It is good to see someone responding to the mantra being peddled by Vivek Wadhwa and other agents of the hi-tech slave trade:

America’s Genius Glut




WHILE genuine immigration reform has the potential to fix a seriously broken system, four senators have introduced a bill to solve a problem we don’t have: the supply of high-tech workers.

The bill’s authors, led by Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, argue that America would benefit from letting more immigrants trained in science, technology, engineering and math work in the country, with the sponsorship of high-tech companies like Microsoft and I.B.M.

But the opposite is the case: the bill would flood the job market with indentured foreign workers, people who could not switch employers to improve their wages or working conditions; damage the employment prospects of hundreds of thousands of skilled Americans; and narrow the educational pipeline that produces these skilled workers domestically.

The impetus for the bill, which would give six-year visas to as many as 300,000 foreign high-tech workers a year, is the longstanding lament by business leaders that they cannot find the talent they need in the American labor market. In their version, there is a shortage of scientists and engineers, and the United States is failing to keep substantial numbers of foreign students in the country. As a result, our position as the world’s leading high-tech economy is in danger.

Fortunately, they argue, H-1B visas — our guest-worker program for high-tech workers — brings us “the best and the brightest” in the world. We just don’t give out enough of them.

But America’s technology leadership is not, in fact, endangered. According to the economist Richard B. Freeman, the United States, with just 5 percent of the world’s population, employs a third of its high-tech researchers, accounts for 40 percent of its research and development, and publishes over a third of its science and engineering articles. And a marked new crop of billion-dollar high-tech companies has sprung up in Silicon Valley recently, without the help of an expanded guest-worker program.

Nor are we turning away foreign students, or forcing them to leave once they’ve graduated. According to the Congressional Research Service, the number of full-time foreign graduate students in science, engineering and health fields has grown by more than 50 percent, from 91,150 in 1990 to 148,900 in 2009. And over the 2000s, the United States granted permanent residence to almost 300,000 high-tech workers, in addition to granting temporary work permits (for up to six years) to hundreds of thousands more.

The bill’s proponents argue that for the sake of our global competitiveness, we shouldn’t train and then return the tens of thousands of Chinese and Indian students who come here every year. But almost 90 percent of the Chinese students who earn science and technology doctorates in America stay here; the number is only slightly lower for Indians. If they’re talented enough to get a job here, they’re already almost guaranteed a visa.

If anything, we have too many high-tech workers: more than nine million people have degrees in a science, technology, engineering or math field, but only about three million have a job in one. That’s largely because pay levels don’t reward their skills. Salaries in computer- and math-related fields for workers with a college degree rose only 4.5 percent between 2000 and 2011. If these skills are so valuable and in such short supply, salaries should at least keep pace with the tech companies’ profits, which have exploded.

And while unemployment for high-tech workers may seem low — currently 3.7 percent — that’s more than twice as high as it was before the recession.

If there is no shortage of high-tech workers, why would companies be pushing for more? Simple: workers under the H-1B program aren’t like domestic workers — because they have to be sponsored by an employer, they are more or less indentured, tied to their job and whatever wage the employer decides to give them.

Moreover, too many are paid at wages below the average for their occupation and location: over half of all H-1B guest workers are certified for wages in the bottom quarter of the wage scale.

Bringing over more — there are already 500,000 workers on H-1B visas — would obviously darken job prospects for America’s struggling young scientists and engineers. But it would also hurt our efforts to produce more: if the message to American students is, “Don’t bother working hard for a high-tech degree, because we can import someone to do the job for less,” we could do significant long-term damage to the high-tech educational system we value so dearly.

There is no question that the immigration system needs major reform. But let’s not break anything else in the process.

Ross Eisenbrey is the vice president of the Economic Policy Institute.




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United States James
February 10. 2013 10:31

More cheap labor from Korporate Amerika. They see the tech economy expanding due to mobile and social. They see the expansion, and are worried American workers will have to fill them. Hence they want more cheap foreign labor to keep wages down. That plus Wall St. and the globalists hate the IT industry because we get more attention than Wall St. does.

Flooding ANY economy with 300,000 poojoos a year is a certain way to kill it.

