Readers of this blog should be familiar with the name Sarvesh Dharayan, head of the notorious bodyshop Apex Technology Group Incorporated.  He first surfaced as "Shawn Gibson", threatening me and several other insurgents because one of his slumdogs had exposed details about his illegal activity regarding H-1Bs and we had spread the word.  He then hired mob-lawyer Patrick Papalia to harass me.  Eventually, Sarvesh got a corrupt judge (probably with a bribe) named James P. Hurley (who promptly retired) to shut down a few insurgent blogs, including mine.  This Desi pimp and his dumbass wop lawyer went to great lengths to try to shut me down, and I had to host the blog in other countries, first Panama, then Canada, and finally Malaysia, its current home.

Well Karma is a bitch, and it seems to have bit Sarvesh in the ass.  He was just arrested in connection with a $2.3 million bribery and kickback scheme, which was reported to me by one of my readers just yesterday.  I finished reading the complaint filed by the feds, and it is a sordid story.  It involves some unnamed New York company involved with Medicare and the HHS, who was scammed by one of its executives who was getting kickbacks for placing slumdogs from Apex at the company.  

Like I have always said, there is no way entire IT departments can be filled with illiterate slumdogs without some corrupt collaborator getting a cut of the action.  This is the classic MO of slumdog slave traders -- kickback a cut of the hourly billing (which in this case appears to be about $105-$115) to the collaborator, net about $65, and pay the slumdog probably about half that.  Shit, I make about $80/hr after my agency gets its cut of probably a similar rate, so Sarvesh was making a fucking killing.

Sarvesh Dharayan (aka Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan) has been busy lately.  He recently tried to get on the school board, probably to obtain more political connections and further his schemes.  It also looks like he was trying to buy political influence by making some healthy contributions to N.J. Governor Christie.  


Finally, this fat Desi fuck is on Facebook (or he has a Facebook page, because he is probably in jail currently).

Like I always said...



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United Kingdom Mr X
July 22. 2013 05:02
Mr X

I am so happy for this news. It's so sad that ugly fat men like this are ruining the lives of young IT american workers.
Not only america. They definitely do the same in UK.

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United States NoH1
July 23. 2013 11:47

Good, as Klingons say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Send these slumlords and slumdogs home!

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United States James
July 23. 2013 23:37

Well well well, the slumlords are finally getting their commupance. This bribery racket is going on ALL over the US. As Indians often ask: why would US managers hire slumdogs if they were that incompetent?


Because fat worms like this guy have to PAY American managers to hire these workers. They are that bad. NO ONE wants these workers because everyone knows they are the kiss of death. But corrupt, stoopid US managers WILL hire them if paid lots of $ to.

This is the ONLY way Indians can stay employed.

What does it say about a workforce when you have to PAY people to hire them?


Now we see really how "highly skilled" these morons are.

You can bet the Feds are listening in on many other slumdog pimps. I can't WAIT to see more of them in jail. Now we if we can just get Azim Premi, Tata, Anil Bhavnani, and Som Mittal all rounded up for RICO fraud and thrown in the slammer it will be a true day of justice for American techies.

The India, Inc. congame is clearly over.

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United States Boss
July 24. 2013 21:43

Thanks you for the good news ,Tunnel Rat and user Jamee. I wish the same thing happens to other notorious bodyshops like, Infosys,TCS,WIPRO etc.. I am glad that finally 'justice' or 'Karma' did its job.  
May I borrow your words with your permission, Tunnel Rat ... THERE WILL BE RETRIBUTION!!!

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United States NoH1
July 25. 2013 00:04

It is a good start but I see rampant slumdog worms like this dirtbag in management positions granting promotions and favors to their incompetent slumdog coolie friends. It is endemic in tech field in America and more needs to be done.

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United States Drifter
July 25. 2013 02:09

Haha.. Look at Jabba the Hutt! What a slimy slug this cheater is. Where's the cool-guy sunglasses Jabba?

I hope you enjoy being the bitch when you move into your new accommodations hahahaha! Your family must be real proud of you now, blockhead.

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United States Jennifer
July 25. 2013 07:23

Love it!

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United States Jennifer
July 25. 2013 07:48

Is Sanjay Gupta the doctor on CNN?

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United States Hindu_ass
July 26. 2013 07:14

Need Contact..

Infosys has won the case against Jack Palmer. But i have one strong case against Infosys.

Infosys has changed resumes history of employees to file H1b and shown them as working for Walmart in the past but employees have never worked for walmart. Petition will show (it will be with embassy) and when walmart will be contacted then it will be proved that employee never worked for walmart in the past.

May I have some good contact of reporting to immigration fraud. I will provide details later..

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United States Bobby Jindal
July 26. 2013 08:03
Bobby Jindal

Indian American dude Preet Bharara gets lots of kudos for putting big fish like Rajaratnam and small fish like Dharayan behind bars...All in just few years. Of course, he has put lots of white dudes as well behind bars.

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United States Tunnel Rat
July 26. 2013 08:05
Tunnel Rat

@amit - Resume fraud?  No, you are kidding me!!! WTF?????  Contact Bright Future Jobs.

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United States Boss
July 26. 2013 10:57

To Hindu_ass

You can report to Homeland Security.

And / OR
You can report to USCIS

And / OR

You can report to CBP
866-347-2423   options-> 1-> 3-> 6
Human Will answer the phone , you have an option to report anonymously.

Alternatively you can use web. URL is as follows..

