever, if you are not flexible in everything in life, you can't survive in US job market at all.  Flexibility is the key to survival, develop brain to use common sense, instead of just applying rules of the book to every situation like robot.  For example other day a 12 yrs old boy was killed by police in USA who was playing with Toy gun, it wouldn't have happened in India because every person there has at-least some brain, some common sense which they can use in every situation.

Bottom line is, Americans invented IT to make Indians rich and that is the situation now with everything, once you people invent robots and document processes, it all will handed over to Indians and so on.  Average America is dumb and without any brain and that is true if you leave aside top 10 percent Americans but even they are very rigid, remember flexibility is key, getting rid of ego is key, ultimately every one likes a servant who can lick boots and even throw away clothes out of window at slightest hint of boss.  Nobody needs vocal people, observe South Indians in companies, see how they have managed to grab away all wealth from USA by talking slowly,polishing shoes of their bosses and using one lie after another.

Recently I visited to Canada and here also Indians are using same strategies to put each Canadian out of white collar job, for example an Indian behavioral scientist was doing cross cultural training in Toronto an he said to white Canadians, that we Indians (read South Indians) are afraid of white skin because Britishers ruled as for 300 yrs so you need to give us room.  Now stupid Canadians are also giving room to South Indians and slowly all jobs will be taken away from white Canadians was well, what will be left for them is to "shovel snow" and by shoveling snow soon their life style will be degraded, yes Canadians have more brains then Americans but not before whom they are facing, just taking advantage of native Americans was different ball game, now story is more sophisticated and technical.

So my friends, learn flexibility like Indians (or south Indians to be precise) to survive and make money these days.  Whatever else is written anywhere is not going to help any of you.  

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 28. 2014 12:45

Indians wear several masks & excel in posturings & LYING.

One of my maternal uncles called R.Sivaprasad (born in 1947 Oct 3 ) did his MBBS in
Thanjavur Medical college & went to America doing lots of blah blah finally calling himself an 'Internist cum cardiologist'  for long settled in New Jersey.

He was virulently anti Homeopathy & anti whatever my Father S.Janakiraman stood for.
This arrogant r.sivaprasad has always been a demigod cum role model for most of my relatives including my brother J.Mohan. He always called my father (sic) " a jackass , physically & mentally sick" because my father listened to Thiruppugazh Hymns.

Within America has always been anti Whites writing articles praising mk.gandhi ( who is called mahatma gandhi by sophists) & Martin Luther King. He married one woman from Delhi called Gita . Love had nothing to do with this arranged marriage. She always wanted to own foreign made goods right from her childhood & wanted to marry some indian bloke settled in America. First they chose someone working in Texas Instruments.

The marriage was almost finalized. But someone from their family traced the roots warning them he was her brother in a roundabout way. After cancelling this sivaprasad was chosen. After learning driving to computer science etc in America & making lot of money working in AT&T and Cash Register & giving birth to twins thus benefitting in all ways whined & whined (sic) "Americans are racist".

This Gita sponsored entry for all her four brothers into America. Getting them all green cards I believe with their clout. Her mother included. Her own daughter called Latha  has an American husband. A white. Not any descendant of Martin Luther King. The other daughter Shobha has married an extremely rich Gujarati settled in America. Not some loin cloth & charka spinning mohandas karamchand gandhi  clone.Then why call them "racist"?

While visiting India this Gita wore only sarees donning the mask of "traditional hindu woman". It was someone else who showed me photographs of hers wearing skirts to knotted blouses etc while in AmericaAA. In India I saw her eating prawns , mutton , feeding one whole chicken each to her daughters etc.

This sivaprasad the alleged Internist always told my mother & moahn the brother to never give up feeding us psychiatry drugs.

Once during my niece's wedding I met them in their five star hotel where they were staying. Asked him about my water retention. I cannot capture his superciliousness & arrogance in words. While biting into half a piece of lightly buttered toast  (congenitally OBESE ...so dieting forvever) replied:in a funny American accent that these NRIs cultivate -

" I just cannot prescribe off hand...need to do a battery of tests".

His wife is allergic to betel nut. Yet ate some and was at once rushed to Devaki Nursing Home , given drips etc. And this husband sivaprasad turned it into some life & death issue wearing a stethoscope kicking out the local doctor & doting over his wife as "AmericaAAA returned internist". Everyone was so awestruck.

Both husband & wife caught hold of one EXCELLENT astrologer (he is no more) called Chari living in pathetic conditions in Choolaimedu ( Tamil Nadu) thrust the horoscopes of their twin daughters shobha & latha & their own asking him to study & study them WITHIN their air conditioned room in five star hotel during their absence
& prescribe all remedial measures to ward off any kind of problem for them.

In a nutshell they desired they ALONE be spared all troubles.

This is how SELFISH indians are.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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