You will note the sponsors are: McCain (Manchurian candidate), Schumer (Zionist), Rubio (Latino). All have anti-WASP leanings. That's what this is really all about: keeping the American tech worker down and keeping him down.

Write and call your congresscritters right now and stop this bill.

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United States Indrid Cold
February 10. 2013 12:32
Indrid Cold

I used to be fulltime in the software industry, and was a solid, high-productivity performer at a senior level. Now I'm a contractor, and not by choice. It's been a struggle to stay employed, and I've been underemployed for the past three years. If this legislation passes, my career in software could be over. I'll have to find something else to do (maybe a good thing). For the past year I've been working on a team with very senior, highly-credentialed professionals. We just learned that our contracts will not be renewed. I suspect the company thinks it's past the hard part and can have Bangalore maintain the product.

We have great skills, but I don't know whether we can withstand this crappy, neverending, high-unemployment economy, plus a foreign worker visa policy that makes us easily disposable.

We need to push back hard.

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Kuwait Rajalakshmi.J
February 10. 2013 13:57

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I have given lots more details earlier.

Except Smt.Jayalaithaa Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil-Nadu , not a single indian occupying any hooohaaa ministership is trustworthy. That should actually make you all very ALARMED.

Please please do not wait for useless laws & people to discuss , take time & ensure JUSTICE is done in my case.

My son Ramachandran Adithya is sort of caught in a charade called "marriage" to a French woman ( father some big big shot in Genelec). She right from the beginning has been violating marital vows taken with a very very glib facile MOST crafty strategy called "selective amnesia".

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Please please please AMERICA I seek your help.

I have no objection at all if these indians involved mostly hindus & doctors nurses all indians / hindus ( MUSLIMS are NOT AT ALL GUILTY in what wrought HAVOC so let us leave them unharmed)some kolkata muslims & bangladeshis ofcourse VERY VERY much GUILTY) are all SHOT & PULVERISED by NORTH KOREANS also.

Please do the needful. Right now he is allegedly in India ( Chennai or Kerala or Delhi I don't know)

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Kuwait Rajalakshmi.J
February 10. 2013 14:07

Please do not publish the above written letter to you Tunnel Rat techinsurgent.

Remember I told you earlier you are a Godsend to me.

You ARE INDEED A GODSEND very much so to me.

So please do the needful silently quietly without involving press & all blahblah.

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Kuwait Rajalakshmi.J
February 10. 2013 14:12

After my death & my son's whatever money , belongings , collection of songs & books etc INCLUDING my PERSONAL Puja Murthis ( CONSECRATED ICONS) you AMERICAN TUNNELRAT can take ALL for yourself.

All those details I will tell you in person after mission accomplished successfully.

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Kuwait Rajalakshmi.J
February 10. 2013 14:26

Very very IMPORTANT.

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Kuwait Rajalakshmi.J
February 10. 2013 14:33

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Please BRING THEM ALL here for my sake.

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United States Dean
February 11. 2013 04:48

the things you read about in this article, are exactly the common sense things that anyone and everyone in the STEM are saying. The whole H1b sales job is a con-job, plain and simple. It's not about getting the "best and brightest", it's about bringing serf job-killers - with middle-man companies profiting all the while.  This H1b increase has to be killed...

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United States Boss
February 11. 2013 12:18

This is what , will happen when jobs are done by cheap labors.

NY Times Computer System was hacked by chinese/Indians.

I call it justice.This way the companies who want to hire foreign workers will learn their lessons in a hard way.
Good job Chinese and Indians!! We want you guys to come here on a work visa and take CEO jobs as well, do not limit yourselves to just middle class jobs. If possible ,replace all these politicians with your people. This way CEOs and Politicians will understand the pain of middle class who is been replaced. Please come and take over CEO positions.

no site

United States Hindu_Gandu
February 12. 2013 00:44

Good News. This is my company.

Happy times, but please get Infosys out of US. Thats is run by fraud Hindu Brahmins....

Also comment here also..

DON TENANT has written SPY THE LIE book, so he is better than anyone here...

no site

United States Bobby Jindal
February 12. 2013 03:16
Bobby Jindal

Even Rush Limbaugh is fine with H-1bs now.

