Even though Professor Matloff won't admit it, he is one of the leading insurgents in academia.  His stance on slumdog scabs is always viewed through the prism of politically correct statistical analysis (he is a statistics prof) and he keeps his distance from violent insurgents like myself.  He and Ron Hira, another academic (and ironically, a Desi) do good work challenging the high tech junta and the leading propagandists for the slumdog slave trade.  Here in this Bloomberg piece Matloff once again uses the words of his foe and NASSCOM agent Vivek Wadhwa to make his case that H-1Bs are all about cheap, compliant labor:

Software Engineers Will Work One Day for English Majors

Which of the following describes careers in software engineering?

A. Intellectually stimulating and gratifying.

B. Excellent pay for new bachelor’s degree grads.

C. A career dead-end.

The correct answer (with a “your mileage may vary” disclaimer) is: D. All of the above.

Although the very term “coding” evokes an image of tedium, it is an intellectually challenging activity, creative and even artistic. If you like puzzles and are good analytically, software development may be your cup of tea. You not only get to solve puzzles for a living, but in essence you compose them.

Wages for new computer-science graduates working as software engineers are at, or near, the top of most surveys, certainly compared with new humanities grads. We hear about the gap a lot this time of year, as students compare job offers.

You had better be good to get that first job in computer engineering, because you will probably be asked to code on command during job interviews; employers have been burned too often by those with high grades yet low ability. But those who are chosen are generally paid well and love the work.

The downside? Well, say you interview as a graduating college senior at Facebook Inc. (FB) You may find, to your initial delight, that the place looks just like a fun-loving dorm -- and the adults seem to be missing. But that is a sign of how the profession has devolved in recent years to one lacking in longevity. Many programmers find that their employability starts to decline at about age 35.

Gone by 40

Employers dismiss them as either lacking in up-to-date technical skills -- such as the latest programming-language fad -- or “not suitable for entry level.” In other words, either underqualified or overqualified. That doesn’t leave much, does it? Statistics show that most software developers are out of the field by age 40.

Employers have admitted this in unguarded moments. Craig Barrett, a former chief executive officer of Intel Corp., famously remarked that “the half-life of an engineer, software or hardware, is only a few years,” while Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has blurted out that young programmers are superior.

Vivek Wadhwa, a former technology executive and now a business writer and Duke University researcher, wrote that in 2008 David Vaskevitch, then the chief technology officer at Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), “acknowledged that the vast majority of new Microsoft employees are young, but said that this is so because older workers tend to go into more senior jobs and there are fewer of those positions to begin with.”

More than a decade ago, Congress commissioned a National Research Council study of the age issue in the profession. The council found that it took 23.4 percent longer for the over-40 workers to find work after losing their jobs, and that they had to take an average pay cut of 13.7 percent on the new job.

Why do the employers prefer to hire the new or recent grads? Is it really because only they have the latest skill sets? That argument doesn’t jibe with the fact that young ones learned those modern skills from old guys like me. Instead, the problem is that the 35-year-old programmer has simply priced herself out of the market. As Wadhwa notes, even if the 45-year-old programmer making $120,000 has the right skills, “companies would rather hire the younger workers.”

Whether the employers’ policy is proper or not, this is the problem facing workers in the software profession. And it’s worsened by the H-1B work-visa program. Government data show that H-1B software engineers tend to be much younger than their American counterparts. Basically, when the employers run out of young Americans to hire, they turn to the young H-1Bs, bypassing the older Americans.

Fewer Managerial Jobs

With talent, street smarts and keen networking skills, you might still get good work in your 50s. Moving up to management is also a possibility, but as Microsoft’s Vaskevitch pointed out, these jobs are limited in number. Qualifications include being “verbally aggressive,” as one manager put it to me, and often a willingness to make late- night calls to those programmers in India you have offshored the work to.

Finally, those high programmer salaries are actually low, because the same talents (analytical and problem-solving ability, attention to detail) command much more money in other fields, such as law and finance. A large technology company might typically pay new law-school graduates and MBAs salaries and compensation approaching double what they give new master’s degree grads in computer science.

