Tunnel Rat posted on March 23, 2012 09:01

So now the slumdogs go after one of the Too-Big-Fail Banks.  Curry Den BofA should be next.  Karma is a bitch.


SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Wells Fargo laid off H-1B visa workers and denied them tens of thousands of dollars in severance benefits by falsely claiming the workers had resigned, a worker claims in a federal class action. Lead plaintiff Vinay Karamsetty, a web developer, claims Wells Fargo owes him $42,415 plus interest. He claims Wells Fargo, the nation's second-largest bank, executed its unfair scheme "due to the economic climate and Wells Fargo's merger with Wachovia Bank," and that the bank admitted as much in its layoff notices. Karamsetty, whom Wells Fargo hired in 2007, claims the bank violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act by denying "employee benefits under an employee benefit plan regulated and governed by ERISA." He says the bank also violated its own Wells Fargo Co. Salary Continuation Pay Plan, which also is named as a defendant. The complaint states: "In April 2009, Wells Fargo made a company-wide decision to not renew any H-1B visas due to the economic climate and Wells Fargo's merger with Wachovia Bank. "As soon as an employee's H-1B visa expires, he loses lawful immigration status and is required to leave the United States Immediately." In doing so, Karamsetty says, "Wells Fargo explained that it made a business decision to displace all H-1B visa holders due to 'the current economic climate and the merger with Wachovia.'" Wells Fargo knew the laid-off workers would have to find another job immediately or leave the country, and by mischaracterizing their termination as "voluntary," it denied them severance benefits, Karamsetty claims. "Wells Fargo exploited this predicament by denying H-1B visa holders any benefits under the plan under the guise that they 'voluntarily' terminated their employment and were thus ineligible for benefits under the plan," the complaint states. "This position was concocted and implemented by a plan administrator with an undisputed conflict of interest, both as a Wells Fargo employee and fellow plan participant." Karamsetty claims Wells Fargo hired the visa workers with promises that they would get severance payments, based on years worked, if they were "displaced" for "business reasons," or subjected to "position elimination." Karamsetty says he and the class are owed benefits under those terms. "In April 2009, Karamsetty and the class members suffered a 'position elimination' under the terms of the plan and became entitled to plan benefits," the complaint states. Karamsetty says that under the plan, he "was, and still is, entitled to a lump sum of $42,415.34, plus interest," since his last day of work, March 1, 2010. He seeks class damages and costs for ERISA violations and discrimination. He is represented by Allison Goddard with the Patterson Law Group.



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United States James
March 23. 2012 12:00

WHO'S LAUGHING NOW SLUMDOGS? This line is music to my ears:

"In April 2009, Wells Fargo made a company-wide decision to not renew any H-1B visas due to the economic climate"

Well well well, you better believe this is becoming a trend in Corporate America. If the big banks are laying off ALL their slumdogs, you can bet ALL the corps will be next.

Looks like some entitled, whiny slumdog who thought he was guaranteed a job for life in America found out firsthand the realities of corporate America.


Possibly the dumb MBAs and bankers finally figured out that they can't have any kind of loan business if they kill off the American consumer.

Looks like this slumdog is just angry he has to return to India empty-handed and wants to shake a US company down for a big slab of cash so he can retire nicely when he returns home. This is the classic Tandoori remit/exchange rate ploy they all use to drain our economy dry.

Maybe WF can hire that moron ANIL BHAVNANI to run the place (if he can figure out where the MSDN CD comes from).

I love it - a new trend emerges in American business - NO MORE SLUMDOGS.

Enjoy your unemployment back in India and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 23. 2012 16:15

I just cannot believe you Americans are still putting up with these incorrigibly treasonous Indians worldwide. The recent sentencing of an Indian student called Dharun Ravi ( who I STRONGLY am convinced deserves to be sentenced to death for blackmailing another student by invading his boundaries and thus driving him to commit suicide) is so vehemently condemned as (sic) 'racist , undeserved punishment' by you Americans by these IITians blahblah .

Go to rajeev2004.blogspot (shadow warrior) & read the comments.

Freedom of thought & opinions be damned where such treason is involved.

KILL THEM ALL. Can't you engineer accidents ?

Please please kill my faux husband , torturer , blackmailer S.N.Ramachandran ALSO now working in Kuwait Fouad Alghanim Industries as CFO.

His cell phone number is 965-99044108.

Blackberry number is 965-97201449.

My fractured arm ( which was SOLELY caused by him) was operated upon this January in Mowasat Hospital by one Kamran Alawi. He kept on tellinmg me :-

" I only bore your expenses amounting to 3000 Kuwaiti Dinars.....so expensive took loans blahblah....".

This morning , he twisted so violently the same arm viciously gripping my wrist where the implant is ( it has not healed at all very very tardy progress )& I need help SOS. Please please kill him & save me.

I am in his custody since 31 March 1982.

His monthly salary is 3000 Kuwaiti Dinars.He splurges on himself buying expensive suits , ties etc etc . All the Indians irrespective of their religious belief systems , gender blahblah lick his boots as they HATE me THAT MUCH. Period.

That is Indians' character. Sovereingty of India and/or individual rights of Indians  be damned.

Don't worry. I will not ask for blood money should noble Dawood Ibrahim himself strangles him to death after subjecting him to gruesome torture.    

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United States Drifter
March 23. 2012 23:02

Classic arrogance and entitlement. Someone's forgotten that they are disposable temporary labor, which is the entire premise for allowing them the opportunity to work with the bank in the first place - you're easy to get rid of.
Severance is for permanent employees, not contractual. Even if they were promised severance payments, as a contract employee you'd have to be blind to not be suspicious about it.

