Tunnel Rat posted on April 12, 2012 22:06

The beginning of the end for SLUMDOG SLAVETRADE:


"...The Indians had no knowledge at all..."

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United States Asian_H1B
April 12. 2012 22:13

I don't see what is the big deal here. Corporations in the United States are a protected entity. They make violations every now and then. When found they pay their fines and move on. Look at what happened to Countrywide, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft etc.It is likely that Infosys violated the law and might end up paying a few million dollars in fines and penalties. The case goes to rest there.

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United States Drifter
April 12. 2012 23:39

Hooo-boy. That is one ugly expose.

The feds are going to hang these guys out to dry - if there is one way to throw rocks at the hornet's nest, it's to evade paying taxes. They will make a prime example of them. Add to it that they were smug about how stupid the Americans are and how easy it is to get around the regulations. Whoa.

I'd like to see what is going on at Home Depot, AmEx, Walmart and Gold Sacks this morning after being directly associated - on national TV - with an organization that not only ignores federal law but openly flaunts it.

The legal and damage control teams at infosys are a bit busy today I think...

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United States Dean
April 13. 2012 01:44

I love this exposure. Now no one can claim that they "didn't know"...this whole bullshit scheme by these lying, thieving companies is finally coming to light...pieces of shit

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United States Dean
April 13. 2012 01:47

write to you congressmen/representatives, petition your senators. Stop this fucking bullshit right Godamn now!!!

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United States James
April 13. 2012 03:07

Haha slumdogs. Your fraud is being exposed all over US network TV. Game over in the USA for you slumdogs.

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United States James
April 13. 2012 03:11

Man this Palmer really stung these stupid Indian bastards. According to Palmer's infiltration and sting operation these bastards are deliberately targeting the US and deliberately trying to violate the law. Guess Americans aren't quite as stupid as slumdogs think.

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United Kingdom Mr X
April 13. 2012 04:26
Mr X

These people can buy judges and politicians. Legal action is good propaganda but won't even scratch them.

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United States deSitter
April 13. 2012 09:47

When do we start discussing class action or even individual lawsuits, for those of us > 50 whose careers were absolutely ruined by this fraud?

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Canada ezygoer
April 13. 2012 11:56

Will be interesting to see the judgements and penalties in these cases - anyways easy money for lobbyists and lawyers for now.

Would'nt be surprised if they claim that there was a shortage of "talent" hence used B-1 visas and Congress removes the cap on H1-B visas entirely !!

It's the average Joe vs. big Corp story only that the Corp is Indian but with  deep pockets and influence in D.C. - but is it as big as IBM ?

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United States James
April 13. 2012 12:37


"I don't see what is the big deal here. Corporations in the United States are a protected entity. They make violations every now and then. When found they pay their fines and move on."

Wow. For someone who is supposed to be so brilliant you obviously don't understand the simple difference between civil and criminal cases in the US courts. CRIME (aka FRAUD) is not protected by ANY US law - even if it occurs inside corporations. Nor is espionage - which many of these Indian bodyshops are guilty of. Since both TAX EVASION and VISA FRAUD are CRIMES, the perps doing it will go down in this trial, unless they can't man up and face the music and flee back to the shithole subcontinent. AND the US gov't can ban any foreign company it wants from operating in the US if crime or espoinage are involved.

Of bigger importance is the fact that the US gov't has now gotten wind of the RAMPANT crimes by Indians against the American people in the US. I can assure you the Feds are listening in on every single communication in these slumdog shops. Reams of this fraud will be found out and eventually the constant observation will drive the slummies out of the US since they can't make a profit by doing any legit business - only by jamming millions of their conmen workers into the US on fraud visas and fake PhDs. I know Indians have trouble with analysis and logic, but connect the dots. The InfoSys case is just the tip of the iceberg.

"Look at what happened to Countrywide, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft etc.It is likely that Infosys violated the law and might end up paying a few million dollars in fines and penalties. The case goes to rest there."

None of those companies were caught doing CRIMINAL fraud. Learn how the US justice system works if you're going to come to USA moron.

So much for Asians being geniuses.

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United States James
April 13. 2012 12:45

@Mr X

"These people can buy judges and politicians. Legal action is good propaganda but won't even scratch them."

Try buying off the IRS and see how far you get. NOBODY in the USA buys their way out of a criminal tax evasion case, no matter how rich. Especially when the evidence is ironclad.

These guys are going to jail. If they fled and India refuses to extradite them, you better believe USA will start restricting trade with India or further restricting immigration.

Face it, pride goes before a fall. India's arrogance knows no bounds and drunk with $, the InfoSys guys thought they were invincible. The fact that they think all Americans are stupid actually works in our favor since it causes the slumdogs to make bad mistakes that Americans notice. InfoSys is in deep deep doo-doo and there's no way out for them. I predict we will see people go to jail and InfoSys will be banned for a certain period of time using H-1B.

Raj Rajaratnam and Sanjay Kumar didn't have too much luck buying off judges and pols. Both are rotting in Club Fed right now.


And Raj had BILLIONS to throw around.

I can't wait for Aug.