If you choose a software-engineering career, just keep in mind that you could end up working for one of those lowly humanities majors someday.

(Norman Matloff is a professor of computer science at the University of California, Davis. The opinions expressed are his own.)

For the record, I'd rather work for an American English Major rather than another failed slumdog programmer that sucked enough dick to get into IT management, which would describe a few of the recent managers that I've had the misfortune to work with.  There is only one thing worse than a slumdog coder, and that is a slumdog IT manager.  They can't communicate OR code.  The last nose-picking chair-warming Hindu fuckstory I had couldn't even run a circle-jerk, much less an IT department. 

Comments (45) -

United States t
April 26. 2012 12:21

Most of the Indians who are sent here are upper caste individuals from a state called Andhra Pradesh (Telugu/Gulti) in India. Not because they are smart, but they are ready to do whatever it takes to get a chance to come here. They lick managers's ass,back stab other employees.

Most of the little Indian body shops are owned by these guys. They bring in all their relatives and hire other Telugu guys and have them lie on their resume,bribe the hiring managers and get them contract jobs here.

If you see last names like reddy,*lluri, rao,naidu,***neni,etc, know they are from this fraud state and most probably have a cooked up resume.

no site

United States James
April 26. 2012 13:37

If the youngs are so superior then why is the economy still in the toilet? Back when I was 30 myself and my peers were setting the world on fire and the economy was booming. Then the insecure old corporate execs flooded the labor market with lots of YOUNG slumdogs from India and the economy proceeded to go right into the toilet. Guess they're not all that great, despite the occasional Facebook that pops up here or there (created by a white American BTW).

I'm routinely asked to train and "mentor" these losers from India with their "OH OK" responses.


BTW, I am 43 and have 30 commerical software products under my belt. And I am still going strong in this profession with no sign of slowing down. Keep dreaming insecure losers - the 80's generation programmers are still the best in the world and always will be.

Sorry Korporate Amerika and NASSCOM - you're not going to scare the best generation of programmers who ever existed out of the industry with your age discimination hype. We're not going anywhere.

no site

United Kingdom Mr X
April 26. 2012 13:54
Mr X

This article really scares me. I am 37 and probably should get out of programming while I can.

no site

Canada Mark
April 26. 2012 15:12

Don't know why Matloff keeps framing this as a young versus old debate.  CS grads aren't really getting the job offers, a rare few that actually end up at Facebook/Google aside (just look at the UCB and Cornell surveys -- this basically describes maybe a half dozen out of graduating classes of 100+ individuals across various STEM disciplines that are applicable to computer science).  

The real problem is guest workers.  Things are so bad that even top grads who submit their resumes to the Googles, the Facebooks of the world, don't even receive responses nor the 'time of day' from their HR staff.  Facebook basically runs an auto-reject script, delivering results within milliseconds of hitting the 'submit' button.  Professionalism has suffered to the extent that those interview coding tests are given (coding is just one small chunk of working in IT and CS!).   Of couse, when a million guest workers are injected into an industry in terminal decline, its no wonder that there's so much lunacy when it comes to employment practices.

Even Matloff himself has written pieces about Intel coming to his school and not looking for the brightest students.   So while Matloff isn't a friend of the H-1B's, he's definitely not a friend of younger Americans who have had their careers destroyed by the H-1B's either, in his framing of the issue as one where the youth have better career prospects.  

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 26. 2012 19:57

Ex Vice Chancellor of an university in Tamil Nadu while addressing engineering students has waxed a lot about how " you engineers only end up as technical coolies in America " blahblah.

