Yeah, like I give a shit...

Job Cuts And Weeping Workers At IBM India

"Job cuts arrived at multiple IBM locations in India this week and hundreds more layoffs are expected in the coming days.

In Bangalore one IBM unit called STG, the company’s hardware division, turned into a “slaughter house”, a worker reported. “People broke down after seeing the inhuman treatment,” the person wrote in the Alliance@IBM employees’ union website.

The cuts in India are part of IBM’s global plans to lay off thousands. However, employees in India, habituated to years of boom in the technology services industry, appeared to be hard hit. Insiders described emotional scenes following the layoff announcements.

Job cuts are not uncommon in India but Indian companies rarely subject their employees to the clinical ‘cut & exit’ treatment that is usual in the West."

Go talk to Kevin Flanagan's family about "slaughter."

These fucking slumdogs and their shills at Forbes have no shame.




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Kuwait Anonymous
February 14. 2014 23:21

These figurative "slaughtering" of highly DANGEROUS indians mostly hindoos & converted christians ( NOT MUSLIMS as being bludgeoned routinely on all our heads)
does not assuage my fear even a whee bit.

Bellicose & arrogant indians have been thumbing their noses at who else but America , Britain , Pakistan , China by propping up one narendra modi & spending extravagantly on arms purchases from Japan. I have never understood why this useless india is so fond of flexing its muscles at Pakistan , China & America when it is india's own hindus & converted christians who are the cause of all problems all scarcities all corruption the world over.

NUKING these indians is THE ONLY solution. Take for instance this hindu cfo s.n.ramachandran a cfo in Kuwait. That india which blames congress party has NOT killed this RAPIST , FORGERER & KILLER s.n.ramachandran. one yashwant sinha he told me gave some speech in indian embassy & he was also one of the invitees. Still driving company given car. Most of the indians here are partners in his crime. And bjp slaps its thighs it will "wipe out corruption".

When I asked some allegedly qualified retired indian in india about lack of punishment to this CROOK s.n.ramachandran he replied " in india we do everything slowly slowly through legal procedures as india is a democracy".

Such colossally mind numbing IDIOCY:-(( Is he not ratifying s.n.ramachandran's CRIMES as "legal & democratic"??

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United States Anon
February 15. 2014 06:33

"The federal government only makes 65,000 of these highly coveted visas available each year."
"like a hot concert ticket are gone within days."
"Clearly, demand for these workers is staggering and continues to grow every year."
Ok, lots of demand for these workers.
"In fact, so-called “H-1B dependent” firms targeted by the Senate bill would be forced to pay higher wages to their existing visa workers than they would have to pay to U.S.-born workers. "
Or the article could contradict itself in the very next paragraph.

"Consider the alternative: if these highly trained engineers, scientists, mathematicians and programmers are not allowed to stay and work in the U.S., they’ll simply end up helping one of our global competitors grow their own economy."
"But then we’re going to turn around and tell them to start that business and create those jobs in China or India or Mexico…That’s not how you grow new industries in America.”"
Don't we have free trade with those countries? won't growing their domestic economy help in particular your goal of doubling our exports Obama?

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United States NoH1
February 15. 2014 07:28

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Justice is served. Enjoy it slumdogs!

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United States Freedom1958
February 15. 2014 07:42

ROFLMAO!!! Oh, the irony...
Thanks TR. This article made my day!

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 15. 2014 11:48

You all know right now india is excessively cocky citing this Narendra Modi as some
messiah who is going to set things right by rooting out "corruption". Corruption is not some inanimate thins somewhere that one can "pull out". It is the hindus & whole lot of indians who are the culprits. And the same culprits are going to vote for bjp the highly dangerous party. India is ALWAYS narcissistic & anti AMERICA.
Never forget that. Already has joined hands with Japan purchasing lots of weapons to attack who ? Where did this india get so much of money to buy arms ? And why spend on arms when no toilets , no parks , walking trails no QUIETITUDE is there.

Only the other day indian government showed its true colours by taking anti AMERICAN dangerous steps within india withdrawing security etc as their own CORRUPT LAW BREAKER devyani khobragade was arrested in America. Indians are highly ungrateful & dangerous terrorists.

