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This IT worker had to train an H-1B replacement

U.S. workers protested job losses to foreign workers by displaying American flags in their cubicles

Patrick Thibodeau

June 10, 2014 (Computerworld)

This is the story of an IT worker who was replaced by a worker on an H-1B visa, one of a number of visa holders, mostly from India, who took jobs at this U.S. company. Computerworld is not going to use the worker's name or identify the companies involved to protect the former employee from retaliation. For purposes of this story, the worker has been given initials -- A.B. (They're not the person's real initials.)

At A.B.'s company, about 220 IT jobs have been lost to offshore outsourcing over the last year. A.B. is telling the story because, initially, there was little knowledge among fellow employees about H-1B visa holders and how they are used. They didn't know that offshore outsourcing firms are the largest users of H-1B visas, or exactly how this visa facilitates IT job losses in the U.S.

"I think once we learned about it, we became angrier toward the U.S. government than we were with the people that were over here from India," A.B. said, "because the government is allowing this."

The IT workers at this firm first learned of the offshore outsourcing threat through rumors. Later, the IT staff was called into an auditorium and heard directly from the CIO about the plan to replace them. It would take months for the transition to be completed, in part because of some new system installations....

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United States cruser3
June 17. 2014 13:39

Ho Hum so the firm decided to do IT at 25% of the N.American wage which is not illegal and what good will flying the flag do ? The laws are being watered down to do IT at less than 25% of the local wage as spouses of visa holders can now work plus a million foreign workers per year coming through an alphabet soup of visas. Labor arbitrage at it's worst and foremost in IT.

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United States Sally
June 18. 2014 16:03

Rat, were you the hero that linked it to drudge?

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United States Tunnel Rat
June 18. 2014 22:31
Tunnel Rat

@Sally, no that was not me.  I would never go through the process of knowingly and willingly training my slumdog replacement.

I always keep my skills current, my resume updated, with one ear to the ground and one foot out the door.  The minute I get a whiff of a coming ethnic cleansing of American techies, I flip the bird to the collaborators and get the fuck out...

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United States James
June 19. 2014 15:15

25% of the N.American wage and -100% of the quality. Way to got there dummies.....

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United States Boss
June 19. 2014 23:50

Hello Americans,

Our current action item should be to stop H4-EAD proposal from becoming the law. Please note that any proposal once becomes the law, it is almost impossible to revert it back, like H1B. H1B was passed in 90s and even after years of oppositions from Americans , we know nothing has happened yet!!  Let us not repeat the same mistake, please write to your congress men and write to immigration control organizations like 'numbersusa' , to bring this potentially big issue to the lime-lite.

For most of our fellow Americans, "Immigration = Illegal Spanish people".  
Not sure why did we get this false notion!!! may be the media (they are corporate whores.They want to divert our attention from the real problem!). Most of us don't see the bigger issue like Indian migration aka "employment based legal migration", which throws millions of American workers out of job. Let us educate our fellow Americans about this and ask them to 'ACT' against this non-sense.

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United States Boss
June 19. 2014 23:56

Please comment against H4-EAD. The comment period is going to be end in couple of days. Right now the website is flooded with Supportive comments from  Indians. As of now there are around 6300 positive comments and 500 negative comments. This is not enough. Need more opposition. Please post your comments and send this url to other fellow Americans. God Bless America!


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United States Rat Pack
June 20. 2014 08:56
Rat Pack

Always good to see this problem getting more exposure.  I have nothing against Indians, but I don't appreciate these "slumdogs" who come over here on guest worker visas and take jobs that an American can do.  I want to punch these morons who spout the "best and brightest" line of bullshit, or give the typical crap about how a business should be able to hire the worker they want and how citizens shouldn't be "entitled" to a job.

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United States Boss
June 22. 2014 02:38

Comment from one unemployed American.

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United States US Tech Insurgent
June 22. 2014 23:58
US Tech Insurgent

Nice coverage, but as usual the in house IT employees have zero solidarity other than flying US Flags. The least they could do is create a misinformation strategy to set these slumdogs up to fail even quicker or better yet not train anyone at all. These corporate scare tactics work all too well, some of these guys have a family and want to ride it out with a paycheck until the final blow happens (Afraid to rock the boat).

This should be once again another warning, don't get too comfortable at places working in IT. At any moment you could lose your job and your coworkers usually will not do shit to help or can't. Make sure to network with the right people and always keep your resume updated.

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United States cruser3
June 23. 2014 03:32

If businesses were allowed to bring in workers from wherever they want and all visa workers were given citizenship after 6m-1 year in the US or even better on arrival what will wages in IT look like ?


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United States James
June 23. 2014 08:57

IT IS ILLEGAL to hire ANY foreign workers while Americans are unemployed.

SUE the gov't for not enforcing the immigration laws.

Title 8, Section 1182 - INADMISSIBLE ALIENS:

(i) In general Any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that—

(I) there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified (or equally qualified in the case of an alien described in clause

(ii)) and available at the time of application for a visa and admission to the United States and at the place where the alien is to perform such skilled or unskilled labor, and (II) the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.

