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Thanks to fellow Insurgents who passed this news about "Kumar" along:

A tale that starts with gummi bear shots in a Dewey bar and ends with a suicide in a New Jersey hotel
By Sean O’Sullivan and Jesse Paul
June 23, 2012, 8:58 a.m.
The Daily Times/Dellmarva Now [Gannett]

Hours before she turned up dead in a Dewey Beach motel room, Danielle Mehlman was at a nightspot in town with Pawan Kumar – the man authorities believe later killed her – doing gummi bear shots with a Wilmington couple and showing off jewelry given to her by Kumar.

Dan Caputo and his fiancée, Cheri Duvall, said they did not sense any issue or tension between Mehlman and Kumar, although they were a bit puzzled at the exact nature of the couple’s relationship.

Caputo said at one point, they referred to Kumar as Mehlman’s “boyfriend” and she quickly corrected them to indicate he was not.

“She didn’t consider the relationship dating,” Caputo said. “She said, ‘he likes to buy me things,’ and showed us this jewelry, a gold necklace and two bracelets. She said right in front of him, ‘I’m not having sex with him, I’ve got a boyfriend.’ ”
Caputo said that it didn’t seem as if Mehlman was being mean, that she was matter-of-fact about it.

Hours after having drinks with Caputo and Duvall at Jimmy’s Grill, Mehlman’s body was discovered in a room at the Atlantic Oceanside Motel, the first homicide victim in Dewey since the resort incorporated 31 years ago.

Kumar’s body was discovered about 24 hours later at a motel in New Jersey, an apparent suicide.

Interviews with Caputo and Duvall, and with the cabbie who drove Kumar from Dewey to Wilmington, provide a picture of events in the hours before and after Mehlman’s death.

Caputo said due to the fact it was late on a Sunday, they were just about the only people in Jimmy’s Grill besides the bartender, which is apparently why Mehlman struck up a conversation with them at the bar. “She was a bit more tipsy than him,” Caputo said, but Duvall said she did not appear to be drunk.

From the conversation, Caputo said he understood that Mehlman and Kumar had only known each other a short time, perhaps a week.

“I never got a clear explanation as to how they met,” he said, or why she was down at the beach with a man she did not consider to be her boyfriend.

“I think he thought there was more going on in the relationship than she did,” Caputo said, adding that he had difficulty understanding what Kumar said due to his accent.

Kumar, a citizen of India, was in the United States on an H1 B work visa, said Harold Ort, in a statement from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Newark, N.J. The News Journal was unable to determine where he worked or how long he’d been in the country.

Mehlman, who was from Bensalem, Pa., told Duvall that she was a schoolteacher, and media reports said she was a teacher at Planet Abacus Charter School in Philadelphia. Site Director Claudia Lyles said Mehlman had previously worked at the school but did not work there this school year.

“She was not here during my time here,” Lyles said. “I’ve been here since the end of November.”

Mehlman worked occasionally at the The Oasis, a gentleman’s club on Essington Avenue just outside of Philadelphia, according to a manager and dancer there. The manager, who identified himself to a reporter but asked that his name not be used, said Mehlman hadn’t worked there long, but once every few weeks would work the 9 p.m.-2 a.m. shift.

The manager said she “was a very sweet girl. She really hated to [work at Oasis]. She was very beautiful, and we hate to lose her. She didn’t cause any problems.”

A Delaware State Police detective visited the club as part of the investigation into Mehlman’s killing, the manager said.

At Jimmy’s Grill, Duvall said she chatted with Mehlman about where to go and what to eat in Dewey Beach. “She was really friendly and told me she was a schoolteacher.

We ‘friended’ each other [on Facebook],” she said, adding Mehlman took a picture of them with her cellphone and promised to send it to them over Facebook.

“While we were sitting there, she showed me a couple of texts from a guy she said she really did like,” Duvall recalled, saying the text was “something about ‘Where are you, I want to see you.’ ”

But, Duvall said, Mehlman reiterated in regard to Kumar, “I’m not going to have sex with this guy because I don’t love him,” but she added that Kumar was next going to take her to buy a Coach purse.