Too much of modimodimodi glorification by vested interests among hindoos is spurred by hindus' hardwired sense of superciliousness.
That is all there is to it.

RSS s.gurumurthys , subramaniam swamys (janata dal harvard returned heavy alcoholic) & narendra modis, including aam janata like me & all infinity foundation uber rich anti AMERICAN rajiv malhotras  IITian shadow warriors ( who stoutly defended the shameless nithyanandas )have badmouthed P.Chidambaram volubly citing alleged EVM glitches blah blah.
s.gurumurthy's hyperzealous mission has been to cavil at whatever P.Chidambaram comes up with in his budget calling them "kalla budget" (tamil meaning dubious).

I know nothing about budgets. NEVERTHELESS when I marshal all the shocking facts about my faux marriage with hindu TERRORIST s.n.ramachandran , his family , my brother mohan's orchestrated RAPES & SODOMY , MURDERS with the connivance of psychiatry POISONS & hindoo & converted christians psychiatrists the same unwarrantedly self righteous s.gurumurthy right hand of narendra modi justifies it by continuing to remain unfazed. He said he cannot do anything to help me. As that is what india is. That is what indians are. Full of rant & bluster.

What credentials do aam janata like these cfos (s.n.ramachandran , s.n.bhaskaran  mohan , vasudharinis etc etc)have to judge P.Chidambarams , Kapil Sibals , Salman Khurshids , Jayalalithaas , Mulayam Singh Yadavs & Mayavatis ??

Mulayam Singh Yadavs , Omar Abdullahs & P.Chidambarams etc did NOT orchestrate my brutal RAPE , INCEST , murders , thievery , forged passports of s.n.ramachandran. One such CRIMINAL MURDERER sister Bhanumathi Das Sharma of canara bank (calcutta) is the art of living teacher blessed thus by DIABOLICAL CROOK sssravishankar.Who STOUTLY defends the same narendra modis etc.

And why call AMERICANS (sic) "cynical" ??

Honourable Rahul Gandhi is far far superior as he is no overcrafty narendra modi who can sway the dangerous idiots called aam janata of india with his catchy "oratory" ( Rome versus Ram rajya blah blah).


Certainly not selfish merciless narendra modis propped up by equally heartless charminar smoking kanchanguptas. Who MUZZLED FREE speech. Muzzling of FREE speech is done by sandhya jains , kanchanguptas , shadow warriors.
ALL DANGEROUS FASCISTS. HINDU TERRORISTS. sandhya jain STOLE my name & comments posting them as her own in vijayvaani.

NORTH KOREANS are far less dangerous than these hindooos of bjp & hindoos worldwide.

I do NOT want bjp & hindus to win. EVER.

I posted the above comments in Swapan Dasgupta's blog.

And the following too. This will make you realize how very brutally heartless indians ARE.

"I have stated lot of shocking TRUTHS about my TORTURE , several attempts by various indooooo relatives , indooo faux husband s.n.ramachandran (965-97201449) cfo in Kuwait now. NOT a single naalayak indian cared.
Including narendra modi the overhyped hoo haa's right hand man s.gurumurthy of rss.

MY ardent PRAYERS to GOD are that bjp should NEVER win. I am extremely scared of modi , advani  mm .joshi the entire hindu TERRORISTS. It is precisely these hindooo terrorists that have been unjustifiably taking only Sri.Dawood Ibrahim's NAME , Sri.Pervez Musharraf's NAME forever branding them "criminals/dons/fugitives" blah blah.

Sri.Dawood Ibrahim , his FAMILY , Sri.Pervez Musharraf are NOT criminals and/or terrorists.Period.

I want indian gorement , indians the hinooo terrorists , the converted christian terrorists who take on multiple roles as concubines , sluts , psychiatrists , nurses , matrons etc etc invading MY boundaries to be BOMB BLASTED away to smithereens by PAKISTAN & CHINA.

"Judge a man by his VIRTUES" Swami Vivekananda says. Not by religious belief systems. Sri.Dawood Ibrahim is a blemish free MAN. A VIRTUOUS PERSON. Period.