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India WeWillBuyEveryone
April 13. 2012 17:39

American Justice System is a joke,Truth is Americans themselves dont know the reality that USA has lost its soverignity long ago and Its a slave Nation to Countries like INDIA ..

So my dear slaves of USA, live in delirious delusions, its funny that retarded American Slaves are reacting in most idiotic manner

We will buy the judge , we have already rising funds to OBAMA campaign---NASSCOM has is about to donate 50 million $ into Obama campaign through various Private equity houses

Thats not all--Indian americans are even Donating $12million to Mit romney campaign

There are few who even allocated 500000 to Ron pauls campaign

We are Buying American political prostitutes

We have our judges and attorney's like preet bahara

We have our lobby, and most importantly People like Bill gates,Jack welch and many others who are Pro-Outsourcing

Dream as much as you can

Your country is bought out and will be used like a whore...

You cant do much about it, watch some sitcoms and Let us in ..

we will enter in millions , impregnante all your White women...Turn your nation into brown

We will rule your nation one day and you as minority group must learn to live under our thumb

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India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 13. 2012 17:46

@Dean,@james--We will buy senetor grassley and all his clowns

Dont worry your nation today has no integrity

You men are protecting INDIA by invading Afghanistan

Indeed you are doing our dirty work, you are sacrificing for welfare of indians, your army men are dying to protect Indian  interests  in afghanistan

While your army wives turn widows we will hump them and enjoy earthly favors from them while their husbands protect our interests

You cant do a thing , so  stop wasting time and come to india and build some roads and clean our places

American useless workers  can get a job india by taking cleaning job

Its your responsibility to make india prosperous by making our nation clean and innovate and we shall take credit while you will get some wages to feed your disgusting families

So dont worry.

You are living to serve Indians and Indian interests in Afghanistan

If not you Pakistan would have decimated us

So please die for our nation , as you are our slave

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India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 13. 2012 18:01

I am challenging all morons in this Blog, and i am challenging Soverignity of USA and Its Legal system

Get Infosys Indicted for Crimes, if you have Guts

Blogging wont work, Try to get few people behind bars

You know what, you cant do it, you know why? --because we are rulers and you are our slave

So shut your orifices and Slog for us

I can challenge any lunatic who is posting in this blog

Infosys will walk away unscathed and palmer would be in Jail for defamation charges against infosys

Justice is already declared , we bought it, and here it is the final verdict

Alabama court Grand jury finally decided that Jay palmer is guilty of crimes committed aginst infosys and even defaming the honorable reputation that Infosys has

Palmer not just wasted Court working hours but also defamed most respectable firm in entire Human history

For these charges Palmer would be indicted for 8 year Jail sentence and he must pay $2 million and deliver an apology letter to infosys

The alabama Jury believes that --No indian firm must be charged of any crime and any one who does it will be seriously punished under latest legal provision introduced by President Obama

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United States Drifter
April 14. 2012 10:29

Is this slumdog for real or is some loser trolling?

Do us a favor and go find a Marine bar and call them all pussies. Let us know how it turns out - if you're going to be challenging anyone.

Internet tough guy. LOL

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United States James
April 14. 2012 12:15


"Thats not all--Indian americans are even Donating $12million to Mit romney campaign

There are few who even allocated 500000 to Ron pauls campaign

We are Buying American political prostitutes"

Hey everyone look at this delusional Indian - the dumb Indians haven't yet realized that US pols are ripping off NASSCOM. NASSCOM throws $ at pols and then nothing happens - no visa increases, cant get more people into USA, can't change Americans' attitudes towards Indians in the media and then slumdogs get arrested and go to jail (Raj, Sanjay Kumar, soon Rajiv Goel). These dumb Indiot bastards don't even know the meaning of cut your loses - they just keep throwing $ hoping it will stick somewhere. Meantime US pols and media takes all the $ while India can't achieve its objectives of more invasion. These slumdogs are REALLY dumb - they think they are buying influence when really everyone in the USA is just taking their $ and ripping them off. Romney and O already have hundreds of millions - they don't need your $ to win. They are just taking it from you and laughing at you behind your back.

Bill Gates is the joke of America now. You must not have too many judges as countless slumdogs have been sent to prison already. Keep dreaming loser.

Indians have to be the dumbest people on earth - they don't know when to stop throwing $ down a rathole that doesn't give them anything in return. Meanwhile they are making Americans richer. HAHA! Suckers!

There are 300 million white Americans still slumdogs are insignificant minority at 1%. You will never conquer us because to live in America you have to actually produce at your job, which you people cannot do. That is why no one wants to hire you now and all the US companies are throwing you all out in the streets and hiring Americans back.


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United States James
April 14. 2012 12:22

"You cant do a thing , so  stop wasting time and come to india and build some roads and clean our places"

That's odd - we are winning and frustrating the hell out of NASSCOM, USINDPAC, AND BAD KARMA SHARMA! HAHA!!! BKS has to go cry to WTO because US slapped a few fees on slumdog slavetraders. Wells Fargo and everyone else is tossing Indots out into the streets and hiring Americans back. Not exactly what you would call "can't do a thing". No only can we, we alredy have WON. You slumdogs just don't get it yet. All of American sentiment has turned against India even in corporate America. You people didn't work out as advertised, now everyone is giving up on you. Indian "growth" is plumetting every quarter since no one wants you in their countries anymore and without a host to siphon off of, you can't make any $.