How many times have we heard - India is next superpower!!! LOL... right. Outsourcing contracts are not getting renewed, the indian temp agencies are going to take a massive hit because they dearly rely on the US for their income (more shortsighted business logic). They are getting hit from both sides now - corps in the US are cancelling and the indians are getting undercut by places like the phillipines because they can at least communicate with intelligible english and no baseless arrogant attitude.

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United States my job got jacked
March 24. 2012 09:53
my job got jacked

Fed H-1B Visa Probes May Help American Engineers
Don Bauder, Feb. 8, 2012


American computer professionals who complain that they lose jobs or get lower pay because of imported tech workers may have reason to smile. Government regulators are cracking down on alleged fraud in worker visa programs.

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United States George Martin
March 24. 2012 12:22
George Martin

Perhaps H1-B visa workers are less favored by U.S. corporations now because these employers are turning to L-1 visa workers supplied by the major outsourcing firms (Tata, Infosys).  If that is the case then it is worse news for American IT and engineering workers.  The L-1 visa program lacks the prevailing wage requirements and numeric caps of the H1-B guest worker program.

The L-1 visa is supposed to be for managers and those with "specialized knowledge" of a business.  Of course, the latter is so vaguely defined that it serves as a convenient loophole for sponsoring entry level IT workers in droves.  And just about anybody can be called a "manager".

L-1 may be doing more damage than H1-b ever did, and it needs to have the spotlight focused on it.

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 24. 2012 16:22

That Americans have become addicted to self flagellation without a modicum of valid reason is indeed heartwrenchingly tragic.

Ofcourse , so called inequalities will always be there in this world and why is it you Americans feel it is your responsibility to uplift any & every GODDAMNED petulant recalcitrant barbarians of this world. The alleged "suffering" is INSHA ALLAH ! Period. Ditto for Indians also. Tell them it is your karma. To hell with this charade of court case where lawyers can be bought , fauxtography can present distorted versions of truth.

Iraqis were the ones seeking American help in rescuing them from Saddam Hussein. Now everyone outrageously calls it " American invasion" including BBC ( which I have long rechristened Bismillah Broadcasting Corporation). Be they children dying or starving stay in sharp relief chanting " Insha Allah ".

Take Syria.The important fact is NEVER going to change. That they are perennially VISCERALLY anti ISRAEL & anti JEWS. I certainly always feel , as my late father also held this world would speed towards chaos should Jews & good people of this world are annihilated due to some worthless belief systems pertaining to God. They are so fond of God so let them meet their Maker.

This utterly GODFORSAKEN Afghanistan. Who on earth would want them to live AT ALL ? There are no CIVILIANS get it straight without any ambiguity. America is different. These jihadists are all seamlessly ever anchored in terrorism baying for the blood of Jews , Americans etc whoever does not follow their belief systems. Karzai & his sycophants are AS much jihadists as the talebanists.

They took mind boggling amounts of money , aid etc & American French British etc lives lost for WHATTT?? Let them uplift themselves or perish in the process.Insha Allah !

I am appalled beyond words Obama the dhimmi presumptuous arrogant President of America is ready to send American Robert Bales to face punishment even toying with 'death sentence'. How many American Navy Seals in one helicopter perished due to the congenitally ungrateful jihadists of Afghanistan ? Why have not you people punishing them by carpetbombing ? Cadavers cannot demand compensations or court judgements.

A big issue was made of alleged urinating on their Holy Book. Please do not forget when earthquake struck Pakistan , lots of these jihadists made a huge bonfire of their Holy Qurans in Muzaffarabad to brave the cold & their kith & kin Islamic brotherhood issued no fatwas & killed not a single jihadi. How many Americans have been targetted worldwide.

And the "moderates" among them will prolifically cry " this is not Islam ".

If this is not Islam , then why not lunge with anger killing frenziedly the erroneous interpreters of Islam ?? Why target Americans , Jews , Europeans AT ALL ? This is so elementary & who wants long dead UN to discuss & approve or veto.

Apropos the Indians calling Dharun Ravi's blackmailing as " just a college petty prank ". This is EXACTLY what my mother , brother Mohan , his wife Vasudharini , my sisters & the whole brood of relatives said justifying the rapists & torturers with the following words:-

" Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. They are cousins twice removed , have no sisters , only showed brotherly pranks . In the process their testesterone went haywire ..that is NATURE , BIOLOGY....Lord Krishna says you are but the Aathma not your body....your horoscope says you deserve this rape & much more misery....so what if they ripped apart your panties when you were asleep....My own mother said " Who asked you to drift into such deep sleep that you could not even feel A.Chandrasekar & A.Chandramouli disrobing & raping you .....you are like Kumbakarna sleeping so suffer. Now you are a second hand product no one will marry you . Whatever be your character lack of virginity that is loss of hymen is unpardonable.... Vasudharini said " So what if they probed your genitals....Mohan said " The Lord says forgive & forget why don't you become divine & forgive them by making coffee & sweets & savouries with your own hand & serving them....I will talk to them....I will handle everything....Many said " why did not you tightly flatten your breasts by swaddling your body well ( I was barely 12 years old then)...as they tempted them & men can't help it.....shameless girl....if they entered the bathroom when you were bathing naked , blackmailing & biting you , you should have at once screamed " Mummy help me " And this devil of a mother was in some suburban Jute Mills Bungalow whereas I was in Nakuleshwar Bhattacharya Lane Calcutta near kalighat. With perennial power cuts , no proper door with a latch.

Not a single person found this kind of breathtaking ratiocination ludicrous. They continued to welcome , pamper & feed them for decades. Even today  call it my karma.