It is my inviolable right to think & decide for myself. No hindoo can intimidate me pontificating on patriotism , dindoobindoodundooism shibboleth.

My vote is for only such Indians like say Smt.Jayalalithaa , Mulayam Singh Yadav ( labelled as very corrupt by indian columnists BUT my relatives are MORE CRIMINALISED in my eyes), Omar Abdullah including any such rare free thinking SANE person.

bjp is a strict pariah in my eyes.
More than MUSLIMS of India I a hindu brahmin woman am EXTREMELY opposed to bjp & its dangerous indoos.

I am not denying narendra modi's hoohaa "achievements". That is ZILCH.

As ARABS have long ensured much much more than this fanatics infested india with its modis , advanis, bollywood lecherous chopras ( chandni blah blah kitschy movie producers ( & sluttish hemamalinis who are glorified as repositories of grate indoo culture. ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

I would be very very GRATIFIED if lots of these indians perish in nuclear attacks , FIRE , tsunamis, food poisonings, plane crashes.

I am sick of this good for nothing USELESS modi hell bent on sardar patel's statue (who wants one more statue IDIOT)& infuriating me with his EXTREMELY boring autobiography as if he alone suffered selling chai. RIDICULOUS. These modis & hindoo TERRORISTS are viscerally anti Sri.Dawood Ibrahim. Which is TOTALLY unacceptable & UNFAIR".

HERE in KUWAIT even as expats these indians are evading PUNISHMENT. It should alarm AMERICANS & MUSLIMS too. As hindus blame everything on Pakistan & Dawood Ibrahim. (bjp's advani is one such dangerous terrorist).

Judge for yourself. India is focussed on profits , GDP blah blah.

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 15. 2014 12:08

Nothing is for FREE. Adultery is a CRIME. Meriting punishment.

Lots of murders have been routinely happening in India only because of adulterous illicit sex within offices & various places. It is overwhelmingly hindus & converted christians NOT MUSLIMS. This s.n.ramachandran is a forgerer , holding me in his custody since 31/Mar-1982 giving me one son. And all these years we beg & beg for provisions , money. He craftily applied for loans within this company. Thus blackmailing us should he be punished we two would become insolvent loan defaulters as his money in india & everywhere else would be denied to us. This kind of FRAUDULENT CROOK is the chief financial blah blah drawing 3000 Kuwaiti Dinars a month. I have no idea whwre he has he has too many concubines. In the name of "individual freedom" indian law does not CARE about adultery. And they blame this debauchery on AMERICA.

The converted christians invariably get away by sprinkling "holy water".
s.n.ramachandran told me :-

" Fahdi a Lebanese christian of this company Sequira a converted Goan christian in this company plus HR department are very powerful christian lobbies. Will NEVER punish the sluttish die " . Thus has POISONED me several times as he has lots of bogus certificates calling me "mad".

All FACTS narrated by me are ignored by all as "hallucinations" by this CRIMINAL s.n.ramachandran & his girlfriends colleagues. In India ALSO he has lots of relatives neighbours ready to KILL me with one injection of psychiatry poisons.

Jane , Priya , John , Sean etc -all indians are overconfident as they say "the Kuwaiti Owners seldom are in Kuwait leaving everything in the hands of s.n.ramachandran as they trust him THAT much". And advise me NOT to "disturb them mixing up personal with official".

Now I am in TOTAL LOVE with ISI , Pakistan , any anti indian FORCE. I am focussed on MY well being.

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 15. 2014 12:14

I have been repeatedly ASSURING all my son & I would NOT ask for blood money but CHEER KUWAITIS should this s.n.ramachandran be TORTURED to death HERE in KUWAIT.
As he deserves it. Period.

If he goes to india would melt in the crowd becoming some minister in some party.

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United States Rat Pack
February 16. 2014 08:19
Rat Pack

Poor Indians, having to go through layoffs like Americans end up going through.  Poor babies.  Too bad, so sad.

