Tunnel Rat posted on February 13, 2012 07:11
During his weekly video address, Senator Chuck Grassley presses President Obama to support his legislation to root out fraud and abuse from the H-1B visa program and ensure qualified Americans have the first opportunity to compete for jobs. Grassley highlights a discussion between the President and Jennifer Wedel who called attention to the difficulty many high-skilled Americans are having finding employment in this area.

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United States debug
February 13. 2012 08:18

thank you Senator Grassley for caring about Americans

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United States James
February 13. 2012 12:50

Untold amounts of fraud and abuse.

Boy, is that an understatement...

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United States et
February 13. 2012 13:24

Microsoft Store hacked in India, passwords stored in plain text



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Canada Mark
February 13. 2012 18:32

With top tech grads of the past decade often not even receiving the "time of day" from employers, Grassley's legislation, and a complete ban on the H-1B visa, is long overdue.

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United States Drifter
February 13. 2012 22:27

To all the body-shoppers out there, the visa holders, the over-stayers, pro-visa cheerleaders, the 'world is flat' flag wavers... it's time to pack your bags and go home.

The citizens don't want you here, the IT workforce doesn't want you here and now the goverment is clearly communicating that they don't want you here. Are you listening? The message could not be any more clear. The Neufield memo, the GAO report, the Infosys fraud grand jury investigation... stop resisting and PLEASE DO THE NECESSARY.

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United Kingdom Mr X
February 14. 2012 00:10
Mr X

Indian visa fraud in UK:

To list all 3 videos search youtube:
UK's student visa immigration scam

The UK government doesn't give a f*ck either, they like low wages and desperate people.

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Canada Mark
February 14. 2012 04:32

"Texas Instruments is now hiring:
BS or MS graduates in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
<b>Grad range of 5/11 – 6/12</b>
Salaried  & full benefits / Full time permanent position
Must be a permanent resident or US citizen
Contact - Travis McClain travis@rcstexas.com 469-422-0301 office

Technical Sales Program
TI customers are at the core of everything we do. Our Technical Sales program prepares participants for a challenging, customer-oriented engineering career in technical sales, where you can use your technical background while contributing from a business perspective. "

See this tactic of TI?  First this ad only went to a mailing list for a CS school (not even targetted at the Electrical and Computer Engineers).  Secondly, they <i>insist</i> on someone who graduated within a very specific window, instead of opening up the competition to everyone qualified.  With recruitment like this, no wonder Mr. Wedel can't find a job!  

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United States Bilbo Baggins
February 14. 2012 11:31
Bilbo Baggins

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Canada ezygoer
February 14. 2012 12:33

To late and he missed the L,O,J etc visas all used to replace US workers by Corp. America.

So the high tech Corp. lobby seems to still have the upper hand and only the out of work US workers can mobilize opinion and maybe some action by the politicians.

In the meantime the out sourcers like Cognizant, IBM etc are increasing headcounts overseas and in the US with foreign workers.

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United States James
February 14. 2012 14:14

TI is about to be the next US company added to the trash heap of India, Inc failures. Once flying high they had to just close plants in bith US and Japan after a decade of slumdog invasion and destruction.....

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United States James
February 14. 2012 20:48

Looks like slumdog-infested Oracle just made off with another $5 billion in US debt we can't afford while the Air Force got jack.

And they claim Americans don't have the skillz. These people are worse than incompetent. I guess that's what happens when you got your degree from a garage in Punjab for $300.


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United States minicoopsmom
February 15. 2012 03:45

Thanks Senator, I hope your legislation moves forward, it would be beneficial for all US citizens.

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United States Dean Deloach
February 15. 2012 14:54
Dean Deloach

why doesn't this guy run for President ?  Friggin' stupid-ass Obama....this is so long over-due. Chuck Grassley is The Man.
Go home slumdog job-robbers!!!

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United States joshua
February 15. 2012 19:32

Just started a contractor position, shocked at the number of H1Bs in the
building. working in QA with entire H1B developer team.

In order to get hired - I had extensive background check and every tiny detail
of my work history was scrutinized. Since I'm born and raised in USA, every
one of my jobs and every one of these details can easily be background checked
in some computer system somewhere. The recruiting company even had a third-party
company that Specializes in this extensive background check.

Yet, the H1Bs can lie about anything back in slum-india and there is NO way
to check anything. they claim to have 10 years .NET experience, but it takes
them days to understand how to change one object's property. with no computer
tracking anything, they can easily lie like crazy and get away with it, yet
any born-American can never lie about anything, leaving them seemingly less
qualified and at a huge disadvantage when competing for jobs.