That American student was so pained he was driven to suicide & these Indians call you Americans " racist" " unfair punishment".

Vedic Scriptures so VOCIFEROUSLY decry suicides. Am not launching into the reasons enunciated. Kaanchi Seer & Swami Vivekananda have said a lot.

And Dharun Ravi caused this suicide & Indians are playing the devils' advocate.


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Kuwait Anonymous
March 24. 2012 16:41

And both A.Chandrasekar of Indian Airlines & A.Chandramouli Director of Mehta & Padamsey ( Fire Insurance Surveyors & Assessors ) & their RASCALLY father S.Arunachalam allegedly the expert on " loss of profits " vehemently justified my excruciating demeaning tortures & repeated rapes yes , every day they DID it which was all watched by Mohan & my sisters & Bala also as " fun & frolicking". They said :-

" She is very defiant & arrogant ...just like her father....we were only taming her and making her feminine & soft...brotherly love towards a sister.....where is the proof....." And all of it ratified wholeheartedly applauded by Mohan etc etc.

They said " You are not the body.....the loss of hymen is unpardonable"

There you have the scintillating intellect endowed & kind hearted Indians the alleged inheritors of the greatest civilization.

KILL THEM ALL. They are always like that only. By even toying with the idea of letting them survive you are actually ENDANGERING your own lives.

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 24. 2012 17:14

And the brilliant Indians the alleged discoverors of Zero also said very knowingly narrating something from Mahabharatham:-

" This is why our Scriptures say , one should not bathe naked. At least one piece of cloth should cover the body. And you did not. In this kaliyuga if you don't follow all these injunctions which unfortunately were all lost due to these Americans , British , Mohammedans invasions blahblah.....you must wait for Lord Krishna to come at the right time on a white horse in the sky & give judgement....Whereas look at them...they have poonal ( sacred thread) in their bodies ..are vegetarians ....without fail go to Kali Temple in kalighat....even reciting EVERYDAY hymns like Sashti Kavacham , Soundarya Lahari grand parayana sessions distributing prashad to all. Even you so polluted was not spared. Did A.Chandrasekar not give you petha bought from Kali Temple.....walked all the way from 36/1 Jatin Das Road to 22B , Nakuleshwar Bhattacharya Lane to help you in writing an essay in English.....you know no maths or English or even cooking for that matter. We will throw you out of the house if you fail ...he has assured me he will teach you English....Arunachalam's English is THE BEST.... admirers of Russian STALIN they are...that is how hailing from just a village in Varagur he is today Director of Mehta Padamsey.....We asked him ....he says he never even touched you......

A. Chandrasekar caught me by my neck flinging me across violently in my house the rent paid by my father's earnings shouting " oh stop it....enough of this crying as if every cell of your body is precious...raping you was a challenge I undertook by consultations with A.Chandramouli & Mohan also very eagerly suggested your name. Some girl I wanted to rape & Mohan said " Take her to your house in some pretext and pour your semen all over her.....if you don't stop crying I will drink whisky & then tear your vagina apart so violently you won't be able to even get up , wear your clothes & walk out of this house".

And Mohan , Bhanumathi Das Sharma Meera AAAALWAYS taunted :-

" Shameless ... vekkamaayilla...cheechee....fat girl...."

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 24. 2012 18:06

Kollywood's film maker egregiously lecherous tambram K. Balachander the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke & godfather of tambram pornstar kamalhasan ( relatives of suhasini manirathnam , anu hasan etc etc all call themselves freedom fighters hasan brothers ..suddenly will do a volteface & shout " rich landowners brahmin zamindars of Ramnath District who use even today only hamam soap which contains greengram flour as our ancestors also were without fail taking bath rubbing themselves with greengram flour....Anu Hasan said this while endorsing an advertisement releasing hamam soap in some hoohaa function Rotary club prizewinner blahblah...

That K.Balachander made a  heavily pretentious movie launching guileless unsuspecting Pramila ( alleged non brahmin ) called 'ARANGETRAM'. Predictably hailed as a great intellectual....whose mentor is Sathyajit Ray...actually tried very seriously in getting his daughter married off to this A.Chandramouli ( arranged marriage negotiations) but I heard Arunachalam family telling they rejected as dowry offered was not ample enough. So married extremely rich Stella Mary's  M.Sc.mathematics woman called  one Padma all settled in Chennai.

This Chandramouli allegedly being allergic to bengalgram was shown the green flag to go non veg . Thus frenziedly & proudly announce very often " I eat one whole chicken etc etc in IIT Kharagpur hostel. During their engagement ceremony in 36/1, Jatin Das Road , Padma's family made special sweet called MOhanladdoo & all went into paroxysms of gratitude telling " enna oru akkarai..appppaahhhh ...what a concern for his health making mohanlaaddoooo do you know how difficult & terribly expensive & complicated it is .....hey hey don't let this fatso take even a bite ( pointing out to me ) Arunachalam & all of them already very fat......"

Recipe of mohanlaadoo in a nutshell:-

Fine refined semolina is made into a  dough with pure ghee (clarified butter) & water. Then pounded with a pestle adding more & more ghee. Then rolled into small circles ( puris) .Which are deepfried in pure ghee & powdered along with sugar fine. Cashewnuts roasted in pure ghee & cardamom powder also added after it becomes fine flour. Then fresh ghee is made by slow melting of butter. Which gets poured on this mixture & then rolled into tennis ball sized laadoooos.

Much later , while living here in Kuwait such pleasant memories spurred me into making it on a trial basis. I made exactly ONE such laddu & gave my son who was a young child then.He does not know anything at all about this sweet history behind it even today. Went into raptures tasting it & always begged me  "please make one more for me Amma ....please..." & slowly forgot about it.