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India Truthsayer
February 16. 2014 21:55

Really sorry for the really talented americans!!! Its their right to make living in their country .As an Indian I know we lack the fire to produce anythings except exploding population!!! You're right let the slumdogs face the music!!! Its their Karma

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United States db
February 17. 2014 09:49

You know a lot of stuff I buy comes from China, and you know I really just don't care. But, I do know that Chinese workers are basically wage slaves. Their work products sucks because they don't get their needs met really. They just don't care. Indians are the same way, don't give a fuck and try to hide it that they feel that way. The thing is American workers used to honestly value and understand the quality of doing something right. This is where the difference lies because at the El Salvadoran consulate around the corner a bunch of Asians probably Chinese people are all sitting in the lobby looking for US papers. What a fucking joke. In fact if you look into I think it's Peru or another country their premiere or whatever is Japanese or some shit ... Alberto Fujimori.

Let's fucking cap all of this bullshit and just stop the fucking open borders Satanic party dance.

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Slovakia fuckthem
February 17. 2014 13:12

Not nearly enough to make up for the generations of displaced American workers. I won't be satisfied until all Indians are gone from this country. Look at what's happening in San Francisco. Indians displacing generations of middle-class Americans. And it is happening all over the country. People wonder why the middle class is disappearing and why parents tell their kids to leave STEM? This is why.

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 17. 2014 15:09

The following fact can NEVER be overemphasized.

Hindus overwhelmingly ( & converted christians )have been conning the world in general they are full of unimpeachable credentials as they are full of bluster on hindooism dindooism etc. ARABS have long been betrayed & CONNED by these treasonous hindus & converted christians. But facilely blame ISLAM & MUSLIMS as the cause of all problems.

My faux husband s.n.ramachandran (965-97201449) was lording over a Kuwaiti Company called KSRC (Kuwait Shipbuilding Repairyard Company) & GDC ( Gulf Dredging Company) later renamed HEISCO. After he was booted out of KIMMCO-KIRBY he was circulating his doctored cv among indians. One such converted christian TRAITOROUS keralite indian (pentacostal) who was very powerful in GDC having made enormous amounts of money with one equally TRAITOROUS wife who worked in some KUWAITI BANK making more than 500 Kuwaiti Dinars a month ( but seldom going to office forever busy evangelizing in churches WITHIN KUWAIT)with one son called benjamin & a characterless daughter both attending Delhi Public School here. They have purchased HUGE properties in KARNATAKA , KERALA & all over India with the help of Kuwaiti Dinars LOOTED by these deceptive disloyal pentacostal keralite christians. VIRULENT christian fanatics. Virulently anti HINDU & anti MUSLIMS. Had decided to quit this company & join another company in South Africa. That WICKED woman always boasted a "permanent  seat in NASA of America was assured for her son biju" (benjamin useless fellow).

They lived in the same building where we lived earlier.10 , Yusef Al Bader Street,Salmiya. For more than 90 mins (one & a half hour) in that lobby s.n.ramachandran was being tutored by that keralite pentacostal THUG how to CON & run the company belonging to KUWAITIS ( a public limited company). He told him
(sic) "Issam Marzouk is a terrorist & Imad Al-Sagar is very work out strategies to ruin them & their company".

s.n.ramachandran perennially poisoning me along with my brother mohan who was ALSO in Kuwait then working in Kutaiba -Basam AlGhanim company gave me permanent backache , osteoporosis , slipped discs , hypothyroidism , gross OBESITY , bald head , damaged liver kidneys etc thans to psychiatry drugs.

He was very busy invited by indian ambassadors to indian embassy with several ROTTEN indian ministers visiting blah blah. It was these TRAITOROUS KNAVISH indians in high places strategy to set up ayurveda spas right here in Kuwait to become RICH instantly. They also came up with tourism projects in GODDAMNED india (with powerpoint presentations) to lure them to india , CON them by charging extra as they said (sic) "these ARABS have no brains only money...we can easily fool them".

One Goan converted christian called Cosmos ( even now with the same company wife called Dorothy , son Clinton married & living in CANADA I believe now) told s.n.ramachandran to take me to that ayurvedic spa called "Kottakkal" blah blah.
After I was taken inside those indians MEN & WOMEN stripped me NAKED. I could not protest or run away as lots of psychiatry drugs were inside my body. Put some oil & massaged my back. Then made me sit in another room ALONE with steam coming out from the sides. s.n.ramachandran was NOT subjected to this treatment as he was nowhere to be found. Eventually I was brought home & dumped.

