Tunnel Rat posted on July 9, 2013 11:50

Yeah, no shit...

"But in the broader IT market, the environment is more like manufacturing, with less-skilled Americans being replaced by cheaper foreign labor. The largest employers of H1-B workers aren’t firms like Facebook and Microsoft, they are actually outsourcing companies like Infosys, Tata, and Wipro. These companies account for around half of the annual H-1B workers, and the majority of their employees are overseas, according to a recent report from Computerworld. The study found that less than three percent of H-1B workers apply for permanent residency. Most learn the job, then leave to continue the job from their home country."


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United States Dean
July 9. 2013 12:29

Ron Hira doesn't call it the "outsourcing visa" for nothing....H1b and the idiots that come over as a result, are pure poison...

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United States Drifter
July 10. 2013 04:25

There are plenty of delusional squatters with an air of entitlement over on immigrationvoicedotcom who spend days and weeks trading experience and scheming how to stay. Exploiting loopholes and lobbying politicians that do not even represent them to vote in favor of bills that will allow them to stay and avoid having to leave - even when they agreed to it at the outset. I see H1Bs in Costco (man, do they LOVE Costco) pushing strollers with wives that have not or will not make an effort to acclimatize to the culture, still dressing in living room drapes while the husband is obviously a wage slave tech coolie. I don't care if they come here and go back home as much as when they resort to their devious culture and demand to stay here. They can't bring it back home and do anything with it anyways. It's been what? 10 years and they haven't done a bloody thing with the tech we taught them or they would have done something already. No worries if they go home. It's apparent they aren't wanted here so why would you stay?

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United States James
July 10. 2013 09:45

Whooo boy look at those comments! The entire USA knows the real deal. Sorry NASSCOM, this game don't work here anymore.

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Kuwait Anonymous
July 11. 2013 13:34

In this issue I am very pro America , Tunnel Rat James , Drifter etc.

More Indians in America would only turn America into another India very shoddy & corrupt.

Entire India is a totally messed up today. To stay afloat congress party of India would manipulate America into accommodating Indian engineers & software programmers.

Now that Arab countries have woken up belatedly deporting many illegal Indian immigrants ( mostly from Kerala) several Indian politicians are on overdrive negotiating with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait to accommodate as many Indians as possible. If deported states like Kerala & communists who are allies of congress party that would be in trouble.

India is NOT one cohesive unit as erroneously imagined by many. India is very communist as the congress party the most corrupt of all by pursuing socialistic non workable policies has successfully wrecked infrastructure , economy education & ETHICS among Indians. Most Indians are ANTI AMERICANS at heart.

AMERICA is totally different from India. I have heard of many American Presidents who have served in American Army also. Americans are very proud of their history , their quest for LIBERTY and so on.

Whereas Indian politicians ( there is a GLUT of them ) seldom command one's respect. Few exceptions are Sri.Narendra Modi & Jayalalithaa. There are lots of dangerous fault lines & fissures among us Indians. These are sure to erupt sooner than later. Politics is the solitary topic of discussion in India.

The only workable solution is a full scale WAR on India whereby the overpopulating CORRUPT politicians of India from Kashmir to Kerala are exterminated. Along with their supporters. Please ensure the useless tv channels of India like ndtv , cnn-ibn etc etc are all pulverized out of existence. They are truly good for nothing USELESS BURDEN. Once the toxic flab is gone India can have a meaningful relationship with AMERICA.

The solitary silver lining of India is its SPIRITUAL CAPITAL. That has been spurned by congress , dmk , leftists of India. Cricket & useless movies produced CANNOT  sustain India. Elections held are no solution. They have  only been exacerbating India's problems. Indian politicians are very upbeat as they are always surrounded by elite commandos & protected. A full scale WAR alone can eliminate them all. Let no one waste even a faux tear for them. As they are anything but noble & good.  

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United States James
July 13. 2013 05:14

Well India is now someone else's problem. The immigration bill just FAILED so NO MORE WORK VISAS FOR YOU. HAHAHA!!!

Now Americans can be put back to work and get our country going again after being WRECKED by slumdogs.

USA finally wins.

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United States ForzaAzzuri
July 13. 2013 05:28

I was in a club in NYC a few weeks ago and almost everywhere I went in the Wharehouse district was full of indians. Where ever they go they just looking goofy and silly from the way they dress, ugly looks, lack of style, they way they dance, lack of manners and their stupid accent. My case in point, the club looked like this. I went to Iraq and came back to being a slave and a second class citizen to these people.


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United States Seeing Things
July 13. 2013 11:43
Seeing Things

Someone is lying with statistics - of all the H1bs I've known, only two (2) have returned to their home country - one was the victim of a violent crime.  All the rest have stayed here.  

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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