I sugest you go home and start a toilet factory business so 600,000,000 of your countrymen don't need to crap on the ground anymore. HAHA!

Indians are the dumbest morons to ever walk the earth. These IQ81 idiots are like dogs. Even monkeys attack them and rob their houses in India. How stupid do you have to be to let ANIMALS rob you. LOL!

USA is pulled out of Iraq and soon out of Afghanistan - imagine the nightmare India will have on its hands once US pulls out of Afghanistan and Taliban takes over there AND Pakistan. Ohhh it's going to be fried slumdogs in Mumbai for sure then.

Enjoy your future slumdogs. It's going to be a short one. HAHA!

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United States James
April 14. 2012 12:28


"Blogging wont work, Try to get few people behind bars"

Slumdogs put behind bars in USA:

Raj Rajnatham
Sanjay Kumar
Sujata “Sue” Sachdeva

And the list goes on and on and on.

Looks like soon Rajiv Goel and all the InfoSys people will go to jail too.

Feds are onto Indian corruption and Federal Prosecutors have a 98% conviction rate. No way in the world InfoSys people will go free. Even if they pay $1 billion Fed prosecutors can't be bought because they value convictions above all else.

So keep dreaming - Feds are now wiretapping all curry dens in USA and your days here are over.

We're not that dumb - a few of us posting all over the net has exposed the Indian, Inc. frauds and now the Feds are all over it. We just invalidated MILLIONS in NASSCOM PR and lobbying $. I bet those NASSCOM idiots are FUMING mad and frustrated now.

Keep dreaming - we have already won and you can go home and build a toilet factory now (if you can).

I love it when I see frustrated slumdogs lose.

And to quote your own Ghandi:

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you WIN".

Looks like Ghandi was right - and now we're winning.


You know what, you cant do it, you know why? --because we are rulers and you are our slave

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United States Joe from NJ
April 14. 2012 13:10
Joe from NJ

Are those, er, "colorful" comments from the "Indian" blogger really from an Indian?  These opinions are mildly entertaining but they shed little on major issues transforming the IT industry and the global economy.

The Indian IT bodyshop industry may already be on the downward slop of an arc with a terminal date of around 2014.  This would be natural - the result of ever-diminishing economic returns - and not just due to stricter Federal enforcement of visa laws.  

Industry trends combined tighter law enforcement could be behind the desperate scramble by outsourcing companies like InfoSys to acquire visas for bodies to stuff into cheap living quarters and farm out to US companies in increasingly commoditized form.

This is what the end looks like for an industry with a business model dependent on the misuse of US visa law.  It is ugly.  The question is, what comes next?  A new appreciation of the American technology worker?  A new-found corporate desire for the well-rounded, communicative, culturally-assimilated US IT professional?

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United States Joe from NJ
April 14. 2012 13:12
Joe from NJ

Major trends in business and technology tend to resemble an arc.  

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United Kingdom Mr X
April 14. 2012 17:16
Mr X

Think about it. Raj Rajaratnam's sentence is still a joke.
According to the article he made 50 million with insider trading, and he is only paying 10 million in fines. Where are the other 40 million? Most likely wired to "distant" relatives, to swiss accounts and to Sri Lanka. He got away with extra 40 million for his descendants. Do you think Madoff's children and grand children will not enjoy the millions that he stashed offshore?
White collar crime pays.
As for the 11 year sentence, the government asked for 19 years. Plus with the kind of money that he has, it will be like spending 11 years in a hotel.
He will be able to have hookers visiting his cell and everything. Prison guards are much cheaper than judges.

In the case of Infosys the real culprits will have lower caste scapegoats to go jail for them. That's how indian scammers work.

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United States Heartlander
April 14. 2012 20:39

Infosys is trash. Their management guys are all scum. Their "best and brightest" workers are a gigantic joke. We can't decide what is worse: their manners, their hygiene, or their "skills." The only expertise Infosys has is thuggery. They could have taught Al Capone a thing or two. Infosys guys will be safe in prison because they are too smelly to hump.

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United States snowwhite
April 15. 2012 00:13

Imagine all the damage being done to this country by fake degree holders claiming to have PhD's in electrical engineering?


“The Times of India”, India on 04th November 2010 : The fake institute, Institution of Electrical Engineers (India), run by IIT-Kharagpur teachers was set up on the basis of a fake document, which was supposedly written by the private secretary of the President in 1987. Also, the involvement of Prof S K Lahiri, former deputy director of IIT-Kharagpur and professor of electronics and communication engineering, as an advisor to IEE(I) has come to the fore.

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United States Anon10
April 15. 2012 00:48

TR Sir I like your site,but please moderate comments made by visitors as they mostly rubbish.