I am sure he would not remember it now.

That actress Pramila who was launched by this tambram K.Balachander unfortunately became a star in heavilyhardcoreXXXXXX rated pornographic movies made in Kerala , Tamil Nadu etc.

When A. Chandrasekar tore my blue saree & blue blouse ( my mother NEVER even told me about the existence of a bra ...she alone wore bras in that house) in his house 36/1,Jatindas Road on a Vinayaka Chaturthi Day ( auspicious Ganapathy Festival) he leered at me widening his squint eyed ugly grin & said :-

" You look EXACTLY like ARANGETRAM Pramila ".

Whereas in drawing room discussions & debating circles would wax eloquent about plight of Pramila in Arangetram & how only geniuses like K.Balachander are endowed with bleeding hearts to boldly make such movies exposing this hypocritical braaaahmin community.

This continued & continued & continues still. This shrill concern for "society & its ills that allegedly heartless non existent invisible God is so apathetic about". All of them are die hard communists in quest of God. Great ART makers...Goddess Saraswathi's sevaks...( kalaithaaikku sevai meaning this is the  artistic noodles/pasta/idiyappam whatever they are presenting as feast for reason & flow of souls to Goddess Saraswathi who they LOUDLY deny very existenceSmile)        

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United Kingdom Mr X
March 24. 2012 21:17
Mr X

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 25. 2012 00:01

My father late S.Janakiraman was the ONLY son of my paternal grandparents Rajam & Sivaramakrishnan.

My paternal grandfather Sivaramakrishnan was the one of the younger ( probably youngest I am not sure ; does not really matter as honestly speaking even if I had asked they would never have given an honest reply) brothers of that tambram family in Varagur village in Tamil Nadu. His elder brothers including Balan , Suri Swaminathan , Vaithi blahblah were all ROTTEN TO THE CORE. ROTTEN LECHEROUS GLUTTONS. That Suri Swaminathan's son is ( allegedly dead they say cannot believe them)S.Arunachalam Director of Mehta & Padamsey.

Read on :-

Not being sent to school, my paternal grandparents were spared indoctrination & this overdose of sophistry of "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi winning freedom & swaraj with his vandeymatharam & swadeshi slogans".

Ground realities were so different then necessitating Britain's entry. My grandmother's mother was endearingly called " Victoria Maharani" within the huge joint family circle for the efficiency with which she managed the entire disparate members of the family. Who incidentally got married when she was three years old. In fact she often said all that she could recall was her crying & chewing of the mangalsutram tied around her neck & carted away to inlaws house.This was told by S.Rajam her daughter my paternal grandmother.

My grandmother after marriage moved to this village called Varagur from Chennai all within Tamil Nadu. Yet the inlaws' family presided over by the elder brother called Suri Swaminathan & his devilish wife always addressed her as " the decadent immoral sophisticated cow from the city".

My grandfather who was her husband had absolutely no say. Once she spent a couple of days extra at her mother's house in Chennai. On returning the brother in law COERCED my grandfather into beating her hundred times with his chappal as "disciplining". Only then she could enter the house.

She said my grandfather "obeyed" as Suri Swaminathan & his wife were ready with their chappals to beat her up two hundred times each respectively if he "disobeyed".

Many such incidents made my grandfather retort with rage:-

" Varudhaey Moothiram " on hearing jingoistic "vandeymatharmas".

Varudhaey Moothiram means my awkward translation " Am getting INCONTINENT".

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 25. 2012 00:45

I am sorry. That entire ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS called balan , vaithi , arunachalam , krishnamurthy were all spawned forth by this ROTTEN DEVILISH Suri Swaminathan & his wife in nine yards. Dunno her name ( what a relief as that would be some polysyllabic Goddess's name :-((

Their sister called Sivay ( shortened form of Sivakamasundari) was wantonly slandered & ostracised by these ROTTEN LECHEROUS GLUTTONOUS SCOUNDRELS. What a tremendously INDOMITABLY PLUCKY lady she is.

At a very old age I was zapped to find her trim , agile , actively cooking & conversing with NOT a single grey hair.Considering the traumatic life she had right from birth. No she did no hyperventilation called sudarshan kriya , went to no art of living masters screaming jaigurudev. In fact where was a mirror even to look at one's face then leave alone worrying about vital statistics ??

The last time she visited Calcutta in 1980s she rightly poopoohed on being tempted with sightseeing around West Bengal thus :-

"Porumaey ( Shucks) I saw your omnibus belching dirty black smoke. My Varagur is far more beautiful & sylvan".

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United States James
March 25. 2012 11:59

Of course they employ 100,000 people - which is a drop in the bucket compared to the 28 million jobs they have DESTROYED since 1998. And you better believe those 100,000 all go to foreign workers. More cons from India, Inc.

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United States Wakjob Dunfor
March 25. 2012 23:43
Wakjob Dunfor

Infosys covered in CNN

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United States my job got jacked
March 26. 2012 00:16
my job got jacked

Out of status H-1B's may soon have access to a tax-payer funded lawyer who can help them make the rough transition from unwanted H-1B fraud to unwanted illegal alien:


Administration Appoints New Lobbyist for Illegal Aliens

In an effort to quell accusations by the open borders lobby that the Administration has not gone far enough with its administrative amnesty program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced last week the creation of a new “public advocate” position for illegal aliens. Senior ICE Advisor Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, who was appointed as the new advocate, will serve as a point of contact for aliens in removal proceedings, community and advocacy groups, and others who have concerns, questions, recommendations or other issues they would like to raise about the Administration’s executive amnesty efforts. (ICE Press Release, Feb. 7, 2012)

The ICE announcement attempted to portray the creation of the Public Advocate position as part of the normal course of business.  “The creation of the Public Advocate position is another milestone in ICE's ongoing work to enact significant policy changes and improvements to focus the agency's immigration enforcement resources on sensible priorities…” ICE stated in its press release. (Id.)

