Tunnel Rat posted on January 11, 2013 23:58

Happy New Year to All Insurgents! 

I've been away for awhile but I finally have time to add the first post of the new year.  Here's a horror story from a American techie writing on Dice:

An American In A All Foreign Department

I am currently on contract for mobility (iphone, android) at a client. My group  is supposed to be doing just project mngmt and architecture. In reality that have me doing business analysis, financial stuff like budgets, just about anything they decide to make us do. My boss is Indian and his boss is Indian as well.

That being said in my group I am the ONLY American out of 10 people and that includes my boss. In my larget department there is like 185 people and out of that maybe 20 are Americans.

Before everyone gets their butts in a knot just to clarify when I say Americans I dont mean white I mean people that were either born here or naturalized but this is their home.

This means white, black, asians, hispanics, whatever...

The first thing that became readily apparent is that I am not doing what they hired me for. I was hired for mobility not to be your donkey. So the $ being the $ and its fairly close to my house I have been sucking it up otherwise I would have left. All the people I work with are at best average. There are no Albert Einsteins or Von Brauns. These are people that for the most part have no idea what I am talking about 99% of the time. They all nod and smile but I know they have no idea what I am talking. For being so-called experts its a farce.

Now lets talk about the culture. The people dont speak English at all except when they have too. Hindi is the rule of the land. The only time they speak English is when speaking to me or getting on some conference call with other Americans. The people themselves for the most part keep to their own kind. For the first few months I was there I attempted to be friendly and say hello to everyone I met. That went nowhere fast, most of the time they would look at me like I was from another planet or just totally ignore me. So that ended.

Even when I am in the room they speak Hindi a lot of the time. I have been in meetings with my boss and they will literally walk into the room and start speaking Hindi to my boss who will reply to them in Hindi as well. Sometimes there is chucklinkg and I am just left out of it. They never let you forget for a second that you ar enot one of them. Around the area I sit all they speak is Hindi all day long.

The H1Bs and whatever else they are (L1, etc..) are very sensitive to the power quotient. I have noticed they spend an emormous amount of time buffing the Indian managers shoes. They all continually stop by to talk to the boss and stroke him. All are gushing all over him about this and that. And he treats them generally like gargage. Like in any clique there are preferred favorites and he makes no bones about showing that this one is the golden child.

I have had several altercations with my boss already with one just before the holidays of him screaming at me that I wasnt doing my job. When I explained what I did and why. Which had to do with the LAW and an audit trail he told me to just change the dates to make it work. I refused as my name would be on it. I told him if you want to sign it and be accountable than you do it. Because I am not doing it because if this is found out you can go to prison. I said NO. The argument got so vehement I thought it was going to come to fisticuffs. Since than I have been cordial and friendly to him but I do my job and thats it. You want to lie than you do it.

In general they seem to look down on anyone who is not Indian with women being the frequent target of harassment. I have had my boss yell at me and tell me not to challenge him even though he is wrong. I am supposed to bow down and kiss his feet. That wont be happening anytime soon.

Than we get to the real cruxt of the problem which is payola, bribes, graft, cronyism, whatever you want to call it. There is blatant corruption right out in the open. The Indian consulting companies continually visit my boss like every week. Almost always behind closed doors. Lets not kid ourselves about what goes on behind the closed door - $$. Thats what.

When the holidays came around they all brought all kinds of outlandish gifts. Apparently in this company its allowed. Some firms I have been in, gifts of any kind are prohibited. But here its open season.

This isnt the best part though, around the 1st of the month every month there is an endless parade of Indians into my bosses office. When I say endless I am talking about 25-30 H1Bs in the space of 2 days. They all go in, close the door and than come right out in less than 5 minutes. My friend told me that they are making their montly pay off to him, its probably $500 from each contractors paycheck. You can do the math 30 people x $500/month in cash is a nice stream of cash on the side.

After the hurricane my boss was moaning about how his house and cars were damaged. Than I found out he had a huge home, a giant BMW sedan and a Porsche SUV. So how does a guy who only makes like $120K afford all this. I am sure you can do the math.

The reality is the only reason they hired me is they wanted my mobility skills though they arent currently using them. Otherwise I would not have been hired. Any time an American leaves they are replaced with an Indian. I have seen it several times already. Its not a conjecture, its a fact.The Indians have all moved up the value chain. I am seeing Indian project/program managers, directors and vice presidents. 

American IT people wonder why they cant find jobs. Here is why? You have been frozen out. They take care of their own and you arent coming in. Thats the reality of the environment.

Welcome to employment in the 21st century.


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United States rantidote
January 12. 2013 06:46

Best description I've seen of being an American in an Indian IT department. It's like being in a corrupt third world nation where the locals don't want you there, but in this case, you are the local.

