I have to admit that I was once what you would call a "right-wing wacko" and Paul Krugman was one of my favorite targets.  But like they say, a Democrat is a Republican who hasn't been raped, and a Republican is a Democrat who has not had their job outsourced/off-shored.  I'm have no loyalty to either party, and think both Dems and Republicans are sucking at the tit of the Indian Offshoring Regime and the High-Tech Junta. 

But one cannot argue with Krugman's statement:

Whenever you see some business person quoted complaining about how he or she can’t find workers with the necessary skills, ask what wage they’re offering. Almost always, it turns out that what said business person really wants is highly (and expensively) educated workers at a manual-labor wage. No wonder they come up short.


Listen up, you collaborators that like cheap, compliant, foreign scab labor.


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United States James
November 26. 2012 18:07

India's Grand Cheapening of everything is the prime cause of the world and US economic crisis. Even Henry Ford said "I have to pay my workers enough to enable them to buy my product".

India's lust for $ and their unwillingness to spend is the cause of this mess we are in.

Americans spend their $ here, Indiots send it home.

Any questions?

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Albania David
November 27. 2012 01:13

Indian Idiots are responsible for UBS failure


Also indian idiots got a cheap tablet with outdated android 2.3 version from china assembled it and installed some apps and designed made in india sticker and are presenting it as greatest Tech Innovation Aakash 2


These indian idiots got their Priorities wrong, when over 400 million children are stunted and every second child drops out of Primary school , only 1 in 10 are able to get a Bachelors degree , these morons are busy in assembling low cost chinese junk and presenting as indian innovation to UN.

How insecure these degenerate slum dogs are , I have no idea how such a degenerate subhuman mongrels are born and continue to breed and immigrate as its their birth right to feed on other nations


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India ITGruntfan
November 27. 2012 01:24

Read this. You will love it!

'UBS $2.3 billion trading loss: Outsourcing to India blamed'


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United States PolishKnight
November 28. 2012 08:02

I can appreciate people associating Republicans with outsourcing and the left with ending it but while the left talks a good game (such as opposing wall street), the reality is they are no better than the Republicans.  Look up "Goldman Sachs" and check out who Indians tend to vote for.  

The left looks out for government and government union workers and if you're a white male tech worker, well, good luck.  Check out to see how many "white males encouraged to apply" ads there are out there.  

I find it funny that leftists think that as soon as the Democrats consolidate power, they'll make the USA into Sweden.  What's the average Democrat voter look like?  Do the cities of Detroit, Southeast DC, Los Angeles look anything like Stockholm or Helsinki (note, I've been to both).  They do look similar to Londonistan and Paristan though...  Those burkas look great too!  

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United States americancitizen
November 28. 2012 09:22

Then one foggy x-mas night
H1s came to town.
They saw TR the dumbass eating poo poo and doing zilch
So, they kicked his butt and sent him down the tubes
and he began to whine
All he could do was start a blog and say "H1 F H1 S"

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United States americancitizen
November 28. 2012 10:01


What does it matter to you ?
You live in your mom's basement and you have no money.

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United States James
November 28. 2012 17:11

India must be a pretty pathetic country if the only way it can function is to invade and take over what civilized people have built.

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United States Anon
November 29. 2012 03:23

Actually Krugman was similarly mugged, he was in the free trade camp back in the 90s, to the point of saying that only ignorant/uniformed individuals would dare question such policies... until he started questioning them.

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United States Indian_tatti
November 30. 2012 23:05

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United States Indian_tatti
December 1. 2012 01:45

Got a great news from ICICI bank manager...

Infosys is calling all employees based in America to India Back.

It is trustworthy news as Infosys uses ICICI as service provider for money 2 India..


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United States ProudIndianinUSA
December 1. 2012 13:37

May be ITGrunt is not an IT expert. If you can't take Indian heat, do something else....

I admire this country and what it has offered to humanity. However, I pity folks like you who were born in such a wonderful country with enormous opportunity and who are still blaming external factors for their issues. If all you can complain is about an Indian IT worker taking your job, then, my friend, you are a big time loser and I have no words for you.

