Of course, this propaganda piece planted by NASSCOM was written by an Indian.  Read the hundreds of comments and you will see little sympathy for the slumdog scabs.  The video features Chinese students, but the article is almost entirely about Indian H-1Bs.  


Engineers See a Path Out of Green Card Limbo

SAN FRANCISCO — Sanket Sant, a citizen of India, came to the United States at age 21, earning a master’s degree in engineering, followed by a doctorate and then landing a well-paying job at a company making semiconductor equipment.

Then, he waited for the American government to decide if he could stay.

“I know this country better than my own country, and I still feel like an outsider,” said Mr. Sant, 35, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas in 2006, and has been waiting for federal officials to approve his green card application for six years. “That’s the thing that bothers me.”

That is also the predicament of tens of thousands of workers here in the heart of the tech industry who were born overseas and educated in the United States. Though not living in poverty or in the shadows, as are migrant workers who are here illegally, they are nevertheless in a bureaucratic limbo while they wait in a long line for a green card.

Now, though, Congress is poised to end their uncertainty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws on a bipartisan vote, and sent the measure to the full Senate. The bill would make it much easier for science, math and engineering graduates of American universities to become permanent residents.

Crucially, it would also lift the limits on how many immigrants are allowed in from each country, which has meant that citizens of populous countries like India end up waiting far longer than others.

The provisions to ease the green card process enjoy bipartisan support, reflecting a stark reality: Nearly half of all engineering graduate students at American universities are from abroad.

Technology companies, like Facebook and Microsoft, want to hire many more of them, which is why they have lobbied to make it quicker for them to get permanent residency. So has the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a group that campaigns for American workers.

Still, not everyone is a fan. Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based research and advocacy group, who has testified against the legislation, said easy, unlimited access to green cards for math and science graduates could encourage the emergence of “visa mills,” or schools established just to sell access to the United States. Also, he said: “American young people with bachelor’s degrees see these occupations distorted by large-scale admissions of foreign workers. That then changes their own decision making about what to do in the future.”

The green card provisions have been obscured by the louder, more polarizing fight between industry and labor over foreign guest worker visas, known as H-1Bs. But they stand to have a far greater impact on the men and women who drive this industry.

Mr. Sant, like many of his friends, was drawn to the United States for higher education. In 2010, the most recent year for which data is available from the National Science Foundation, a government agency, 45 percent of master’s and doctoral students in engineering were from abroad, up from 35 percent in 1990 and 24 percent in 1980, according to the agency.

At some universities, the share of foreign students is even higher. At Carnegie Mellon University, which has one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world, 62 percent of engineering graduate students came from abroad, and at the Rochester Institute of Technology, 56 percent.

This year, at the University of Southern California, the figure is 68 percent, according to university officials.

Among those who come to study in this country, about one in three end up staying on temporary work visas, mainly through the H-1B program. An analysis by the Brookings Institution concluded that in 2010, 30 percent of those who were working on H-1B visas were former students at American universities. Their wait for permanent residency can be frustratingly long, depending on their homeland.

According to data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, more than 150,000 of them have filed for green cards since 2010; nearly a third of them are from India, the largest single block.

Kartik Shah, 29, was among them. A native of Mumbai, he went to the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, for a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He graduated in 2007 and swiftly landed a job as a software engineer at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, just south of here.

The company soon filed a green card application on his behalf, which it says it does for the vast majority of its H-1B workers. The government cleared his application, essentially ruling that his skills were needed. Then, it told him to wait.

So far the wait has been six years, and he has no idea when it will end. He is nervous about exploring other job options, for fear of losing his place in the green card line. (The draft bill would free up workers from their green card sponsors.)

Two evenings a week, he rides the bus an hour each way from his office in San Jose to the University of California, Berkeley, where he is working toward a master’s in business administration. Perhaps, by the time he finishes, in the spring of 2014, his green card will be ready and he will be able to put his M.B.A. to use.

Still, he is reluctant to pin his hopes on the bill now on the Senate floor. If the overhaul fails, it would depress him too much.

“It’s very frustrating,” he said. “Whenever we are hanging out with friends and this topic comes up, it’s actually a very depressing topic.”