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United States Boss
January 12. 2013 09:05

Most of IT the jobs are out-sourced to India and the leftover jobs are eaten by this Indian H1Bs and L1s. I am one of those unfortunate who was forced to train my Desi replacement.I refused to do so and quit my job.There was also lot of B1 guys working.I called CBP and reported the case.They said they are receiving lot of complains like this and they are investigating.But I came to know that they are still continuing their operation without any issue. I have lost my trust in this government.Nowadays even Government jobs are filled (more than 70% IT workers) are H1Bs. Sometimes  Govt. also sponsor them H1Bs.What kind of a system is it? So even Govt has a role to play in it. They will eventually outsource our House and Senate to India , then finally the Presidency. I think ust writing in blogs will not help.Let us organize a protest.How about that?

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United States byork
January 12. 2013 09:54

Company I work for has decided on re-organizing and in-sourcing IT.  Their Technology is out of date, they are paying a lot for it, when they do try to update systems and automate things they end up with substandard product and very unhappy customers.  These are people that believe in doing things right the first time, and when I tell them I have to follow the procedure my boss has laid out (I'm a sub-sub-sub contractor) to get something that takes 5 minutes done, they freak out.  Understandably a different system is needed than subcontracting and they are coming to the realization of the enormous expense of repeated band aid fixes.

They are axing all offshore employee's and jobs have already been posted to replace current H1B's that are on-shore.  Won't say the company name out of self-interest but some companies are realizing what they're using is dogsh!t and needs replaced.

Here's to being recognized for continued prodigious hard work, in spite of everything corrupt managers and sh!tty execs have done to stop it from happening.

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United States Boss
January 12. 2013 22:16

Since EB2 and EB3 are backlogged, now Indian companies trying to abuse EB1c-International Manager category.As you guys know its easy for these fraud Indian companies to show each and every IT worker as an International Manager. Please sign this petition to stop this abuse..

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United States James
January 12. 2013 23:50

EXACTLY what we knew all along: foreign workers have taken over American companies, are deliberately keeping Americans out of jobs, AND are bribing managers and execs to keep the destructive foreign workers in jobs they have no clue how to do. The companies all collapse and the jobs disappear. And then we wonder why our economy is such a wreck! These people are conmen!

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United States GoHomeVisa
January 13. 2013 01:29

this  is a great article, and I'm glad to see it posted T/R.  This type of thing, to one degree or another, is happening at IT shops all over America. This is what you get when the poo-joo shits invade here, and start turning Main Street into Mumbai Street.  They really think this is there country, and that  they can come here and exploit it and trash it at will. Friggin cockroach pieces of shit...

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United States GoHomeVisa
January 13. 2013 01:32

@Boss, good for you, I tell everyone the same thing, to whomever will listen: no matter what, DON'T TRAIN YOUR MADERCHOD REPLACEMENT!!!!

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United States SeeingThings
January 13. 2013 12:49

Well, the IT team at HP can relax a little - Amir Desai has RETURNED to ACS/Xerox.  Bad times coming, be warned.

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United States rantidote
January 14. 2013 05:15

There was another bus gang rape in India.


No wonder India is 4th from the bottom in the treatment of women.


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United States uscitizen
January 14. 2013 11:13

LOL !!!! Really ??? Sad. That dude did what ?? "Mobility" ?? LOL.
He is lucky to have a job. Look at the spelling and the way he constructs his sentences. Clearly, he is being over payed and he is been hired into a position that he is unqualified for.

How is the market for ASP these days ? I heard MS didn't have anything to show at CES this year LOL. Good bye Tunnel turd, your tech days are numbered/zeroed.

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Austria SLUMDOG's Busted
January 14. 2013 18:25
SLUMDOG's Busted

The City refused to pay Ravi Shankar, who is under investigation by the AFIP.

Indian Hindutva clowns are fooling argentinians and other south american poor and evading taxes.

Following is detail description of how Hindutva is Raping Gullible south american nations

This is just one of the articles that came out yesterday announcing his detention. The news came out immediately everywhere, as he is officially under investigation.
However, he was released to continue with the rest of his trip (one can find many ways out with $ 20 million pesos, $ 4 around o $ 5 million U.S. dollars), and articles examined as this one were published, explaining that about 1200 people " donated "$ 100 for not even 40 minutes of Ravishankar in the north of Argentina. He stayed at the Sheraton Hotel (also in Buenos Aires city, where people questioned the list of room orders made), the best of Waterfalls area, possibly in the only room that has direct view to the.
He recommended everyone to buy the "drops that heal cancer", "Shakti", for U.S. $ 50
They may have gotten big in the country but people got their eyes wide open now

