Electronics For Imaging CEO Guy Gecht makes almost $6 million a year, but still feels the need to import slumdogs and pay them slave wages instead of hiring locals:

Eight workers from India were paid as little as $1.21 an hour by a tech company in Fremont, Calif., over several months in late 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as reported by the Associated Press.  As a result the company, Electronics for Imaging, which specializes in printing technology, agreed to pay $43,000 in back wages and government penalties. Electronics for Imaging, or EFI, said in a prepared statement that it “unintentionally overlooked” U.S. labor law and has "taken steps to ensure that this type of administrative error does not reoccur."

The workers were transferred from Bangalore, India, to help the company move into a new headquarters building. They logged as many as 122 hours a week (WTF??????) without overtime with some earning as little as $1.21 an hour. California’s minimum wage at the time was $8 an hour.

- LA Times


The incident is a reminder that even amid a labor market that has boomed in recent years in Silicon Valley and other parts of the Bay Area, income inequality and payments of relatively low wages can still be a problem for workers in the region. The workers were paid in Indian rupees.

"It's always amazing that some employers think they can go about with this kind of cheating," said Sylvia Allegretto, a UC Berkeley research economist and co-chair of the university's Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics.

An anonymous tip prompted the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate the case, which resulted in more than $40,000 in back wages paid to the eight employees and a fine of $3,500 for Electronics for Imaging.

"There may be good reasons to bring in foreign employees to work at tech companies, but there's no good reason to pay them so little," said Jon Haveman, chief economist with San Rafael-based Marin Consulting.

The eight employees were paid to help install the company's computer network and systems in connection with the move of the company's headquarters from Foster City to Fremont.

Some employees worked up to 122 hours a week. The unlawful employment began Sept. 8, 2013, and concluded Dec. 21, 2013.

"These kinds of egregious wage and law violations go on every day," Allegretto said.

Investigators from the division's San Jose office learned that the technicians were flown in from the employer's office in Bangalore, India.

 "This was discovered through an anonymous tip, and we need that kind of information to discover these sorts of illegal situations," Blanco said.

- Mercury News



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United States James
October 26. 2014 11:23

"It's always amazing that some employers think they can go about with this kind of cheating," said Sylvia Allegretto, a UC Berkeley research economist and co-chair of the university's Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics."

No, this is happening ALL over America in LOTS of companies. CEOs are getting filthy rich off the practice.

This is near-slavery folks. Exploiting desperate, unemployed, poor people in other countries for Korporate Profit.

And a $3500 fine? Pocket change! The CEO should be arrested and jailed.

""There may be good reasons to bring in foreign employees to work at tech companies, but there's no good reason to pay them so little," said Jon Haveman, chief economist with San Rafael-based Marin Consulting."

No, that too is illegal as long as Americans are unemployed. TITLE 8, SECTION 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS.

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United States Boss
October 27. 2014 09:28

I already wrote an email questioning authorities for not arresting this CEO and Owner of this sweat-shop. No reply yet. They did same thing with Infoshit. 30 Million "PENALTY" for doing a crime!! and they got away with their crime by paying that bribe and still continue doing the same shit.. Does this mean that I can do any crime here and pay "PENALTY" (BRIBE) and everything should be alright???Or is this privilege only available to big corporations??? This crime carries two sections related to "Prevailing Wage" and "Over Time Abuse". Please note Devyani Khobragade was indicted for similar  charges.

Our memories are short living and politicians and corporations love it.. God Bless America!

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India TR Follower
October 28. 2014 02:25
TR Follower

"JOBS ARE NOT SENT OVERSEAS BECAUSE AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH SKILLED WORKERS, Jobs are sent overseas so corporations, banks and stockholders can make huge profit off the back of non-unionized, uninsured and desperate people living in the third world poverty" - Brandon Weber.
Similarly, it goes with the H1B visa too.

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United States uscitizen
October 28. 2014 08:01

yawn yawn,...boring...Post something more interesting.

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United States RJ
October 29. 2014 11:41

@ UScitizen, why is it boring?

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United Kingdom Mr. X
October 29. 2014 18:37
Mr. X

India, the capital of corruption:

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Kuwait Anonymous
October 30. 2014 18:23

One man ( a tambram)  in Calcutta who was notorious for regularly visiting Sonargachi red light area married a girl from Tamil Nadu. Was forever  whining  "her health needed improvement". After much prodding the bride blurted out " ..he is complaining my midriff is not like that of Sridevi of Tohfaa....".Eventually left him but the rest of the extended  family ( so called respectable aam janata with one son passing out from Jadavpur University  doing some post grad in science going straight to America / Auatralia dunno) all living in the same Prashanthi 1/1 , Lake Avenue , Calcutta blamed the woman as "characterless".