His onetime roommate, Rushil Kadakia, 32, says he is likewise not losing sleep over what happens in the Senate. He and his wife, an engineer at Oracle, are both in line for a green card. They have a 6-week-old daughter at home, an American citizen by birth.

“I’m taking everything with a grain of salt,” he said. “I’m keenly following it, but I’m not optimistic.”

He joked that maybe his daughter could eventually sponsor her parents. “Twenty-one years down the line,” he said.

Mr. Sant, a native of Ahmedabad, in western India, came here to earn a master’s degree, then a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, specializing in semiconductors. He got a job at a company making semiconductor equipment, published papers in academic journals and earned several patents.

His wife gave up her career as a surgeon back home in India when she came to this country as his bride; under current law, a spouse of a temporary visa holder is barred from working. The draft law would grant them work papers.

Going back home is not an option for Mr. Sant. His specialty is semiconductor equipment research, and not much of it happens in India. And anyway, he says, India has changed so much in the 13 years he has been away, and he has become so much more of, well, an American.

“I went to India last year. The whole culture is different. I don’t relate to it any more,” he said. “I feel home is here.”


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Canada Mark
May 24. 2013 11:47

Meanwhile domestic top grads can submit their resumes, by the hundreds, to firms like Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, etc., and not even receive so much as the courtesy of a response.  While these foreigner scabs basically have the red carpet rolled out for them.  

Disgusting!  Where on Earth does the idea that there's a sort of labour shortage come from?  Top talent out of the US universities don't even receive interviews from many of these firms!  We shouldn't cry a tear for the foreigners who are experiencing minor harassment compared to what US citizens go through in trying to find employment.  

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Kuwait Anonymous
May 24. 2013 14:14

Within India itself there is a glut of unemployable engineer graduates.

Many who were traditionally doing farming , agriculture & horticulture were forced to sell their precious cultivable land abandoning agriculture & embracing engineering degrees as Indian government under congress ( jawaharlal nehru , indira gandhi etc)
set up engineering colleges calling them the "future temples of India". Trust India to blame everything on the British & West.

Unlike ISRAEL who have long term sustainable goals & planning avaricious Indian government full of CORRUPT people converted many water bodies including precious lakes & ponds into multi storeyed apartments , shopping complexes , busstands etc. Today also as I mentioned earlier large scale sand quarrying has rendered many RIVERS & RIVERBEDS dry.First to get affected are flora & fauna. People did not bother when sparrows to vultures were becoming almost extinct. As are happy to watch virtual versions of them on Animal Planet channels.

When Elephants , Bears & Leopards come looking for food as their habitats have been destroyed they are shot at by cruel villagers.

Learn from India the perils to be avoided.The word immigration does not say it all. Demography is crucial. So is religion intertwined with culture & values.
India has a huge muslim & converted christian votebank along with leftists.They are always mollycoddled by the establishment to stay afloat. Now & then you hear of shocking stories of corruption , RAPE , BOMB BLASTS , ADULTERATION , FORGERY etc etc. But India thrives on them as that is how alleged investigating agencies calling themselves xyz earn their livelihood. Television channels to newspapers thrive on such sensationalism.

India when cornered would blame everything on AMERICA.

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United States Drifter
May 25. 2013 05:53

Why do these H1B'ers think that they will get a green card? It's a non-immigration visa! Nobody promised them anything - in fact it was clear at the outset that a green card was not guaranteed but they seem to forget.

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United States Taxi Driver
May 26. 2013 19:05
Taxi Driver

Isn't it ironic that the feature character of the story, Mr. Sant, is a semiconductor engineer? Wasn't it just last year that the wife of Darin Wedel, a native-born American semiconductor engineer with years of experience, asked President Barack Obama why her husband couldn't find a job, and PBO acted surprised? Wasn't it PBO (and Bush II and Clinton) who argued that we need more H-1b visas? I'm sure PBO was at least as genuinely surprised that American engineers couldn't find work as he was to learn that the Benghazi massacre wasn't caused by a video.


