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Obama turns back on American workers

Exclusive: Tom Tancredo notes: Businesses clamor for visas because they want to pay less

Published: 2 days ago

Last week, the House Immigration Subcommittee held a hearing on H-1B “high skilled” visas to discuss the supposed “problem” that 26 percent of all visa applications were rejected, up from 11 percent five years ago.

Ranking Democrat Zoe Lofgren suggested that these denials are due to arbitrariness and stupidity. She used one anecdotal example of “a recent case in which the USCIS denied an employment-based petition because the adjudicator determined that the company only had USD 15,000 in annual revenues and, therefore, couldn’t possibly pay the worker. It turned out, however, that the adjudicator had failed to note that the figures were listed in thousands. It was actually USD 15 million in revenue.”

You can never underestimate the ineptitude of the federal bureaucracy, and so I have little doubt that cases like this do exist. However, mistakes such as these notwithstanding, H-1B visas need to be greatly reduced because they take jobs away from American citizens.

This debate has gotten more play in the Indian press than in America, with headlines like “Obama warned over H1B visa denials” on ExpressIndia.com. Yet, despite these complaints by Democratic lawmakers and cheap-labor lobbyists, Obama has been completely blind to the plight of American engineers, computer programmers and other Americans whose jobs are being displaced by H-1B visas.

During an online town-hall meeting hosted by Google last month, Obama took a question from Jennifer Wedel, wife of an unemployed engineer in Texas. Noting that Obama had just called for companies to ask what they could do to bring jobs to Americans, she asked Obama, “Why does the government continue to issue and extend H1-B visas when there are tons of Americans, just like my husband, with no job?”

While qualifying that there were not enough civil-engineering jobs because Congress won’t pass his big spending measures, Obama insisted there was a shortage of other types of engineers. He said, “The H-1B should be reserved only for those companies who say they cannot find somebody in that particular field.”

When Mrs. Wedel told him that her husband was a semi-conductor engineer, Obama said, “It is interesting to me” that someone in such a field could not find a job because “the word that we’re getting is that somebody in that type of high-tech field, that kind of engineer, should be able to find something right away.” He then patronizingly asked her to send her husband’s resume to the White House.

Personally, I find it “interesting” that the president is so ignorant about the plight of American engineers. As Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies notes, according to the government’s own numbers there are 101,000 American engineers who are looking for engineering jobs, 244,000 who have left the labor market and 1,470,000 who left the engineering field. That’s 1.8 million Americans with engineering degrees who do not have engineering jobs.

Just two days before Obama mentioned this speech, the Bay Area edition of the New York Times noted that “Cisco Systems, a maker of computer networking equipment … laid off 1,331 workers last year,” and “The semiconductor sector … has lost 4,600 jobs since 2008.”

The reason why big business is clamoring for more H-1B visas is not that there is a shortage of skilled workers, but because they would prefer to pay foreigners less than Americans. There have been several documented cases where American workers were forced to train H-1B guest workers to replace them.

The immigration attorneys who push through these visas make absolutely no allusions. While Rep. Lofgren may be able to point to isolated cases where bureaucratic bungling caused wrongful visa denial, immigrant lawyers make it their policy to get visas approved that should not make it.

In a presentation for fellow immigration attorneys, Lawrence Leibovitz explained his racket “Our goal is clearly not to find a qualified U.S. worker … our objective is to get this person a green card.” He advised his fellow immigration lawyers, “Clearly we are not going to find a place where the applicants are most numerous, we’re going to find a place where – again we’re complying with the law – and hoping and likely not to find qualified worker applicants. If someone looks like they are very qualified, if necessary schedule an interview; go through the whole process to find a legal basis to disqualify them.”

Even Bill Clinton’s secretary of labor, Robert Reich, testified to Congress in 1995 that under the program, a “U.S. employer can now lay off U.S. workers and replace them with H-1B workers” and that the “H-1B program does almost nothing to encourage U.S. employers to develop domestic workers to perform the jobs for which they are seeking non-immigrants, or to limit their dependency on a non-immigrant workforce.”

Nothing was done to address these concerns, and the problem has gotten worse.

Even during the height of the tech boom, virtually all employment in the high-tech sector went to immigrants. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, between 1999 and 2005 332,660 new computer jobs were created by the economy, while the government issued 330,524 H1B visas for computer workers. In others words, 99 percent of all job growth in the computer sector went directly to foreign workers.

That was poor policy during times of economic growth, but it’s sheer insanity in a recession. For all his talk about standing up for middle-class Americans against the 1 percent, when it comes to immigration, Barack Obama is perfectly happy to do the bidding of big business while dismissing the concerns of unemployed Americans.

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United States indian_tatti
March 5. 2012 03:37

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United States James
March 5. 2012 12:51

No Zoe, what is stupid is allowing communists like you to remain in our congress and sell us out to NASSCOM and India, Inc. $.