“I guess close to 9 p.m., they said they were going to the Starboard and they wanted us to go,” Duvall said. She and Caputo begged off. “We left and went home [to a beach house] and that was the end of it,” he said.

“Nothing seemed out of the ordinary,” Duvall said, adding she now regrets not going with them to the Starboard. “I have this strange feeling that maybe we should have gone.”

“She really wanted us to go,” she said.

About 10 hours later, just after 7 a.m., Beach Ride Taxi in Lewes got a call from someone who wanted a ride to the Wilmington train station. When dispatch asked him for his name, the man said, “you have my number, that is enough,” according to 56-year-old Jim Allen, owner of Beach Ride.

Allen himself went out on the call and arrived at Old Inlet Bait and Tackle nearly four miles south of the Atlantic Oceanside Motel to pick up his fare. He found a man, whom he later identified to police as Kumar, waiting outside with two plastic bags filled with clothing.

Allen said he immediately recognized the man.

“I saw [Kumar] get thrown out of the Starboard at 10:30 the night before while I was dropping off another fare,” Allen said. “I saw him in the parking lot [with] the bouncer grab[bing Kumar] and pushing him out like ‘you’re not welcome here.’ ”

Allen asked Kumar to show him proof that he had cash to pay for the ride, at which point the passenger pulled out a fistful of bills. Allen asked him how he had gotten to the tackle shop, but Kumar refused to answer.

As the two started heading North on Del. 1, Kumar changed his mind about where he wanted to go and told Allen to take him to 3120 Naamans Road –Kumar’s last known address, according to police – which he said was his parents’ apartment.

“I could barely understand his English, his accent was so heavy,” Allen said. “I asked him to write down the address so I could put it in my GPS. He kept asking every 10 minutes how far away we were.”

Allen tried to strike up a conversation, which, he said, was “like trying to pull teeth.”

“[Kumar] said he was down visiting friends and that his car had broken down,” Allen said. “He told me that his parents owned two businesses in Wilmington and that he had a sister who was in law school at Widener.”

Kumar said that he had only been in the United States for two weeks and was heading back to India on July 1 to attend medical school, Allen said.

At about 9:40 a.m., the pair arrived at the Stratford Apartments complex in Brandywine Hundred, where Kumar paid the $344 fare, with no tip, and Allen drove away.

“He just seemed very, very nervous,” Allen said. “He was disheveled and had the same clothes on as the night before. You could tell he hadn’t shaved.”

At around 10:45 a.m. Monday, a housekeeper at the Atlantic Oceanside Motel in Dewey Beach found Mehlman’s body in a ground-floor room. Police said she had been stabbed multiple times.

A couple staying in the motel said that it was a quiet night and they didn’t see or hear anything unusual.

Sometime after he was dropped off in Brandywine Hundred, Kumar made his way to Belleville, N.J., just north of Newark, according to police.

On Monday night, Kumar checked into the Belleville Motor Lodge and told the clerk he would be checking out the next day, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. When he failed to check out on Tuesday, employees tried to contact him and found the door to his room was locked.

Belleville police were called and found Kumar’s body in the room and a suicide note, said Deputy Chief Mark Minchini. The medical examiner attributed his death to an overdose.

“There was no information that [Kumar] had any specific links to Belleville that would explain why he went there,” said Katherine Carter of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

State police confirmed Thursday that Kumar had used the cab service to reach Wilmington and said they had investigated evidence in Allen’s car and had spoken to Caputo.

Sgt. Paul Shavack of the Delaware State Police said despite the fact that the suspected killer is dead, an aggressive and thorough investigation is continuing. He said they are still proceeding as if it was a criminal investigation and plan to release the details when it is complete.

Looking back,Duvall said she gets a sick feeling and wonders if Kumar was thinking or planning about what he would later do.

