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Yeah, no shit:

There's a constant clamor that the United States is falling behind in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) capabilities, but that's not really the problem, says a Rutgers University professor who is weighing in on the immigration debate now taking place in Washington.

The problem, he said, is that various work visas are bringing in so many STEM workers from other countries who are willing to work for lower wages that U.S. STEM graduates either can't command the pay they expected or can't find jobs in their fields.

The situation will only get worse, he said, if Congress increases the number of available H-1B visas for highly skilled professionals, as proposed in federal immigration legislation.

"It's Econ 101," said public policy professor Hal Salzman, a senior fellow at the school's John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development in New Brunswick.

Employers "generally don't pay more than what they have to pay as long as they can get what they need without paying for it," Salzman said. "If you can increase supply, you can hold down wages."

There's no shortage of homegrown talent, Salzman said, but there is a lack of willingness to pay for it.

On Wednesday, Salzman and others released a study analyzing the impact of high-skilled guest workers on the U.S. labor market.

The study, conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning Washington think tank, has particular relevance in New Jersey, where the largest 2012 petitioner for H-1B visas - Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. - has its headquarters.

"There is a large offshoring industry in New Jersey," Salzman said, "and the offshoring industry in New Jersey is heavily dependent on these guest-worker visas."

Companies that offer to help U.S. businesses lower costs by moving their information technology functions and jobs abroad often circulate H-1B guest workers into their U.S. offices to help them understand American clients and work in quality control, he said.

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United States Dean
April 26. 2013 23:15

the one that that really keeps getting missed, and although I know it's really hard to put metrics behind it, that doesn't make it any less true - I know, as well as a great many people that also work in a STEM profession. I hear it all the time and I see it with my own eyes every friggin day: H1B ARE NOT CHEAPER THAN AMERICANS.
H1b's may cost less per hour, that they do/I can't argue with that one bit. But so what, when they job is "done"(?), they actually end up costing more. It's a fact. When you look at how much longer they take, the crappy end results, the extra management and spoon-feeding, how many more of them you have to hire, it goes on and on and on. The hard truth is, H1B's ARE MORE EXPENSIVE. But bodyshops like H/P, IBM G/S, CrapGemini, and of course all the hindoo ones, they all love H1b's/L1's/B1's , why, because they can mark them way up and then rent them out to clients.
H1B'S ARE NOT CHEAP, THEY ARE MORE EXPENSIVE. Someone with real skills and experience that can get stuff done fast and properly with management o/h, even at twice the hourly rate is an awesome bargain. But who's gonna do the study to prove that, the outsourcing consultants, managers who've invested their entire reputation in getting everyone to believe in India, Stink, U.S. legislators who would branded as racists, who gonna come out and tell the real hard facts ?  Even with all the other rotten facts about H1b/L1/B1 and outsourcing, the worst part about it all has not even made it to the mainstream media, no one has truly come out and exposed it, H1B IS NOT EVEN CHEAPER, we are going through all of these hassles, just to bring over morons that are actually MORE EXPENSIVE !!!!

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United States Boss
April 27. 2013 01:28

Guest worker Demand vs Supply detailed analysis.


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United Kingdom Hindu_Ass
April 29. 2013 06:56


Who Stole the American Dream?

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United States Hindu_Ass
April 29. 2013 22:38


Insiders say Canada 'scammed' by foreign worker industry
Claims include faked resumes, visa violations and discrimination against Canadians

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United States Anti-H1B
April 30. 2013 00:11

Korporate traitors at C-level, banksters and government scum suckers did this to the American worker. Not to mention the evil Hindoo collaborators.

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United States Boss
April 30. 2013 01:02

After H1B frauds, next target of Desi IT is Canada..

Several information technology industry insiders have come forward to expose some of the inner workings of multinational outsourcing companies from India, which they claim exploit Canada's temporary work visa system and bring no real benefit.