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Canada ezygoer
March 5. 2012 13:18

When will this big great lie that the US does not produce enough engineers so we absolutely have to bring in "TALENT" and only from third world nations like India finally be laid to rest ?

Maybe a census of Indian housewives in IT in states like NJ, Virginia, Texas, Georgia etc will wake up the politicians to this racket.  

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United States indian_tatti
March 6. 2012 08:48


DETROIT, March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- A new IT boot-camp aimed at producing entry-level software engineers for the growing tech sector in metro Detroit will kick off March 12 at the Wayne County Community College District University Center, in Harper Woods.

The 18-week program is the result of a unique partnership between WCCCD and global IT consultancy, Infosys, Ltd. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most innovative companies in the world, Infosys Ltd. serves Fortune 500 clients through a global network of 64 offices and 68 development centers in the U.S., India, China and across the globe.

WCCCD is the largest urban community college district in Michigan, with more than 70,000 students enrolled at its five campuses.

"This partnership is an opportunity to build strong career pathways in an important and growing sector of Wayne County's economy," said WCCCD Chancellor, Dr. Curtis L. Ivery. "We're excited about partnering with a global IT leader such as Infosys to help direct more people into rewarding information technology careers."

The boot camp program will use methods developed at the Infosys Leadership Institute, Education and Training Center to train more than 14,000 entry level software engineers in Mysore, India. This will be the first time such a program has been offered in the United States. With Detroit as an emerging Information Technology hub, Infosys selected Wayne County Community College District as its educational partner to launch training in southeast Michigan.

Those interested in participating in the Boot Camp must call 313-496-2704 to register for one of two Infosys orientation sessions on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 or Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at WCCCD's University Center, located at 19305 Vernier Road in Harper Woods, Michigan. Seats for this pilot program are limited and all participants must pass an aptitude assessment.

"This program not only provides a pathway to a better life for those that participate in it, but provides highly skilled and capable workers to a growing sector of our regional economy," Ivery said. "Win-wins like this are a fundamental part of our mission, and we're proud to participate in such a vital program with Infosys."

About WCCCD: WCCCD , the largest urban community college in Michigan is a multi-campus district with five campus locations, University Center and the Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education (MIPSE), serving 32 cities and townships, spanning more than 500 square miles. WCCCD is committed to the continued development of new programs, hosting community-based training sessions, improving student facilities and services. For more information visit: www.wcccd.edu .

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United States Indian Tatti
March 8. 2012 00:54
Indian Tatti


The Asian Century Crime Network: A lose conglumerate of college-educated anti-western criminal gangs working together to hijack western company and transfer them to asian control and power. The gang member aliances are often between competing asian and muslim ethnic group.vvMost promenately Indian nationals in the semiconductor
and software industries but could include chinese, south-east asians, or muslims in other industies suchvas biotechnology, and finance.

In the semiconductor and software industries,vwith the assists of loose H1b's the decade beforevCorrupt indian crime organisation havevburdowed deep into hierachy of large well known companies by posing as a legitamate headhunter agencies.
However, instead of find real job candidates that are honest and good empolyees, they installed criminal gang members into companyvby constantly putting them at the front of the jobvcandidate pool and sending to interviews first for every open manage postion.

Once inside the company the indian gang
members started breaking the law
to overthrow the company and install their gang members. Example, installing spyware on computers and constantly breaking into
the managers cars and house in an effort to black mail or otherwise get them fired and replaced with their gang members.

Once gang members were installed in
senior managment position, they were free to leave the company and move onto infect another company by posing as legitable headhunters to another company. however,
They still maintain their senior managment position, and receive pay from the previous
company where they setup a nest. In this way, they made themselves extremely weathly by receiving pay from multiple companies simutaniously. over time, the indian crime ring has built up a network of infected companies that extends into every major technology company in the United States
with gang nests that they can enter at will
since to the company they are senior managers and empolyees with multiple company badges. Now we have entered stage two, where the gang members send out scouts to follow around people that they think will attack their network. There are causasian engineers that are contantsly
followed around and harassed by indian, asian, and arab member that try to damagement covertly and spy on them.

I have personally witnessed gang managers at qualcomm, following me to other companies such as AMD, where they have established nests and moving into attack
by pulling strings at each of these companies for exposing their criminal gang network to the public.

The favorite department of the company Indian crime ring likes to take over is the software tools methodology department, since they can put wrapper scripts around all of the software tools that a company needs to design its products. This allows them to spy on anybody by covertly modifying the scripts that everybody runs
in the company and to break and corrupt the
tools environment and file management to put the company into a constant state of engineering quigemire that they can most easy rule over.