Caputo wonders if Mehlman’s off-hand comment dismissing her relationship with Kumar – and stating that she would not have sex with him – set Kumar off in some way. “I just keep thinking back and wonder if we never had that conversation,” he said.

The couple said they did not realize the importance of their Sunday night meeting until Tuesday when they picked up a copy of The News Journal and read about a murder in Dewey Beach. Caputo then went to delawareonline.com to read more.

That’s when he saw the picture of Kumar released by police and called over his fiancée.

Their first reaction was that it looked just like the person they had met. They didn’t realize it actually was him until they read the story and saw the names.

“When I saw the picture and read the article, I just started to get tears in my eyes,” Duvall said. “Really, it just puts a big lump in my stomach. We really had a good time and planned on keeping in contact. She was so nice.”


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United States bork5k
June 28. 2012 10:34

Stupid white bitch who's a SCHOOLTEACHER that STRIPS decided to accept jewelry from a guy who she isn't dating and thinks it's a tip instead of a serious statement of affection.  

Stupid foreigner visits strip bar, thinks that by buying the stripper jewelry he can get her in bed.  

More than likely she agree'd to sleep with him without knowing it for more bling bling, reneged on the deal, and got more than she bargained for.

There's nothing to see here guys; Nobody in this situation is justified in what they did, it's all fucked up.

IMO, and saying this as an American, While the scumbag that killed her should know better, should've had more class than to visit a "Gentlemens club" and more smarts to take a vacation and visit a brothel in nevada, I understand.  

I can't tell you how many chicks take a double or triple take once they find out I work with the compudah's, especially chicks thrice divorced who can't figure out they're poison.

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United States James
June 28. 2012 10:46

Looks like the slumdog was looking to score and got rejected. Oh well - one less slumdog job robber here to rip us off. Good riddance.

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United States jpbear
June 28. 2012 11:00

Headine should say "Slumdog kills beautiful american woman, a former stripper trying to leach money and gifts from him with no intention of banging him"

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 28. 2012 12:18

I told you , Indian men on the whole have a very low regard for women considering them only as an anatomy. More important she is American ( White). That does not mean they like those of African descent , NOT AT ALL. Indians think they alone are inheritors of some superior culture & civilization.

For too long Indians brand white women as pushovers & that by giving gifts can take them straight to bed. Many drug them with no trace of guilt or fear of God. Don't forget these men are given birth to & brought up by Indian women who are not exactly compassionate creatures. And WITHIN India also among Indians sexual abuses don't shock or agitate much. Accepted & condoned with a shrug & some talks on ill understood karma theory. Why else would Indians knowingly elect rapists & thugs as their representatives sending them to high offices like Parliament & Legislative Assemblies ?

Indians men included always say with disdain that Americans can be bought with free food ( that is dinner / lunch invitations).

So many Australian girls have been raped , sexually molested by Indian immigrants there. Indian media never reports them. Trust Indians including those living as American citizens to justify this as (sic) "Danielle Mehlman was asking for it....look at her dress ....not fully covered...tempting & leading" & such tripe.

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Canada ezygoer
June 28. 2012 12:19

OK so she got a sugga' daddy to buy gifts for her in a bad economy where only H1-B's are making some dough due to Corp. America's greed to improve their bottom lines. So not only do US techies lose, so do some bimbos. Since he committed harakiri too one will never know these two folks motivations in life but looks like they completely misunderstood each other's true intentions !  

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 28. 2012 13:06

Let me tell you about another Indian (MN) & you would know why I maintain Indians lack GRACE & GRATITUDE.

By his own account during 1940s it was some European ( English or Scottish can't recall) who saw through MN's skills while fiddling with some broken radio taught him English , bore all his expenses by giving him sound education in engineering & a VERY VERY FAT salary. Plus a vehicle. Everyone else was awestruck by MN's sudden affluence & status so early in life. MN joined IBM worked for many years in America & sent on assignments to Australia too.In some top position even being declared "man of the year" by IBM.

