There is some great news for those American techies victimized by the high-tech junta and the slumdog slave traders -- the tide is turning.  What used to be a steady drip of pro-H-1B propaganda dished out by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, the Republican party, and other organs of the plutocracy is now becoming an anti-H-1B torrent of facts, reason, and sympathy for those displaced, denigrated, and discriminated by the Indian Offshoring/Outsourcing Regime.

Here's a quick summary of recent stories:

Norman Matloff released a study laying waste to the myth that foreign workers are smarter than Americans:

That study got positive coverage in several forums:

In another article, Sam Harnett of PRI got excoriated by commenters disgusted with his take on Stanford PhD from India scamming her way to an H-1B visa:

Our old friend Don Tennant, who we used to call Mumbai Don for his pro-slumdog coverage, has turned a new leaf after the Jay Palmer/Infosys case and is now doing good coverage about a criminal indictment of slumdog bodyshop Dibon Solutions:

On a personal note, I am now seeing less anecdotal evidence of companies going out of their way to fill their IT staffing needs by hiring slumdogs.  It may take years, but eventually the bottom line catches up to reality and corporations learn what a fraud the typical slumdog programmer is.  Wages are rising in my field, and I am now making close to what I was in the dot-com boom, and 50% more than I made when I was at the notorious Curry Den four years ago. 


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Kuwait Anonymous
March 11. 2013 19:00

Norman Matloff should have asked me much earlier instead of going into any painstaking study.

I am an Indian. Hence without any bias would have told him everything. That ALONE would have sufficed for BRILLIANT & INTELLIGENT Americans.

Anyhow this is only partial good news. As you write:-

" Wages are rising in my field, and I am now making close to what I was in the dot-com boom, and 50% more than I made when I was at the notorious Curry Den four years ago". This is heartening.

But " I am now seeing less anecdotal evidence of companies going out of their way to fill their IT staffing needs by hiring slumdogs.  It may take years" is very despairing news.

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United States James
March 12. 2013 00:51

Yeah India is pretty much done in the US. Now they're looking to target Germany and Japan for a cleanout. We have won this argument. And elites like Bloomberg are pushing for 300,000 more H-1Bs but it ain't gonna happen because everyone in America sees the destruction all around them that India's ahem..... "best and brightest" have wrought on USA. No one wants these conmen in their companies any more. Everyone knows they are frauds, the jig is up India, go rob someone else.

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United States SeeingThings
March 12. 2013 12:06

Anecdotes aside, it has been my experience that US WOMEN are REALLY feeling the pain of these H1Bs, I can't wait for them to get the heck out. Notice how many are women? Not many. Notice how many female H1Bs are in 'helper' roles - supporting the Indian males, always agreeing, never, ever speaking clearly? WE DO NOT NEED THAT ATTITUDE - they should return home where they are valued so highly - and they should STOP trying to treat skilled US women as if all they can do is 'help' the stupid, illiterate and smelly H1B males.

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 12. 2013 19:48

Learn from ARABS how to handle & punish the good for nothing Indians.

They have long been conning the Japanese through their useless movies made in kollywood  Tamil Nadu film industry which is but a front for DMK & DK party full of thieves & CORRUPT dacoits and atheists. The pc word for atheists among Indians is "rationalists" (pakutharivu). One actor called Rajanikanth I read is "worshipped by many in Japan". That is not a good sign. Many Japanese movies these Indians plagiarize merrily & make money. How are you going to hold them accountable ? They get away  telling " we were inspired" instead of " we plagiarized".

I have long emphasized my point that thrusting a new god by sprinkling Holy water & giving inducements or NOT giving inducements -these gimmicks have no impact. How come this simple truth has been missed by clear thinking Americans?

All because too many leftists have taken a strong foothold in America & Europe.
Canada I read & hear & have seen also firsthand has brought in too many useless Indians as they have lots of land & resources allegedly. If so any intelligent Canadian would have brought in Americans & Europeans sharing the same kindred culture & values.

Indians have already wrought a lot of havoc there also.They form too many organizations in Arab countries also. Indians are NOT mature people. Do not get swayed by their degrees or lack of them. Their poverty or affluence.