Since, crimial organisations have started running entire branches of companies (established, 2002-2005) they have corrupted
the companies so much that little engineering work is completed in
the United States in the parts of the company they control. instead, they have converte empolyees into managers that
run broken tools and pretend to work while most of the work is performed overseas somewhere. in asia. Gang members can't be
troubled to run real engineering departments. instead, they just transfer the work from one company to the other and pretend its the work of their departments
by mungling the source code around and renaming the varibles and functions so badly that nobody can understand
the code.thus, a new infected host company is often the source of any and all new work in the gang network.

I now leave it the asian homeboys & friends to deny it and li



Will love to see some Hindu Heads wit laser target soon. hate these caste people.

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United States unemployed in Detroit
March 9. 2012 11:54
unemployed in Detroit

I always used to see things like that. Following people around when the person doing the "following around" should have been at their desk working. Asking questions like "where does this person work; can I talk to someone he used to work with, etc.," so-called 'reference checking' which is nothing more than industrial "fact finding", claiming to be a recruiter working for the "Big 3" but in reality just a private citizen trying to establish a "black mail" dossier, snooping into other people's desks, quickly grabbing other people's cell phones, switching dead batteries for good ones, following an employee into the cafeteria and sitting far away but staring at him; telling unwanted recruiters to call an employee at his desk, assigning huge amounts of "emergency" work 5 minutes before lunch time; unknown employees walking around the halls with false names; strangers standing outside secure doorways asking to be let in "because they left their card at home"; "stranger" managers reassigning employees to different desks at random just to distrupt work flow; grabbing a monitor or keyboard from a rival employee's desk just to make work hard; assigning "work" in the middle of the company Christmas party; making an American employee work on Thanksgiving day while atheist foreigners get the day off; shutting power off the time clock so employee loses hours or appears to "goof off"; making employees buy their own office supplies; tricking cafeteria into serving bad food so employees get indigestion while manager spends "computer budget on five star restaurants and 'business meetings' out of town; stealing chairs from employee desks so employee has to work standing up; bizarre strangers from HR who need your SS# and then go on vacation for the rest of the year; giving employee day off and then calling him at home...

Am I leaving anyhing out?

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United States unemployed in Detroit
March 9. 2012 12:35
unemployed in Detroit

Gangstalking at Work: Thugs from the Indian Sub-continent
Once an American employee complains of being "stalked" he is instantly relegated into the category of delusion and mental illness; and worse, may be labeled by HR as a "paranoid schizophrenic". What Indian tech workers lack in computer skills (and drive to learn) or just simple common sense, they more than make up for in often extra-ordinary powesr of mind control and social warfare. They have to. Any American waking up from the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome of the so-called miracle of Indian Technology quickly asks himself: "What have they accomplished?" and, of course, the answer is nothing. Freed from the bonds of any normal workplace appraisment for knowledge and efficiency, the Indian worker in America just simply does that: Nothing. And it is this lack of any real work place product that leaves these modern day psychological Jack-the-Rippers with huge amount of freely available time. In their hands this free time is a deadly tool, ripping apart careers and families, emptying whole office buildings, in some cases, closing down whole towns once unemployment runs dry.
Foreign Workers and Gang Stalking in America
Jan 29, 2011 – organized stalking for over two decades, and has been in contact with other ... workers who don't like someone and make their life on the job Hell, with “pranks. ...... mainstream media reports both from the U.S. and foreign.
Gang Stalking Attack Plan - WhosaRat.comwhosarat.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=
Nov 7, 2011 – See Gang Stalking Methods such as overt Brighting and Anchoring to initially sensitize the victim, car and .... Terrorists [Vigilante] Stalking in America By David Lawson ..... Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to gather intelligence, .... and a professional staff of eleven employees.
Areas to Consider When Researching Gang Stalking
In researching Gang Stalking there are many factors to be considered. ... Our colleagues in North America, though still rather few, do their part to contribute to .... it confirms a belief that they already have that co-workers are out to get them, ....
David Lawson's Investigation Into Organized Stalking
Mar 7, 2009 – the community-based counterpart, organized stalking, is not well known...
The Hidden Evil: Informants
Jan 18, 2012 – Probably the best recent example of citizens Gang Stalking people on behalf of ... homeless people to white-collar workers are participating in Gang Stalking. ... An article entitled, US Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen ..... appeared in the Foreign Press Foundation on December 16, 2004.
Electronic Stalking: The Silent Massacre
Feb 26, 2012 – Several countries, [...] have experimented [with] gang members on American streets and along the Mexican border.

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United States James
March 10. 2012 03:27

"Crime Network" is right! Why the US gov't does not investigate and SHUT DOWN every one of these Indian bodyshops under US RICO laws is beyond me. They are CLEARLY an Asian Mafia here to rob and plunder us.

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United States James
March 10. 2012 05:55

@unemployed in Detroit

"Am I leaving anyhing out?"

