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Robert X. Cringlely has been covering IT for decades and has been critical of Indian Bowel Movement's (IBM) labor practices and ethnic cleansing of American techies.  Here he destroys many of the myths regarding the slumdog scabs and their (ab)use by the high-tech junta:

The H-1B visa program was created in 1990 to allow companies to bring skilled technical workers into the USA. It’s a non-immigrant visa and so has nothing at all to do with staying in the country, becoming a citizen, or starting a business. Big tech employers are constantly lobbying for increases in H-1B quotas citing their inability to find qualified US job applicants. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and other leaders from the IT industry have testified about this before Congress. Both major political parties embrace the H-1B program with varying levels of enthusiasm.

But Bill Gates is wrong. What he said to Congress may have been right for Microsoft but was wrong for America and can only lead to lower wages, lower employment, and a lower standard of living. This is a bigger deal than people understand: it’s the rebirth of industrial labor relations circa 1920. Our ignorance about the H-1B visa program is being used to unfairly limit wages and steal -- yes, steal -- jobs from US citizens...


This article also his getting traction at Slashdot, and the many comments are revealing.


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Singapore nothing will happen
October 28. 2012 06:37
nothing will happen

American manginas are good for writing blogs , they cant do a dime, all they do is bitching , so start few more blogs your nation is fucked by your women and men

They have cheated their own country men for power and greed

All the best, you danced with pig and you were wondered why the heck you smell so bad

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United States James
October 28. 2012 06:45

You know Americans are waking up when even Cringely is telling it like it is. We all know this thing is a huge cheap labor scam for Korporate Amerika.

The real question for Gates is: why is Microsoft no longer able to compete with Apple? Answer: Microsoft is filled with 35,000 slumdogs!

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United States HINDU_ASS
October 28. 2012 09:44

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United States rantidote
October 29. 2012 11:48

We all know the facts. We all know the lies. It's time to do more than record the truth. It's time to act. The body shop lobby has set its sights on passing HR 3012 to remove per country caps on green cards to flood Indians into the  green card queue. This is unfair to the entire rest of the world. Our grandparents rejected this type of one country favoritism by putting in the caps decades ago. Now the body shops want to bring the discrimination back. HR 3012 must be stopped. It's in the Senate. Call your 2 Senators to make sure they know to vote NO on HR 3012.

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United States Dean
October 29. 2012 23:01

Fantastic article, but then again - nothing that alot of people in the know, are not already aware of. Still, this article speaks tons on the rampant abuse of our replacement-worker ( NOT guest worker ) programs are kiling our country from the inside out, pure poison....

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Zimbabwe Jamie
October 30. 2012 11:51

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Canada ezygoer
October 30. 2012 13:07

Around 15 years or so late into realization of the H1-B mess.
Besides L1,B2,J etc visas for spouses of H1-B's.
Horse has left the barn and people are still wondering why ?
And now we have India Inc. all over N.America with their "cost effective" solutions and IT has raced to the bottom. Poor delivery and execution but looks good on the balance sheet for Corporations looking to cut costs.
India Inc. trying to put lipstick on the pig by claiming to hire locally but cannot be profitable unless work done overseas.
This mess cannot be undone, gone too far for too long.

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United States Drifter
October 30. 2012 23:01

The outsourcing house of cards is collapsing!! LOL

Only a matter of time before it caught up with you cheaters and liars. You're not wanted here any longer - GO HOME

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United States rantidote
November 5. 2012 17:10

Do something the H1Bs, B1s and L1s can't do. Vote on Tuesday.

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United States H1B
November 6. 2012 23:46

Your voting won't make any difference.  Both candidates support H1b increase.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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