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United States Pissed American
July 26. 2013 11:32
Pissed American

I hope this asshole spends years in a fed prison. AND every collaborator goes with him. Based on this every Indian IT firm should be investigated, every U.S. company using them should be investigated.
These ass-hats are the most corrupt, lying, deceitful creatures on the planet.
Why? In India this is business as normal. Everyone in India is on the take. This culture is one of corruption. Not only that, India is a third rate country filled with third rate minds.
It is also one of the most racist countries on the planet. Indians are some of the worst racists ever. They cannot admit that oh yeah, Americans invented I.T., computers, cars, planes etc. As many here have said, where is the great Indian I.T. achievement? The only thing they can claim is to have ruined many companies and products. They only take, these people. They are not trustworthy. Do not under any circumstance trust one of them. They lie as easily as they breathe. Their hygiene is horrible. They smell, pee wherever they want, treat women like shit, drink like hell (yes they are quite heavy drinkers) and are cowards at heart. Indians cannot tolerate direct confrontation. It's not acceptable to them. They love to weasel around spinning lies. Everyone does it and amazingly it's acceptable there. These are the weasels that are working next to you. When they smile and act friendly ignore it. It's just another lie from that great country of liars.
India as a country is a wretched place, one visit will tell you that. I am amazed that anything works in that horrible place. Any tax monies taken by the government are promptly siphoned off. Any imported good to India is taxed at 100 percent. We should do the same to the slumdogs. Tax them at 100% of their earnings. Let see how many companies would be using them then.
They also really don't want to stay. Even the ones that have gotten American passports dream of the day when they can return to the sewer and live like a Raj.
Don't listen to the propaganda about "India the shining star". It's bullshit. India, where in twenty years will have 2 billion people, is in serious trouble.
The best advice is to send them packing. The true achievers can stay, the rest get the f*ck out.
Final word? Screw them!

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United States Seeing Things
July 26. 2013 12:29
Seeing Things

We need more of this!

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United States Hindu_ass
July 27. 2013 01:29

Thank you guys, I will report this.....

Will it really help or I will receive death threats because i can easily prove this...

BTW< I am not Amit... Smile Proxy name..

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United States Just An Observer
July 27. 2013 06:59
Just An Observer

I used to know a psychiatrist(he's passed on now) and we were talking about a mutual acquaintance who was almost as fat as the 2 guys in your picture. What he told me was that people that fat are full of a lot of anger and that I should be carefull with him. This psych. was a brilliant man too. He could talk to you for 5 minutes and have you completly psycho-analyzed. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what is really going on beneath these 2 guy's blubbery joviality?

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United States Boss
July 27. 2013 07:18

Closure of another bogus American university has left hundreds of students, many of them from India's Andhra Pradesh state, scrambling for options for continuing their studies.

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United States Ku ku Klan
July 29. 2013 10:02
Ku ku Klan

Hello, be ready. Time has come for me to remove you of all your sins. Lol, european asshole.

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United States Stumpy
July 31. 2013 01:19

This was done back in April on Indian IT recruiters and human trafficking.  The equation did not add in the bribery factor and instead claimed that Indian IT companies just relied on either luck or ignorance to get jobs.

Bribery makes it all the more logical though.

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United States TaxiDriver
August 1. 2013 08:22

I can see why Christie was willing to take a pic with this guy. He makes Christie look almost skinny.


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United States TaxiDriver
August 1. 2013 08:44

@Pissed American

Just a nitpick: Americans didn't invent cars, but Americans did invent the telephone, the light bulb, the heated-filament electron tube (well, it was discovered by accident by the inventor of the phonograph ~ Thomas Edison), the transistor, the (electronic) television, etc., etc., etc.

Sorry for the pettiness, I just couldn't let that slide lol.


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United States Hindu_ass
August 1. 2013 12:23

Contacted the authorities and they are going to investigate.. Smile

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United States James
August 1. 2013 18:57

Americans, namely Henry Ford and the Ford Motor company created modern cars as we know him. Without his work in assembly line and mass production advances, there would be no modern industry as we know it. So, every time you get in a car, just remember that.

Ford also said, during his cheap labor mania of the day:

"I have to pay my people enough to enable them to buy my product"

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United States Hindu_ass
August 6. 2013 00:21

Infosys Sued Again...

My Case is also coming.

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United States ForzaAzzuri
August 6. 2013 06:06

India is a shit hole and indians are swine.

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United States bilbo
August 6. 2013 11:58

Nice read.

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United States Hindu_ass
August 7. 2013 06:51


Police: Microsoft manager raped janitor at Redmond campus

Hindu went to car to pick condom to have forced sex by a women..... hahahahahahha

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United States Tipster
August 7. 2013 09:08

The truth is out there..., a California-based company that uses big data analysis to pair jobseekers with employers, released a report last month that showed that the supposed dearth of high-skilled engineers in the United States may be fiction after all. In fact, Bright's analysis reveals that for the top 10 jobs where H-1B visas are requested, only three do not currently have enough qualified American jobseekers to satisfy demand.

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United States Habib
August 13. 2013 04:01

Slumdog curry den email of the day!  This was sent to me by some Indian scab who must have been trolling and assumed I am one of his curry dog scabs.

Hi Mr. ****
This is sunny from 3Asoft Inc,we are here to provide you with great job opportunities in the market at a very competitive rate to ensure your happiness with us ..
we as a company , being established in the year 2002 and filed many H1 visas and processed GC and got succeeded , so here we are a looking forward to market your resume with our clients..if you are wiling to move with us for a bright future..please feel free to call me at 551-200-5435 or mail me at

visit us at

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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