Tunnel Rat posted on February 3, 2012 01:08

This is not going away, slumdogs.  Your dirty little secret that most of Americans outside of IT have not heard about, the H-1B visa, is now front and center in the national debate:

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United States db
February 3. 2012 02:10

The issue is comparative labor advantages and Ricardian Economics, aka "globalization." President Obama represents his paymasters who favor a neo-Babylonian, anti-protectionist model akin to a burgeoning, borderless global utopia.

"... a world supergovernment is contrary to everything we cherish and can have no sanction by our Republic." - US President Warren Harding

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United States James
February 3. 2012 04:21

21,500 jobs? Pfft! US has lost 28 MILLION jobs since the slumdog invasion began in 1998. He's having trouble getting placed BECAUSE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF AMERICA-HATING SLUMDOGS IN US COMPANIES DELIBERATELY KEEPING (WHITE) AMERICANS OUT OF WORK.

BO knows EXACTLY what is going on. This is all about an economic war against (mostly white) Americans by lazy and jealous non-whites.

Up until 1998 IT was 98% white American males. Until the massive slumdog invasion takeover began that is.

Welcome to the race war presidency.

India is targetting a full 14% growth in US work visas EVERY year. This is stealth invasion and TAKEOVER America.

Turn off the football and WAKE UP!

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Canada ezygoer
February 3. 2012 10:35

Interesting to see the GOP(Big Business) behind this as they were the main architects of the outsourcing game with corporations like GE, IBM, WalMart etc at the forefront. At least O is having a conversation but did not see that in the 90's or under W. Guess the Republicans will not be harping about the "benefits" of globalization in this coming election !

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Canada Mark
February 3. 2012 17:51

Its obvious that the H-1B lobby is running scared these days, because they're filling the chat boards and Youtube channels up with the usual lies and false claims that the resume queues are only full of foreigners.  

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United States minicoopsmom
February 4. 2012 02:50

Why is it only the dems to blame on this issue? If Mitt gets in he's going to FIRE us all and bring in cheap labor, that's what a slime like he does...both parties, both parties my friends are NOT working for you - but against you.

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United States db1
February 4. 2012 04:54

Read this Suckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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United States Bobby Jindal
February 4. 2012 05:12
Bobby Jindal

Well...thanks to your republican vote => Bush & rebpubs in white house, senate and house => John Roberts' court => Citizens United VS FEC decision => Super PAC spending millions towards big business friendly candidates.

You know very well who are the donors for super PACs. Romney, who can take any position on any issue over the time might even say "Abolish all H1Bs"...but it ain't gonna happen.

Go Romney!!

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United States SharilK
February 4. 2012 06:46

The kid who taped Tyler climenti, the gay suicide student in Rutgers, apparently was a Hindu nationalist.

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United States James
February 4. 2012 13:08

Donors for Super PACs - they must mean like NASSCOM or US-INDO-PAC who are the ones who started this big mess back in '98 when DEMOCRAT BILL CLINTON WAS PRES.

"WASHINGTON: Amidst pending comprehensive immigration reform, the United States has proposed several steps - including changes in the F-1 and H-1B visas - to attract foreign skilled workforce, a move likely to benefit professionals from countries like India."

Attract what skilled foreign workforce? Germans and Japanese? Oh they must mean Indians who can't even build enough toilets for their own country, let alone help America. It's nice to see TOI it will benfit Indians and not America. Thanks for exposing the lies TOI.

"Prominent among these reforms include providing work authorisation for spouses of certain H-1B visa holders"

So they can keep the griftology going in the US and not be deported as they should be. If you can't get visa caps increased, just keep their 26-member families here and siphoning the US instead.

"17-month extension of optional practical training (OPT) for F-1 international students to include students with a prior degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics"

That they either bought in Punjab, or else cheated their way through a US school.

"allow for additional part-time study for spouses of F-1 students and allow outstanding professors and researchers to present a broader scope of evidence of academic achievement."

They must mean like this genius:


"In addition, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that on February 22, it would launch its 'Entrepreneurs in Residence' initiative with an Information Summit in Silicon Valley."

Entrepreneurs? Doing what? Claiming to be great guest workers who have destroyed 28 million jobs since 1998? Yeah, America doesn't need any more "entrepreneurs" whose sole business skills involve faking resumes and robbing US companies blind. Those "entrepreneurs" have been here 14 and they sure as hell aren't creating any new jobs. And why is DHS getting involved in economic matters? Their job is to defend America, not act as Gestapo to make sure every slumdog who wants to rip America off can stay here.

"This will bring together high-level representatives from the entrepreneurial community, academia and federal government agencies to discuss how to maximize current immigration laws' potential to attract foreign entrepreneurial talent."

I think they mean scheme how to maximize the amount of $ foreign job beggars can siphon out of America while claiming to be geniuses. If foreign countries had any entrepreneurial talent, those countries would have long surpassed the US, which they have been unable to do.