S.N.Ramachandran  was full of a litany of woes telling me " I want the nipples of Jaqueline Bisset....breasts as big as Asha Sachdev....one Nivedita who I danced with in Chennai......buttocks of Karishma Kapoor....crotch of priyanka chopra.......belly button of karishma kapoor....." . This went on & on with no respite. When he wanted his sugar to be brought under control without medication I was the one who made fenugreek powder at home diligently. Despite that he would sit for hours before the tv salivating over Karishma Kapoor's vulgar gyrations in David Dhawan's movie ( song sung by alisha chinai...sexy..sexy...sexy...). One day I emptied 100gms of fenugreek seeds on his briefcase ( Samsonite etc etc billed to his company account) in Kuwait. At once he sent for Egyptian quack Mufty who came with an ambulance & two Kuwaiti Policemen labelling me "manic ,  violent , disoriented " jabbed some needle containing haloperidol , lithium etc into me & threw me NAKED inside psychiatry ward here in Kuwait.  

Whenever I listen(ed) to songs or sing I was / am given the same treatment. But s.n.ramachandran has STOLEN ALL my recorded songs , cassettes including devotional Hymns. It is the psychiatrists who are the REAL terrorists of contemporary world. They maintain music is bad. That All should remain zombies & die.

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 4. 2014 11:53

There is one Telugu brahmin called Govindarajan , a chartered accountant now married and settled in Kansas City America with two sons. But before moving to America was living in Calcutta and a close pal of my brother Mohan ( who now lives in Canada with his wife Vasudharini , a son called Shiva and a daughter called madhavi) a congenital PERVERT.

When that Govindarajan was working in GKW (Guest Keen Williams) a married Bengali colleague approached him for the same forbidden sex claiming her legal husband was not "satisfying" her. That Govindarajan asked Mohan to arrange for their illicit sex without incurring much expenditure and arousing suspicions around. His mother was working as a Teacher in Svarna School. All alleged "devotees" of Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Baba. It was my brother Mohan who came up with the most shocking "strategy". Govindarajan the alleged bachelor and that married woman were locked inside their own house by Mohan with a navtal lock and the keys held by him. His mother the teacher on finding her house locked went and spent the night in her brother's house who was an employee of UCo.bank then.
Once their raunchy sex was over , Mohan unlocked the door and she went home. The mother was given some lame excuse like overtime in office and hence the locked house blah blah. Such CRIMINALS in our own midst are seldom apprehended and punished. No wonder he and Vasudharini proudly bragged to all in Kuwait they owned the "largest collection of hard core porn movies library in entire Kuwait". Many Indians in Kuwait were their clients. Thus both Mohan and Vasudharini made huge amount of money despite working as CFOs in well known companies. She periodically smuggled lot of gold to India selling and making profits. Her father Nagarajan in addition to horse racing was also financing many movies and swindling many through his chit fund schemes like Teak plantations in Odisha blah blah. He was well connected to ULFA militants he said. Made too much of black money stashing them inside many bank lockers also.
It is the same black money that they give today to Ramdev Baba for kapalabhati Thirupathy Temple as "donations" etc etc.

These FACTS never feature in their CVs. In Canada (London Ontario) they have a huge home theatre where they screen many such movies and make money. Others call it "tremendous networking skills of vasudharini and Mohan".( Tel no +1-519-8579333)

It is this brother Mohan who picked up another congenital LIAR aum PERVERT called S.N.Ramachandran as my faux husband in my faux marriage held on 31/March/1982 in Calcutta. Mohan drugged me heavily with psychiatry toxic poisons branding me "bipolar" with the help of psychiatrists like MM.Mazumdar , Sabyasachi Nandi and one Bhattacharjee.
This was exactly how Mohan KILLED my brother called J.Prakash.
S.N.Ramachandran has a forged birth certificate in his Indian passport. He along with his parents subjected me and my child to horrendous torture throughout. But nobody has bothered to punish him and his accomplices.

The Govindharajan mentioned above & S.N.Ramachandran passed out of the same Andhra Association School in Calcutta ( Kolkata). Mohan the diabolical LIAR brought in this Govindharajan to convince me as I was NOT willing to consent to this marriage. Govindharajan told me "...trust me Raji...he is my friend...very nice , soft spoken..a thorough gentleman....marry him...you will not regret..".