"..joining this great American culture, which the legal, the H-1B visa people do want to do. They do want to come here legally, assimilate, become part of the great American society".

To borrow Hannity's words, its time for you folks to "evolve" on this. BTW, Jindal's chances look pretty good for 2016!. Go big-business loving repubs!!

no site

United Kingdom Mr X
February 12. 2013 04:01
Mr X

Vivek Fraudhwa spewing his filth on techcrunch:

The idea of freeing the current H1B from their employees is not bad, it will decreade exploitation an increase salaries. Just as long as no new H1Bs are allowed in. But that's not what our Fraudhwa friend has in mind.

no site

United States Dean
February 12. 2013 13:39

Fat pill-popping Rush Limbaugh can go fuck himself..

no site

United States lol
February 13. 2013 05:03

holy crap! that  rajalakshmi is a nutcase

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United States Billy
February 13. 2013 21:07

TunnelRat/James, read this:

Time is running out fast fellas.

London is sinking. The English are in a minority now there. Other european capitals too are on their way down. Gulf countries died long ago. Australia and New Zealand have shut the doors. Latin american countries are next.  

no site

United States Billy
February 13. 2013 21:10

Even Microsoft, Google & Apple have started lateral-hiring from indian IT companies.

Wake the fuck up you MORONS before u are wiped out from planet earth. STOP WRITING! START ACTING!

no site

Slovakia SlumLord
February 14. 2013 00:28

Some insane woman called RajLakshmi is posting personal filth here sitting from mental hospital in Kuwait.  What she needs is potent Tranquilizers to shut her putrid mouth and put her to deep slumber.
Then send her back to Madras / chennai  asylum to live with her fellow dark skinned lungi wearing , tika dotting, inga pinga, smelly , idli/dosa eaters tamil madrasi brahmins  


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United States Boss
February 14. 2013 08:05

Capitalism at its best. Politicians are planning to open the gate wide for INDIANS. INTRODUCED HR633 (Its rebirth of HR3012 ,of 2012)

This bill will eliminate per country quota for employment based GreenCard applications. Which means that 20 million Indians waiting in queue will be eligible to work for any employer in US without any restriction ,like H1B sponsorship.Once market is flood with these Desi scrum bags, expect the wages to take a drastic dive.I have already planned for my retirement in 5 years.There will not be any job left in IT after next 5 years.

no site

Slovakia SlumLord
February 14. 2013 09:45

RajLakshmi - a Kuwaiti housewife is Schizophrenic .  Please ignore her ramblings for sake of your own sanity!!!

no site

United States uscitizen
February 15. 2013 09:45

OK ingrid cold, I feel for you.

But it looks like you may need to update your skills. Nobody wants ASP, .net and microcrap. If you are serious about getting into a Fortune X company, you need real skills (Java with complete knowledge of one or more stacks...Spring/Tomcat or JBoss/Hibernate and Big data (Hadoop/HBase)). Do you have these skills ? If you dont, I would highly recommend you go learn this and come back.

If Java bothers you, go with something like C/C++ though jobs in that domain will be much more specialized.

Tunnel Turd is a loser who simply doesn't have the talent or skills to be a s/w engineer.

no site

United States Robert Hoffman
February 15. 2013 14:22
Robert Hoffman

Americans print this article and send a copy to each of your Senators with a hand written letter asking them to stop S169, which increases the annual H1-B cap to 300K.

no site

United States Billy
February 16. 2013 15:25

There's always Japan, which as an American, is where I am moving. They will never let slumdogs in in 1,000,000 years. They LOVE white Americans but HATE slumdogs. I can go live and work there but THEY can't. And there is nothing slumdogs can do about it. HAHA!!!!!!! You can HAVE America because you've already trashed it. Good luck maderchods!

no site

United States uscitizen
February 16. 2013 16:36

I have 20 years of C/C++ and 12 years of Objective-C which is used in iOS. Is that CURRENT enough for you? Why am I still unemployed? It's because 4 million Indians are here keeping me out of jobs deliberately.

no site

United States Indrid Cold
February 16. 2013 17:01
Indrid Cold

uscitizen, we don't know each other, so I'll take your comments as helpful advice. 15 yrs at MS on the C++ team. Maybe I should switch to Java. I know C# and it's similar (MS's answer to Java).