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United States Dean
April 15. 2012 02:19


from the site:
H-1B fraud "is one of the top two visa categories for fraud throughout Mission India. All posts regularly encounter inflated or fabricated educational and employment qualifications," the consulate wrote.

In an 18 month period, the U.S. investigated 150 companies in Hyderabad that applied for H-1B visas of which 77% "turned out to be fraudulent or highly suspect," the consulate reported.

nothing anyone in the industry didn't already know. We're dealing with people, where lying and dishonesty are their basic modis operandi

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United States snowwhite
April 15. 2012 07:52

Fake aerospace engineers in India:


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India iNeedWhite baby
April 15. 2012 18:24
iNeedWhite baby

We will come out unscathed and will rape US justice system spit on it and will reap more rewards give babies to your women settle here permanently and will take over you nation in 10 years

try to stop it if you can

we are winning,

those punishments are nothing they are just slap on wrist

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United States NYC Programmer
April 16. 2012 01:10
NYC Programmer

This explains how Goldman Sachs has about 5,000 Indians, mostly InfoSys employees, working at their Jersey City, NJ office.  Goldman $achs gets cheap labor and Info$ys makes big dollars.

Walk by the Goldman Sachs IT building at 30 Hudson St, Jersey City, NJ (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldman_Sachs_Tower)and all you will see is Indian workers from InfoSys and other out sourcing Indian companies.

And you wonder why unemployment is so high on Wall St.

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United States Brian Dice
April 16. 2012 01:20
Brian Dice

This explains why there are more than 5,000 Indian workers at Goldman Sachs IT building in Jersey City, NJ - across the river from their Wall St. office.  Most are InfoSys employees brought in from Bangalore to work exclusively for Goldman Sachs.  Why does Goldman Sachs not hire American workers when unemployment amongst Wall St. workers is high?  Money and greed.  InfoSys workers are paid less the $30K a year and they live in Jersey City sharing apartments.

Just walk by the Goldman Sachs building and you will see very few American workers.  Goldman Sachs and InfoSys are partners in making sure American workers are not hired.


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United States dean
April 16. 2012 01:58

the whole country is full of shit. The diplomas are fake, the resumes are fake, the experience is made-up/fake, the enrollment is fake:


the whole friggin toilet of a country is just a bunch of smoke-in-mirrors

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United States dean
April 16. 2012 02:13

just type in "India fake resume" into google, and look what comes back - a whole slew of pages. It's endemic in slumdog-land, to just lie your way through your "career". A few sites that immediately  come back:




I'm not saying this never existed, but Job-Robbers have taken this to the stratosphere. I always knew their "CV's" were bullshit, but it appears that it's more the norm than the exception with them.  No wonder IT is crap nowadays; the entire "profession" is flooded with looser imposters...God help us, please...

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Kuwait Anonymous
April 16. 2012 13:16

Ever since Bill Gates supposedly praised Indian IT professionals ( he is alleged to have said America will collapse without Indians according to Indian media )& Chandrababu Naidu the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh went about zealously calling Hyderabad Cyberabad Indians really became swollen headed. (Believe it or not, Chandrababu Naidu's mother an old lady abandoned in her native village cursed him telling he had no time for her as fame had gone to his head & prayed he should never win any election.Subsequently he lost & has faded into oblivion) He also is extremely corrupt as most  Indians are. He also looted as much as he could of land & money belonging to Thirupathi Deity as Samuel Rajasekara Reddy  (a crypto christian of Congress party ) did later. Reddy died in a plane crash. Sonia Gandhi was visibly distraught.

This S.M.Krishna a doddering senile minister asking America to apologise for interrogating bollywood Shahrukh Khan also went about carrying a laptop. The gullible Indians were awestruck enough to call him a technocrat making him the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Bollywood's Sanjay Khan , Feroz Khan ( all brothers) set up a very luxurious Ayurvedic Spa near/in Bangalore trumpeting it was to "cure the lifestyle diseases of Westerners".Illegal landgrabbing at cheap rates , theft of electricity amounting to several lakhs of rupees by these Khans were brought to the notice of SM.Krishna by a solitary honest police officer called Prakash. At once SM.Krishna transferred Prakash to some back of beyond place accepting bribe from Khans & destroying all evidence provided.

The notorious sandalwood smuggler cum dacoit cum elephant poacher cum killer of many forest officers Veerappan also enjoyed the protection of this SM.Krishna as much as CM Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu & many in central government ( gorement of India hell bent on collision politics). These poltroons technocrats toyed with the idea of requesting ISRAEL to do an Entebbe style commando operation in flushing out Veerappan. And they are all overtly covertly anti-ISRAEL. Pro Shahrukh Khans.

Many reputed columnists who one held high level jobs in government as diplomats after visiting Australia & America asserted Indians were solely responsible for the prosperity of those countries.It took a long time for the truth to dawn that the faux Indian emperors were sans their clothes.  

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Kuwait Anonymous
April 16. 2012 13:50

Dean writes :-
" We're dealing with people, where lying and dishonesty are their basic modis operandi ".