The new advocate will report directly to the Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), Gary Mead. According to the agency’s website, the public advocate’s role will entail:

Assisting individuals and community stakeholders in resolving complaints and concerns with agency policies and operations;

Proposing changes and recommendations to fix community-identified problems and concerns;

Alerting agency leadership to potential community stakeholder concerns with current or proposed agency policies and/or operations; and

Maintaining a collaborative and transparent dialogue with community stakeholders on the agency's mission and core values.  (See ICE Website, Feb. 11, 2012)

Ironically called a “public” advocate, ICE created the new role solely to placate amnesty advocates in an election year. Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), called the Administration’s creation of the new position outrageous. “This is just further proof that the Obama administration puts illegal immigrants ahead of the interests of Americans,” he further added in a press release. “The Obama administration’s lack of immigration enforcement allows illegal immigrants to steal jobs away from American workers and now their in-house lobbyist for illegal immigrants costs U.S. taxpayers more money.” (Rep. Smith Press Release, Feb. 7, 2012)

[And who is now the fastest rising demographic for illegal aliens? You guessed it, out-of-status H-1B's from India, L-1's who decided to change their name and "skip town", fake students who somehow tricked the administration of a college to "admit" them...]

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India sinkingshitUSA
March 28. 2012 19:07

USA is already a Sinking Ship,

Lately Professor Johanna Schultz visited Delhi university ,and addressed a gathering of 1000 College students mostly Female.

She was preaching about virtues of Sexual Liberation and importance of having premarital relations to explore the world of innumerable possibilities

Her lecture was more aligned towards --Premarital relations and how good they , relative Hook ups after marriage

And ways to be a seducer

After her talk, 10 students --All of  them girls , stood up and Went to dais


Whole audience erupted in laughter

while leaving the hall, Mrs.Johanna schultz was ridiculed and was told not to come and lecture about moral prostitution

America is reaping for what it has sown through slave trade,exploitation,and irrational exuberance

I really appreciate my indian brothers who are  not hiring these American mongrels who have nothing but Race hatred .

For all those American who have no Jobs--Dont worry, we will open sweat shops for you

and your politicians will assist us in enslaving you

USA is a bastardized nation

Lately i have been to arizona and sitting in Restaurant , a Mother of 3 is sitting besides my table along with her NEW husband(Poor chap)

Its amazing 4 men are mocking her ,how they slept with her in her teens

and she was like in her late teens--and through out the discussion Poor husband and entire restaurant is listening to those conversations

That shameless wife, without any guilt was laughing and saying to her husband..

"I miss those days, i should have given divorce to you by now and hooked up with Few"

hahaha--What Else can you expect from a MODERN SODOM AND GOMORRAH?--USA..

Poor chaps write useless blogs

I was searching for  wellfargo News and i found this Disgusting blog of another Bastardized american

Its funny , these idiots kill and destroy Nations and when they get same treatment they complain

Americans dont need to worry  about ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN

Most american WOMEN can join PORN industry and Liberate themselves sexually

What Americans dont understand is that H1B, L1,B1 will be abused

We dont give a damn , do what you can do, your politicians are part of Same bastardized society so we know that lobby can influence them

Biggest Joke is--Its USA that Needs INDIA more

Learn to worship us--because not many nations Like American idiots

Once your ECONOMIC and Global Military Dominance dwindles you will be treated like Germany after WW2

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United Kingdom Mr X
March 28. 2012 20:40
Mr X

This a testimony I found on another website. If H1Bs made just 20k less than americans for jobs where the american salary is 70k or more, it would be still be serious but not so bad. Most americans wouldn't mind being cut from 70k to 50k, as long as they kept a good work/life balance.
If you consider that indian H1Bs work 25% more hours, and that the fat sweat shop boss often takes cut of that salary. These indian "professionals" are no more than slaves, that make about 50% of what an american makes per hour.

"Working in an office where 90% of the people are H1B visa'd workers there are some striking problems that surface. One is the most talked about, the pay. They work for 20-30k less a year than a similar US Citizen would for the same job. The other is less talked about, the hours. They CONSISTENTLY work 10-12 hour days seven days a week. They are afraid if they do not then they will be sent back to India. Of course they are all paid salary so there is no overtime involved.

Employers attempted to strike enough fear in the hearts of US Citizens by tying their health care to their job, when that didn't work as well as they'd hoped they now use deportation as leverage on foreign workers.

Of course you won't find US Citizens that will work for the same pay under the same conditions when those conditions are borderline illegal."

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Kuwait Anonymous
March 28. 2012 22:16

One Dr.R.Sivaprasad married to Gita ( Geetha , as they frequently change the spelling of their names for numerology reasons thus hoping to ward off adversities in their lives & inviting prosperity alone) living in New Jersey is one of my maternal uncles. Born on 3rd October 1949. Internist cardiologist they repeat-MBBS, MRCP A.B. yadayada.

He was groomed right from childhood by R.S.Thangam his mother's father Dr.Sambasivan allegedly the most famous doctor of Tamil Nadu ( Thiruchirappalli) & the most pampered of all.Right from food , clothing & various amenities he could access were of a very special type.Denied to the sisters. Even in those concentric circles of discrimination my mother was more privileged as she was extremely fair complexioned , beautiful with blonde hair & hence sent to a convent. Thus could speak English well with a good accent. She knew her plus points & exploited them suitably to get what she want.

