Tunnel Rat posted on March 13, 2013 13:17


Corporations are at it again.

This time they are taking advantage of temporary workers to drive down wages and working conditions for U.S. workers.

Loopholes, like the ones inside the H1-B visa program, allow big businesses to hire temporary workers from other countries at substandard wages. American workers making $60,000 or more are being replaced by temporary workers making half as much.

Unbelievably, a group of Senators wants to expand this program by issuing even more H1-B visas. Email your Senators today and tell them to stop the expansion of the H1-B visa program.

Workers holding  H1-B visas are at the mercy of their employers. They cannot move from one employer to the next without the risk of deportation. They cannot organize to negotiate for better wages or working conditions.

Big companies like IBM, Accenture and Infosys claim that these visas help improve our competitiveness by bringing highly skilled workers to the U.S., but a recent study showed that most of these workers return home, taking their skills with them. Instead of providing a path to citizenship, the H1-B visa program helps facilitate offshoring.[1]

Email your Senators today and tell them to oppose Senate Bill 169, ...

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Germany Adolf
March 14. 2013 03:03

Mass murder these subhuman hindus, use depleted uranium in their land , kill them all

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United States Bobby Jindal
March 14. 2013 04:08
Bobby Jindal

When an entire town tries to protect football players even after a rape (Steubenville!!), no wonder kids idolize sports and degrade anything related to science or engineering.

With such a dire situation, companies are going to get any number of H1Bs they want...Of course they will have ample support from Chamber of Commerce and other business friendly republican organizations.

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United States Robert Hoffman
March 14. 2013 14:40
Robert Hoffman

American STEM workers. Now is the time. Now! Oppose House Bill HR633: Amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act and Senate Bill S169: Immigration Innovation Act.

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United States James
March 15. 2013 01:40

Indian orgs that have given $ to US:

We need new laws banning ALL foreign lobbying in the US


4G Identity Solutions Hyderabad, India $7,500
A2Z Maintenance & Eng. Gurgaon, India $7,500
Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai, India $15,000
Apollo Hospitals Chennai, India $7,500
Arshiya International Mumbai, India $15,000
Astonfield Management Mumbai, India $7,500
Avantha Group India $7,500
Avasarala Technologies Bangalore, India $7,500
AZB & Partners Mumbai, India $15,000
Azure Power New Delhi, India $7,500
Bharat Forge Pune, India $15,000
Devas Multimedia Bangalore, India $15,000
DSK Legal Bombay, India $7,500
Dua Associates Hyderabad, India $15,000
Educomp Solutions Ltd Delhi, India $7,500
Essar Group Mumbai, India $7,500
Fox Mandal Little India $7,500
GMR Bangalore, India $15,000
Hindalco Group, The Mumbai, India $15,000
Hindustan Construction Company Mumbai, India $15,000
ICICI Bank Mumbia, India $7,500
Infosys Bangalore, India $15,000
Infotech Enterprises Hyderabad, India $7,500
Ireo Management Gurgoan, India $15,000
ITC Group Kolkata, India $15,000
J. Sagar Associates Mumbai, India $15,000
J.B.Boda Insurance Mumbai, India $7,500
J.M. Baxi & Co. Mumbai, India $15,000
Jagran Prakashan Kanpur, India $7,500
Jindal Power New Delhi, India $15,000
Jubilant Organosys Noida, India $7,500
Kimaya Energy New Delhi, India $15,000
Kotak Mahindra Mumbai, India $7,500
KPIT Cummins Pune, India $7,500
KPMG Amstelveen, Netherlands $15,000
Larsen & Toubro Mumbai, India $15,000
Leela Hotels Bengaluru, India $7,500
Luthra & Luthra New Delhi, India $15,000
Majmudar & Company Mumbai, India $7,500
NIIT Technologies Delhi, India $15,000
Nishith Desai Associates Mumbai, India $15,000
Oberoi Group Dehli,India $7,500
Patni Americas Mumbai, India $15,000
Punj Lloyd Gurgaon, India $15,000
Ranbaxy, Inc. Gurgaon, India $7,500
Reliance Industries Mumbai, India $15,000
Reliance Communications Navi Mumbai, India $7,500
Rolta Mumbai, India $7,500
SKP Crossborder Consulting Mumbai, India $7,500
State Bank of India Mumbai, India $15,000
Tata Group Mumbai, India $15,000
Tatva Legal India $15,000
Trilegal India $7,500
Walchandnagar Industries Mumbai, India $7,500
Welspun Mumbai, India $7,500
Wipro Bangalore, India $15,000

No foreign manipulation of U.S. business going on there.