Absolutely. I am thoroughly frustrated as Indians are so untrustworthy. I was going for physiotherapy in a reputed hospital here. The Kuwaiti lady ( Arab) treating me was extremely good & honest. However the Indians working there as nurses , cleaners & various sundry jobs far outnumber the Kuwaitis.

That Kuwaiti physiotherapist asked two Indian workers ( Keralites) to do some repair work pointing to an expensive gadget in Arabic. They nodded dutifully. As soon as she left they told in their mother tongue " As if we are going to do it".

I wanted to report but did not. What is the point. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Being more in numbers they can easily make life miserable for that Kuwaiti. And the Keralite nurses there & their rude conduct & highhandedness I have lots of anecdotes to narrate. The message is clear. You cannot discipline or reform them. Deport them back to India.

Recently an Indian driver's license was confiscated by Kuwait Traffic Cops as he had clearly violated the rules.

My husband defended his violation telling me " A lot of Indians do it , have been doing it for decades...it so happened his bad luck got caught ".

I admonished him telling " Try telling that to Kuwait Police...It is your duty to ensure rules are followed. How can you come up with such an outrageous excuse"

That driver was equally smug. When I asked him if he got his license back he retorted:-

" HA ! These people with their vaastha ( means "influence") can easily get back my license".

The driver also has not realized he broke the rules which is punishable.

Indians are like that only. Do not give them benefit of doubt. They don't deserve it. Corruption , malpractices--all these have been introduced in Gulf countries only by these Indians. Include Bangladeshis also. All from the same pool.

In fact a Hindu Monk said drugs like LSD etc were introduced in America by the Indian charlatans misleading the Americans about Samadhi experience , meditation blahblah. Even today Deepak Chopra is successfully conning with " Close your eyes , take off your shoes , sit crosslegged blahblah ". Confiscate all his wealth & see if he remains stress free.

After spending years under his tutelage making Deepak Chopra richer Demi Moore is still wrestling with body image problem unambiguously betrays Deepak Chopra's dubious credentials.

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Kuwait Anonymous
April 16. 2012 19:43

Before coming to Kuwait in  October 1992 I spent a few months living in Calcutta/Kolkata  (West Bengal). Sending my child to one useless school called Dolna with no ventilation at all.For 2 to 3 months. When I asked for a certificate ( Transfer Certificate ) which is compulsorily to be shown to any Indian school for admission the Bengali Headmistress asked me to pay her ten thousand rupees as bribe with NO RECEIPT. She called it building fund.I had no other choice.

Now the same ill ventilated school has expanded in a big way.

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India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 16. 2012 19:48

Nothing will happen, we will keep on invading and destroying your families

every one will forget about infosys soon

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 17. 2012 01:58

There is a very telling story in Upanishads.

The Teacher wanted to assess the wannabe students who wanted to enrol in His Gurukulam (  Vedic School ). He gave each one of them a fruit asking them to make sure they alone ate it , in total privacy without being seen by anyone. After successfully accomplishing it to come back & report to Him.

Only one boy among them came back carrying the fruit uneaten. He told the Teacher:-

" However much I tried , I felt I was always being watched by God. Secluded spot or in the midst of crowd. Hence am returning the fruit".

The Teacher admitted only THAT solitary boy as His Pupil. He did not shackle himself with miserable worries of uplifting/refining/reforming/metamorphosing the others.

Most Indians would fail if you apply such standards. Btw , almost all Indians know this story. And America OUGHT to apply such standards while dealing with anyone. Or any country where empowerment is involved. Today political correctness is the formidable affliction.Every envious petulant country whinges:-

" America should give us the developing , the wannabe superpower a chance to decide & pontificate..." playing me the underdog victim card. Eligibility alone is the main criterion not third or fourth worldism yadayada.

Instead America should be super audacious enough to silently spurn & march ahead.
That one American who did ( still does)  charlatan busting & his scintillating sharp intellect sans any trace of arrogance alone convinced me this world does need America & Americans.

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United States snowwhite
April 17. 2012 04:24

fake engineers from India:


Engineering graduates who have not passed for various subjects conducted by the respetive colleges and arrears are there ? We give u guidance and support in getting a regular UGC University BTech /BE degree.No matter even if u are working in some organisation after ur completion of course -but not passed out .No matter if u have done 7th semester or 8th semester -Just because of a BE /BTech degree -u must be frustrated ,lowly paid ,pulling on ,low profile among family members ,friends ,a proper marraige -all must be troubling you -we solve it ,send us mail with ur current status studying/working indianaccademy@gmail.com When you call, don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Quikr.

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United States James
April 17. 2012 06:15

According to Don Tennant, the mountain of evidence on InfoSys is so huge and so air-tight that it is a virtual certainty they will be found guilty. I can't wait for the day when I see th InfoSys slumdogs led away in handcuffs to prison and InfoSys barred from operations in the USA.

3 months and counting. Fellow Americans, victory is at hand.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 17. 2012 14:15

The word 'democracy' is so misleading. America is totallly , diametrically opposite to India. That way I would not hesitate to praise Pakistan even when pitted against this GODFORSAKEN India. Some angry Pakistani would be there to eliminate the corrupt among them & escape uncaught. Whereas Indian establishment keeps circulating them as candidates to be elected by us the people. Is this freedom of choice & democracy ?