The comments are very interesting.The engineers say " So what if we are tech coolies ...being a coolie in America is preferable as there are no traffic jams , no corruption , working under an American boss is preferable to working under Indian boss...at least we are not unemployed as is the case with many engineers being churned out in India".

no site

India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 26. 2012 23:03

USA would be with begging bowl without indian investments--

We already own USA, thats why every one in this world is begging indians

OMG we are so talented


no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 27. 2012 00:06


Naidu & certain other surnames you mention are not those of upper castes.
However , a lot of them are from Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka and from Tamil Nadu.
Those from Kerala mostly prefer Gulf countries as they outnumber the Arabs. Monopolising professions like nursing , education , personal secretaries etc. Keralites are the most clannish of all.One Keralite will ensure thousands of them from Kerala wrest all the jobs.

Here religious conversions impact in  most adverse ways.Keralites with their money power ( supplied by evangelicals) routinely bring in some Pastor to conduct loud prayer meetings , fake healing sessions and so forth. Those working in companies intimidate fellow hindu employees ( mostly blue collar) to convert to christianity. If not increments , promotions would not be forthcoming. Many convert to Islam also.

I know of one such Keralite converted christian couple who adopted a HINDU girl from an orphanage called Bharathi. They found the name unpalatably Hindu. Hence rechristened her Sneha ( this is called "secular" according to Indians). But got her admitted in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan here in Kuwait.The converted christian mother shamelessly told me:-

" The Brahmin Teachers are so good in Mathematics. The vegetarian food served is so good blahblah".

But while converting to christianity they have to necessarily badmouth the Brahmins spreading malicious mendacious propaganda citing one Bishop Caldwell.And that animosity stays.But would use the Hindus Brahmins included for their selfish purposes.

Once a Principal of a school another converted Keralite christian secretly approached a Hindu Monk who had come to Kuwait seeking His Blessings & clearing his doubts on God & Spirituality.  

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 27. 2012 00:43

Hollywood's Uma Thurman said she was named Uma by her parents after a Hindu Goddess's name.

The other American who is a charlatan buster calls himself a devotee of Hindu Goddess Ma Kali. One who has profoundly internalised Sri.Ramakrishna Paramahamsar's Teachings & various Spiritual Texts. He says :-

" I am a bit of trash floating on Ma's ocean. She can do whatever She wants with me. If She wants me to have an ego, it will be bore in this life with gratitude ".

Society For Abidance In Truth ( California) has brilliantly translated Ribhu Gita of Siva Rahasyam --all Hindu Spiritual Texts.

Whereas the converted among Indians are the most quarter baked fanatics.Naipaul was spot on when he called the "converted as ultra zealous than the Originals".

no site

United States James
April 27. 2012 10:33

"$820 million in manufacturing facilities in America, creating thousands of jobs, revealed a survey."

$820 million? Most modern manufacturing plants today cost $1 billion+ each. They didn't even invest enough to build 1 plant?

And thousands of jobs? THOUSANDS? America has lost 28 MILLION jobs since the slumdog invasion began in 1998. The US economy has sharnk by 30 million jobs thanks to slumdogs. That is why we have 40 million people on food stamps - because the slumdog locusts ripped through everything and destroyed it.

NRIs also send home $50 BILLION in cash EVERY YEAR from the US. $820 million? You owe us $49 billon X 14 years India.

Take your pocket change and go home. $820 million is nothing.

The US was BOOMING in 1998 before you conmen got here.

Don't mistake a little NASSCOM propaganda PR "news" for real investments.

In 1998 it was India who was begging the USA to let you in. India would still be street beggars if not for American industries handed to it for free without lifting a finger. Must be nice to have someone else do the work for you, but you get paid.

What a bunch of losers - "talent" - Bell Labs destroyed, Sun Micro destroyed, PeopleSoft destroyed, MIPS destroyed, Quark and Adobe almost destroyed. The list goes on and on. Talented in the same way locusts are talented at eating everthing in their paths.

no site

Canada ezygoer
April 27. 2012 11:05

Matlof has it all wrong again. The game is setup this way in a nutshell

Firms looking to hire do not find what they want for various reasons:-

1. Good economy and growth rates - lures US talent to where ever they want to go

So the best firms like Apple, SAS, Google etc get the best of US talent

Others then adopt
1. Offshoring via IBM, Infosys etc
2. H1_B

In most graduate/ph.d programs foreigners outnumber locals, take up the H1-B and wage slavery till green card so less mobility for these workers to other firms.