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United States Expose_Bhartis
April 30. 2013 15:02

These Bharties are committing stealth genocide in many places in the world.  While you may whine about they dirty tactics, you haven't witnessed nothing yet... it gets a lot worse.  Right now they are a tiny minority (and illegal ones at that), who are very fearful of the gun bearing Americans and larger muscular Negros.  You can see them shiver.

As such you may wrongly assume them to be 'docile'.  If you fall for their "holier than thou" and "peaceful Ghandian principles" acts, it will haunt your future generations.  The fact was Ghandi was a open racist to the core, and he only advocated "peace" when his position was weaker than the British.  The proof is in history.

Currently the Bhartis are facing native resistance in so many places.  Here a small recap of recent events:

-- Kuwait gov't has ordered at least 100,000 net migrants (both "legal" and illegal) be deported each and every year, for at least a decade.

-- Oman also enacted laws to support its native population for jobs (and security of country) by deporting Bhartis.

-- Saudi Arabia has enacted law that forces all companies operating in country to have at least 1-to-10 of employee as local Saudi.  Also, only certified Saudis may DIRECTLY sponsor foreign workers.  In the past this major loophole (similar to H-1B, L1/2, etc) was massively exploited which resulted in an explosion.

-- Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, HK, Japan, Korea, China have also tightened border security (to unfortunately limited success, similar to USA/UK).  

-- South America has also awaken to their true nature.

-- Nigeria is fed up with dirty dealings and backstabbings by India.

-- Uganda sent 2 official government MPs to demand India return payment it owed (by scams)... but guess what happened?!  Not surprisingly, GOI arrested Ugandan government officials.

These are just small sample of recent developments.  Any aggressive violent acts on part of Bhartis will result in severe repercusions around the world.

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United States Expose_Bhartis
April 30. 2013 19:13

Another more interesting happening which was correctly predicted, is that the Bhartis are attempting to take over occupied Palestine by claiming to be "Indian jews"... LOL.

They also claimed to by the "original Europeans" by claiming to be the progenators of the "Aryan race"... LOL again.

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Germany Adolf
May 3. 2013 05:15

Basically Australoid Hindu indian Scum are scamming entire Planet with their fraudulent practices,I have mentioned this several times

Entire hindu idiot economy is one gigantic scam, every one in that scum land is crook and corrupt

Entire society resembles a toilet

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United States rmagrino
May 4. 2013 05:27

I don't know whether to be happy or not about the Immigration Bill.
Why are they increasing the Cap number at all, it makes no sense
when they openly acknowledge that outsourcers are using all the visas
and the restrictions would make H-1B un-necessary altogether.

Wonder if anyone knows, is there a good Documentary out there about H1B?
how come no one has made one, only just some news reports at danrather.com,
but no documentary movie. anyone want to make one with me, I'm thinking
kind of a MichaelMoore kind of project, let me know, I'll start a kickstarted
for funding. thx.

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Canada Tim Shaw
May 5. 2013 22:31
Tim Shaw

This is but one example of the nonsense we are facing up north.

<a href="kitchener.ctvnews.ca/...1.1262791">Linamar demands the continued use of the temporary foreign workers program</a>

Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz says her company is being penalized for using foreign workers even though they only do so because they can’t find willing Canadians to take the positions.

In the past year, Linamar has brought in 50 temporary skilled trades workers from the Philippines, and has plans to hire 20 more.
Related Stories

“It would be a heck of a lot easier and cheaper to hire somebody here in Canada for that same job,” she says.

But due to changes to the foreign workers program announced earlier this week, bringing over skilled trades workers will be more difficult.

Hasenfratz says the jobs might move to the United States.

Linamar opened a plant in North Carolina in 2010. By the end of 2013, it will employ 200 people – and Hasenfratz says Canadian jobs could be moved there.

She has received Grants from Both the US and Canadian Governments and is playing them both while importing in temporary workers. This program is just as bad as the H1-B and allows Canadian companies to load their workforce with cheap contracted labor. Corporate welfare to marginalize the domestic workforce.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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