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United States Boss
June 23. 2014 20:48

Yes, we should make a class action and sue Govt. Also we should have a common place to meet ,like a website or something ,for American IT workers, so that we can communicate and coordinate with our fellow American workers.
As a warning to the government and corporations can we urge ALL AMERICAN WORKERS to boycott work for a day as a symbolic protest? How can we communicate this to all American IT workers and get their views?

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United States Boss
June 24. 2014 00:09

Canada to reduce work visas.
Critics said that businesses were using it to hire foreign workers over Canadian workers and to suppress wages.
The government is reducing the NUMBER OF VISAS ISSUED, THE LENGTH OF TIME that workers can stay in the country, and INCREASING THE FEES FOR BUSINESS that wish to use the program.


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United States Unemployment Disaster
June 24. 2014 02:19
Unemployment Disaster


The $10.10 wage you talk about is already happening in depressed urban environments like Detroit. Detroit imported thousands of fraudulently admitted L-1's into their Automotive IT market when Indians with fake resumes fraudulently claimed that they had arrived in the US to work as "management transfers" for big companies like Tata of the North Americas. The fraudulent L-1's would claim that the big "parent" company of Tata had given them permission to enter the country as legitimate transfer when in fact they were making up fake Tata offices and pretending to work for Tata as part of the fraud. Since no one does high level, forensic level "back ground" checks, numerous phony Tata bodyshop and other fake Indian "visas", mostly members of the Hindu Mafia flooded the Detroit area and set up fake "company" offices in dipidated slum office where the furniture was so cheap that chairs were either stolen or fished out of dumpsters. As a result, the average IT wage in Detroit is now $10 an hour and the average "gig" length is two weeks. Fraud Hindus use fake resumes to make all sorts of claims and in the Detroit area there are numerous fake graphic designers and fake doctors, take your pick. The Detroit area now looks like a toilet thanks to the Hindu Mafia and their criminal disregard for American visa law.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 24. 2014 11:14

Though people like to mention America and India in the same breath calling them two great democracies America is totally different from India. More precisely Indians are totally different. It is difficult to express in words. They would conveniently blame everything on Britain , Pakistan, China and America.

Indians do not care for ETHICS. Indians are the most insensitive and cruel people.
And extremely selfish also. Their character is never going to change.
Exceptions prove the rule.

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France mondragon
June 27. 2014 11:06

After visiting this site. I now have an occasion to work at major car manufacturer with a strong army of HB-1 visas holder. Here is my take on the subject.
After hanging with americans after work, I could already hear the resentment in their voices

Business opportunity.
How many americans corporation went to undevelopped countries for business opportunies? Coca Cola, Dupont, Pepsi, KFC at the expense of local producers?
The indians companies are just taking advantage of the current system. I don't blame them for trying to feed their families.

For not cutting edge stuff, IT  is easy.
That's right I said it, IT is democratized now. Who remembers when IT guys had stacks of books on their desk? You had to pour in those books for knowlesdge. After eight years of practice I have yet to come on a substet of a my bigger problem that wasn't solved by someone on the internet. That's a straight leeway for unproven indians IT guys coming here. Even if they are fresh products, they could always tap their company networks in Hindi language without the american manager knowing that is green. Unless you work on cutting edge stuff or a startup. Enterprise IT work is easy, people management is harder.

Competitivity and how you companies sees your value
If your companies keeps hiring HB1, it is also because, the companie can't uderstand the value that you bring in to the organisation. Your skills are not values and you are a COMMODITY. I personally saw a senior hb-1 guy being replace by three others HB-1. There is no way you could compete against that

My advice to you is if you work in a global company, a F500 company. If your activity is not part of the core business and you are seen as a cost and not a stategic partner, you are toast. Soon or later, 5, 10 or 20 years, you will be out.

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United States US Tech Insurgent
June 28. 2014 05:48
US Tech Insurgent


"Enterprise IT work is easy"

So easy that anyone off the street can hop in the hot seat and do it 100% with little issues, right? I agree with some of your post and logic, but this statement in particular is ridiculous.

Can I ask why you are not working in France? (According to your flag)

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United States Unemployment Disaster
June 28. 2014 09:48
Unemployment Disaster


The story you just posted is something you cut and pasted from someone else's email. I can tell by the way you wrote it that you did not experience it yourself. Along with fake resumes, Indians love to use fake "stories" to sell their propaganda. Fake story, not yours. Get a life, or better yet, get toilet so you can put your bullshit in the proper receptacle.

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United States cruser3
June 28. 2014 14:17

Big business wants IT done cheap with no long term commitments like pensions, health care and other benefits. This is tailor made for exploitation from overseas IT firms mostly from India and few from Eastern Europe, Philipines etc.

It's cost effective in the short run and mostly a disaster in the long term as standards go down along with local employment and wages. Unless there is a movement from within to expose this will continue to ruin the domestic economy.