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United States joshua
February 16. 2012 08:32

Did anyone join the BFJ conf call last Thu Night? what was discussed? how
did it go? has Mr Wedel found any job yet?
Also does anybody know if BFJ article in the SanDiego Read came out already?
where is the national report?

just wondering   Smile

>We have some exciting news that I'd like to explain on Thursday nite :
>Jennifer Wedel, the wife of semi-conductor engineer will be on a conf call soon >with our members
>We'll be mentioned in the San Diego Reader in a large article coming out in the >next week
>We're compiling a report that should gain national attention

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United States Indian_tatti
February 16. 2012 10:43


U.S. District Judge James Moody sentenced Ravinder Reddy Allala to 40 months in federal prison for visa fraud and conspiracy.

Laconia Associates Inc., a Tampa information technology consulting firm and employee leasing company operated by Allala, submitted fake H1B visa applications for Indian nationals between 2006 and 2010, a statement from the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida said.

The H1B visa program allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations, which cannot be filled from within the United States by a U.S. citizen.

Allala submitted the bogus visa applications under a fake name and in many instances, also listed a fake workplace for the aliens, the statement said.

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Belgium BigmanShooter
February 17. 2012 02:29

i have an idea, give vaccines  to indian whores so that there will be no slumdog-kids in future

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United States Anon10
February 18. 2012 17:44

TR Interesting link, lol.

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United States Tunnel Rat
February 19. 2012 01:47
Tunnel Rat

WTF is a lakh?  Can't you fucking slumdogs get with the rest of the world when it comes to math?  Or hygiene.  Or sewage.  Or human rights.  

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United States James
February 19. 2012 03:32


"Indian companies are now contributing strongly to local State economies in the US with a presence in 43 states and having invested over $26 billion in the last five years in several key areas of the economy, in manufacturing as also in services," the Indian Ambassador to the US, Nirupama Rao, said yesterday."

I'd sure like to know where the $26 billion filgure comes from. Investing in what? Opening offices for them to grift out more cash from the US? $26 billion ain't jack compared to USA's $1.4 trillion IT market. I call BS, this slumdog is lying through her teeth as usual. And I'd sure like to know the 17 states they aren't doing biz in so I can move there to get as far the hell away from them as possible.

"India's IT industry has in particular been a strong player in establishing value based mutually beneficial partnerships, Rao said in her address to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, India-South Asia Programme."

Mutually beneficial partnerships? HAHA!!! Is she kidding. 10 million slumdogs cleaning out the US economy and causing the biggest economic collapse in 70 years and she calls it mutually beneficial? No, it has destroyed the US while benefitting India massively. Without all the wealth the have grifted out of the USA, they'd still be living in mud puddles.

"As per our estimates, Indian IT companies employ over 100,000 people in the US and the Indian IT industry supports over 280,000 jobs indirectly out of which about 200,000 are with US residents," she said."

Indian companies employ a lot more than 100,000 people in the US. Several million at least and every one of them is a faking grifter fraud sending $ back to India as fast as possible.

200,000 jobs for US residents - yeah - 200,000 US residents who came here from India since 1998 and got citizenship. Even if they did employ 280,000 native-born US residents, it wouldn't be jack compared to the 28 MILLION US JOBS THEY'VE DESTROYED SINCE 1998. 28 MILLION!

These lying slumdogs will always try to con us that they are helping us so we won't oppose their prescense here - so that they can continue their griftology and destruction unrestricted.

Deport all these parasites now before there is nothing left of the US economy at all.

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India aakash
February 20. 2012 07:38

"WTF is a lakh?  Can't you fucking slumdogs get with the rest of the world when it comes to math?"

Yes, considering that early sanskrit utilized this number system which is a more logical (multiples of 100 rather than 1000. Power 2, 4, etc sounds like a better progression) one.

By the way "Mile" is the shittiest unit of measure. Go figure now.

"  Or hygiene.  Or sewage.  Or human rights. "

Or genocide of natives.

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India aakash
February 20. 2012 07:41

Agree with your general mindset though. A lot of the H-1Bs suck balls. They are not even the best and on the contrary, they are the worst. The best Indians do this:


Sadly, they don't get as much exposure as they should.

Also, your tone is downright racist. Can't imagine with this attitude, you'll make much of an impact.