Her only sister called Indhira (own sibling) was dark skinned & was not exactly voluptuous. She was treated the most mercilessly by being used as an unpaid maid of the house , cleaning utensils , washing clothes , helping in kitchen , getting beaten up physically by Sambasivan , R.S.Thangam etc etc.

She was denied convent education & sent to one Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy Iyengar school & later graduated in Economics.I believe she got an award from school for lack of absenteeism even for a day throughout.

The family was excessively rich with all the trappings. Always had almonds , dry fruits too. She would beg for a handful of almonds but her mother said they were exclusively for Sivaprasad who was pursuing MBBS. And that she would make almond halva for him. Sivaprasad on coming home for holidays from Tanjavore Medical College would devour all the almonds followed by a glasses of sweetened milk & proudly announce :-

" There ,I have lightened your burden.You need not sweat in the kitchen".

And this was glorified & praised by his mother & the rest umpteen times as an act of a male who was exceptionally considerate towards the females , very modern in outlook , so liberal....He always said his aim was to marry Saira Bhanu of bollywood.( Fair complexion western looks). He ordered Indhira to give triple double wash special hand wash etc to his clothes as he was MBBS pursuing.

One of his favourite sweets called 'karchikkai' was made during his stay. It has a sweet filling consisting of nuts , cardamom , malai cardamom encased in a shell of semolina. He who called himself a gourmet & not a glutton plus health chasing being MBBS ate all the fillings & the broken / spat out shell pieces he would call Indhira & ask her to eat. And she thanked him profusely eating in his presence. R.Sivakumar the other brother did his own IIT version of dehumanising treatment .I would write later.

Only once this Dr.Sivaprasad took the whole family to a movie called 'PAASA MALAR' of Bhim Singh starring Savithri & Sivaji Ganesan. On coming home he told Indhira " this is just a movie. Don't make the mistake of expecting such brotherly love affection in real life ".

And this statement of his practically all of them applauded so much including my brother Mohan ( on hearing about such credentials as he loves Sivaprasad) as words only a truly SANE , LEVEL HEADED man can utter. What wisdom , what clarity what a practical man ....like that they went on praising him.

His twin daughters Shobha & Latha are married living in America. When Shobha married a Gujarathi ( very rich) Patel this Sivaprasad went about telling " my Shobha has chosen a Patel that has Hemant preceding it ..hema in Sanskrit means gold...really he is endowed with a golden heart......emailed also to many.

Indhira died by committing suicide. Attempted suicide many times also. They call it jaundice , meningitis but I alone know the truth. They ALSO know obviously.Hence do some 'sumangali prarthana''mangalya pondugal' & that is it. It is their version of cool way of redemption/expiation.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
March 29. 2012 02:47

Indhira was also married off as daughters are always referred to as " burdens to be disposed off ". In all arranged marriages both groom & bride hardly know anything about one another.He is ( I don't know if he is alive or dead , spent some time in Madurai with them in my childhood) a veterinary doctor.Nice person. But soon after marriage had to spend many years in their huge joint family in Srirangam. They are all extremely fair complexioned & tall. Indhira only 4ft 10".

Her mother R.S.Thangam would never let her live in peace. Always interfering in various ways. Soon after marriage also she attempted suicide but was resuscitated.She gave birth to a daughter & I have played with her.Soon she passed away in 1962 (1961?)Oct 17. Her husband did not remarry for six years but was taking care of the daughter moving back to Trichy.

Again , this Thangam went to the school where this granddaughter was studying without her father's knowledge poisoning her mind asking prying questions , boasting about her sons in America IIT etc. Thank God , her father categorically told her to completely sever all ties & let them live in peace. To my knowledge he was the only person who was smart enough to see through this mother's chicanery & bold enough to forbid her. As Thangam the Lady Macbeth does not oblige that easily.

As soon as she died Indhira's husband ( Venkatraman) returned ALL the sarees ,including those that he had bought for her, utensils including pressure cooker  jewellery. They did not expect he would make such a move & were actually happy & many in the family grabbed them including my mother telling :-

" I always coveted this particular saree of hers..that she would not give...so selfish... now I have got it....".

Not just my mother all of them were so glad to take her belongings for FREE , but said " in her memory we are taking this ...she will never leave our heart...".

Among those things we got a bust sized made of plastic figure of Lord MahaVishnu that she was always praying to in Madurai I have seen. Though lightweight plastic MahaVishnu has such a serene peace inducing expression & hence I kept it in my house after marriage. After coming to Kuwait I find that has been stolen by either my sisters or Vasudharini. They simply refuse to tell me.Everytime I ask they would snub me " Started again...after all a plastic one must have got broken somehow I don't know ....take everything to Kuwait & stop nagging us ".

My sister is actually using all my stuff including cot , dining table fridge etc. I don't grudge that. But when I point that out & say I am entitled to take what I value without they getting stolen she & others reply:-

" Living in Kuwait you should not be meanminded. After all God only says be generous , renounce evrything....can't you sacrifice one cheap plastic MahaVishnu.."

Everyone finds this kind of explanations normal & insist I am the one adamant & mad.

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
March 29. 2012 02:56

Sorry not 1962. Not sure about the year & date of Indhira's expiry. But we were in Budge Budge then.

no site

United States James
March 29. 2012 05:05


"USA is already a Sinking Ship"

USA's economy is still #1 in the world and SEVEN times the size of India's. India's former finance minister said there is no growth in India but the economy is actually shrinking by -6% a year. Even with the onslaught of 3.2 million faking fraud Indians here, we are still 28 times more productive than the shithole subcontinent. India is going exactly nowhere and the USA continues to thrive. Debt? Our economy produces enough to pay it off in ONE YEAR. Big deal.