"These moves are in support of President Barack Obama's, efforts to meet 21st century national security and economic needs"

Efforts to meet 21st century security and economic needs? What security needs? How does bringing in millions of foreign industrial spies help America's security. 14 years of importing millions of faking frauds hasn't help America's economy so we shouldn't think bringing in any more of them will now. BO is a usurper and so are Indian conmen. America doesn't need or want these clowns any more.

"the Department of Homeland Security said, adding that he is deeply committed to fixing our broken immigration system so that it meets national security and economic needs."

The only thing broken about our immigration system is not DEPORTING all the TEMPORARY guest workers who have been here 11 years too long and who promised to go home long ago. Imagine TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS who come into your country but never leave. REAL TEMPORARY. Usurpers always get punished in the end and India is being punished now for usurping America.

"As a part of comprehensive immigration reform, Obama supports legislative measures that would attract and retain immigrants who create jobs"

What jobs? The greatest immigration wave since 1998 has caused a loss of 28 MILLION jobs in the US over the same period. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Non-performers should be fired and deported, not rewarded with more jobs created by Americans.

"and boost competitiveness in the US, including creating a " Startup Visa," strengthening the H-1B programme, and "stapling" green cards to the diplomas of certain foreign-born graduates in science, technology, engineering and math ( STEM) fields."

Giving green cards to chronic cheaters and conmen will not help the US economy. In 1998 when the US economy was run by Americans it was BOOMING. 14 years of Indians running Silicon valley has KILLED America's competitiveness. Only an insane idiot president would hire the same consistent failures and expect them to create jobs. Sorry India, you've failed to keep the US economy going and it's time for you to go.

Dream all you want about legislation like this passing, but with 30 million Americans out of work thanks to you, it's never going to pass.

Now go home and build some toilets.

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United States SharilK
February 4. 2012 23:23

Why is it that it's mostly Indians? Why not Egyptians, Tunisians, Brazillians, Germans, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Iranians, Armenians, Russians etc? Why is it that these Indians can't have decent societies like those countries so they don't have to resort to going to foreign countries and making them give them jobs?

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United States James
February 5. 2012 10:34

Because India is both the poorest and most greedy money-grubbing country in the world. It is also the stupidest. Indian students ranked 2nd from LAST in a recent OECD study. Indians are basically Aztecs. Think human sacrifice. Think idol worship. This is a culture stuck in the 700s or so.

Yet they see what the west has and want it - the modern lifestyle, culture, and money.

Since they are utterly incapable of creating anything themselves, their only recourse is to rob others. It could not be otherwise.

India is still a barbaric nation that is a threat to the entire world. Best not to give them too much $ by trading with them.

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United States debug
February 5. 2012 16:31

Good posting..jobs and unemployment..will be major issues in this 2012 elections

so will outsourcing and manufacturing.  America is  being bled dry and America will change
for the better,  the American people will always prevail and change our destiny for the good of
the nation

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United States Anti-H1B
February 6. 2012 03:00

The best hope we have in the USA is that Pakistan, China and India nuke each other off the planet.

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United States SharilK
February 6. 2012 05:55

I don't understand, how can a country like Japan, a Asiatic non white country, which is severely limited in resources and is an island nation, be one of the most developed & richest countries in the world and be a member of the G8, while a large country like India with a size able land mass, natural resources and different terrains be one of the most poorest, least developed, backwards, chaotic, filthy, overpopulated, worthless, fake, technologically challenged countries in the world? Surprise Surprise it has to come down to race, religion or culture.

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United States SharilK
February 6. 2012 12:10

Will this country ever change or get out of this medieval like phase? They are so tribalistic they can't even have a proper central government, they just can't seem to figure out that to the outside world they are all the same Brown people and no one really gives a shit outside if they are brown X person from shit village and brown Y person from other shit village. They have to hassle to figure out which one is culturally superior; they don't have the decency, the rationale or self-introspection, to even find common ground, talk about being backwards. If an Indian from X group gets a lot of money 100% chance they will never share it with any member of their X or Y village, or even have the idea or imagination to make use of it in the form of inventions, buildings or something that will invest in society will greater returns in the population. Instead the Indian will think he/she is god and use his money to show how superior that Indian person is in front of his tribe using his newly acquired money.

Extrapolate that to a continental scale and you have the Indian society & sub-continent, and to think pundits and Indians boast about India becoming a superpower, give me a break. Indians have to be one of the least rationale, backwards, tribalistic, primitive, child like people with little if any capacity of honest work, altruism, or an imagination. They seem to have no concept of civilization or a greater good of sorts except that of their little tribal villages. This based on what I hear about them and now that this blog has confirmed what I've always suspected of Indians, I think they should be deported and get into a nuclear war of sorts.

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United States Bobby Jindal
February 7. 2012 01:56
Bobby Jindal

When Clinton was in white house in 98, it was repubs who controlled both senate and house. Clinton couldn't have moved a stick without massive republican support.

If you still think its NASSCOM which donates to Super PACS, then great. Don't change your vote!

Go Romney!!