Hindutva fraud victims posting their sad stories in various blogs
and there are thousands for reports of fraud, sexual abuse and sly operations and money laundering by Hindutva spiritual gurus
Argentinian media reaction
Sri Sri: Modelling for Condoms
However, the cherry on the top that summarizes the overall opinion of the Argentine public about him came with a new commercial campaign that was put up in town just everywhere these days: "El Arte de curtir". Actually, with a lot more posters in a lot more locations than him!
"Curtir" means,
first to treat leather
second to treat salt or minerals
third to punish by means of whipping
fourth to harden in life, as in getting used to a difficult life
5th to get dirty
6th to take advantage
7th to have sex (colloquial meaning), aka "to screw" ... In other words, "the Art of ..... "
The last point (# 7), it is play of words that Allows the public to interpret it in any way.
It consists of a mockery of Ravi. Models dressed up like him, in a white robe with a ridiculous blackbeard, heading a CONDOM CAMPAIGN, with search phrases as,
www.youtube.com/watch #!
First Look for your mantra and frolic on the grass
2nd Walk towards the light and switch it off
third Greatness is within yourself. Do you feel it?
4th Wrap yourself in a bed sheet and surrender yourself to the other
fifth Get rid of everything, but keep your socks
6th Close your eyes and feel how I open up
Is it me or it is obvious no one takes him seriously and sees through his fraud? Everyone I have met say, "he looks crooked. He has a nasty look in his eyes. "
He even tried to fool journalists when they asked him if he dyes his hair and beard!
"No! No. "
And they flipped out a picture of him with more gray hair all over, to Which he said, "well, sometimes I color one or two hairs of the beard, but not more than that. No, no, I do not need to dye my hair. It is all natural "
Caught in the lie and he keeps lying! ... With no shame! and thinks people are stupid!

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United States Boss
January 15. 2013 09:56

Guys this is H1B information from Wiki.
Please scroll down to section "Top 10 H-1B rankings". It shows that ,for all these Desi companies ,2009 was a bad time.
Ex: Infosys - H1B approved per year
2006-4908, 2009-440 ,2011-4042   Which tells us ,that USCIS's strict policies worked for the year of 2009. Then we can see a drastic increase in H1B approvals in consequent years. Which means these frauds learned how to play with USCIS. Making strict laws and H1B amendments will not help us, we have to kill all these guest worker programs completely from its root.

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United States James
January 16. 2013 03:04

uscitizen can't even speak English or write properly. How is he going to code? Like most slumturds he is a faking fraud ripping off other nations.

Isn't that some gang rape you're scheduled for uscitizen? LOL.

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United States uscitizen
January 16. 2013 22:41

Hey Gaymes,

Did you get a job after they fried and fired your a$$ from Sony ?
API script kiddie Gaymes thinks his skills are hot.

So how does Gaymes, spend his time these days ?
Sitting on his cot in mama's basement, browsing, eating pizza, drinking coke, reading Nazi websites and farting all day long.

Whatever psychotic drugs you are taking I hope you dont have access to any guns like that moron who shot and killed those poor kids in CT and that ahole in CO.

Shoooo away Gaymes....Go flip some burgers.

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United States HINDU_ASS
January 18. 2013 13:36

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United States James
January 19. 2013 23:50

Obj-C is not a scripting language moron. It's a compiled one. Do you even know the difference? I think iOS is pretty hot right now, not web scripting JavaScript bullshit any kid can do.

The right to bear arms is GUARANTEED in the 2nd Amendment and the last time I checked the US Constitution hadn't been repealed. Too bad for you maderchod, this ain't India.

Don't you have some gang rapes you need to do somewhere?

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United States db
January 20. 2013 08:07

I worked in IT management for almost 20 years. Now I live in Seattle and am working for a private military contractor. I would prefer to work in IT, but getting hired is impossible with all of the graft from the desi scumlords. They come to the US and then setup their corruption networks. Nothing ever gets accomplished and the quality of the end product is dismal. And to boot the US gov’t supports them with visas and anti-protectionist legislation. FUCK ALL OF THEM!

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United States Tipster
January 20. 2013 09:28

I love the snarky comments about Americans and the Second Amendment. Indians would be
well served by reading what their most famous freedom fighter said:

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." -Gandhi

That is why the British never let Indians own guns. How else did 100,000 Brits rule a nation of 200 million at that time ?

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United States Boss
January 20. 2013 11:30

Another video from India. It shows how India will look like in the year of 2030. It passes ,message of Whites being enslaved in India cities. WTF?


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Zimbabwe Jamie
January 20. 2013 17:13

H1B expense calculator dedicated to James


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