"She was preaching about virtues of Sexual Liberation and importance of having premarital relations to explore the world of innumerable possibilities"

As if India isn't already a cesspit of sexual perversion. Kama Sutra anyone? How about all the temples depicting people having sex with animals? How about the Times of India homepage everyday with every other story being about sex? LOL.

"After her talk, 10 students --All of  them girls , stood up and Went to dais

USA is a bastardized nation"

And we're still 10000 times better than that shithole India where 600,000,000 people take a dump on the open groound every single day. Sounds to me like those ladies were just vicscious jealous losers like most Indians are.

"I was searching for  wellfargo News and i found this Disgusting blog of another Bastardized american
Its funny , these idiots kill and destroy Nations and when they get same treatment they complain
Americans dont need to worry  about ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN"

Well the American natives were all murdering savages sitting around in mud huts smoking dope and slaugtering each other in tribal wars. And they had eons to develop the land and didn't. They didn't deserve America. You seem to forget that we not only came here but spent 500 years BUILDING THE PLACE. Tell me, where was your PC, internet and all your IT jobs first made? They were invented and made in USA by white people long before you economy-destroyers ever set foot in USA. So don't lecture us about "destroying nations" - we created the modern world - the one you are racing to copy so quickly now.

"Most american WOMEN can join PORN industry and Liberate themselves sexually"

You've been watching too much US TV and Hollywood movies.

"What Americans dont understand is that H1B, L1,B1 will be abused

We dont give a damn , do what you can do, your politicians are part of Same bastardized society so we know that lobby can influence them

Biggest Joke is--Its USA that Needs INDIA more"

USA needs India? Our economy was BOOMING when we were running it 14 years ago - its a DISASTER now that you are running it. We need you like we need a hole in the head. I hear you are targetting Canada, Germany, and Japan because you're being kicked out of the US now and all laid off. HAHAHA!!! If you think the Germans and Japanese will put up with the crap you have pulled here you are in for a BIG surprise. You want to see racism, just trying invading those 2 countries like you invaded USA you are in for a BIG rude awakening. I can't wait to see German/Japanese reaction to you scum and the games you play. In Japan you will be physically thrown onto an airplane and deported. I can't wait to watch it.

"Learn to worship us--because not many nations Like American idiots"

We American "idiots" invented IT, the PC, the transistor, the IC, the internet, software, and just about everything else. Looks like IQ 81 (borderline retard) Indians couldn't keep the US economy going as promised.

Last month OECD ranked India's students SECOND FROM LAST IN THE WORLD in MATH & SCI. HAHA!!!! Delusional losers. Keep barking maderchod, you're going nowhere and now you're being thrown out of American companies.

HAHA!!!! I love it.

"Once your ECONOMIC and Global Military Dominance dwindles you will be treated like Germany after WW2"

Our economy and military is not going away no matter how jealous you get and how much you want it to. HAHA! Keep dreaming loser. Go apply at the toilet factory and build some toilets in India.

no site

United States James
March 29. 2012 07:51

Here is what "brilliant" Indians produce. LOLZ:


no site

Canada ezygoer
March 29. 2012 10:42

Indians will be around as long as Corp. America deals with them in the garb of trade and globalization with a view to make obscene profits. Also as long as student visas are dished out with a process to make them permanent residents and future citizens. So deal with them and other nations.

However the above process seems to be at a disadvantage to American workers but then does anyone esp. Corp America really care ?

no site

Kuwait Anonymous
March 29. 2012 12:53

@ James ,

That Indians equate themselves with America & sincerely believe so is indeed amusing. Only recently I saw on tv , to tackle Somali piracy many countries have taken measures like tracking them via satellites & defending the cargo ships in high seas also.

Now the searchlight turns to India. Within India criminalised parties like DMK & some in Kerala have been doing sand smuggling business. That is fertile sand from riverbeds are is taken illegally in lorries & sold to Kerala & some builders involved in construction. Hence rivers have been shrinking. Sand mafia in Kerala also exports fine quality sand it was reported. The law enforcers while attempting to prevent have been run over & killed by these lorries as it is a ruthless mafia with government support. I saw a cartoon where  helicopter hovers above such a lorry entreating them to stop smuggling. To prevent being run over.

Do not put it past India.Businessmen like Ambani might find an opportunity leasing his private helicopter & Indian press clamouring for a Bharat Ratna for him. Bollywood might make many thrillers also.

no site

United States TaxiDriver
March 30. 2012 07:13


I was thinking the same thing about a knowingly *temporary* visa holder suing under erstwhile *permanent* employee rules such as ERISA (the 'R' stands for "retirement" how could a temp sue under retirement law?)... then it hit me... under the H-1B law as clarified by the Neufeld memo, H-1b's can only be employees, not contractors, yet the concept of an employee, the unstated word is *permanent* employee. Say you have a contracting gig, the company offers you a job saying they would like you to "go permanent."

Generally temps equals contractors, and permanent equals employees. Here, we have a *temporary* visa whose requirements are that they are for *permanent* employees only. I wonder if there is a legal claim somewhere in there to get the whole business stricken down.


no site

United States TaxiDriver
March 30. 2012 08:06

With respect to the original article on the merits, it appears that Wells' Fargo's position is that they are merely not renewing the visas, but not specifically terminating the employees, at least not as long as they have legal status in the USA. Of course, once they are out of status, then they are illegal aliens, and WF has no choice under the law but to terminate them, but under those circumstances an employee that is required by law to be terminated would be tantamount to a voluntary termination.

