Prolific blogger and honorary insurgent has seen fit to comment on my recent post.  His post is excellent:


Via the “Tunnel Rat”‘s excellent High Tech Insurgent website. Tunnel Rat is a fine US IT worker, currently slaving at a Hindu-infested US IT firm. His identity is a closely held secret. He is widely hated by Hindu Indian H-1B job thieves and their parasitical cheering section, which sadly includes much of the US Left, of all people.

The US IT worker is an icon, a dying icon, dying like the buffalo exterminated on the US plains. A traitor class of US upper middle class and upper class managerial and corporate elite have conspired to kill the best and the brightest of US minds, our great IT workers, by importing vast numbers of Hindus to steal their jobs.

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India tunnel_cat
June 8. 2013 06:30

Hatred. Creates strange bedfellows. This post is like the perfect 69 between a random leftwing loser and a dipshit hater working on some shitty IT stuff.

You want some chips with the white stuff in your mouth?

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United States Expose_Bhartis
June 8. 2013 15:47


You can group Robert Lindsey amd Tunnel Rat, with Robert Cringley (

You Hinduvta have created enemies everywhere you go.  You're hated by Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Orientals, Asians, even within yourselves.  This is due to you own questionable lack of ethics that you have given your own kind a bad name.

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United States Drifter
June 8. 2013 20:13

LOL gotta love the Paki dogs that can't resist coming to look at this site, even though they hate it. Then they can't resist petty personal attacks.

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United States Robert Hoffman
June 10. 2013 01:20
Robert Hoffman

Every American needs to understand the Brahmin world view that exposes itself on this blog. Brahmins want to talk endlessly about past injustice in other countries, when those other countries fought internal battles long ago to right those injustices. It's Soviet-style misdirection, call you a racist as soon as possible, so you won't start talking about 21st century India.

I love that 21st century phrase "caste system". It makes it sound like two happy little honey bees have decided who gets to use which flower. The reality is people in 21st century India are getting their hands cut off for using the wrong drinking fountains, fountains designated as Brahmin-Only. Young women are burnt with acid for not having sex on demand with Brahmin young men. Children eat lunch in segregated schools. People are forced to worship outside of their churches. And 400,000 people live in refugee camps to escape racial violence (racial murder) in East India.

Shame on America for allowing Brahmins to escape the consequences of their Jim Crow culture. Caste system is a euphemism for apartheid. We had apartheid in America and we destroyed it. There was apartheid in South Africa and the world destroyed it. In the 21st century, there's apartheid in India and we're expected to ignore it? Go to the URL below and see the video evidence of 21st century Brahmin Aparthied oppression. When they call you a racist, this is the discussion that the Brahmins want to avoid.

Before the revolution in South Africa, I remember business lobbyists calling aparthied South Africa "the miracle of Africa", a shining example of progressive capitalism. Now it's "the Indian miracle".

Fool me twice?

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 10. 2013 13:14

The above utterly preposterous comments by one Robert Hoffman reads very much like christian missionaries' mendacious propaganda all over India.

There is no way you can compare Indian history with whatvever happened in other parts of the world. You can give any number of links, as for decades leftists & various hydra headed christian missionaries ( indian media is all pervasively monopolised by christian agenda furthering leftists & indians which is called "secularism" in India) have been disseminating the same set of LIES. And have succeeded also.

Whe you use a word BRAHMIN you are expected to KNOW the meaning of the word.
Robert Hoffmans fail deplorably. Instead use it very loosely bringing in another word called "casteism". There is no point in arguing with such mulish people who are incapable of doing their homework properly as that necessitates you start fresh. But are destined to fail as you would be accessing the same material written by Indologists who draw their paychecks from various christian institutions.

Indian history does not start with christopher columbus and/or Jesus Christ.
For christians despite their string of qualifications in science & technology blah blah world itself started only with Jesus Christ.Prior to that there was nothing according to them. And that this Jesus Christ forgot to make one Sunday & then made one Sunday as resting day....forgot to dispel darkness had to be reminded & thus created light by creating Sun.....quite an amnesiac ill qualified planner according to me.

After colonizing my country Bharath , plundering & usurping practically everything & STEALING in plenty from OUR VEDAS & UPANISHADS you thrust on us such ridiculous history , creationism theories , castesim theories ( one Albanian churchianity peddler called teresa of missionaries of charities wrought HAVOC irreparable HAVOC) & still dictating to us via congress party which is but a christian front.

Even an abstract noun called COMPASSION missionaries have ensured is invariably preceded by "christian". So all repeat "christian compassion".

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United States James
June 10. 2013 16:30

And now in S. Africa, whites, who taught the blacks how to farm so they wouldn't starve to death are being murdered in huge numbers. This is the thanks white people get for bringing civilization to the world.

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United States James
June 11. 2013 00:55

Christ did not "create" Sunday. If you knew any history at all you would know that the early church "created" Sunday so it could snuff out the Pagan holiday of the same name. Back in those days there were sun-worshippers (much like Indians worship cows). In order to eradicate that Pagan holiday and replace it with a Christian one, the early church adopted Sunday as the day of ressurection in order to erase Sunday, the Pagan day of sun worship.