MN showed a lot of photographs showing his close proximity to many WHITE women  (Scottish , American , European & so on even his friends' girlfriends) His words shocked me. He spat out in his American accent :-

" These women can be easily taken to bed...buy them lunch & give them orgasms ...that is all it takes ".

MN moved to Canada. Met an Ukrainian girl. Quoting MN's version as she is long dead:-

" She ( D) came to do her laundry & I took her to bed. I must have been virile. She became pregnant ..what to do Canadian law is such that I had to look after her & her child. I put her through University ( MN stressed that I very much several times). She had long legs & good breasts....though childbirth gave her stretchmarks....soon died of brain cancer...daughter is dark complexioned but found a WHITE Canadian as boyfriend & married him , has two children ....I kicked her out of the house as soon as D her mother died....she called me once as she wanted a particular porcelain vessel for salad making ( that her mother D had used) I snapped at her "shut up & said you are not getting ANYTHING from me not even a tiny wine glass...all of it goes to local charities.."

Soon after kicking his daughter out MN "took another woman to bed" (non Indian) & is now living with her as her husband.

But MN is fond of repeating ( sic)" these foreigners ( Canadians / Americans/Australians) are all racists...have no knowledge like us Indians ".

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 28. 2012 13:19

Remember my English teacher who her husband asked to do a striptease like Padma Khanna in Johnny Mera Naam ? She had a sister called A. Who was incredibly sweet & nice. Seldom does one come across such a nice person with absolutely no flaw in character. Very meek doing all household chores. Has told me many stories when I was a girl wearing frocks & skirts in Calcutta.

Her teeth were protruding (  why no one talked of correcting them by consulting dentists it puzzles me) & that was all that was needed for her to be rejected by men coming for brideseeing. Somehow was married off with heavy dowry etc to be accepted & conferred the wife status. I lost all contact with them.

Here in Kuwait when I heard through that English teacher's son about A's  death soon after marriage I was so shocked. By now I must have become shock proof.A was ill treated by her husband & in laws. Was neglected when she fell sick complaining of headaches. And suddenly died.

In India one can easily mask murder & suicide as natural sudden death.
Who cares.

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United States Tipster
June 28. 2012 19:52

A picture of the the perp is here...


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United States INDIAN TATTI
June 28. 2012 22:18

Company was Infosys  --



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Liechtenstein I Hate Americans
June 28. 2012 22:31
I Hate Americans

Kill them all--Both chinese and Indians--Pls do it Soon, take a gun and blow the head of chinese and indians bastards

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United States Kumar
June 29. 2012 01:11

Beautiful White American? My a$$.

It should be Beautiful White American Stripper who will sleep with anyone for Money. RIP. Scumbags are in every community.Coward is dead too. This website is filled with lazy racist crackers/ white trash who can not get a real competitive job or sustain in it.

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United States Myman
June 29. 2012 01:37

To all technically impotent unemployed lazy white American: Stop hating/ bitching, Work hard and realize that you no more than ordinary. RIP @ white stripper bitch and coward suicide curry.

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United States Tipster
June 29. 2012 06:31

His Facebook page (may be down now)


I'm sure if he hadn't killed her, he'd be on a future episode of "To Catch a Predator", like so many like him.

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United States Tipster
June 30. 2012 01:54

It would be interesting if this story was run on major tv network in August, with interviews of Danielle's family and friends.

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United States INDIAN TATTI
June 30. 2012 04:06


Family refuses to bury Pawan as ‘murder suspect’
Bangalore, Jun 29, 2012, DHNS :

The family of Pawan Kumar Anjaiah, 26, the IT professional from Bangalore found dead in the US on June 19, says it will not perform his last rites until it received documents absolving him of the charge of murdering his friend, Danielle Mehlman.

Kumar’s body is to be flown to Bangalore on Sunday, the Ministry of External Affairs notified his family on Friday. The cost of bringing the body, said to be $8,000, is being borne by the Ministry and not Anjaiah’s employer, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

His father, A Anjaiah, has been given a form by the MEA to sign, authorising it to fly the body out of the US.