They just do not have it in them to own up their deficiencies & mean mindedness.
Would keep on going into past history & blame evrything on Britain , Turkey & AmericAAA. They have a  grotesque kind of hatred  particularly towards America.
When my late brother J.Prakash who was very fond of watching BBC & Hollywood movies switched on the television he was thrown out of the room by my own mother, sisters & brothers (Mohan , Bala , Vasudharini clan) by calling him " a slave of the White Man , a stooge of Americans....". My mother & the rest wanted to have a dekko at Indian filmstars like Nagma cavorting with Nagarjuna,Sridevi with Jeetendra , Dimple Kapadia with Kamalhassan & masturbate. My mother even before dying pined & pined for one indian newsreader on Doordarshan called Tejeswar Singh & said shamelessly " I want to make love to him...I love his beard , his voice...." thus overcoming her non existent aches & tiredness.
When I said " Don't you feel ashamed" Mohan her son shouted at me reasoning:-

" It is all a question of individual freedom & liberty. She is so honest...admitting her lust for Tejeswar Singh....nothing wrong...honesty is the best policy says the very proverb itself....." Such an IDIOT is one CFOCEO in Canada. Whose son Siva Mohan worked in IBM & made 40,000 Canadian dollars within just a fortnight God knows doing what as proudly trumpeted by that Indian Lady Macbeth his mother Mohan's wife Vasudharini another chartered accountant working in Revenues Department in Canada.  

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain got it right when he candidly said:-
" There are certain people / countries in this world who don't like us".

But this wishy washy Obama could win only because of clout of Indians.Indians have too much of money all because of democracee democracee chantings by America giving them equal latitude like native Americans.

Learn from ARABS I repeat. No property rights , no movie making , no cavorting on verdant flowerbeds & parks. No firecrackers bursting during Divali celebrations. No room for charlatans like art of living SSSSRavishankars , Ammachis , Nithyanandas etc. And their footsoldiers.

Enough of their dance drama song jamborees.All supercilious SCUM.

I also read Obama to consolidate himself is seriously considering promoting cricket in America reasoning " it will bring more money". That should make any SANE AMERICAN PANIC right away. Ban cricket altogether in America. Indians are murderous fanatics where cricket is concerned.

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 12. 2013 20:09

Remember one Indian I mentioned living in Canada with a Japanese wife ?

I was under the influence of same psychaitry drugs then during my short interactions with him in Canada. Or else would not have got conned. Long variety of snake gourd is almost extinct in India. The short stocky tasteless variety has displaced the long ones. All due to silly genetic tinkering useless research blah blah. Many ill informed Hindus run scared of long snake gourds as they fear it would make them nymphomaniacs as the long one reminds them of male penis. Trust me I am SERIOUS. Many women are COERCED into renouncing eating snakegourd itself should they visit Varanasi ( Gaya & Kaasi). I told right away "I am not giving up ANYTHING. It is my wish".

Ramachandran my faux husband allegedly gave up beetroot as he gets "reminded of menstrual blood". His blackberry number is 965-97201449 ( Kuwait).

In Canada when I saw this Keralite Indian married to a Japanese allegedly growing 2 snakegourds the longish variety I blurted out my fondness for them. And had to pay a heavy price to eat a medium sized bowl full of cooked snakegourds by him. Actually he is one BIG LOUSY cook who botches up everything but conning all Canadians into accepting "he is the best".

Much later when I saw an American American ( not NRI) in AMERICA has lots & lots of the long snakegourds growing in his own garden & that American has a lot of innovative recipes of his own with the same snakegourds I wanted to CRY. I smote my forehead. Anyhow all mistakes are not MINE. Only psychiatry medications & CONNING by unscrupulous indians.

The point I want to make is this. Indigenous traditional varieties of ehnic Indian vegetarian cuisine also like Idli , Dosa , Sambar , Rasam ,Aviyal , Puri, Paruppusili , Pachadi ( Raita), Chutneys ( Relishes) you American Americans learn fast & get empowered.

That would make ME very happy. And my son also equally HAPPY.  

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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