In the same way, the Church chose the day of the worship of the Pagan god "Ishtar", the Egyptian goddess of Fertility as the day of Easter. (Why do you think Easter has so many symbols of fertility - eggs, rabbits, etc - it's because that day was originally the worhsip of Ishtar but the church erased that Pagan holiday with Easter.

So much for slumdogs being intelligent about things, especially western culture and religion, let alone computers.

Stick with open defectation, please.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 11. 2013 18:46


I am NOT interested in your Jesus Christ and his alleged anger & spite towards
" pagan " rituals & customs.

You are very much like that gutter inspector Catherine Mayo....

You have repeated this "open defaecation" many times. We have heard worse from Charles Dickens of victorian era when British BRUTALLY colonized & PLUNDERED Bharath. So I am not reaching for my handkerchief to wipe out non existent tears.

You proved your fondness for CRAP by talking about kama sutra thus betraying your faux profundity & faux erudition about Hinduism.

ARROGANCE has always derailed the ARROGANT. Go & read some history written by non indologists & non christians of this world.

For a change talk about the LOOT by the british empire.....Kohinoor Diamond is just one of them.

I though you would lift your focus from defaecating grounds at least for once.
When NOT CODING try it.

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United Kingdom Mr X
June 12. 2013 00:50
Mr X

Anonymous wife from Kuwait. You really need medication.
I am only telling you this because you keep insulting the British. India is shit and that is why so many indians want to live in the UK, even though the salaries in UK are approaching india standards with so many scabs from india who invaded out island with student visas to study on fake colleges created by indian conmen.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 12. 2013 14:55

Look who is talking about CONMEN & CONNING business above:-((

Have you heard of the biggestestest CONJOB called East India Company??

India never GOT independence in 1947 as made out to be. It has always remained a SLAVISH british colony like the way you held on to Falkland Islands of Argentina.

If you detect fake colleges in India blame it on FAKE CORRUPT congress GOREMENT established by you FAKE FRAUDULENT british to serve your interests.

Very recently also the FAUX victory of the same christianised congress party in General Elections held was owing to EVM tampering & tinkering by you the british.

No self respecting HINDU ENTREPRENEUR would have rushed in to bail out your cadaverous economy. It was TATA the Parsi businessman who did that reviving your automobile industry. Lot of Parsis though surviving on munificence of HINDUS within Bharath owe their ALLEGIANCE to british kings & queens long dead & gone
( ASHES to ashes & DUST to dust).

What do we see today ? The SHAMELESS british representative rushing forward shaking hands with Sri.Narendra Modi with FAUX smiles & greetings.To clinch  lucrative deals:-((

None other than Oliver Goldsmith has captured the INCORRIGIBLE superciliousness of the british in a short & sweet essay.

"So many Indians want to live in the UK" ???

No medication can ever cure you of your well entrenched penchant for LYING & CONSISTENT LYING.

How many of Native Indians you british forcibly took to various islands & countries colonized by you RUTHLESSLY to work in tea plantations & various industries set up by you to PLUNDER & EXPLOIT enriching your country & economy ?

And the small pox virus infested material you IGNOBLE christian missionaries carried to swaddle & smother Native AMERICAN INDIANS as suggested by columbus the TERRORIST ?

Today also the trend continues ...Bill Gates & his vaccines.....

You CONCEITED HUBRIS filled LIARS have only the following approaches:-

a) " Blame it on ISLAM "
b) "Blame it on BRAHMINS"
c) "Blame it on Paganism"

And scream in high decibels democraCEEEEEEE , human many are many are naked .......

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 12. 2013 15:41

Trust NARCISSISTIC british to fingerpoint & fulminate at the rest of the non christians of this world:-(( forgetting foolishly rest of the fingers are pointing at the UBER UBER GUILTY british & christians of this world.

We THE HINDUS built all our breathtaking SACRED TEMPLES without any aid / help/ inputs / assistance from christians & british & muslims ALSO.

Babur & several others came . pillaged & destroyed rearranging the structure calling them Babri masjid & various mosques. Taj Mahal itself was built by the HINDUS much before the advent of marauders. The moghal king shah jehan CAPTURED it from HINDU MAHARAJA craftily concealing the whole structure with Arabic inscriptions & subsequent fabrications full of LIES. They did that to lots of our HINDU TEMPLES.

And you the british christians ??? I am citing only ONE EXAMPLE of your christian styled THIEVERY (  taste this recipe of christian compassion).

Gangai Konda Ssozhapuram Temple was sedulously & MERCILESSLY dismantled heavily by you christian compassion brimming IGNOBLE british colonizers to build some bridge blah blah so as to transfer all OUR WEALTH speedily to your british king & queen's palace FILLED with nothing but LOOT & PLUNDER.

A part of that TEMPLE is present. However many do NOT know about you IGNOBLE MARAUDER as they foolishly imagine you THIEVES built some structure for us the "pagans / slumdogs" yada yada.