Probe reports sought

The family says it will not perform the last rites until it received the investigation report of Kumar’s death as well as his personal writing about Mehlman.

The company should get all the documents, his uncle K P Gopalakrishna said. Else, the family would stage a protest keeping the body in front of the company’s office, he said.

The family believes Kumar was framed for the murder of Mehlman who was said to have been dating him.

“She would text him, send him e-mails, and chat with him on Facebook. Pawan’s laptop also contains information about their relationship,” Gopalakrishna told Deccan Herald.

“We want all these records so that his name is cleared and he can be given a respectable funeral.”

Besides, the full and unbiased investigation records of the US police, including a three-page suicide note left by Kumar, be made available, he demanded, adding that the family had changed the earlier idea of not accepting the body when it arrives in the City.

“We were not keen to accept Pawan’s body as he faced charges of murder. We do not want to bury him as a murder suspect.

The incident has shattered not just us, but the whole country, as an Indian citizen is accused of killing a foreign woman on a foreign land,” Gopalakrishna explained, adding that the decision was changed “as a mark of respect” to the Government of India.

‘Company indifferent’

The Congnizant staffer’s family, however, says that it is unhappy with “indifference” of the company.

“If the company does not take responsibility and help us go about the whole process, we will file a case against it,” Kumar’s uncle said, revealing that a lawyer was being consulted to ascertain if a parallel probe can be sought to find if the techie had been framed.

Kumar was found dead mysteriously in a room at Belleville Motor Lodge in Belleville, New Jersey, just a few days after Mehlman was found murdered on the first floor of the motel.
The Delaware police had issued an arrest warrant against Kumar for Mehlman’s murder.

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Kuwait Anonymous
June 30. 2012 13:35

“She would text him, send him e-mails, and chat with him on Facebook. Pawan’s laptop also contains information about their relationship,” Gopalakrishna told Deccan Herald.


This is the serious flaw in most Indians.Being friendly gets misconstrued as "Barkis is willing".

In my childhood in New Central Jute Mills ( Budge Budge) there was this rich family with two beautiful daughters & a son. They had a male servant along with female domestic help all well looked after by the family. The elder daughter called Kanaklatha ( very pretty almost doll like ) was engaged to be married. All along unknown to the rest of the family that male servant had nursed in his mind lust for this girl presuming that he alone had the rights of a husband over her. Kanaklatha soon got married & moved over with her husband.

When she paid a visit to her parents' house after marriage for some festival this male servant hid himself in the bathroom with a cleaver. He killed her brutally to death & inflicted some mild wound on himself. The family & all of us were so shocked as the servant had won the family's total trust as a loyal inocuous person.

It took more than seven years for that servant to be pronounced guilty by Indian court ( Calcutta).I wonder if he was ever punished. As there were no such reports.

Just because the victim is an American woman , Indians are throwing their weight around including ministry. Within India what does not happen & who does not go scot free ?  

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United States Karamazov
July 2. 2012 10:22

Looks like she had a great pair. Dirty slumdog most likely lost his mind knowing he would never have a change with a fine woman like that.

Face slumdogs you have no game. You think white women are easy but they have you figured out you just a ATM.

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United States nevermind
July 3. 2012 11:34

@Karamazov fine woman? WTF !! I can see lot of your women around the world working as Pros.. in Gulf, Asia, Germany, US Strip clubs (Of course there are good people). You know what? Better shut the fuck up you trash, drink wodka and drive your 1994 sedan.

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United States Tipster
July 4. 2012 00:01

Danielle's family should consider their options in filing a civil suit against Cognizant. If Pawan used Cognizant computers and their internet connections to contact Danielle, they could be liable for allowing their facilities to be used for
contributing to Danielle's murder.

If nothing else, another high profile lawsuit involving a company like Cognizant in the public eye would garner publicity. With a murder involved, you can bet Dateline (that has covered such predators before) or 20/20 will come calling for an interview.

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