It looks like the shills for the ethic cleansing of American techies are getting called out for their propaganda:

Silicon Valley has created an imaginary staffing shortage.

Business executives and politicians endlessly complain that there is a "shortage" of qualified Americans and that the U.S. must admit more high-skilled guest workers to fill jobs in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and math. This claim is echoed by everyone from President Obama and Rupert Murdoch to Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Yet within the past month, two odd things occurred: Census reported that only one in four STEM degree holders is in a STEM job, and Microsoft announced plans to downsize its workforce by 18,000 jobs. Even so, the House is considering legislationthat, like the Senate immigration bill before it, would increase to unprecedented levels the supply of high-skill guest workers and automatic green cards to foreign STEM students.

As longtime researchers of the STEM workforce and immigration who have separately done in-depth analyses on these issues, and having no self-interest in the outcomes of the legislative debate, we feel compelled to report that none of us has been able to find any credible evidence to support the IT industry's assertions of labor shortages.

Stagnant wages

If a shortage did exist, wages would be rising as companies tried to attract scarce workers. Instead, legislation that expanded visas for IT personnel during the 1990s has kept average wages flat over the past 16 years. Indeed, guest workers have become the predominant source of new hires in these fields.

Those supporting even greater expansion seem to have forgotten about the hundreds of thousands of American high-tech workers who are being shortchanged — by wages stuck at 1998 levels, by diminished career prospects and by repeated rounds of layoffs.

The facts are that, excluding advocacy studies by those with industry funding, there is a remarkable concurrence among a wide range of researchers that there is an ample supply of American workers (native and immigrant, citizen and permanent resident) who are willing and qualified to fill the high-skill jobs in this country. The only real disagreement is whether supply is two or three times larger than the demand.

Unfortunately, companies are exploiting the large existing flow of guest workers to deny American workers access to STEM careers and the middle-class security that should come with them. Imagine, then, how many more Americans would be frozen out of the middle class if politicians and tech moguls succeeded in doubling or tripling the flow of guest workers into STEM occupations.



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United States SuperCoolIndianMan
July 29. 2014 22:13

Hindu Fascist Fucks.

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United States James
July 30. 2014 07:30

We all know this has been a globalist/NASSCOM con from day 1. There never was any shortage. It's all about dumping the world's unemployable into Amerika - the only country that is insane enough to have open borders and let the conmen in and rape us en massse by the millions.

The wealth-siphoning continues!

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United Kingdom hinduass
July 30. 2014 11:50

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India Ng
July 31. 2014 00:58

I was google about India and Indians trying to find some article online that may say about India as to why most/majority people in India/ Indian lack basic common sense unlike others. And I found this article
Since then, I read a number of other articles from this blog. All of them are so true, I know it will be difficult to digest for an Indian, but I could not have say it myself better. Specially the comments are all so correct and true. I have been in the heartland of India ( Delhi ) for some years now, long enough to know society, cultural set up. This blog and its commenters could not have say better on the personality, character, society, culture, etc etc. of Indian. When I say Indian, I mean 95 percent of them, the rest which I don't really count them are those foreign born elite and do not behave such as this and the people from East, who have no similarity with India I know of, not even one bit, except passport.

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United States Boss
August 2. 2014 07:05

Power point presentation about US IT 'Industry'. Except presentation skill and language , this guy has put some serious research on this topic.

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India Raj
August 9. 2014 07:02

Boss thanks for the link, I watched the presentation, the content is really good and person is talking facts.I am going to read the book he mentions as well.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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