Startups are notorious for H1-B as need labor asap and so are the outsourcing firms - they are more likely to go for imports as they get the green card seeking wage slaves. Most direct recruits to US firms are reasonably paid except for third party contractors through body shops.

The average US Joe in IT has no chance against this.

So the way the game is setup is benefiting Corp. America's bottom line so why upset the status quo ?

no site

United States James
April 28. 2012 18:44

Well at least I was able to send that slumdog asshole Anil Bhavnani packing back to India.

no site

United States Anon10
April 28. 2012 23:50

TR Sir,Good programmers are worth their weight in gold more so when many inferior youngsters programmer are there,did you know that companies have again started hiring experienced programmers as they are disillusioned with low cost/low quality freshers Smile

no site

United States James
April 29. 2012 12:55

"did you know that companies have again started hiring experienced programmers as they are disillusioned with low cost/low quality freshers Smile"

I'll believe it when I see it. 30 million Americans are out of work, many of whom are older, more experienced programmers who built silicon valley long before slumdogs got here. If companies are giving Americans their jobs back it is only until the election so they can get this commie Obama re-elected. Either that or they see the skyrocketing gun sales and see the handwriting on the wall.

Yet USA continues to import 1,200,000 million MORE foreign workers year after year. Companies can't be hiring that many more Americans since if they were we would see the unemployment rate drop and the # of imported workers drop also. Or else we would be seeing the number of new jobs created go up which we ain't seeing either.

I don't believe it for one second. Rumors of Americans getting hired back into skilled jobs is just more NASSCOM PR so Bad Karma Sharma can go cry to WTO to get the visa fees dropped to help those poor suffering Indians who have already made off with close to $10 trillion in wealth out of the pockets of US tech workers according to Dr. Gene Nelson.

no site

United States t
April 30. 2012 00:16

Not all Indians are bad. Its mostly the telugus from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India who commit most of the visa frauds. They do anything to get here, fake degrees,fake experience. Proof? google H1b fraud arrests, all of those arrested are them.

no site

United States James
April 30. 2012 03:18


"Not all Indians are bad. Its mostly the telugus from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India who commit most of the visa frauds. They do anything to get here, fake degrees,fake experience. Proof? google H1b fraud arrests, all of those arrested are them."

Odd, but I've been in software in the US for 20 years and in the 14 years slumdogs have taken over, I have never ONCE ever been hired by them despite having written 30 commercial software prducts including some at Apple and Sony.

I have interviewed THOSUANDS of times with Indiots on the other side of the hiring desk and have never been hired ONCE in 14 years by them.

All Indians hate white people because of their history with Britain, whom they claim robbed them (which isn't true because when the Brits first got to India they were shocked at the povery and living conditions). So much for the theory that in 1670 India was the richest country in the world.

These dumb Indians who grew up being brainwashed in India's schools that they are poor because Britain robbed them are here taking back what they believe is their wealth. They are took dumb to know it is their own corrupt gov't that keeps them poor.

no site

United States t
April 30. 2012 04:09

The infamous Facebook stalker is again a guy from the fraud state,Andhra Pradesh.


no site

United States t
April 30. 2012 04:19


Here is another  guy from Andhra who was arrested this year for fraud.

no site

United States t
April 30. 2012 04:33

Upper caste south Indian arrested for soliciting sex.


no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 30. 2012 12:19

@James ,

Yes India is synonymous with corruption & malpractices. America would be able to recover all the money lost if only it has the courage to access Sonia Gandhi & various politicians , filmstars & businessmen who are her sycophants. Who is actually Italian Antonio Maino ( a KGB plant) having no connection at all to that idiot called Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wearing a jockstrap who was responsible for the death of many Hindus with his idiotic gibberish hindu-muslim bhai bhai.

