This complaint is horribly written and the case probably went nowhere.  I put in a call to the lawyer and he is supposed to call me back, but I doubt he will be much help.  But it does give you some insight into the hi-tech junta...

Quezada et. al. vs. Western Digital

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United States Wayne
August 9. 2012 04:40

I must have missed what that has to do with Indians, it was just a corrupt company looking to treat workers like slaves and not human beings.

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United States Jennifer
August 9. 2012 06:50

I read the case.  This is heartbreaking what is happening in this day.  I hope the information in this case comes to light in the media.  Most people cannot believe that this could happen.

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United States Tunnel Rat
August 9. 2012 09:02
Tunnel Rat

The blog is subtitled "Notes From the Trenches of Software Development."

And if you look through the archives, I've got other posts that aren't related to slumdogs.  Not many, but some.

Now go back to cowering in fear of your upper-caste occupiers Smile

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Canada ezygoer
August 9. 2012 11:12

L1 - Labor Arbitrage and India not involved ? Ok so it's other 3rd world countries in Asia here.

Another point that is often overlooked in the H&L visa debates - 99% of workers are from low wage countries reinforcing the labor arbitrage argument to counter the "bringing of talent" to the US propaganda !

So the current visa programs do not bring "talent" but play the labor arbitrage game most of the time. When will this sink into the masses ?

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U.A.E. Indian Beggars are coming
August 10. 2012 17:25
Indian Beggars are coming

Every Year Scores of Indian beggars Move to dubai,jeddah ,Saudi arabia during ramadan season.

Arabs call it Indian begging season

Indian media itself boasts about this season and Indian government gives Visas to its citizens to beg in Gulf countries during Ramadan

Remember Indians hate Muslims so much that they burn them ,but when it comes to begging they have no shame in looting others wealth

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United States Wayne
August 10. 2012 20:11

You need to take a break from the "insurgency" and finish some of the stories you promised.  You never finished the Sweatshop in a Nightclub story, and you once said you had some ranting to do about Ruby developers.

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U.A.E. Indian Innovation
August 12. 2012 06:07
Indian Innovation

This is what i call Indian Curry Innovation---

Now after Launching Vagina Fairness Cream these morons have Launched Vagina Tightening  Gel

Such a Loser bastards these idiots are, may be if a women is not virgin they will throw acid on her face.

Vivek Wadhwa's best and Brightest have invented Vagina Tightening creams and Vagina Whitening creams.

Please Give H1B to these manginas

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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