Tunnel Rat posted on June 11, 2013 23:35

I am starting to do some recreational interviewing again and a recruiter was trying to get me into Hyundai.  Normally those are the type of gigs I would be interested in, but this one sounded fishy.  Sure enough, I got this email from the agent:

You will be on a call tomorrow with Vijay Mehta (Project Manager) and Rajesh, his Lead Architect. Rajesh will be talking during most of the interview cause he will be asking most of the technical questions.

I attached a document with my notes from a phone screen I listened to. Below, you will also see questions from another phone interview we listened into as well. I’d rather give you too much, and I’m hoping you won’t be blind-sided.

Good luck tomorrow! Please give me a call after the interview.


OMG!!!!!  Two slumdogs and the agent is sneaking me the questions?  WTF?

Here is what I sent him this morning:

Sorry, this is not going to work.  Just between you and me, I don't think this is a good cultural fit.  I've worked in shops dominated by Indians, and it has never worked out well.  They don't share my work ethic, and I don't like being treated like a slave.  The communication problems are just the beginning.  It is a very hierarchical, nepotistic environment and Anglos like me don't do well in such a workplace.
Send me a req where I am not the token white boy and we can talk.   No hard feelings.
He's already called me twice this morning and I had to tell him about all my slumdog horror stories.  He was really desperate.  But fuck it, those two slumdogs and their cracker collaborator boss can take a hike.  
I urge the rest of you insurgents to do the same.

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United States dean
June 12. 2013 02:39

I always do, it's been my policy for about five or six years now...I won't be interviewed by H1b's in my own country and profession....

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United States James
June 12. 2013 09:44

Yeah forget it - as a white guy, you will never get hired by these racists. They are doing the "interview" so that they can SAY they looked for qualified Americans, but of course, didn't find any (no white American would ever be qualified). That way they can go cry to Congress about how they can't find anyone and need to import more slumdogs to flood the USA and take over.

Usual India, Inc/NASSCOM con racket - lie, deceive, con, invade, take over, etc.

Same old story of how these slumdog RICO rackets take over everything and try to deliberately exclude Americans.

These people should be locked up for the criminals they are or else all deported immediately.

They are ALL breaking numerous laws.

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United States GM
June 12. 2013 09:54

I got out of software development because Wall Street IT development centers are now wall-to-wall H-1B and L-1 visa workers.  But (with very few exceptions) none of these visa workers seem to be capable of interfacing with what we call "the business side".  So I became a business analyst.  Demand for this profession should be through the roof because IT development is as much about COMMUNICATING as it is about designing and coding.

It is a suit and tie for me from now on.  I am done with hands-on tech work.  Done, done, done, and I am never going back.

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United States Boss
June 12. 2013 10:19

Today, Jun-11 afternoon Senate has voted for motion to proceed on CIR and it has passed with an overwhelming majority. 85 senators voted Yes and 15  senators voted  No.
This indicates that this bill most likely will pass senate on its final  voting.
Now only hope left is House , where majority is republicans. But if unfortunately it passes House and becomes law, then there will be a flood of Indian H1Bs,EADs and Greencard holders. Green Cards will be like drivers licenses.
When supply exceeds demand there will be a wage stagnation. So we all have to be prepared for following once this is passed,
1. Work for 30 dollars/Hr
2. Work unpaid overtime (almost all desis do this to show they are 'hard working')
3. Work over the weekends
4. When go for interviews be ready to see rotten Desi faces
5. 'Hinglish' will be declared as official language in IT departments of all companies(don't be surprised if someone asks you "What is your GOOD name?"..lol)

Obama is supportive of this bill and wants to see this as law by end of this summer!
If you want to live 'American Dream' as it is perceived and understood,please sign this petition ,so that we can stop/slow the forward movement of this bill,  which is moving really fast at this time!


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United States Boss
June 12. 2013 10:24


This is trackitt forum where desis are closely following this bill.Please go through the forum, people who don't know yet about this will get an idea of the dangerous impact of this bill! God Bless America!

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United States Heartlander
June 12. 2013 19:56

This avoidance of H-1Bs is probably much more widespread than people realize. I attended a job fair/open house with a major investment managment firm (you would recognize the name) about two years ago. They have one overseas team for certain programming areas, and they were pursuing a local candidate that they were trying to recruit with all sorts of goodies because they wanted that person so bad. That person turned them down because of - their use of Indians. That person went elsewhere AND told them why. Most of us probably never tell them why. I would not go to such a company if I had alternatives, and if I had no alternatives, I would only stay there until I found something else. I know I'm not alone in this sentiment.

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United States Robert Hoffman
June 12. 2013 23:22
Robert Hoffman

Use Glassdoor to tag IT departments under Indian rule. This saves Americans time with their job hunting. At my company, the Indians are smart enough to know Americans don't want to work where they will be 2nd class citizens, but they also need enough tokens to put an American face on for the business departments.