I've spent the last few years updating my skills and working on other platforms. But even before that I had a solid CV. Not saying this to brag, just to make the point that it's a way bigger issue than just your skills. Many high tech companies were seduced by the Bollyshoppers (Indian IT firms). There's been a backlash in some quarters, but MS never got the memo.

I agree MS lost its edge long ago and never had the cool factor. Read the Vanity Fair article, they set their employees at each other's throats, cut 10% of them every year, and replace a good number of those with H-1Bs.

MS isn't a curry den, it's a giant hive. All you have to do is walk down the hall and count. Well over a third of employees are Desi.

I don't blame the poor Desis for taking a good opportunity--I've worked with them and they are indeed indentured servants. It's the collaborators who deserve shame and derision. Also an orange jumpsuit and soap on a rope.

Tunnel Rat is one of the few bloggers with the courage to stand up to the collaborators and Bollyshoppers.

no site

United States db
February 17. 2013 05:21

All of the local fortune 500 companies have contacted me and I've interviewed with them. Some of them I don't waste time trying to explain their engineering problems. Others I tell straight up I don't want to inherit problems from sub-standard engineers from overseas. Most understand and then it's done. I won't work with sub-standard workers because of the problems that arise in those projects. I want to work with the best talent which is largely western or Anglo-American. Sorry -- simply trying to protect my resume. H1B we can thank that traitor Ted Kennedy and his bootlegging father Joe. Maybe they’ll start to understand when the critical infrastructure begins breaking. But, by then I’ll be in a retreat already seeing the problem. Pretty stupid political choice lots of people are paying for.

no site

United States James
February 17. 2013 12:50

Only a 3rd of MS is Desi? I would have thought 3/4 at least..... When I worked at Adobe it was 90% slumdog. And that's even higher now that They threw most of the Americans out.

no site

United States Anderson
February 17. 2013 23:15

@Indrid Cold, 200% rite about TR/James. Too bad there are not many out there to listen to such opinions and see the meaning in them and appreciate TR/James.

no site

United States Robert Hoffman
February 18. 2013 03:16
Robert Hoffman

In case you missed it. Read this article.

Print it out and send it to your two Senators and your House Representative.


Include a handwritten letter (no calls, no emails) asking them to oppose these bills.

House Bill HR633: Ammendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act
Senate Bill S169: Immigration Innovation Act

On HR633, go to the URL below and scroll down to the data about the green card queues. You will see immediately that HR633 is a scam to benefit a single country. It's a scam for one overpopulated country to discriminate against all other countries under the banner of "fairness".

no site

United States uscitizen
February 18. 2013 22:28


If what you say is true, I really feel for you.
15 years on the VC++ team would be from VC 4.X to current (I lost track after VS 2005). I know the team as I hired 2 of them who worked there.

Here is what my engineers had to say...They said they bailed as soon as the jumping mokey took control and the ship started sinking. And that is precisely when they joined a startup. There are pockets in the US where there is a concentration of startups. A startup is a very different beast (I know because I own one). I dont have the resources to wait 10+ months for visa and pay idiot lawyers thousands in H1 processing fees. I dont mind paying a few thousands more and hiring the best (My engineering team is all senior and mid level). They design and code once, throughly write tests and with very few defects. We are very through with our hiring process and we have had only 1 bad apple in the last 2.5 years. He lasted 2 weeks on the job.

My advice to you would be to join a startup that you believe will go someplace and put in your 1000%, sit back enjoy the ride. When they ultimately go public, you make your $$, bail out and join another startup. If you are as good as you claim you are, you will never need a recruiter. Your past colleagues will lobby for you to get you into their venture. The oldest engineer I have on my team is 62 and he is my chief architect, and coding happens to be his hobby. So I believe if you have the passion, age does not matter.


no site

Slovakia SlumLord
February 20. 2013 06:46

bhenchod madarchods  talk & whine ,  complain , cry , beyatch ...forever

How about banning H1B, L1 etc for good ?? Just do that and you don't have to worry about job insecurity.

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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