Also, when you pray daily, remember to thank God for being born in USA. If you were born anywhere  else, by now, you would have ended our life because of the competition and the pressure. Xbox and NFL doesn't take you places, sheer hardwork does it.

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United States ProudIndianinUS
December 1. 2012 14:05

Check out this link...LET ME MAKE OUR DAY...


" I see a lot of technical enthusiasts, a lot of engineers in Silicon Valley. I see a lot of Indian people. I see a lot of people from Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore. But look at the Indians. They are bright, they are enthusiastic, they are hard-working. They have all the attributes to become successful in Silicon Valley. Some of the great engineers and technologists in Apple and all the other big companies like Google and Microsoft are Indians. So clearly they have got some inner skills and abilities. I think then it just means having a sense of clarity and the level of confidence, and they could make it big."


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Kuwait Anonymous
December 2. 2012 01:22

Thank God , a Polish Gentleman has been candid enough to express his shock as he imagined India to be some great Spiritual Titan.


As usual most comments by Indians are defensive.Their only strategy is blame everything on America & West. The decadence had set in for a long time. America & the West have nothing at all to do with it.

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Kuwait Anonymous
December 3. 2012 12:07

The rants of ProudIndianinUS are so boringly typical.

James had already asked such proudindianparasites in USA the most pertinent question " If you are that good & capable why is your country India in such a mess. Why not QUIT USA for proudindia & turn it into an America ".

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United States GoHomeSlummny
December 3. 2012 12:18

when low/no-skilled slumdogs come here and take jobs away from American tax-payers, why are we supposed to brush that aside and tolerate that, and be "thankful" that at least we have what we do? When I pray to God, I pray for all slummy's to leave America, just as I'm sure most people do the same in other countries. Why don't you go back where you came from, and pray to your gods that your country improves upwards from being a toilet shit-hole, so that you don't feel the need to come here and to other countries, to take what others have built up..fix your own house.
Warmest Regards,
Please do the needful...

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Kuwait Anonymous
December 3. 2012 14:22

There is this Indian Reporter occasionally contributing articles to a Tamil weekly that I really VALUE.

Let us call him X.

X arrested my attention for being politically incorrect & forthright in rightly assessing several Indian tv programmes & talk shows as utterly worthless must- avoid - toxic trash. Indians react violently when the Indian filmstars , tv stars, pompous panelists , pompous indian film directors & producers they truly worship & adore are probed & exposed thus. Hence X was replaced by the usual politically correct entity. Mercifully that column itself disappeared. Thank God for power cuts , rise in food prices & dengue etc no one sits & watches tv programmes enough to analyze.

That X recently for the first time in his life has travelled to America as his son lives there in Pennysylvania. After returning has written such a refreshing original report ( only the first part has appeared now) about America.

Contrary to what jingoistic Indians & anti American mob of the world mislead us, X rightly has nothing but words of unalloyed ADMIRATION & RESPECT for America & Americans. He says there is so much of DISCIPLINE , ORDERLINESS & NEATNESS in everything there be it trash collection , upkeep of greenery , construction of residential buildings & law and order. The SYMMETRY of the houses in America is particularly highlighted as a remarkably striking feature by X.

As in India it has always been chaos & TOTAL chaos. Do not ever look for aesthetics among Indians.They would argue weweresogoodyouinvadedandtookeverything.
Not at all. Pointless even entering into any discussion with useless Indians.

Very important X points out contrary to what ill informed Indians say Americans truly uphold conservative VALUES & are anything but decadent. Wearing short skirts or exposing their legs does not mean American women are "bad" as made out by holier than thou Indians. It is  Indians who expose entire midriff , navel etc & talk sanctimoniously.

X rightly says Hollywood movies do not represent America proper.

Moral is I have always repeated ask harrrdworking & useless narcissistic  Indians to quit America for good.  

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Kuwait Anonymous
December 3. 2012 14:32

Indian NRIs working in Kuwait after returning from visits to India have at last started admitting the truth that Indians in India have too much of money in their hands.They only POSTURE to be poor havenots forever asking for doles & donations.