You forgot: people like foreign infiltrator and industrial spy ANIL BHAVNANI masquerading as an "engineering manager" meanwhile walking up and down the halls of Adobe writing down the names of every white American he can find so he knows he can only lay off white people. All because he comes from that cesspit India and he grew up being taught India is poor because whitey robbed them 200 years ago when in reality it's because they were too busy writing Kamasutra and having sex with dogs (even their temple architecture depicts this".

The angry-faced ANIL BAHVNANI, who then later sued Adobe for RACISM which was the final nail coffin in his Grand Career in Indian IT Griftology.

Here is the moron's ugly mug on LinkedIn:


Appaently the clown hasn't worked in 3 years as a result of suing Adobe. Beware of this conman if you run into him. His sole goal in life is to make sure white Americans stay unemployed, when he should be back home helping India fix its shortage of 600,000,000 toilets. LOL.

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Canada ezygoer
March 12. 2012 11:49

The H1-B racket has to be put in perspective with numbers like college degrees handed out in Computer Science(B.S, M.S) from 1992 - 2012 and to whom, number of IT jobs created from 1991 - 2012 and then outsourced from 2001 - 2012.

Most degrees were granted to Indians among foreign students, most jobs were outsourced to India and most H1-B were also brought in from India when the labor arbitrage advantage was discovered by Corp. America so it's logical that Indians benefited and to American workers disadvantage. Indian housewives who never touched a keyboard till landing in the US also became IT professionals while US workers did not. As a result wages have stagnated, growth stunted and quality gone down the drain.  

It's gonna take a lot of effort to clean this mess up if at all !!

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United States mar2008
March 14. 2012 01:53

I am on H1B, but with genuine 10 years of experience. Working for one of the fortune 100 companies full time. I was on a contract job  and another H1B with Zero experience replaced me. I went ahead and complained about this guy to the Head HR who reports to the CEO of the company. They did not bother to do any investigation or anything. I called ICE and reported about this guy and his employer. Nothing happened. So yes, almost 90% of the H1B guys who are here are fraud. But none of the corp or the government cares about it.

no site

United States James
March 14. 2012 08:16


You people are too stoopid to know that you are being used as pawns to destroy the US IT economy. Our gov't is JEALOUS of American IT workers and YOUR incompetence is the vehicle by which the US gov't destroys our livlihoods and the IT industry.

no site

Canada ezygoer
March 14. 2012 12:02


Imagine the savings for the Corp. - H1-B's on contract assignments - no 401 K's or other benefits esp. health - long hours extracted from the H1-B's and so on. If more greedy move the entire thing to India or cheaper locales.

Why would this racket be legislated .. to benefit American workers ?

no site

United States Matt from Texas
March 15. 2012 03:00
Matt from Texas

Hey, mar2008, let me guess.  You either (1) asked for more money because you noticed you were underpaid, or (2) are about to receive a GC and thus leave indentured-servant status, or (3) did something to piss off the owner of your contracting company or some manager where you were working.  Congratulations, you have been replaced by someone who will work for less (1) in hopes of grabbing the brass ring of a GC, and/or (2) to milk as many $$ as possible from this country and remit them home. I'm sure you would agree that your replacement lacks your ability and experience but took your job anyway. It must suck that you are now in the same situation as the person YOU took a job from years ago, but don't expect any sympathy here. On the contrary, I find the whole thing rather amusing and ironic.  BTW, are you still being paid your regular salary by your consulting company?  If not, you are now OUT OF STATUS and must leave the country immediately.  Perhaps someone should report YOU.

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United States joshua
March 15. 2012 07:46

a great new website from Jennifer Wedel - everyone go there and help today!


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Canada ezygoer
March 15. 2012 11:48

Good site put up by the Wedels .. too bad all the jobs that her husband could do are all taken up by foreigners and their wives.

It's really simple but Corp. America will not allow it - retrain Americans and re-advertise the jobs being held by H1-B's and recent green cards for folks like Wedel. Ban Outsourcing outfits. But unemployment has to hit 75% as still see "shortages" being reported by the media in IT !!

no site

United States James
March 15. 2012 12:19

Wedel means well but she refuses to acknowledge that Indians specifically are the cause. She still thinks "all immigrants are good" and "it's all corporate America's fault". Another naive American who doesn't realize we are in an economic race war.

no site

United States mar2008
March 15. 2012 23:11

@Matt from Texas - Ye. Go report. But please read my post again before you do. I said I am on a full time job now with a fortune 100 company. I did piss of my employer,yes, by not accepting to lower my pay. Thats because I know what I am worth, I spent lot of money on training,certifications,etc and moreover spent 10 years to gain experience.

@James - Dont generalize please. Yes I agree that most of the H1Bs are frauds and work for peanuts, but not all.

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