Britain found poverty in India ? What else does Britain find even today ? What else are christian missionaries peddlers of churchianity capable of other than shedding faux tears for the alleged poverty & human rights abuses all over the world.

India never stretched a begging bowl to UK asking it to uplift them. The wily British eyed the rich natural resources including cotton , coal , mica , our Hindu Temples , Kohinoor Diamond & our Spiritual Texts also.

I wish you would read undoctored history. Today also Britain has managed to get a foothold in resources endowed Burma crying human rights abuses litany.

That so called pro democracy Syu Chi with a deceptively meek exterior has a British husband. Who with the children live in UK. And this overmeek Aaan Saa Soo Cheee stayed in Burma fulfilling the agenda of christian missionaries by crying human rights abuses.  

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 30. 2012 12:30

Thank God China is not a wimp like India.

China could not care less about incorrigibly supercilious  Britain hell bent on finding fault with its governance. During their Olympics the arrogant self righteous bbc was not allowed entry into CHINA.

China served the best googly to bbc that kept on repeating " dense fog in China environmental pollution by fireworks during Opening Ceremony booohoo ..." yadayada by letting the world know much later all of the pyotechnics was high tech wizardry with not a single cracker burst. No , no American or British computer technician helped CHINA there. It was a CHINAMAN who did that giving the most silently resounding SLAP to all anti China countries of this world. Including India.

China boldly incinerated cartons of bibles brought in by unctuous christian missionaries. George Bush auto pilotingly tousled through the hair of a boy muttering " no religious freedom ...no religious freedom ...".

Here comes the Crowning Glory of China , they proved all doomsday devils wrong by opting for 8 / 8 / ....

no site

United States t
April 30. 2012 12:32

@James - Like I said most of the Indians here are from Andhra (Telugu). They would not hire anyone other than Telugus, let alone hiring whites.

no site

India Indian IIT's Real face
April 30. 2012 23:43
Indian IIT's Real face

2 months Before




There is a saying---A god with a Degree cannot become a LION

It's a DOG and it will remain as it is

no site

United States Super IT Man
May 1. 2012 04:30
Super IT Man

Anonymous, you are interesting.  Apparently you confess to being married to a Bharti, live in Kuwait, and dislike them.  Question is, why remain married (or marry in the first place) to someone (or people) you dispise?  An honest question only, not to pry into your personal life, but am interested in you.  What is it you do for a living, or are you a house-wife?  You don't seem to speak/write fluently in any of the sub-continent's languages, even though you understand quite a bit about that place.  Are you of Arab descent?

Hope you'll share with us.  


no site

United States Dean
May 1. 2012 12:24

this guy is the best, Senator Grassley. I wish he would run for president:


no site

United States et
May 1. 2012 15:29

@Super IT Man,

IF you can't help her, just leave her alone.

no site

United States Slum_Doogie
May 2. 2012 05:30

Some kuwaiti indian housewife originally from southern india ( kerala)  is posting gibberish and administrator Tunnel Rat is silent .

To Indian housewife in Kuwait posting trash on this website

1) Since you are indian and hate your fellow indians , do you actually hate your husband too ?  Its evident from your postings

2)You posts are nonsensical hatemongering gibberish copy pasted and stolen from different sites.  It has nothing to do with real issues of h1b abuse and deshis in america

3)Your frustration is evident.  When was the last time you got laid  ??

no site

United States Super IT Man
May 2. 2012 09:42
Super IT Man


what do you mean?  Sometimes ppl like to talk, it doesn't hurt if her anonymity is maintained.  Just like what we do here and other forums.  Talking with others is better than keeping it all hushed and bottled up inside.

no site

Canada ezygoer
May 3. 2012 12:00

Once again 2 words  - Labor Arbitrage is the game. IBM seems to have perfected it going one step more than the other firms by eliminating paying taxes !!

Most imports do not come from countries with wages around the same as in the US.

