As soon as insurgents saw the elevation of Microsoft's Satya Nadella to CEO, they knew that the ethnic cleansing of non-Indians would begin.  At least U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions had the balls to call bullshit on Mr. Softie's need for H-1Bs as it purges a bunch of crackers from its ranks:


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) criticized Microsoft founder Bill Gates for calling on Congress to increase STEM worker visas while the company plans to cut 18,000 jobs next year.

“Super billionaires aren’t happy apparently. … They declare we need to import more foreign workers,” Sessions said on the Senate floor Thursday. “Mr. Gates says we need to let more and more people into our country to take those kinds of jobs.”


Sessions was referring to an op-ed in which Gates called on the House to pass the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill. That legislation would increase the number of worker visas for immigrants in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Sessions pointed out that Microsoft announced Thursday that it plans to layoff nearly 20,000 workers in an effort to streamline. He said those workers should take priority over immigrants.

Sessions also cited a recent U.S. census reports that stated 75 percent of U.S. citizens with STEM degrees aren’t working in that field.

“We need them working first before we bring more people in,” Sessions said. “I don’t think you can make the argument that we have a labor shortage.”

Sessions has been an ardent critic of the Senate-passed immigration reform bill, which also would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants within the United States and increase spending for border security.

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United States seeing things
July 21. 2014 13:54
seeing things

It's a sure bet this guy is going to be losing funds from super PACs and lobbyists - any Alabama constituents who can spare a few bucks should contribute to his re-election.

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United States Boss
July 21. 2014 23:12

Usual bullsh**t by Fraudwa (NASCOM agent).

"They are in high demand wherever they go. The loser is the United States."

Ohh .. I am so glad that Mr. Fraudy is so worried about America than Americans do! He is worried about America losing her talent and he is not worried about this "HIGH SKILLED" INDIANS ,since they are in  HIGH DEMAND WHEREVER THEY GO  Smile

Typical DESI style, Instead of saying that "We want to come to America and settle there", he goes.." If you don't retain us, you are the looser"  Smile

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United States Rat Pack
July 22. 2014 10:34
Rat Pack

Glad somebody finally called Microsoft out on this crap.

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United States Boss
July 22. 2014 21:00

Book on slumdog dominated US IT 'Industry' (Mafia)

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United States Can't take anymore
July 24. 2014 01:35
Can't take anymore

I am really concerned for India's future and their youth. That is why I want to see a Bill in Congress called "India's Best and Brightest"; the Bill calls for the greatest generation of IT specialists the World has ever known, the Indian H-1B, to return to India to help India jumpstart its economy. The Bill would give funding to the military to seek out and put in shipping containers Indians who are here as H-1B's and OPT's and Zippy Dee Do-Das and sent IMMEDIATELY to India where they would be welcomed as the greatest gift the US could give India: The Best and Brightest.

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United Kingdom hinduass
July 24. 2014 10:57

Download this book before this is forced to7 delete.

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United Kingdom hinduass
July 24. 2014 10:58

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United States James
July 26. 2014 09:17

US is the loser? Well we've BEEN importing these people for FIFTEEN YEARS and all we have to show for it is a wrecked a econ, record debt, and 90 million Americans are on food stamps.

I'd say the US is the loser for importing them, not keeping them out.

The USA was BOOMING in 1998 when Americans ran things.

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United States James
July 26. 2014 09:19

If Indian H-1Bs were the ahem... "IT Specialists" as they claim, India would be booming and they wouldn't need to come to the USA to rob a job. Instead India is still 600,000,000 toilets short. Try building some sewers before you try building computers.

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United States Bart
July 27. 2014 11:56

This has nothing to do with IT but same kind of shit.

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United States DagdaSOB
July 29. 2014 03:21

BOSS and HinduAss - Bought the book - NICE!!!

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United States Seeing Things
July 30. 2014 22:05
Seeing Things

Senator Jeff Sessions is running un-opposed for his re-election this year - this guy doesn't owe Washington lobbyists a thing.  This is the sort of representation we should all have.  Call your senators and congress reps and ask why they can't make the same statements as Jeff Sessions. They won't say why (if they take your call at all!), but it will be because they like the money they get from these PACs.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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