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United States Taxi Driver
May 26. 2013 19:11
Taxi Driver

I personally know an EB-1 visa holder who wants to become a US citizen. What I find appalling about that is the *reason* he wants citizenship. He wants to become a US citizen so that he can MOVE BACK TO INDIA!

His green card requires that he remain in the US for at least 6 months out of every year, or he will lose his visa. But he wants to be able to live in India while earning in the US. Citizenship would allow him to do just that, which is the precise reason he wants it.


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United States Boss
May 26. 2013 22:59

Guest Worker Shoplifters (mainly from India)sharing their experience in Trackitt.com.


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United States johnny walker
May 27. 2013 16:40
johnny walker

I dont think that the H1B and the foreign students that earn advanced degrees in the US should be lumped
together into the same category.  Obviously the entire system needs reformed but I think preference should
be to those educated in the US as opposed elsewhere.  Those with US degrees have to study some humanities
learn social and people skills, critical thought as opposed to rote memorization.

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United States Unemployed in Detroit
May 30. 2013 06:31
Unemployed in Detroit

This is a fiction story. The story is "cut and paste" and handed around to different forums like a bad smelling chain letter. The format is always the same:

1. There is a "victim"; a good Indian is the victim of "bad" Americans, sort of a reverse "Black Sambo story from the golden age of American Jim Crow in the 1920's.

2. The Indian collects advanced degrees like a super genius, like Superman. Most Americans take years to earn a doctorate, including teaching, research and rejection. The Indian, on the other hand, just gets out of bed in the morning and has his PhD handed to him like a pair of morning slippers. There is no "focus" or record of research or history of interaction with the American academic community. He just magically gets his doctorate for no reason at all.

3. Americans are protrayed as "math dummies" and American corporations are portrayed as failures. The Indian with his magical palette of advanced degrees is here to "save American companies".

no site

United States Unemployed in Detroit
May 30. 2013 06:38
Unemployed in Detroit

The following phrases are all fake. I have seen this in discussion forums before; it is all made up"

"Mr. Sant, a native of Ahmedabad, in western India, came here to earn a master’s degree, then a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, specializing in semiconductors. He got a job at a company making semiconductor equipment, published papers in academic journals and earned several patents.

His wife gave up her career as a surgeon back home in India when she came to this country as his bride; under current law, a spouse of a temporary visa holder is barred from working. The draft law would grant them work papers."

Academic journals? Patents? Where? Can I see some citations? Wife a surgeon? Any proof of that? No. There is no proof. Just a bunch of blather. "Pity me. I have a 'doctorate' but I can't get respect from the American system..."

no site

United States Robert
May 31. 2013 09:10

Hey Everyone, go to amazon.com right away and zero star this book
"The Power of One" by Kathleen Brush.


Kathleen Brush is a pro-H1B racist who thinks all Hispanics and African Americans
should be replaced with foreign h1bs. Do it today! I'm going to!


no site

United Kingdom Mr X
May 31. 2013 16:39
Mr X

India's economic growth slowest in a decade

Of course India is slowing down. They were sucking from the tits of US and European companies. Now everyone has figured out that cheap indian software is not cheap after all.

no site

United States ForzaAzzuri
June 1. 2013 00:12

Its good to see more and more American's are no longer buying the Kool Aid. Let me first say I have no issues with immigrants and support reforms in our countries immigration system to allow people who really want to be here an easier path to citizenship. Sad reality is, outside of India or China its damn near impossible to get anything more then a visitors visa. I have many friends from Latin America who love the USA and have struggled to come here, even to work low wage jobs like baby sitting and economic areas like produce where their is actually a demand for labor. However, I am very opposed to the H1b visa because the American citizen is fucked beyond belief. Anyone with a college degree can learn to code, granted they may not be rock stars at it but in this day and age with high unemployment and American serviceman coming home to nothing and college kids having no job prospects I would think getting them into programming would serve our country well by getting our citizens valuable experience and also work that in turn is fed into our economy not to mention savings on government spending. Sad reality is that big business knows this and doesn't want it. They want cheap indentured servants who will work for nothing, pay little benefits and have slaves who have no rights. Indians taking these jobs sets back the labor movement 100 years since as we are all unemployed these scabs are undermining our labor rights as citizens. If we don't stop it now, all our high paying jobs will be gone and we will be forced to sacrifice our rights as workers just to eat. I to was also recently in a curry den and laid off in favor of Indian nepotism. I won't lie, I don't like Indians as a people, I find then rude, racist, self serving and dishonest, though that is also how I view most MBAs. I think its time for people to rally washington, get a movement going. We have two powerful tools to end this, democracy and economics. If we vote the people who support this out, we can get people who are not indowed to our corporate masters. If we all decided to stop supporting and spending money on companies who undermine Americans, we can ruin their bottom line in one day. Long live America!!!!!!!