AFTER he lost his job in KSRC went to Qatar with me hunting for another job. There I met a Keralite called Satish who has some very profitable business in MUSCAT & who is OVER close to this crook s.n.ramachandran. Satish was earlier working for KIMMCO-KIRBY some contractor. He has a brother in Kerala who is topmost police commissioner blah blah. Thus s.n.ramachandran strengthened his DANGEROUS network. When I casually mentioned to that satish about KOTTAKKAL spa in Kuwait he said " Impossible....original KOTTAKKAL NEVER open branches anywhere...these fake ones are opened with hidden cameras planted inside to take photographs of women & men stripped naked , blackmailed & make money".

One Sean ( a mangalorean christian) who had multiple affairs with many women was arrested by Kerala Police. But s.n.ramachandran with his clout procured his instant release from police custody in KERALA bringing him into the present company of Fouad Alghanim Industries. Now he has fourth woman as a wife with a child also.  

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Kuwait Ramachandran
February 17. 2014 23:52

My bipolar & clinically insane faux wife will be deported soon back to india.  
After that I intend to marry laxmi and take care of our child.
Stay tuned till I give you all good news.

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United States Boss
February 18. 2014 07:41

Next generation of 'Americans' will be funny , since it will be a generation of  Indian Americans! Yes, you heard it correct! Most of Americans will be 'Brown Skinned' Americans.. Here is the reason why.. All so called 'Temporary Visa Holders' have been having their kids born here. Every couple have at least two kids. I read somewhere about a survey done in India ,which shows every 3rd house in India (particularly in cities like Hyderabad or Bangalore) has at least one American born kid. So once they all grow up they all will land here! So now you do the math!!!! Dear fellow Americans we are screwed big time.. God Bless America!

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United States Drifter
February 18. 2014 13:14

Anon, stop polluting the comments section with your BS. Enough!

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United States Boss
February 18. 2014 22:45

Hello Tunnel Rat,
Just wanted to bring user 'Anonymous' to your attention. His/Her posts are allover even after your warning.

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Kuwait Anonymous
February 19. 2014 12:39


Totally agree with you. I have been advising to learn from the ARABS.
Never grant citizenship to these indians. BUT TAX them heavily. Reframe existing laws as they were based on the assumption indians are trustworthy & non treasonous.
Most important PUNISHMENT is lacking for these indians. According to VEDAS also treason merits death sentence. Not deportation & offering of full compensation.

Indian establishment & newspapers seldom report the facts. Only after devyani khobragade's arrest by AMERICA , sexual abuses by predecessors like indian Malhotra in America was mentioned. Why should AMERICA be burdened with cleaning & tutoring indians on moral code of conduct ? As it is the same Malhotra who after serving in Dubai came to Kuwait as indian ambassador. Not a whisper about his unsavoury character. Much earlier there was one Keralite hindu ambassador in
Kuwait with a wife. Everyone said & knew he was a die hard alcoholic & lecherous. There were discussions among indian expats in Kuwait about how that keralite hindu ambassador grabbed a ten year old Indian School student probing her , how he kissed another one , molested x y z etc. Indians have a very casual apathetic attitude. The same Indian expats were genuflecting before whoever took over as indian ambassador ( networking) as they want their jobs in Kuwait to remain intact. Too many indian organizations need to be disbanded.

RAPE capitals are not built in one day. Such indians in high places contribute heavily to mushrooming of rape capitals & fire capitals in India. And when questioned blame UK telling laws have not been calibrated. And call it a "l...o...n...g..democratic process.....we are not China ...we are grate grate democraceeee largest greatest oldest democraceeeeee".

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
February 19. 2014 14:00

We need more of Preet Bhararas who cracked down on the culprit devyani khobraghade.

