Tunnel Rat posted on April 7, 2014 08:07

...resulting in a large amount of anti-H1B comments:

Wanted: Foreign workers. H-1B visa requests leap

Here are some good ones:

  • The ones who get degrees here are the worst! The entire purpose of the student visa is for people to study here then go back to their homeland to build up their native nations. NOT to stay in the US so they can live large. Such people are not only greedy and opportunistic, but unpatriotic and I believe that character should figure into immigration laws. What is the difference between a foreign STEM grad and an American STEM grad? Answer: the foreign STEM grad is taken by the hand and ushered into an extremely desirable American job. Whereas the American STEM grad has to move home and wait tables. This must end.


  • It is all about bringing in chaper labor from India . Does anyone really beleive that we don;t have the skilled labor in IT and acounting to do these jobs? If you do I have a bridge in NYC to sell you cheap. Its all about outsourcing to cheaper labor. Have to raise profits to keep investors happy. Can;t do it by 9increasing revenue so need to cut Laborl. Look at IBM . IN 10 years they have gone from over 200K employees in US to a target number of about 40K by 2015 yet the World wide number of employess is about flat. WHY ? Cheaper labor to grow profits. Look at the top 3 companies applying for the Visa.....they sure aren;t American companies and they sure do have access to some really cheap labor.


  • this is a perfect example of what these H1B d**cks do. They steal from each other in their own country, and then they come here and steal, and then they justify it by saying "everyone does it", so now stealing is ok, or they call it some fancy name like "globalization". They can't make their own country livable/it's filthy, so they come here and rob others, and then make it sound like everyone is a thief, like them. At least you're honest about how you all operate, I'll give you that.


  • Tech firms aren't even bothering to interview domestic candidates, despite the resume queues being full of them, before they hire foreigners. Its absolutely a travesty. Top grads can spend years sending out job applications not even to receive the basic courtesy of a response from many of those named employers.


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United States Jimminy Cricket
April 8. 2014 09:30
Jimminy Cricket

Honestly, I would prefer that the folks that spend the money
on a US education get preference over the folks with India
education.  Their schools are purely technical and focus on
rote memorization as opposed to problem solving.  Additionaly,
they are required to take some humanities and have 4 years
to soften the accent.

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United States Boss
April 8. 2014 20:37

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United States cruser
April 9. 2014 11:30

So 85K H1's gone in 5 days and given that a majority would be in STEM 85K indentured workers for Corp. Amerika and global IT services firms aka outsourcers. Why not lift the cap so US workers could get wiped out ? Why only 85K get visas when upto 1 million foreign students come to the US ?

Darwinism in the Tech industry is a weird animal !

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United States Boss
April 10. 2014 01:13

Official document from USCIS for proposed H4 Work Permit.

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United States Slumdog
April 10. 2014 02:40

This is what Indians think they are doing.


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United States m
April 10. 2014 16:15

Boss - You fucking paki.

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United States sam sneed
April 11. 2014 16:01
sam sneed

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United States James
April 11. 2014 19:35

They should call it the US Dept. of Job Robbery since there's nothing "secure" about it.

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United States Drifter
April 14. 2014 06:24

LOL keep dreaming if you think the permit for H4s will pass. It's propaganda and it will never happen.

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United States Odin
April 18. 2014 09:40

Why are their spouses aloud visas, seriously I just read an article about how the UN has to do trendy marketing commercials to get these people from taking a dump on the street. How in anyones right mind can Captains of Industry even say these people are better then Americans esp white Americans. Last I checked the Roman's had indoor plumbing thousands of years ago and these scabs can't grasp the idea that taking a dump on the street is bad.

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United States James
April 19. 2014 08:59

Why can't 4 million white American IT workers go work in India? Oh, they have laws against white people working there, I forgot......

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United States Boss
April 20. 2014 09:41

Yes, they have laws to protect the interest of their Citizens , unlike corporate America, where Citizens are enslaved to make the country rich and in return our government ships jobs overseas and bring slave labor here to protect interest of corporations. Plus I guess, people there will react violently with demonstrations ,to these kind of non-sense.
As I said in my earlier posts, this can happen only in so called "Developed Nations" , since people are "obedient aka with no balls" and government take them for granted!!

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United States Boss
April 23. 2014 04:25

Indians discussing H4-Work-Permit on Trackitt.


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United States seeing things
April 23. 2014 12:59
seeing things

Well watch out - they put a petition on the White House website asking to have H1b visas anyway - because they want them.  cry me a river.

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United States Revolution
April 26. 2014 04:25

The revolt is already here, more and more 25-35 year olds are learning to code, I go to Ruby and Python and Agular JS meetings and see more and more young adults learning and having a passion for creating things. If more and more Americans go into this field, no company can justify H1bs anymore. Tick tock, tick tock.

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United Kingdom Mr X
April 26. 2014 21:55
Mr X

@Revolution I have been coding for 20 years and I don't advise anyone to go into that field. It's the law of offer and demand, no matter how many americans know how to code your corporate masters still want to flood the market with H1Bs to drive wages even further down.

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