The corrupt ministers if caught would be promoted as Governors. If a Chief Minister is found corrupt he gets posted as a minister in Parliament. The ultimate crown that awaits the most inept corrupt ofcourse is Presidentship of India. I am not at all exaggerating but understating. Indian judges , lawyers , election commission , vigilance sleuths , enforcement directorate people , income tax officials ---all of them know this indisputable fact.

With such credentials Indians have no right to discuss God , Spirituality, 'Invasion of the Sacred , Breaking India ' blahblah like those Rajiv Malhotras brigade. The very fundamental step Honesty/Integrity is missing.

That is the reason I vehemently maintain Sri.Dawood Ibrahim is NOT a terrorist as trumpeted by Indians & Indian media. That one interview of his where he expressed his unalloyed admiration for a solitary incorruptible Police/Customs Officer betrays his credentials. He did not talk about the curves of any bollywood actresses , his favourite food items ( " Sutta appalam & Milagu rasam" like ultra pretentious vegetarian Hemamalini)nor did he come up with voluble quotations from Spiritual Scriptures. Or his daily routine.

If only America could have a heart to heart talk with him , I am sure he would be able to tell a lot about these GODDAMNED Indians.

And America should not get carried away with prison incarcerations of Indians also. They play cricket in prisons & rule the country from within prisons. Democracy works in America. Certainly not for anarchic unruly Indians.

China never tolerates corruption. A bullet to the head is the punishment & the cost of the bullet is borne by the relatives of the deceased. Don't ever listen to their " once upon a time we were the greatest ....." diatribe.

And anywhere they go trust these Indians (oops south asians as for geopolitical reasons & enfeebling America India unleashes estranged brothers syndrome embracing Bangladeshis , Pakistanis & even Afghanis ) to make a mess of everything. We eat the same roti , same dal yadayada.

An Australian devotee of Swami.Omkarananda ( Theni Chidbhavananda Ashramam) succinctly summed it up thus :-

" No other country in the world has such a body of Dharma Sastrams ( code of conduct/ dos & donts) as India. And no other country violates the Principles as much as India ".

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 17. 2012 16:33

Most important Sri.Dawood Ibrahim never undertook oath of any office self anointing himself a Prime Minister , Chief Minister , Headmaster , Teacher , President , Law Enforcer and so forth.

It is Indians & Indian media that scream labelling him a 'terrorist , underworld Don' etc. To my knowledge he has never been given a chance to offer his version of facts. Obviously then Indians in high places would be in jeopardy. Hence this request for his extradition. Whichever way you look at it , it is a win-win for Dawood Ibrahim.

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United States Drifter
April 17. 2012 21:07

@ James - I am anxious to see the whole thing unravel and come crashing to the ground as well. infosys is like a stage set - look behind the props and it's all shabbily thrown together supports held together with chewing gum and bailing wire.
You've got to laugh though. The infosys darlings that persist over on Don's blog; asbolutely will not be convinced. Even when this is all over, it will still be someone else's fault. The government will be wrong for convicting them; oh what a travesty of justice, we're going to counter-sue the government, etc. The culture is such that there is rarely any recognition of guilt, (and we've certainly seen this from the infosys execs as we have been watching this unfold)which leads to a lack of lessons learned and therefore improvement. It's always deflection and/or denial.
For those of us familiar with the arrogance and egotism, this will be like the Superbowl. Gimme some popcorn.

no site

India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 18. 2012 00:30

LOL--Infosys already hired Ann dunt, Obama's friend and more over its ready to give campaign contribution

Infosys is eyeing for Medicare project,from US govt

Infosys will buy that one and will send another 50000 H1-B,L1,B-1 do what ever you want

Infosys will come out unscathed and millions of indians will flood USA in no time we will conquer USA

Dominate this world, Sooner or later an Indian will become American president

Even for all reputable global institutions indians will be chosen

World must be at our mercy as we have been gifted by lord that we will be sole rulers of this world for next 4000 years

So poor americans brace yourselves for another 4000 years beacause we are goung to rule this world    

no site

India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 18. 2012 00:45

We will rule this entire universe with iron first , we lusted your women  and will not leave your lands until we have copulated with all of them

Its our birth right to be in USA, invade all nations and control them thats why nature has given us enoromous reproductive abilites to take over the world and transform into spiritual world

Because only we indians are spiritual beings rest of humanity is born out of anus and they are feces

We are most pure and greatest species ever born ,existed on earth

and its your duty to submit before us and clean our nation while we  milk your nations and your women


no site

United States James
April 18. 2012 10:00

Indians ain't gonna rule shit. You can't even build enough toilets or run a sporting event properly. How are you going to rule the world? Everything you touch collapses so eventually only places you do not go will prosper. Stop being delusional. InfoSys cannot buy off IRS trust me. This is America and one thing no one ever gets away with is tax fraud. You are all just slumdogs who can't even make your own country work how are you going to conquer others. LOL. Another delusional Indian who will never go anywhere. If you are so spirtual then why do all your temples show humans having sex with animals. You are all animals and you know it.