And the war waged by you the british against GERMANY , do you seriously believe britain & Churchill blah blah had altruistic motives ??

ROTFL....britain can NEVER brook any other power centre as it is THAT narcissistic. british NEVER like JEWS. Hence churchill & british army under the queen's command PURPOSELY sent leaky boats etc for the fleeing JEWISH people thus CRUELLY & BESTIALLY ensuring all of them drowned & died.

This much food for your narcissistic self congratulatory EGO would suffice.

Why talk about Opium Wars engineered by you the british to TORTURE CHINA???

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 12. 2013 15:59

When the "BARBARIC" ( Swami Vivekananda) british INVADED & COLONIZED my BHARATH of HINDUS could not squat like the native HINDUS while defaecating.

Hence FORCED us the HINDUS to physically carry a cavernous porcelain contraption calling it a "box" for the british ARROGANT posterior to alight & the british OSTIPATED large intestines to have a peristalsis movement. After heavy FARTING blah blah the british hollered at the HINDU calling him a "boxwallah" to carry that SHIT of the BARBARIC british & clean , disinfect & replace.

Now pontificates to US THE INHERENTLY BORN NOBLE HINDUS that we have(sic) "casteism & scavenger caste blah blah....."

How dare you the british talk so audaciously about fake colleges in India NOW ?

When you ALWAYS showed FAKE certificates of sonia dynasty including rajiv gandi etc as holding prestigious degrees & a string of qualifications from your oxford & cambridge blah blah.....

Whatever happened to PUNISHMENT of you the british in high places ??

no site

United States Robert Hoffman
June 12. 2013 23:03
Robert Hoffman

Dear Anonymous Brahmin Apartheidist,

I disagree with your point of view. Chopping someone's hands off over a Brahmin-Only water fountain is wrong in any century. 1000 years of Brahmin tradition doesn't make it right.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 15. 2013 00:42

Here in Kuwait I came across a converted christian woman called Philomena very fat,dark , bespectacled with lots & lots of christian members of her family all minting too much of money right here in KUWAIT by CONNING THE ARABS KUWAITIS over many years.

Philomena herself told me how she came & conned thus amassing wealth buying lots of properties , GOLD , silks , satins , cosmetics (all foreign PAID & BOUGHT by KUWAITIS & cleaning agents like Clorox , Jiff , Fairy dish washing liquid etc CARTONS of them all BOUGHT by KUWAITIS & excess baggage also paid by KUWAITIS owing to her crafty blackmailing manipulative tactics.

She spoke Tamil but from her accent I could make out she is a converted christian from SriLanka owning INDIAN passport & lots of properties all over Karnataka , Tamil Nadu , Bombay etc. Showed many photographs of her affluent relatives who became thus by ROBBING KUWAITIS.

She was the maid of Uma Ramani (IIT chemical engineer KOC) & was thrust on me by my faux husband as he told her " he NEEDED her to do household work". Thus she became autocratic throwing her weight around as she knew my faux husband HATED me.

From the time she came to KUWAIT she only POSTURED to be obedient & trustworthy thus making the entire family HEAVILY dependent on her. When the man of the house was away misbehaved with womenfolk in several ways poisoning their food etc. Making them fall sick & pretending to nurse them back to health. This went on for long.They were so guileless took her along to Europe & UK while vacationing. Pampering her in all possible ways. There also she STOLE a lot of their money & purchases in devious undetectable ways.

The Kuwaiti Lady became suspicious & complained to her husband once.At once this Philomena threw lots of tantrums like the wounded unfairly wronged asking to be sent to India immediately. She knew by then the entire family had come to depend on her like some indispensable crutch. Thus she manipulated them very diabolically. To be mollified she demanded that KUWAITI Employer to purchase cartons of cosmetics , cold cream vanishing cream , moisturizer , perfumes , body lotions , soaps , tissues etc etc & Clorox etc etc also PLUS GOLD & Kuwaiti Dinars). This went on ssso long as the rest of the maids / cooks / drivers were also equally KNAVISH & connived with her as all of them are that UNGRATEFUL & HOSTILE & ENVIOUS towards the ARABS.

Thus she made a PLUMP fortune & then left them. In my house also she came up with anti Brahmin anti Hindu tirade like typical christian missionaries'
" why are you HINDUS worshipping rivers ( Holy Ganges was being shown on tv then)
...jesus christ says this is very very BAD....christ says .....jesus say....."

I also know something about Christian Prophet Jesus Christ. Nowhere does He advocate such DECEIT & CHICANERY.

" Judge a man by his VIRTUES" ( Swami Vivekananda)

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 15. 2013 00:49

Very Important.

That christian THIEF CHEAT conceitedly told me here in Kuwait:-

" my caste & George Bush's caste is same same".

In HINDUS VEDAS ( Our Holy BOOK are OUR VEDAS) there is absolutely no mention of this word 'caste'.

Go seeking that Philomena & interrogate her please.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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