It is the same LIAR Govindharajan who was nominated the 'best man' by Mohan holding a black brolly over S.N.Ramachandran's head with thick kaajal  (collyrium) slapped on his scrawny cheeks beaming from ear to ear (apparently  to ward off evil eyes!!) for 'Kaashi Yathirai' Ceremony in this faux marriage.
The photographs are all there still.

AFTER the marriage was over followed by horrendous honeymooning in Darjeeling-Kalimpong , the same Govindharajan told me casually:-

" That Ramachandran who I certified & vouched for is NOT this ramachandran who has become your husband now...Mohan requested me to tell this LIE.I obliged".

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United States ezygoer
November 5. 2014 13:05

Republicans are in so the party of the rich will now obfuscate the middle class. The US techie can hit the trailer parks and blow meth.
Expect to see more outsourcing and loss of tech jobs esp. if the presidency too goes GOP in 2016.

India Inc. should be happy "Big Business" is in as it always works in their favor.

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United States ezygoer
November 6. 2014 12:04

Republicans are in
The US techie can head to the trailer park and blow meth
Wanna bet they'll raise the minimum wage ?

India Inc must be smiling as the party of "Big Business" is always good for them

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 10. 2014 11:25

Once the Blogger Tunnel Rat himself brilliantly summed up the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Hence what is heartening is the fact AMERICANS are not idiots. And have woken up.
Can no longer be arm twisted by the same Indians.

Take a look at Gulf countries to know how arrogant & influential CORRUPT Indians are and what a mess they have made by conning the ARABS dishing out the same threat  "without us Indians your economy will collapse....we alone can do calculations...we only discovered zero...we always get hundred upon hundred in all papers...all spelling contests in America are won by indians onnnnlyeeee...our indian women are the beautifullestest.... blah blah".

Except narcissistic Indians who else likes these indians? NONE.

Even the recently released bollywood movie of shah rukh khan is a PLAGIARIZATION of Hollywood's Ocean's Eleven. By plagiarizations alone indian film industry generates money to keep indian economy afloat. And it is precisely these megalomaniac CHEATS the hemamailinis , aishwarya rais , amitabh bachans  etc etc
who constitute  the backbone of BJP party.

It is the same filthy rich indians ( cricketers included)infested india that is STILL talking and talking about building toilets. In the same debauched hemamalinis infested Mumbai a woman sold her Mangal Sutra to construct a toilet in her house.

Whatever happened to the hoarded LOOT of art of living sssravishankars , ammachis , hemamalinis , shah rukh khans ( who is lot more rich than Tom Cruise),
baba ramdevs , icchadari babas DMK party members- all CHARLATANS that could & would  have long ensured these BASIC facilities in India.

But indians are destined to remain this way. As it is these IDIOTS of india who ensure the prosperity of hemamalinis , sachin tendulkars , aishwarya rais shah rukh khans etc. The same art of living sssravishankars who are all tax exempt NGOs is travelling to Iraq to orchestrate some heavy "charities" charade. This CROOK sssravishankar did it earlier ALSO.

AFTER ALL the American Navy Seals got killed by some Afghani militant , he made a big show of "preventing blah blah with his hyperventilation". Within India itself both charlatans sssravishankar & Nithyananda are in the same business unable to bury their own bitter animosities. Add to that competition from ammachis also.

These charlatans form the core support base of BJP the ruling party today.

The sooner America gets rid of all these megalomaniac charlatans & their good for nothing followers the better for AMERICA.

And when most Indians want to get into AMERICA , Europe why not America & Europe take over India also ???

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Kuwait Anonymous
November 10. 2014 11:35

Ocean's Eleven has been plagiarized by farah kkhan shah rukh khan etc into "Happy New Year". This is a hindi movie. BJP screeams in high decibels that it would do away with English altogether , wipe out Tamil also thrusting hindi alone on all indians. Have made millions billions it is reported through this hindi movie titled happy new year. That is india for you. Look at their galling DISCREPANCIES. Soon is going to be made in other regional languages too particularly kollywood of Tamil Nadu. It is DMK party that controls kollywood film industry.

This is a splendid opportunity for AMERICA to totally DISABLE for good the useless  bollykollywood of india. All scarcities of water , electricity etc would come to an end.

no site

United States PolishKnight
November 12. 2014 02:21

Sadly, BOTH parties hate white male tech workers.  For the left, white males are hated because they comprised the electorate in the states in the 1950's that rejected communism.  Even as the left worships European socialism, they hate European men.  

On the right, it's simply about money.

This isn't the Swedish paradise we were promised...

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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