no site

United States jimmy legaro
April 18. 2012 19:49
jimmy legaro

Indians look at the USA as the land of milk and honey. They can operate here in relative obscurity racketeering to their hearts delight.
In my town in Northern NJ they have taken over all the convenience stores. All Indian. These are are all cash businesses hence the interest by the Indians.
This is the case in NYC as well, look at Hudson News at Penn Station.. same deal.
Indians are like locusts and will destroy themselves eventually. In India now they are encroaching on precious agricultural lands building "Layouts" (subdivisions) and other schemes. This lessens the amount of food that can be produced. Since India has hundreds of millions of malnourished people and children, this is a big deal since less agriculture = higher food prices = more malnutrition.
Furthermore Wealthy Indians depend on the slave class for their high standard of living. Most Americans can't afford housekeepers, nannies, drivers, gardeners, cooks, laundry servants etc, yet these are commonplace in India. H1-B's complain when they come to the USA how difficult life is here without all the necessary "help".
Having worked with hundreds of them, I can say that most of them were truly not qualified to be here. Further more they would at any opportunity try to make you look bad or to get rid of you. Fortunately they are bad lairs and are easy to avoid.
What I really don't understand is the Americans complicit in this scam. They actually believe the trip the Bill Gates of the world spew. That is how horrible the American worker is and how fortunate we are that the nice Indians are here to help us.
Bill can you please move to your luxury condo in Bangalore and leave us to invent some new technologies? We have to give the Indians something new to learn..

no site

India DeanDog-JamesMoron
April 18. 2012 23:48

Sooner or later americans will realize that USA is ruled by indians from behind the scenes

Yes most of the things here were run by Indians, and we are largest income families , 90% of indians are millionaires

Every organization in USA was developed by indians before that USA is a third rate country

thats why all companies are recruiting indians as we are greatest species on earth

IBM, microsoft and Google all things were built by indians

Indians invented EMAIL and Open Office

Indians developed Windows NT, boeing

90% of doctors in USA are indians and 80% percent of engineers are indians

70% of indians families have PHD's that shows we  are smartest ones on earth..period.  

no site

United States t
April 18. 2012 23:56

newdelhi.usembassy.gov/.../b1-in-lieu-of-h2.html - Looks like working on B1 visa is not illegal. Frown

no site

United States t
April 19. 2012 00:27

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 19. 2012 01:13

Whatever Jimmy Legaro has written above is completely true. Americans are endowed with far far superior intellect than Indians. But if I were to point this out in any Indian blog they at once ask me " are you in their payroll " ?

This further exposes how smug & oblivious they are to their own character. Recently an expensive sports stadium built by Australians for India in Pune has been vandalised by unruly Indians. I read in our newspaper " Where Australians said the seats were indestructible even by screwdrivers Indians managed to destroy them with their bare hands".

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 19. 2012 01:23

There is an Indian family in my building who have moved recently from USA. I am pretty sure the couple must have been kicked out of America disgraced. Because soon after moving here they have frenziedly been propitiating various Planets , Deities feeding fellow Indians here.

Indians unnecessarily splurge on food & waste a lot. But pontificate Americans are wasteful.Strictly speaking this building lobby is NOT meant to be used for partying. For such purposes there are many hotels in Kuwait. But as is Indians' wont they want to avoid paying any hotel. The Kuwaiti Landlord does not live here in the same premises. These people ask fellow Indian caterers to come with huge containers full of various eatables; spread out everything in the lobby & start eating & eating. No one objects. I am sure very soon they will be bursting diwali crackers also in the same lobby. The Egyptian watchman & security personnel can be easily bribed by them offering the same food & some money.

Indians are a big NUISANCE.

no site

United States James
April 19. 2012 02:06

@jimmy legaro

"Further more they would at any opportunity try to make you look bad or to get rid of you. "

You must mean like this former slumdog "Engineering manager" Anil Bhavnani at ADOBE who got 500 white Americans laid off in Dec. 2005.


no site

United States Slum_Doogie
April 19. 2012 02:49


John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6 a.m. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN PHILIPPINES) ...

He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN VIETNAM).

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN CHINA), then he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN CHINA) to see how much he could spend today.

After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN CHINA), he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY), filled it with GAS (from Saudi Arabia) and continued his search for! a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his computer (MADE IN MALAYSIA), John decided to relax for a while.

He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE) and turned on his TV (MADE IN KOREA), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA .

no site

United States joshua
April 19. 2012 07:46

OMG, this is my favorite commercial ever - I love laughing at the
slumdog Monkey guy - enjoy!


no site

United States James
April 19. 2012 11:25


Yes that's right - all those things made overseas in industries that were once invented in America. A bunch of industrial thieves steal our industries we invented and they think they are brilliant.

I have a 1986 Mac Plus sitting here. When I open it up every part including the power switch has MADE IN USA stamped on it.

Don't get cocky just because you stole some industries Americans invented.