Indians are incorrigibly ill mannered , rude & prone to throwing their weight around.

s.n.ramachandran my faux husband who drugged & dragged me around the FIRE on 31/March/1982 currently cfo in Fouad Alghanim Industries is a telling example.
While working in KSRC (HEISCO) as cfo undertook a Pilgrimage to Seergazhi in Tamil Nadu. Both of us stayed in a hotel whose lawns were being well maintained by a gardener ( not suited booted wearing a FREE gift ROLEX watch). It was Korean Grass styled wavy & trendy among many indians who posture to be anti Western , anti Eastern , anti every other country. This s.n.ramachandran went & stood right on top of that grassy lawn ignoring the paved walkway. Naturally that gardener became panic stricken urging him to move away. And pampered his ego adequately by addressing him "sir , sir , please , please " .

But s.n.ramachandran glared at him & said:-

" I am the cfo generating employment for lots of indians all over..& how dare you tutor me where to stand & where not to. I am widely travelled...Europe , AmericaAAA.....look at you just a manners ...shouting at me ....apologize nicely first ..i will not step out of this lawn".

When I too joined the gardener in blaming s.n.ramachandran he screamed :-

" you hostile arrrrrrogant disloyal...allying with this gardener...who is not paying residence fees ...who is not buying provisions need mediactions to restrain you".

This opprobrious attitude & conduct one comes across ONLY among indians.

There was another Indian ambassador in Kuwait called Karuppiah with a wife called Leela. One son called sivakumar & a daughter called rohini. I was in no way related to them Or even acquainted as friends. They used their clout to ENTER into my house in 10, Yusef Al.Bader Street anytime they wanted. As they had the active support of this CROOK s.n.ramachandran. Typical pseudo pious indians hindus. When I was asked to make coffee , tea , sncks etc for them ( another telugu sycophantic family had also come with them....with a daughter called sindhura now in America I believe employed in some bank in Kuwait)Leela plucked lots & lots of leaves from my potted plants. Leela wife of Karuppiah indian ambassador or first secretary in Kuwait literally shaved off my money plant that had grown luxuriantly.

When I expressed my shock & objected the rest called me "hostile ,rude , manic , you who she is wife of ambassador....shut up calm down...why get agitated for just some are not working woman...ramachandran as cfo only bought this plant...". That itself is WRONG. s.n.ramachandran asked one SYRIAN while working in KIMMCO-KIRBY to buy potted plants one Money Plant , one Dumb Cane , One Peace LILY all very expensive classy ones in classy pots as BRIBE for some contract. And told everyone " my wifooo ONLY is a plant lover...i did this for her". I NEVER asked him to take these for FREE as BRIBE. In addition to that pistachi nuts stuffed ethnic sweets in a huge environment friendly wooden box was also taken as BRIBE from the same SYRIAN. By s.n.ramachandran. All those sweets were grabbed by vasudharini & mohan as they were partying forever in their apartment. This she wanted to offer as DESSERT to indian bottlickers of mohan ( arvind mathur , rajiv jain etc etc).

That wooden box was used by s.n.ramachandran to store his shoe polish , brush , shoe cream , chamois used to buffing etc.

Leela (Mrs.Karuppiah) retorted:-

" I live in a big VILLA . I have professional gardener growing many edibles & herbs as my husband karuppiah is expert in nature cures , siddha , ayurveda blah blah...i can give you some amaranth in exchange for these money plant leaves taken....this money plant does not die that easily....whereas my amaranth is too precious...nowhere available...your Edee retailer etc do not have my special variety..."

And I was subjected to HORRENDOUS PERSECUTION & INTIMIDATION by them all.
Now they have retired & luxuriating in Tamil Nadu with free perks etc etc.
Visit Ramanashramam as "honoured guests VIP status VIP quarters" ensured by one dr. murthy a telugu there.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
February 19. 2014 14:06

After Kuwait the same holier than thou Karuppaih was prmoted as some Ambassador representing india in YEMEN. He was bragging:-

" i am ssso good , so incorruptible..cracked down on KERALITE MUSLIMS who are coming with forged documents etc.....and with my knowledge of nature cure blah blah healing many YEMENIS etc etc all people here respect me sssso much...".