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United States Anti-H1B
March 15. 2013 02:21

Yeah and once no real jobs are available to Americans, by then it will be too late. What we need is a human revolution led by a few of the super wealthy 1% to lead the charge to do away with the H-1B scam.

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United States HINDU_ASS
March 16. 2013 10:49


LONDON: If you happen to be of Dalit origin, or from the so-called lower castes, migrating out of India may not help you escape discrimination. India's infamous caste system has reared its ugly head in the United Kingdom.

School children from the lower castes have been taunted with casteist slurs like "bhangi" and "chamar" from other Indian school children of a higher caste. Many Indians in the work place say they have faced a great deal of harassment from other Indians on grounds of caste.

This has resulted in widespread protests across England. Human rights activists and Dalit organizations in the UK are campaigning for the enforcement of a clause in UK Equality Act that mentions the Indian caste system.

One of the worst instances of discrimination took place in central England, in a city called Coventry. "An elderly Dalit lady was receiving home care from the city council, who would send a council worker to her house to bathe her. One of the council workers happened to be an Indian of a higher caste. When she discovered the lady was Dalit, she refused to give her a bath," says Lekh Pall, an activist with the Anti-discrimination Alliance.

Harbans Lal Bali, a retired employee of UK's Royal Mail, who lives in the suburbs of London, recalls the harassment he faced at the Post Office when he was temporarily promoted to the post of supervisor. "I got to know that some of the people under me, who were Indians of a higher caste, complained to the management about my promotion. They said that they were not used to taking orders from people of my caste," he says.

There has also been an instance where an Indian of a lower caste was in a relationship with another Indian from a higher caste in the same office. Both were asked to leave their jobs by their employer, who was an upper caste Indian.

Lekh Pall was amongst those who campaigned for the inclusion of caste under the Equality Act 2010, as a form of racial discrimination. "We presented the House of Lords with a great deal of evidence when the Bill was being passed. They made an amendment to the Bill and included caste as an aspect of race. When the Bill was sent to the House of Commons, ministers were in favour of conducting their own study on the subject before including it in the law," he adds.

The UK government commissioned a nation wide study on the issue and came out with a report showing that there was "evidence suggesting caste discrimination" in the UK with regards to "work (bullying, recruitment, promotion, task allocation), provision of services and education (pupil on pupil bullying)". Though the Equality Act does mention caste, Dalit organizations say they are upset that this clause has yet to be enforced.


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United Kingdom Mr X
March 16. 2013 22:54
Mr X

Let me break this down to you. The super wealthy 1% don't give a fuck.
Who do you think benefits from H1B most?
Not everything is the 1% fault though, the other culprits are upper middle class middle managers and CEOs who want to get rich quick.
The people who are ripped off are the workers and the small stock holders, when these companies go bankrupt by the crap IT services sold to them by the indian conmen.

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United States Anti-H1B
March 17. 2013 09:27

@Mr X so what is the real solution to stop this mess?

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United States Robert Hoffman
March 18. 2013 01:17
Robert Hoffman

Progress. The Senate isn't only hearing from Wadhwa this time.


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United States Mr. Wadhwa
March 21. 2013 20:19
Mr. Wadhwa

Start planning for your retirement folks.


Get ready for the next invasion!

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United States My2Cent
March 23. 2013 11:18

Any big empire is fallen by people inside. It's all about greed. For short term gain lot of your Managers sold the IT industry. It was making oneself look good at the cost of others. Indians know it as they learnt their own betrayal at the hands of their own in history books. Sometimes you have to careful about your own than about others.

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United States Robert Hoffman
March 23. 2013 14:38
Robert Hoffman

Americans sign this:


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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