There is nothing more to be said !!

Greed by the individual imports and Corp.America to the detriment of the US worker!

no site

United States Indian Gandu
May 3. 2012 22:32
Indian Gandu


WASHINGTON: The Obama Campaign in a new ad has accused presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs to India when he was the Massachusetts Governor.

"What about Mitt Romney? As a corporate CEO, he shipped American jobs to places like Mexico and China. As governor, he outsourced state jobs to a call center in India. He's still pushing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas," said the advertisement which will run in the key States of Virginia, Ohio and Iowa.

"It's just what you'd expect from a guy who had a Swiss Bank account," says the advertisement which is approved by President Barack Obama, who is seeking his reelection this November.

The Obama Campaign is believed to be spending about $780,000 on running this ad in these key States, reports said.

The Indian IT software and services companies get about 60 per cent of their revenues from the US market, as American firms outsource their back office jobs to India and other countries to cut cost.

no site

United States Indian Gandu
May 3. 2012 22:38
Indian Gandu


A 28-year-old Infosys employee died of a heart attack while returning on a motorbike from the company's campus on the outskirts of the city, police said.

They said the man suffered a heart attack and fell down from his bike near Electronic City Police station limits. Though he was rushed to a private hospital, he was declared brought dead.

no site

United States slum_doogie
May 4. 2012 06:11

no site

United States slum_doogie
May 4. 2012 06:13

Folks instead of turning this into hatemongering , why not abolish L1, H1, etc  

Kill the snake first .

no site

United States hollydollydoo
May 4. 2012 11:47


  There is no need to get vulgar.  Please keep those questions to yourself!

no site

Canada ezygoer
May 4. 2012 12:04

My country has let me down - Canada approves temp. worker program where employers can LEGALLY pay 15% less than market wages to imports !! Thought the US was the worst example around and would not see this day here. Need to rally the troops to get this shut out if possible.

no site

United Kingdom Dissertation Help
May 4. 2012 13:28
Dissertation Help

That's look great that people would love to share their educational matters and experience on internet, this would be good for readers who must face again this issues in their projects.

no site

United States TaxiDriver
May 5. 2012 00:08

Kevin Flannigan really screwed up. He should have taken culpable individuals with him. That's why the only items on MY bucket list are names.


no site

United States James
May 5. 2012 10:32


"Folks instead of turning this into hatemongering , why not abolish L1, H1, etc  Kill the snake first ."

Kind of hard to abolish L1, H-1B, etc when India, Inc, NASSCOM, and USINDPAC are the ones spending all the lobbying $ keeping it going. It would have been dead long ago save for that.


"My country has let me down - Canada approves temp. worker program where employers can LEGALLY pay 15% less than market wages to imports !! Thought the US was the worst example around and would not see this day here. Need to rally the troops to get this shut out if possible."

Welcome to the NWO! Looks like your pols sold you out to NASSCOM $ just like America's sold us out. Now you get to experience what we Americans have been experiencing at the hands of the India, Inc. high tech junta for the past 14 years.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
May 5. 2012 13:39

hollydollydoo ,

Thank you very much for censuring the indecent Slum_Doogie.

I am quite sure that Slum_Doogie must be an Indian.

I am also sure you must be an American ( non indian).

no site

United States jimmy legaro
May 5. 2012 15:12
jimmy legaro

I agree as do all here that we should reform the H1-B and L1 visa programs. No one has a problem with the few super achievers coming here and working. However most do  not fall in that category.
In my opinion due to our Fascist state, it will take a revolution to abolish these and other programs detrimental to the U.S. citizen.
We do not have representation, and voting for Barry Sotero or Mitts Romney isn't going to cure it. I like Ron Paul but even he advocates for "Free Trade". There isn't free trade. Free trade is a nice sounding phrase which really means free for the corporations, but you have to pay. You pay with your jobs, your houses, your wives and families, or even worse you pay with your life. Endless war has drained us and created a security state even the Nazis would be envious of.
Now, what can change this? In my opinion, nothing. Only a total collapse and restructuring can effect change. Good luck with that one!

no site

India iNeedWhite baby
May 5. 2012 16:35
iNeedWhite baby

We will rule the world and we are winning everything--We are only rulers of this world

White women must learn how to please us and satisfy us sexually  

no site

United States James
May 6. 2012 04:31

No white woman in her right mind wants to sleep with a filthy slumdog. The stink along drives them away.