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Canada ezygoer
February 7. 2012 13:00

Why India? A rational perspective:

No restrictions on people movement unlike China, Eastern Europe etc
Majority of foreign students in the US
Willingness to slog away in fields US students were loath to major in
2000 - present
Corp. America wakes up to this and so does NASSCOM
Lays the stage for massive labor arbitrage between US workers and others with India being the major recipient of $$$

The most amusing part of this circus is the phenomenon of the Indian housewife also becoming a major player in US IT firms and pocketing $$$ !!

Not until O takes office and Tunnel's blog comes along does this gets exposed !

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United States James
February 7. 2012 14:40

@Bobby Jindal

"When Clinton was in white house in 98, it was repubs who controlled both senate and house. Clinton couldn't have moved a stick without massive republican support."

Clinton still had to sign it for it to become law. I was not trying to exonerate Repubs, merely pointing out that Dems do it to - mainly for all the rad leftists who claim everything is Repubs' faults.

"If you still think its NASSCOM which donates to Super PACS, then great. Don't change your vote!"

Doesn't matter whom we vote for - once in office they are corrupted by lobbying and globalist/baner control. What we need are laws making foreign lobbying illegal.

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United States Bobby Jindal
February 8. 2012 04:52
Bobby Jindal

Doesn't matter whom we vote for - once in office they are corrupted by lobbying and globalist/baner control. What we need are laws making foreign lobbying illegal."

Nope...They are already controlled by big business even before entering the race.

Foreign lobbying - The Israel/Jewish lobby is way too powerful to even think of any such ban. Entire GOP/tea party is pro Israel on anything.

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United States Indian_tatti
February 9. 2012 09:08

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Canada ezygoer
February 9. 2012 13:33


Fraudhwa's univ. should focus on eliminating :

Corruption in India and H1-B visa programs
End labor arbitrage games in IT
Improve hygiene standards in India
Start an Occupy India movement with all these intellectuals. They can spend 3 generational lifetimes cleaning up the mess there !!

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United States James
February 10. 2012 06:58

Singularity U is just another Indian, Inc. conjob. They grifted some more $ out of the US gov't that we should have used on the space shuttle and instead gave some NASA space to Fraudhwa and his henchmen. They'll bring the India, Inc. stars over here again and all have a big confab about inventing new ways to rob America blind - all doing it using our $ of course. Nothing good will ever come of it of course, we'll see no innovation or jobs created, they will have stolen more of our wealth, and we'll be worse off. Same old gameplan for them. I would pay these 2-bit hucksters any mind - they're not even worth your time since the only thing they can succeed at is robbing others.

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United States INDIAN_TATTI
February 11. 2012 01:20


SYDNEY: An Indian-origin Sydney accountant who stole 45 million dollars from a major finance company and then spent the money on a shopping spree, has been sentenced to 15 years' jail.

Over the course of five years, Rajina Subramaniam, in her role as a senior accountant with ING Holdings, siphoned the money out of the company's accounts in the largest case of fraud by one woman in Australian history.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Subramanium used the money to buy 600 pieces of jewellery from brands including Tiffany, Tag Heuer, Bulgari and Paspaley, 200 Chanel products including perfume and make-up, designer clothing from Chanel, Hugo Boss and Armani, 60 pieces of Mont Blanc stationery and a 600 dollar bottle of Moet and Chandon Dom Perignon champagne.

She also spent 18 million dollars on prestige properties in Bondi, Kiribilli and the Central Business District (CBD).

But in sentencing the 43-year-old in the Downing Centre District Court, Judge Michael Finnane said the items and properties were never used.

Judge Finnane sentenced Subramaniam to a maximum sentence of 15 years, but set the non-parole period at just seven years because of her need for extensive psychological counselling.

He told the court that her grandfather had abused Subramaniam as a child, which had left her with a personality disorder.

Then, some years after joining ING, Subramaniam had become involved in a sexual relationship with a supervisor at the company. Her husband was not only aware of the relationship, but engaged in three-way sexual encounters with his wife and the man.

The judge said that Subramaniam felt this was an "abusive relationship" and it contributed to a powerful sense of resentment towards the company and a desire for revenge.

This, rather than greed, was the major motivation for her crime, he said.

She was also driven by an "overwhelming desire for acceptance and nurturing", something which she obtained from the "warmth and friendship" of the shopkeepers, whom she showered with gifts and cash, including millions of dollars to spend on property.


Oh my god....


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United States INDIAN_TATTI
February 11. 2012 01:25

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United States James
February 11. 2012 13:22

All of a sudden it was in the news yesterday that "Indian economy is slowing down".

Surprise surprise! Take away their griftology racket (i.e. visas), and their economy falls apart. Their economy can only "grow" when they have a healthy host to siphon off of. Once they host says enough and kicks the parasites out, both the host start to get better and the parasite starts to die. That's what we're seeing now.

India loves to trumpt its "booming economy" but don't mistake mere robbery and wealth transferrence for actual economic production!

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United States jimmy legaro
February 12. 2012 00:23
jimmy legaro

I guess the jobs genie Jeffery Immelt whispered in the Big O's ear that we need more H1-B's, that the tech and engineering job market is tight.
Bama swallowed hook, line and sinker. I don't think he will get himself in a corner like this woman put him into again.

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