I had seen through them much earlier.WITHIN Kuwait also , the same Indian NRIs have started asking for " donations to be sent to poor indians in India". Indian schools in Kuwait are encouraging such extortion.

UK woke up very tardily very belatedly to this reality & has decided not to extend aid anymore.

I have always wanted AMERICA-ISRAEL to take over ( I mean really USURP) governance, education , planning, financial management practically everything in India. By striking alliances with Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister Smt.Jayalalithaa & Sri.Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Rest of Indians most of them are TOXIC CHEATS CRIMINALS PARASITES. Do not ever believe in what Indian media says. All useless Indians.

Absolutely good for nothing indians.

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United States James
December 3. 2012 17:00

An 'external factor' from India living in USA working at a US IT company who has absolutely nothing to do with keeping Americans out of jobs:

From: "Rajesh Kumar Ramachandran

Subject: Listen to me A******!!

Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 20:49:20 -0700 (PDT)

Now listen carefully to me a******.. dont just bark around in the corner like a rabies stricken stray dog about your pathetic views about politics and jobs. If your insecure about your skills and abilities thats your f****** problem not Indians or any other politicians.. Well you want me to provoke you well then hear this, we are gonna take all your jobs away.. we gonna make sure that you dont even have money to buy s*** and eat, we gonna take evrything thatwas yours.. we gonna drape the Statue of Liberty with a saree (you dont know wahta saree iis, well its a dress which Indian women wear).. now get your f****** stinking face out of here A******!!!!!

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United States James
December 3. 2012 17:05

"But look at the Indians. They are bright, they are enthusiastic, they are hard-working."

They are? Average Indian IQ is 17 points below average American IQ. I've worked in dozens of software companies and have never ever seening them work past 6PM.

"They have all the attributes to become successful in Silicon Valley. Some of the great engineers and technologists in Apple and all the other big companies like Google and Microsoft are Indians."

This is only true of Apple since Steve died around a year ago. Before that nearly all people at Apple were white. So it's kind of hard for Indians to take credit for Apple's 14-year boom. As always, they go where the wealth created by white people is, then clean it out. We'll see how well Apple is doing in 5 years now that Indians are taking over.

"So clearly they have got some inner skills and abilities."

Then why does every company they touch go out of business Woz?

"I think then it just means having a sense of clarity and the level of confidence, and they could make it big."

Give me an army of 3.2 million people go rob some banks and I might have "confidence" too. Also note he said they COULD make it big, not that they HAVE made it big.


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India ITGruntfan
December 3. 2012 18:36

@ProudIndianinUS, Do not know how u managed to get there. I just want you to shut the hell up and not post any more comments. U *&^%!

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Sweden Slumdogs in sweden
December 4. 2012 03:44
Slumdogs in sweden

There is a massive Slumdog invasion into Sweden,They are raping blond women in Stockholm and gothenburg and eating idli , dosa across the street like street beggars do

Degenerate slumdogs are opening Dosa centers to their own Country men in Gothenburg

Please save Nordic land from Dog infection and Rabies

These slumdogs are coming with Social security benefits which will include them in Swedish Pension law.

Entire Gothenburg area has become another tamil nadu with Dosa,Idli and vada and other Disgusting shops popping every where , people eating those while food with some Smelly liquid

Entire streets stink

White men all over the world wake the fuck up you morons

Save Our European heritage from these degenerate bastardized indians


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Switzerland Slumdogs Banned
December 4. 2012 21:06
Slumdogs Banned

Now  Even International Olympic commitee is fed up with these Slumdog Thieves and banned them from Taking part in next olympics


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United States Thor
December 6. 2012 07:43

The issue isn't whether the Indian tech workers are competent or add value (even though they usually aren't and don't). Quite simply, we don't want you here and you don't belong here.

You kicked white europeans out of India 60-70 yrs ago.

It's fair that we do the same to you.

no site

United States Thor
December 6. 2012 07:58

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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