India ain't gonna rule jack - 600,000,000 take a dump in the streets every day in India. The ony think India is a superpower of is the superpower of stink.

no site

United States Slum_Doogie
May 6. 2012 10:25

To Kuwaiti Tamil housewife

1) Please seek help. You are one depressed paranoid schizophrenic indian housewife.   You gave out cellphone#s of  your husband asking for his murder.  You are very sick person.  If you had done that in usa, your Idli dosa sambhar eating ass would've got arrested and thrown in jail

2) No american here is interested in your incessasant stupid ramblings that has nothing to do with H1b abuse

3) If you hate your husband,  there is one option for you.  Its called 'Divorce'. We are not interested in your personal crap. STOP your inga pinga tamil lungi shit. Nobody here fully reads your mile long garbage rants

>>>> I support  ending H1b, L1,  etc etc .American politicians and corporate managers are incredibly stupid and bunch of beta male cowards.  

I hate myself for getting into IT  . What a waste of money , time and efforts.
Anyways  Life will go on  !!!

no site

United States Slum_Doogie
May 6. 2012 10:43

to shed light on race factor in india.   India 101 here we go

India has 2 distinct Races. Indo-Aryans and Dravidians.   Dravidians are the ones from southern part of india.  Their native language , culture, food and even clothing is entirely different from indo aryans.

99% percent H1b abuse is done by Dravidians from southern india.  Mainly from Banglore, Chennai, Hyderabad .  Mostly from states of Andrapradesh and Tamilnadu.

Dravidians ( south indians )  are dark skinned ones with funny Appu like accents.   They hate Indo-Aryans and shun india's national language Hindi.  Most south indians don't even speak or understand Hindi

India was never a country to begin with.  Before British and Muslims came, it was bunch of kingdoms . Kings and Queens constantly battling their neighbors.
Muslims invaders and then Britishers colonized and united this clusterfuckd nation.

Note to Americans reading this.  Please don't lump all indians on same boat.  Most frauds are commited by south-indians who actually don't even consider themselves as mainstream indians.  

no site

United States James
May 6. 2012 14:03


Doesn't matter where the Indiots come from. Americans could care less which sewer in India these roaches crawled out of. All we know is you have destroyed 30 million jobs since 1998. And you are keeping us out of the industry we created.

So you can stop with your "All Indians aren't bad, just some of them". Go home and build some toilets. There is enormous deamand for new toilet factories to be built in India. Maybe you can get a new career there.

And BTW, it looks like just as with India, China has been lying about its GDP growth too:


HONG KONG — Economist Patrick Chovanec's claims that China's official economic statistics about inflation and growth do not match the reality that he is experiencing in the tough actual world caused the jaw of a Bloomberg Television news anchor's to drop.

"What are you saying?" she said, then repeated, "What are you saying?" in disbelief.

He added that China might be experiencing an economic "contraction," not the 8-plus-percent growth that Beijing and its adoring followers have claimed. This flustered the news anchor even more, though she recovered to say, "Oh, my goodness, what does that mean for a hard landing?"

no site

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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The thoughts expressed on this blog may or may not be the author's own and are protected by the 1st Amendment. Any attempt to reveal his identity by contacting a slumdog hack at Google, or a corrupt Desi sys-admin at his ISP will be dealt with promptly and severely. Civil and criminal penalties may apply if one is found to have used private information in an attempt to get the author fired at the Hindu-only I.T. ghetto he currently works at. In addition, any Desi who attempts to burn the author's house down because they are enraged over his writing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn't India.

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