To trap more tokens, they collect up all the current token Americans for interview parties to give candidates the false impression there is more diversity than there is. They even have special tour routes for candidates through areas that are not Indian dominated. After you've given notice at your current job, they stick it to you.

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United States Rambo
June 13. 2013 00:45

I was the token white boy twice in two years, biggest mistake of my life. I was treated like crap, my whole life destroyed because of these H1b swine. I spent overf 8 years in a position getting nothing but rave reviews and ironically the second I worked for these people everything went downhill. Took a month off to learn Ruby and Rails and just got back into interviewing. Mondays interview was with an Indian, the interviewer was rude, obnoxious, degrading, and of course I didn't get the job. Had an interview on Tuesdays with a bunch of young American guys and girls and the interview was totally different. In our interview we joked around and laughed, they actually care about my code sample and in general felt like I was interviewing in two different cultures. Screw these people, I really hope the American Tech worker rallys soon enough and get this swine out of our country.

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United States Dean
June 13. 2013 10:11

I make it a point to ALWAYS say in an interview what I'm NOT looking for at a company, and I ask the poignant questions that need to be asked - that I don't want to work at a company that is a filthy curry den.  And when I do turn them down for that very reason, I also ALWAYS let them know why. I'm diplomatic about it, but the point is made, and these curry-loving companies will be made to atone for their bad judgement...

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United States Robert Hoffman
June 13. 2013 11:06
Robert Hoffman

Power comes out of the barrel of a fundraiser. Fight back right now by donating money.


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United States Robert Hoffman
June 15. 2013 13:45
Robert Hoffman

Excellent! Someone put some money in the donation box. Keep on doing it. Show those Body Shops the tide is turning.


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United States Lucia
June 16. 2013 03:36

"I've worked in shops dominated by Indians, and it has never worked out well."

Same here.  Unfortunately,  the companies that don't hire H1B's from India are few and far apart.  I was on the government project with General Dynamics for few years. In the first year,  technical teams  had  50%   Hindus.  By the time I left they constituted over 95%.  

Both federal and state IT projects are now staffed primarily with Hindus.  Yes,  Indian companies are allowed to bid both on federal and state projects,  including Social Security administration, The Department of Education and the Department of Justice.  Most of them, in fact.  

Does anyone know where the rest of us should go,  save for riding into the sunset?

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United States Boss
June 16. 2013 11:50

Outsourcing = Move most of the jobs except, CEO and executive jobs, to India.
H1B/ L1 Guestworker Visas= Corporate welfare program to replace left over jobs in US(not CEO and executive jobs), with cheap labor.
What do CEOs get?= They get bonus and hike for selling middle class jobs to India.
What do politicians get? = They favor companies like MS and get their part.
What do Americans get?= Lot of promises from politicians,Tax hikes and wage suppression due to all above factors.

This country will soon got to Dogs. or is it already gone?

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United Kingdom Mr X
June 17. 2013 07:29
Mr X

My advice to sofware developers, while you have a job, invest in a business or skill not related with IT, and plan to get out of IT employment by the age of 40.
You can still continue as a freelancer or contractor, but not as main source of income. You cannot compete with the scabs. The greedy IT managers will only be happy when the salaries in europe and US are the same as in india.

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United States uscitizen
June 17. 2013 20:47

ROFL !!!
Hey rat, what skills do you that makes employers want you desperately ?
Lemme guess ASP ? .net some old API developed at Sony ?? LOL

You guys are so full of crap, bunch of losers still living in the 90s windoz desktop land that believe they have valuable skills.

Yeah right, throw some training at the crackheads and welfare mamas and you get top quality software engineers. And the person who said that happens to have a Phd from MIT ?? LOL.

Here is a bit of advice. I dont care if you are black, blue, or pink. If you want to be a top notch s/w engineer, stay relevant. Instead of bitching and moaning, go learn some real skills.


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United States James
June 18. 2013 16:20


Hey uscitizen I am 45, doing iPhone dev, making big $ and running circles around every wannabe slumdog out there. Too bad for you moron!


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United States James
June 18. 2013 16:21

I have iOS and Objective-C skills uscitizen. Every employer in the world is breaking down my door to hire more. Maybe you slumdogs can code some JavaScript crap websites.

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United States James
June 18. 2013 16:23

Hey uscitizen is Objective-C and iOS relevant? How's that JavaCrap coming along?

Americans don't need advice from people who cannot even build enough toilets or who are stupid enough to wreck their countries with communism.