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 1. 2013 14:03

Please please allow me to provide you ample comic relief AMERICANS.

Read my comments first.

Then read the article. You AMERICANS WILL LAUGH & LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY. Have not a shred of doubt.

Out & Out LUDICROUS article.

It is only indians (IItians blah blah) who have aaaaaaalways been screaming "we are the best..we only discovered zero....without us America cannot survive...we are the best in English win trophies in spelling contests ...NASA depends on great indian talent.....india always sooooperpower....."
with equally ASININE DANGEROUS IDIOT "missile man" Abdul Kalam , NASSCOM blah blah FOOLISHLY manufacturing this chimera.

I NEVER believed even for a wee second in my dreams about indians hoo haaa engineering mathematical medicinal prowess.

AMERICANS have been bludgeoned on their heads about this great indian hooohaaaa talent blah blah.....They had NO CHOICE but to silently nod & smile approvingly.

Indians are GOOD for nothing but only kollybolly pelvic thrusts & posterior gyrations. Period.

Do not torture me all you jingoistic indians larsen & toubro did this ...
tata built that.....nehru said this & that sam pitroda came with fire in belly setting bellies on fire ....I have had too much of comic relief.narayana murthy eats only two idlis with humble tomato chutney served by his wife who wrote a fiery letter to tata bloke who is doing lots of social service...is an inspiration to kannadigas & all womenfolk yada yada.....indira nooyi is the mostpowerful mover & shaker of this corporate world.......I know I KNOW I have heard & heard , read & read NOTHING but only such self congratulatory HIIIIGHLY ASININE IDIOTIC crap.

Don't give me links prefacing with Dear Rajalaksmi / Rajalaksmiji / jaigurudev/ pranams Rajalaksmiji / howeverrrrrr having said thattttttttt
"key board warrior"....one CRETIN in niticentral christened me thus.


Jingoistic touchy indians often delete my HONEST comments & observations.
Hence ARCHIVE these. Like Wordsworth's Daffodils " When oft on my couch I lie..."
my comments & the article would always keep you AMERICANS in sunny disposition.

no site

United States hindu_ass
June 1. 2013 23:08

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 2. 2013 03:23

Unemployed in Detroit is very very correct. I totally agree with him.

But tread with caution with this useless parasite ForzaAzzuri. Had I been an AMERICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT unlike useless clueless obama would have said :-

" Please DO NOT love us ssso much....it has satiated us , given us dyspepsia...
Love from a distance....go to HELL & BURN ....love us AMERICANS from the HELL".

ForzaAzzuri mentions "babysitter from ....". Earlier also I had warned you AMERICANS to watch that movie BABEL starring Brad Pitt & Kate Blanchette.
That is EXACTLY how indians & bangladeshees  be they babysitters , doctors , teachers , nurses , engineers , godmen godwomen , filmstars , playback singers , maids , gardeners , professors , spouses are SHODDY , SLOVENLY , UNTRUSTWORTHY,
full of hubris , arrogance & deceit.

Most of the GOOD Indians are EXTINCT altogether. An AMERICAN famous country music singer on HIS OWN volition came & met TM Sounderarajan the playback singer who passed away recently when TMS once upon a time sang in AMERICA.

TMS himself told me all these & how much he VALUED genuine unforced compliments
from an AMERICAN who he did not know. That particular song which made that AMERICAN come seeking TMS -that also TMS told me.