His son went into genetics said he was marketing blah blah of coca cola pepsi ....rohini the daughter free lance journalist blah blah.....I heard them boasting WITHIN Ramanashramam Thiruvannamalai.

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United States James
February 19. 2014 15:38

America will never be brown-skinned? Why? Because Indians are incapable of creating anything. Best they can do is invade and take over what white Americans have built. Once they destroy and consume all that, the only things that will be left will be white-run businesses that won't hire them. Where will they go then for jobs? They will be forced to flee Amerika.

Delusional as always.

no site

Kazakhstan SlumLord
February 20. 2014 00:25

To madarchod Unemployed James, aka Wakjob  aka  Dennis  and other aliases

Get a life loser . All you do is post "copy" paste"  crap all over internet.
If I post list of all the companies that white bois ruined and destroyed with their greed, it would crash all internet servers .  


no site

United States HINDU_ASS
February 20. 2014 00:48

NEW DELHI: Blaming wrong classification for showing assets as bad debt, state-owned United Bank of IndiaBSE 0.82 % (UBI) today said the software system sourced from InfosysBSE 2.01 % has "inherent deficiencies" in identifying quality of assets in certain categories.

The core banking solution (CBS) system of the bank is based on Finacle used by many other banks, UBI said in a filing to the BSE.

The Finacle system, it said, has "inherent deficiencies to correctly identify ..

Read more at:

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United States Rat Pack
February 20. 2014 06:36
Rat Pack

I find "Anonymous" posts to be usually the best reads, just to try and decipher what she is actually saying.  I vote to keep her; it's entertaining in a soap opera kind of way.  I'm still waiting for the evil twin plot.

no site

Kazakhstan SlumLord
February 20. 2014 08:18

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
February 21. 2014 13:48

Rat Pack,

Thank you so much. God Bless you , James & TR the owner of this blog.
Honesty that everyone claims to uphold ( read hindus indians particularly as they are uber sanctimonious) has long been spurned by indians . Thais is THE ONLY reason indians are destined for gloom & doom. They have EARNED it. Why sit & blame UK , Pakistan , China , America & ISLAM ??

All I have stated so far are FACTS. I have given their names also.

It was some stranger an AMERICAN ARMYMAN ( who has retired living with his wife & children in America not useless swollen headed NRI indian parasite) who cared to respond to my desperate plea with TOTAL SINCERITY. Those days I had no separate email account . or my personal computer. To add to my woes this MURDERER s.n.ramachandran was always breathing down my neck. Hence whatever that AMERICAN wrote I deleted promptly.

I cannot capture in words what help & succour that AMERICAN gave me. I do not know his name. Nevertheless I shall always remain an ardent supporter of AMERICA.
Another AMERICAN the charlatan buster (Jody Radzik) is also my HERO. Such scintillating intellect. James commenting here is also one such brilliant AMERICAN.

I also like CHINA as it is the CHINESE who have long seen through the hubris of useless indians. BRUCE LEE is also my HERO.

Likewise why should I join the crowd in india badmouthing Sri.Dawood Ibrahim & Pervez Musharraf when they have not harmed me in any way?

no site

Germany Vonmainstein
February 26. 2014 00:36

IBM has lost lot of money by betting on India

This is what happens when you allow parasites to feed on you, in longer run parasites will destroy their host and turn on to other nations for feeding on them.

Indians are biological parasites, just like parasites exist in animal,Insect and plant species, Even among humans there are racial groups which are parasitic

Indians belong to that degenerate parasitic group, they will wreck every thing and still live in collective denial and deluded self pride

no site

United States Habib
February 28. 2014 05:22

ROFLMAO!  (I)ndian (B)owel (M)ovement just took a major shit on its outsourced slumdogs! Laughing

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The thoughts expressed on this blog may or may not be the author's own and are protected by the 1st Amendment. Any attempt to reveal his identity by contacting a slumdog hack at Google, or a corrupt Desi sys-admin at his ISP will be dealt with promptly and severely. Civil and criminal penalties may apply if one is found to have used private information in an attempt to get the author fired at the Hindu-only I.T. ghetto he currently works at. In addition, any Desi who attempts to burn the author's house down because they are enraged over his writing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn't India.

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