For example, if you were fired because you were convicted of a felony, that would be considered a "voluntary" termination.

So it seems that the legal theory is that if somehow, prior to loss of status, any given alien was somehow to come up with a green card, then they would -- in theory -- be retained. In that light, the termination would then be legally deemed to be through no fault of the employer, and thus construed as voluntary.

If this is assessment is accurate, then the aliens have no case.


no site

India sinkingshitUSA
March 31. 2012 02:48

Hello all,

I have got many Facts about this Digusting Shithole WHOREDOM nation USA, which was really a cesspool of corruption

These American Useless morons call others corrupt

Who is corrupt--

John corzine?--Or Lyod blankfein?

What a Joke these moron nation is, hated across the world and You American Rednecks morons

You think that Its gona go away--There are over 91000  American Troops and over 45000 American Mercenaries

Watch out..We will send your dead bodies packing and use your wifes in our prostitution centers

Do what you can do,You can do a thing

you cant stop outsourcing, these Websites cant do a thing

We will use you like a Whore and Spit on you

Go and crib as much as you can

We are coming again Once H1-B lots are open, we will take your jobs,Have sex with your married colleagues

Destroy their families, Will have fun with your Whores

While leaving , we will piss and take some $ and convert it and buy GOLD

Once US $ goes down to Toilet , these morons will sell their bodies

You know something largest buyer of US debt is US federal reserve

You can no longer have Free lunch

This moron who runs this site , his name is micheal ambroso

His wife slept with Indians , and had triple penetration from Indians

She is currently working as prostitute in Mumbai

He is mentally retarded ,cant find a job since he was fired from amazon

This moron can only squeak--We will run the show in US

You politicians are prostitutes ...they will lick any Ass of lobbyist

You cant do a dime--You can thing what you want

Its funny to see you cry and have sex with your wives

Few more less WHITE TRASH--World will be better place

no site

United States James
March 31. 2012 11:03

Hey Rat,

I am assuming you are providing DHS with the IP and location of this sinkingshitUSA terrorist in India. I am assuming they can geolocate his location from IP and send in a drone to his shack since making criminal threats over the internet is a felony in the US and he is clearly an Indian terrorist who wishes to harm Americans.

no site

United States Drifter
March 31. 2012 11:28

@TD - The desire runs so deep to be part of US citizenship, they are blinded by reality - rose colored glasses, if you will. The universal presumption is that they will be granted citizenship even though the visa terms that they agreed to stipulates a temporary arrangement.
If there are laws passed or further visa fee hikes - who do you think is going to be the first to go? The corps will find the shortest route to success in getting rid of the easiest to dispose of temp workers. The indians are just living under the impression that they are actually contributing to the point of being retained. The favorable monetary margin is no longer there. Their very existance is based upon the cost differential, not talent - as they unfortunately may so dearly believe. Harsh truth but that's living in the real world.
Welcome to globalization, temp workers...

no site

Canada ezygoer
March 31. 2012 13:04

Well allow Indians in and get bullshit attitude from clowns like sshitusa .. it's hilarious to see Corp. America's easy profit stooges gloating over the rest of the general (US) population.

sshitusa does make some points about lobbyists, politicians and Corp. greed but misses the point that the rest of the US is happy about this practice of Corp America. At least let the whores in the US get some money back from these clowns and infect them with AIDS in the process instead of remitting to India !!

no site

India bastardizedNationUSA
March 31. 2012 20:35

Recent Survey shows that Every 2nd child in USA has multiple fathers--Which means over 50 percent Americans are Bastards.


Over 60  Percent Americans Divorce after 1 year of marriage --Every Women there has minimum of 70 sexual partners

By the way ..there are lot ,many women in Kansas,Arizona who just want to taste my Brown Penis

One women Colleague confessed me that She had 200  men after her marriage

We both had affair for 1  month in which she even mentioned that , she had secretly committed Incest with her 10 year old kid by keeping his penis inside her vagina

I was startled to the length that american women will go to seek variety in their sexual lives

Most of them have had affairs with their father inlaws , boss, Multiple boy friends, atleast 100 One night stands

I promise you--any American women is approachable, you must not act like you are giving money to a hooker

Lure them, and trap them

Most married women I have known are most adulterous

USA is disposable Condom--Get H1 B, make money , use  these disposable american women

enjoy the show, convert $ into GOLD and stay safe

My indian Friends over here---

My advice is simple--Once you Land in USA, Most American women are ready to Open their legs and welcome you in

no site

United States James
April 1. 2012 04:08


Spoken like a true slumdog. You claim American women are all whores and then all you talk about is sex. Look in the mirror moron.

no site

United States jimmy legaro
April 1. 2012 20:35
jimmy legaro

What a joke. The H1-B's I've worked with couldn't talk their way out of a wet paper bag. They all wanted women of course, but had no idea how to go about getting one.
Furthermore, all the women at these workplaces were skeeved out at these disgusting smelly guys. They have a snowball's chance in hell of getting laid.
They could go back to India and have sex with the village girls, most of whom are sexually active as young as sixteen. But then they would be exposing themselves to HIV/AIDS which is rampant in India.
So most get dear Mommy to lineup a bride so they can start having sex around the age of 25.
Most Indian women with good education and family vie NRI's (foreign Indian Nationals) in the US and Europe with suspicion, thinking that they have sampled the wares (of course we know that's not true).
Please, all three million of you, leave us and go back to your country and do something useful there.

no site

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