In contemporary India & world such a genuine TMS like person also you will never find. TMS never made up stories.

Rest of the selfish useless indians USED TMS & rode rough shod over him. The indian film fraternity itself.

BUT by GOD's GRACE that AMERICAN's compliments which TMS heard in USA itself stunned & filled him with so much of fulfillment & gratification he did not bother about rest of indians leaving him in penury.

The link of that song:-


TMS also told me several more TRUTHS .....but indians are over touchy & angry would tear me apart.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 2. 2013 03:48

Trust indians , bangladeshees & various useless parasites to intimidate you "without us who are large in numbers who will do babysitting , gardening , counting , calculating , coding , washing ...".

NEVER fall for that. People like indians & bangladeshees are dangerous. Machines & gadgets (not made in india) are very safe & dependable. I myself saw in one CANADIAN's house ( who serendipitously I befriended in Canada) not NRI canadian but original Canadian married to a CANADIAN who had a baby ( very very sweet & winsome). She had lots of hitherto unseen by me contraptions , toys etc & she was GRACIOUS enough to explain to me how each of them train & help her baby in motor coordination etc etc when she would be in the kitchen or garden. Very very remarkable inventions by non indians . I am sure must be GERMANS/ AMERICANS certainly not indians. Even one fault I could not detect.

Interestingly that Canadian is not one of those supercilious IT software engineers , Ph.Ds, doctors blah blah. Indians are always very very particular about too many degrees & qualifications showing off. Unemployed in Detroit is SPOT ON.

Now don't sit & worry why they are like that....as christian missionaries would jump in telling we will uplift them....BEWARE. Indians are congenitally like that weird grotesque creatures. Thus they look down upon others calling them  "just a worker in a coffee shop , worker in pizza joint , just an ordinary clerk...no professional qualifications like us GREAT indians...just a waitress , just a cabdriver...".

That CANADIAN is really very very GOOD & SMART. I could open up to her for the first time which was HIGHLY cathartic for me.

In Kuwait my faux husband (blackberry number 965-97201449)S.N.Ramachandran SHOUTED at me telling " I will NOT take you to watch Iron Man" ( Robert Downey)...get lost...i will throw you out of the house ".

Fortunately in Canada that movie was running in a cinema hall. Despite her very busy schedule she on her own took me to watch that movie in her car & dropped me back. Bought lots of popcorn also for me. Did not ask for any favours in return.

Indian would have extracted LOTS of favours plus my sarees , dresses , panties , everything from me throwing me naked in the desert without even taking me to the movie before throwing me naked in the desert.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 2. 2013 04:21

Taxi Driver ,

You are absolutely correct. That having a green card by hook or by crook huriedly & then moving to india for six months- this strategy LOTS of indians have been doing for several years. Also lots of them moved to Canada telling Canada offers free DOLE for all unemployed , RAPE victims , gang rape victims etc etc. Lots & lots of women were merrily telling " yes we are all gang rape victims ...give us refugee status & social security dollars & soon jobs also.".

CHRISTIAN evangelising missionaries are THE MAIN CULPRITS in this sphere. For decades after decades travelling with cameras & reporters telling " so many are oppressed ....christianity will rescue & uplift you...Jesus Christ stopped some people from throwing stones at a prostitute & said be compassionate...holy water sprinkling....."

It is BRILLIANT Pervez Musharraf who actually told bluntly this truth. America chose the RIGHT ALLY in Pervez Musharraf.

indiAAA wrecks everything as it chases sooperpower status in ASIA & all over this world. Ask CHINA & NORTH KOREA to kill all my relatives & useless indians including the converted christians ALSO.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
June 2. 2013 23:00

NEVER trust britain EVER AMERICA along with india also I am warning you.

british love only themselves. Would NEVER hesitate to join hands with any enemy that is anti AMERICAN very much including india & several African countries.

For too long a Meryl Streep could not be accepted by them with ABANDON & GRACE.
britain suffers from delusions of grandeur as it always has. I find them very very anachronistically silly. Who can't even laugh at themselves.

A SOLITARY John Cleese ALONE is endowed with that quality.

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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