(Typed on a 27" iMac with an OS written in the US by Americans since Apple CLOSED its R&D in India in 2006 because slumdogs are too incompetent to write software).

no site

United States rex
April 19. 2012 11:37

Indians spread like cockroaches, as soon as you see one, you will see them multiply

no site

United States jimmy legaro
April 19. 2012 14:39
jimmy legaro

Once years ago I worked with an Indian H1-B on some web project for a big media company in NYC. Let's call him Santosh. He was a nice guy and competent (one of the rare ones). He was also a rarity among the upper caste Indians, he was a backward caste (In America they call them "Untouchables").

He was rescued as a child from his dirt poor Dalit family, placed in a residential public school, and sent to college. (By English missionaries of course).
The other H1-B's would not talk to him if possible. Of course the Americans didn't care as long as he got the job done, which he did.

One day he got a phone call, mummy has died, please come. The call came from his distraught father. They lived in a modest home that Santosh had bought for them bringing them up out of the fields.

When Santosh got home he found that it had been ransacked. Everything. Furniture, cookery, any modest jewelry was all gone. He found that his so called "best friend" had done the deed.

When Santosh returned to NYC he told me the story with sad eyes. Then he said to me "Jimmy, I don't like to speak poorly of my countrymen, but NEVER trust an Indian!"

That about sums it up

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 19. 2012 17:16

Sometime back a plucky person's bumper sticker WITHIN India screamed :-

" Do not cheat ! Government of India hates competition !! "

That is India in a nutshell for you.

no site

United States Drifter
April 20. 2012 00:18

Ugh. Why do I get pulled into responding to trolls LOL

Don't make me post the 'indians have small penises' link again.

Smartest on earth. Really.

You cavemen are so disorganized you couldn't find the way out of a room that has only one door -and- you lied about your experience with opening doors when they let you in. You spend forever arguing amongst yourselves about who's better than who when you're not busy swilling cow piss. You guys are a threat to nobody but yourselves.

But keep yourself busy dreaming. Simple minds are easily amused.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 20. 2012 14:39

Slum_Doogie & James,

I know an old couple whose two sons are green card holders working in America & living pretty well with their spouses & kids. These parents go on a visit visa spending six months every year & returning.

But the opinion they carry about you Americans is not only downright false but extremely shocking. One just cannot attribute that to ignorance. Not at all. Indians & the rest of the world by and large have been propagating such views & any lie unless countered & erased stays as truth by repeated reiteration.

That old man told me:-

" These Americans cannot even manufacture their toilet paper. Everything has to come from China".

In truth Americans are extremely hard working practically doing all their work including plumbing , fuse and lightbulbs changing , drilling to fix nails, painting etc. In addition to making lots of pioneering inventions & discoveries.In medicine , cuisine , agriculture and never flinching from assimmilating the best from rest of the world.   All of it I personally came to know not overnight but very very gradually by watching many Hollywood movies , sitcoms & reading Reader's  Digest. In addition to fiction.

But such propaganda has made many people literally belive that Americans are somewhat like feudal lords who drive out everyone occupying their land & have nothing to claim of their own.

The communists in India  (the swadeshis also) hence resort to words like  "American hegemony...down down with imperialism , Zionism & more such slogan shouting.I would equally blame those Indians settled for good in your country but encouraging such lies.An overwhelming majority of Indians from my school days I have observed have been anti Jews & anti Israel. Citing a solitary Shylock from Merchant of Venice.

I had my own doubts & questions to ask but it is dangerous to be farsighted among the blind.  

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
April 20. 2012 15:06

Jimmy Legaro ,

NEVER TRUST an Indian. Absolutely. This is one mantra you should always remember.

Even a cup of coffee or a glass of water I would not want to accept from an Indian.Indians talk & function like highly dangerous idiotic robots. To reserve a seat in yonder heavens would force useless food including stolid coffee/tea on me. Without even asking if I want to drink or eat.If I refuse after taking a sip would act outraged & say:-

" All because of you I made with so much difficulty...Aadi Shankara says one should not waste...now gulp it down..if you waste you will go to hell....being a woman you have no right to be fastidious....no wonder could never get along with inlaws...don't give too much importance to taste...others were right in warning me ..you are so arrogant...".

In matters of hygiene & cleanliness I am utterly hopeless they can be educated. Without even listening would nod & nod knowingly & reply " I already knew all that you know...much more I know..".

A Monk in a Temple managing an Ashramam feeding devotees himself told me for all purchases be they sacks of rice & pulses or a kilogram of aubergines he could never ever entrust it to any of those devotees or paid labour.He would personally climb up & down the Holy Temple atop a Hill many times doing everything himself. And he is absolutely right.

But the people around complain " this much of expectations he should not have...preaching tolerance ...can't he be tolerant to our lack of punctuality , petty thievery , some lies told....the Planets in our horoscope have fashioned our character...if we are also perfect we would have become Swamijis Monks like him...he is so angry..." blahblah.

no site

United States uscitizen
April 21. 2012 09:40

waa waaaa....more waaa waaaa...LOL
hey, butt smoking bastard, looks like James and Drifter are still unemployed...
How about you, found a job yet ? I am tellin ya, you should try flippin some burgers as you guys obviously suck at programming =)

no site

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