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United States James
June 30. 2014 02:35

"Enterprise IT work is easy"?

Apparently not for the army of slumdogs who first tried to do Obamacare.

Just ask them - 100% Indian shop, 110% FAIL:




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United States Bobby Jindal
July 2. 2014 00:04
Bobby Jindal

Another win for corporations at SCOTUS...boy, the H1b/other-immigrant loving corporations are on a roll in Robert's court.

Thanks again for all you GOP/teaparty vote in last decade+.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
July 3. 2014 21:33

I'm not sure what decision you're referring to, Bobby.  Probably the right for non-union members to not have to pay union dues.

That isn't a corporate win.   On the contrary, unions are firmly in the pocket of the open borders' camp because public sector unions see more work and pay for government unions who are policemen, social workers, etc. and the public sector unions follow suit and put the needs of the public sector union workers ahead of private sector workers.

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Kuwait Anonymous
July 5. 2014 12:32

Happy Independence Day !!!

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Kuwait Anonymous
July 5. 2014 13:02

Indians and their fake resumes , forged certificates etc are not going away.

The other day a person holding a responsible post in Indian Embassy here justified them arguing " India is a poor country with so many people....how else will they find jobs abroad ...so HAVE to forge , tell lies about their age , qualifications ...these are not crimes..".

Within India they follow different set of rules. For instance Kerala has one of the best Homeopathy Colleges. But admission is strictly for Keralites alone.

India has diverse languages and cuisine. Still the newly elected party BJP is trying its best to impose Hindi language on all. This hindi imposition is not unprecedented. Earlier many lives were lost in Tamil Nadu when they opposed this hindi.

Their silly argument being , Japan has progressed so well only because all of them speak Japanese & study in Japanese. So hindi fanatics argue by translating all subjects into hindi & making all compulsorily learn and communicate in hindi
India would become the next soooperpower.

Whatever be the language spoken it is lack of ETHICS & laudable CREDENTIALS among Indians that constitutes the  problem. India's one point agenda is anti America , anti England , anti English policy. Why buy so many missiles and weapons from non hindi speaking countries like America & France then ? India would go to any length to enfeeble America. Hence keep screaming "geopolitical...." ever kowtowing to Russia. When Indian newspapers report Japan is no longer friendly towards America , Indians become overjoyed.

The IDEA of opening coffee shops like Starbucks & fast food joints has been copied from America by Indians.

But when they open such chain of outlets scream first "...Move away America ..Starbucks ....Indian entrepreneurs are here selling varieties of tea & coffee...". Similarly vegetarian Ambanis are going to market same kind of fried chicken etc etc like KFC but scream " swadeshi...move away America....we are the future conquerors....".

I often wonder in what way is this India  "special & different" as alleged by jingoistic masses.

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United States James
July 6. 2014 18:57

4000 comments on that article now. Woot.

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United Kingdom Mr. X
July 7. 2014 19:28
Mr. X

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United States Proteus
July 8. 2014 19:56

I got hired by a national firm entering our unique geographic area, where I'd lived and worked for 15 years for just about all the design consultants. So it seemed only natural that I demanded, and got, a good position and decent wage.

Things went smoothly for a little over five months or so, although it was a 'dead zone' company everyone stringers hired from other companies on autopilot like those Amazon warehouse robots passing in the aisles, mmmm, light flashing.

Then the VP from LA called up and congratulated us on all the contacts we'd made, all the contracts we'd won, and all the design work we'd accomplished.

He was coming up to personally meet all of us, and please have our work on thumb drives so he can review it. That should have been the tipoff, but when you're  self-motivating and set your own milestones, you don't think like a vampire.

He shows up without a catered lunch, without bonus checks, nothing, cold, gets us all crammed into the little coffee room, takes our thumb drives, then says, "I have to inform you that you are all laid off, effective 5PM today."

See, that was the almost 6-month thing. We were all still on 'probation'. No notice either, even though he illegally canned the entire office workforce.

They outsourced the entire design effort to India online, ran the contacts and contracts from LA, and just left a secretary at the door in an empty office suite, in case there were any walkins.

"Oh, they're all out in the field, sir."

Yeah. They're all out in the corn fields, bent over, corn cobs up the kazoo.

I left to work overseas and make big bucks, so there's that, and heard from my buddies that the India designers totally fubared the contracts, couldn't deal with American code and shapes, company had to close shop and fall back to LA.

Rubio's 2013 Immigration Reform Act created 40,000,000 Blue Visas and called for unlimited H-1Bs, together with unlimited funds for DHS to manage local outrage.

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United States Boss
July 10. 2014 10:01

DHS has gone mad. Why are we allowing and  considering comments by NON-US CITIZENS to make our country's rule!!! DHS website is flooded with comments by Indians. Its like asking Robbers ,if they support Robbery. The obvious answer will be Yes! They should have asked ONLY Americans, not the H4 Rule beneficiaries!!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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