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United States Tunnel Rat
February 20. 2012 11:53
Tunnel Rat

STFU, maderchod.  There is nothing more racist than the typical Indian:



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India aakash
February 20. 2012 13:37

"There is nothing more racist than the typical Indian"

Disagree. Go to Europe and the whites there are more racist than any Indian. Indian racism is mostly harmless. Most "racist" Indians are a bunch of casteist morons wanting white skin and applying "fair and lovely" cream to achieve that. They are imbeciles more than racists. To counter the examples you gave, I could just give thousands of examples of white atrocities against blacks. It is not even close man and come on, you know that. I could also give examples of Indians that have been shot by black people (in Texas, Louisiana and other places). You can easily google that.

The issue here is the problem with H-1Bs and I'm with you on that to a certain extent. However, by your zealous racist tone and by vacillating between the main topic, "racist Indians" and other outlets to vent your frustrations, you are losing focus and making a mockery of your own objective.

""""STFU, maderchod"""

Ha ha nice. Haven't heard that in a while. But I get this wicked satisfaction from someone calling me a mofo. Seems like a majority of the people can't improvise and come up with new expletives.

Stay classy Tunnel Rat. I respect you for what you have achieved. By the way you live in LA? That is the shittiest town ever. How come you don't write about Mexican gangs there? They are screwing up your place more than any H-1B can ever do.

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United States et
February 20. 2012 14:19

"a lakh" of BS!  Infosys did hire hundreds of locals all the sudden last Sept, in Bay Area, but paid them peanuts and kept all of them on the bench.  


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United States James
February 20. 2012 19:52

"Yes, considering that early sanskrit utilized this number system which is a more logical (multiples of 100 rather than 1000. Power 2, 4, etc sounds like a better progression) one."

Must not be all that logical since no one else in the world uses it or has ever even heard of it. LOL. One thing you have to say about slumdogs: they're consistently delusional! They keep insisting their "civ" is the best and the world keeps on not giving a crap and ignoring them.

"By the way "Mile" is the shittiest unit of measure. Go figure now."

Well if you knew anything about science you'd know the mile unit was derived from the fact that the eart rotates at exactly 1000 miles per hour which is why there are 24 hours in a day: the earth's cricumfrence is 24,000 miles. But then again when did a slumdog who ever claimed to be good at math live up to it? Go figure. What is India's distance measurement system 3.48382738485573737289383 inches per some damned unit so they can sit around all day calculating how fat the walk to the nearest toilet is?

"  Or hygiene.  Or sewage.  Or human rights. "

Or genocide of natives."

You mean savages. You don't seem to have a problem with the fact that those "natives" were already slaughtering each other in tribal wars. If the white man had not brought civilization to America they would still be killing each other. And you wouldn't have any internet or any IT jobs to keep you employed. So shut up already about "genocide". Native Americans get filthy rich off their casinos which white people showed them how to operate.

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United States James
February 20. 2012 19:57

"Sadly, they don't get as much exposure as they should.

Also, your tone is downright racist. Can't imagine with this attitude, you'll make much of an impact."

Azaz - sounds like another JooJoo Pad in the making. Wonder what fool gave them $ to do that. They probably don't get as much exposure because their stuff is probably crap no one wants.

As for racism who is that floods other countries, takes everything over and them only hires their own race? Indians. If America were racist would we let a million of you in year after year? India just banned Wal-Mart and Target in order to protect the local Indian workforce. So much for ''globalization'. Look in the mirror, you're the racists. The whole world knows it.

If we weren't making much of an impact the Feds wouldn't be denying all your visas now. America has woken up to India's plunder of the US. Now go find someone else to rob.

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United States SharilK
February 20. 2012 21:38

Agreed, I don't have a good impression of anyone from that sub-continent. They all seem to be rude, backwards, primitive, ugly looking, short, self-serving, short-sighted assholes. Infact they are all a backwards primitive bunch and they seem incapable of higher forms of civilization, they can't even cooperate among themselves as they don't even know how to treat themselves as humans.

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United States SharilK
February 20. 2012 21:40

They are also utterly incapable and incompetent when it comes to doing basic things or taking actions for themselves.

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Canada ezygoer
February 21. 2012 04:42

Flame wars aside the programs that are supposedly there in place to protect US workers to be followed i.e a fee is collected from every H1-B application to train US workers. Is this happening and why is the H1-B allowed to stay in the US and the so called US worker not trained and put in the H1-B's place ?

Why are US workers( employed and not) and students not asking Corp. America where the tech jobs are going and to whom ? How many H1-B's are being replaced by locals under the domestic worker training program ?

Visa programs have become a labor arbitrage game played by Corp. America and out sourcers to replace US workers and bring down operating costs for the big boys.

The other example is the lies fed by the establishment regarding globalization and how it's good for America by Corporations that are making the big bucks in cheap labor countries - Caterpillar, IBM, Apple, GE etc in China, Vietnam and so on.