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Slovakia SlumLord
June 19. 2013 08:51

Immigration bill is gonna pass and all slumdogs will become legal. James, start packing your bags so that you can return to your ancestral slums in europe,    hahaha

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United States uscitizen
June 19. 2013 10:29

Hey 45 yo dumb ios Apple dick sucker James,

Have you checked the latest stats. Here, lemme help you

Android 45.4 and os 47 in 2012
Android 51.2 and os 43.5 in 2013

Android is kicking the s$$$ out of iOS. And guess what the programming language of choice for Android is...Thats right Java.
Ya right Java is crap...LOL , go tell that to the Goldmans, Morgan Stanleys and the other brokerages on wall street.

Java is king not only on mobile but also on every conceivable backoffices and private/public clouds.

Unlike Java which is a general purpose platform agnostic language, Objective Crap is chosen only for apps for the mac. Whose dick are you going to suck next year when this number goes down further ? Since you dont have the smarts to learn/do something other than Objective Crap, I would recommend that you learn how to flip burgers.

Your buddy tunnel turd is an asp dinosaur while you are soon going to be a iOS dinosaur. This is the reason why companies like mine are forced to go and find smarter engineers from wherever we can get, even though we hate paying
lawyer fees and visa filing fees. This year I am opening an office in China and partnering with a QA company in India. That is right, I need layer 2 (if you can comprehend what that means) QA engineers that I am unable to find for the past 8 months.

Now, go back into your mama's basement and eat the free sandwich you bought using food stamps that I pay for.

Fuck O

ps: You are 45 yo and all you can do is C, Objective C and some old sony media Apis. Really ?? Do you have any design skills ??  How about expertise with a vertical like Finance / Networking/ ... ??
You could be the best C / Objective C developer (I doubt that), but at your age you should be architecting stuff and not do low level coding. I hire freshers/interns to do that kind of stuff and get it reviewed by my best senior engineers.

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United States James
June 20. 2013 00:41


Apple owns the Tablet market and that's not going away any time soon. Keep dreaming pal, Apple is here to stay and there's nothing you can do about it. There are almost 600,000,000 iOS devices in use. That's not going away any time soon. Keep dreaming. You losers are all unemployed in India right now because you can't get visas to come suck the US dry again.

Where's all that great vaunted Indian innovation we keep hearing about? Can't even innovate enough to create your own jobs, parasite.

LOL your days in America are OVER!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Java is crap. All interpreted languages are crap. Slow as slumdog crap and the UI is lousy too.

"Smart engineers" and "India" is an oxymoron - if you were smart you'd have invented your own mobile OS by now. LOL. Losers. Come beg us for more visas you unemployed morons.

I am currently architecting one of the biggest new startups in decades. I am doing all the design/arch AND all the coding, because that's how I roll. I wouldn't trust some wannabe loser junior programmer like you to do the code because like always you'd screw it up. Including all the server work (servers are already online at Switch), and I am doing all the MySQL and all the PHP server programming as well as all the iOS arch and programming. So it looks like your attempt to denigrate me once again has FAILED. Nothing you can do in the world can stop me, not your denigration, not your trying to disparage my past and my accomplishments, nothing.

Too bad for you. Enjoy your unemployment in India job beggar. The immigration bill is already failing and won't pass.

You do have toilet factory skills don't you?

You're opening an office in China? What's wrong USA won't let you in any more? China's economy like India's is failing now because you can't do anything without a host country to rob, can you you lazy piece of garbage. Your "best senior engineers" wouldn't know good code from bad if it threw up on them.


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United States James
June 20. 2013 00:46


OH and one more thing uscitizen: I am moving to Japan permanently in August and THE JAPANESE WON'T LET YOU SLUMDOGS IN WILL THEY! Ha ha, so your little petty attacks on white Americans out of jealousy will no longer affect me, will they? You won't be able to do anything and I already have a biz going over there. SO TOO BAD FOR YOU! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

No one even wants IT jobs anymore - it's a crap business because all you slumdogs have wrecked it so go have your little wannabe Java jobs - no one wants to work in IT anymore so adios amigo.

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United States James
June 20. 2013 00:49

51.2% vs. 43.5% isn't exactly "kicking the crap" out of anything now is it? And just wait until Apple releases some hot new devices, you'll see it swing right back the other way. And you're also not even counting OS X which Google doesn't have any competitor for. I love the way you slumdogs all exaggerate. Apple and Andorid are almost evenly tied. And no one is going to dump 600,000,000 Apple devices in use overnight. So keep dreaming moron.

BTW, where is the Indian mobile OS? Oh doesn't exist you say? Why not? Aren't you guys smart enough to do it?


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United States ForzaAzzuri
June 20. 2013 15:39

Hey, just an idea, why don't we Americans, especially those on this site try to help out unemployed programmers who want a chance to make it in the industry. I currently live in Boston and am looking for the opportunity to cut my teeth in mobile app development, anyone know any leads?

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United States freealance
June 21. 2013 01:09

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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