If the Indian housewife can work in US IT in places like NJ, Virginia, Texas, Georgia the average American Joe or Jane can also !!

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United States James
February 21. 2012 07:35

Bean dips may have ruined L.A. But unlike slumdogs I don't see 3 million of them here deliberately keeping 3 million American IT workers out of jobs. Sure they ruined CA but them again, slumdogs ruined NorCal - I know I liced there 16 years and watched them do it.

And maybe the beaners DO have a legit complaint against whitey - La Reconquista and all that. Unlike slumdogs they may have once lived there. Indians NEVER lived in N. America prior to today so they have 0 claim. And whitey built America and got along fine for the first 506 years while India was sitting around doing who knows what. You didn't help build it, so you don't deserve it. USA ain't a Soviet Ally moron. This ain't communism.

If you have a gripe at all it is with the British only, not with Americans who have given every good thing to the world including the IT jobs that keep you employed.

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United States Anony
February 21. 2012 07:55

I couldn't comment on your previous posts. Anyways, you may be interested in this Indian company called International Business Software Solutions (IBSS) who commit H1b fraud. They recently changed their name to Taksheel. Here is the link: pavankuchanaibss.wordpress.com

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United States James
February 22. 2012 00:42

Americans don't need any stinking TRAINING. We INVENTED IT long before the slumdogs came here and took it over. Why do Americans have to keep incesantly retraining, invent something new, and then only sit and watch as some other lazy country takes over their work. Americans are done providing for the rest of the world. It's time some of the lazy-ass countries like China or India start creating some new industries and giving them to America for a change. Everything the modern world enjoys was created by Americans first. America and the developed countries are suffering from a new form of communism called GLOBALIZATION. Get ready for that UN 'global tax' as the cocaine commies at the UN shake the west down for even more $.

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United States b0rk
February 22. 2012 12:54

Per Capita GDP was growing 8-9% year over year and had been for almost 30 years.  Then, in 1990, it drops to 2-3% and has stuck there ever since.  All thanks, to outsourcing.

If you do the math, the average income would be 90k nowadays if we didn't outsource.  Right now it sits at 24k.

That's how much wealth America has brought to India and China, and what do we get in return?  What you would expect from a people barely capable of understanding or building a society.

The market will swing back in the laborers direction; it has to.

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United States Indian_Tatti
February 23. 2012 07:11


WASHINGTON: US authorities have cracked down on a new scam in which so-called phantom debt collectors using call centres in India harassed Americans into paying bills running into millions of dollars. One scheme, which has bilked US consumers out of some $5 million so far, involved about eight million phone calls originating in India to American consumers over an eight-month period, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said on Tuesday.

A US district court judge in Chicago ordered a Villa Park, California operation to cease and froze the assets of American Credit Crunchers, an affiliated company called Ebeeze and their owner, Varang K. Thaker, according to Chicago Tribune. FTC alleged Thaker obtained information - often including Social Security or bank account numbers - about consumers who had inquired about or applied for online payday loans. Thaker used callers in India, who often posed as law enforcement officers or other government officials, to threaten people with arrest, a lawsuit or the loss of their job if they didn't repay online payday loans. Scammers, officials said, demanded payments of about $500, but as high as $2,000. Some consumers complied even when they knew they didn't owe money, just to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation or potential arrest, authorities said. So far, the FTC has received thousands of complaints from across the country about the scam.

"We think we have a really serious problem," said C. Steven Baker, director of the FTC's Midwest Region, based in Chicago. "As economies have globalised, so has fraud." "Nobody actually owed them a dime," Baker said. Phone calls were placed using Internet-based phone calling, which made the calls appear to caller-ID systems as if they were coming from within the US, he said. The scam had been ongoing since at least January 2010, officials said. The FTC has set up an informational Web page for consumers, called "Who's Calling? That Debt Collector Could be a Fake". It's at tinyurl.com/phantomdebt (Arun Kumar can be contacted at arun.kumar@ians.in {lt}mailto:arun.kumar@ians.in{gt})

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Canada ezygoer
February 23. 2012 12:44


Why do Americans have to keep incesantly retraining, invent something new, and then only sit and watch as some other lazy country takes over their work.
-- Because greedy Capitalists (the 1%) in the US hand it over for insane profits
   (IBM,Walmart,GE etc)

Americans are done providing for the rest of the world.
-- Are the 1% going to agree with this ?

The US worker has been played over and over by Corp. America's labor arbitrage games for over 2 decades to the benefit of Asian workers. Now is this game going to change - not very likely given the current status quo of globalization and world trade or till unemployment goes up in the US to at least 75% !

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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