As usual, Norm Matloff's analysis of Obama being challenged by Jennifer Wedel, the wife of an unemployed semiconductor engineer, is somewhat hopeless sounding and negative, but still good reading:

Something that happened this evening is one of the most remarkable
events I've seen in all the years I've been writing about the H-1B work
visa and age discrimination.

I was originally going to report on an article on the age problem in the
tech industry that ran in over the weekend.  Nice piece, in the Bay Area
edition of the New York Times, sourced from the Bay Citizen.  I will
indeed discuss this article later in this posting, but let me lead with
this evening's case in point:

President Obama held a live video chat this evening, and one Jennifer
Weddel of Fort Worth, TX, managed to get in a question:  "Why does the
government continue to extend H-1B visas when there are tons of
Americans just like my [engineer] husband with no job?”

Mr. Weddel (I don't know if he and his wife share a surname, but for
brevity I'll assume so here) is a semiconductor engineer, now out of
work for three years.  This of course is diametrically opposite to what
Obama has been telling the country, that we have a SHORTAGE of
engineers.  He's called for producing 10,000 more engineers, and
emphasized in his State of the Union address last week liberalizing H-1B
and/or green cards to keep foreign tech workers in the U.S., to remedy
that "shortage."

Obama's answer to Ms. Weddel was that, well, there are engineers and then
there are engineers, and talked about specialization.  He pointed out
that, what with the housing bust and all, civil engineers are not in
high demand these days.  He then asked Ms. Weddel what kind of engineer
her husband is, and she replied that he a semiconductor
engineer--exactly the kind of worker Obama thinks is in short supply!

Obama looked a bit caught off balance by that, and said he'd like to
know the details, because "the word we're getting is that somebody like
that should be getting work right away."  He asked Weddel to send him
her husband's CV.

Some of the engineers and programmers who oppose the H-1B program might
be saying now, as they read this, "Yes!  The President will finally hear
the truth about the H-1B visa!  He'll discover it's a sham, and he fix
the problem!"

Well, let's think about that, reason out some scenarios of what might
happen now, assuming that Obama does indeed ask his staff to follow up
on this.

I would guess that Obama's staff's industry contacts will make sure that
Mr. Weddel will get a job out of all this.  For him NOT to get a job
would risk having the truth come out--which is that H-1B is about AGE, a
way for employers to avoid hiring older (35+) Americans.  When they run
out of young Americans to hire, they have a large pool of young H-1Bs to
turn to.

Now, assuming Mr. Weddel does get a job, what will Obama's staff do
about the question his earlier predicament raised?  Will they say,
"Well, maybe the industry hasn't been fully truthful to us in their
claims of an engineering shortage"?  And if they do say that, will they
relay that concern to Obama, and if so, will he in turn start to
question his doing the industry's bidding on the H-1B issue?

A lot of ifs there, and my guess is No to all of the above.  They'll
simply report to Obama, "Good news, Mr. President--Weddel's husband has
found a job," and he'll say "Great, next issue."  He'll simply assume
that the guy was an anomaly, had somehow fallen through the cracks.

Of course, that's not what SHOULD happen.  Obama and his staff should
ask, "Now, wait a could this guy be unemployed for three
years in Texas, one of the biggest tech states in America?"  But they
won't ask it, either because they are so mesmerized by the industry
lobbyists or because they are so financially beholden to those same
lobbyists, or a combination of both.  Cognitive dissonance ought to be
at work here, but I doubt that it will.

In addition, there is the possibility that Obama and/or his staff are
already skeptical of the industry's claims, but simply cannot afford to
relinquish the industry's campaign donations.  An internal document
unearthed last year from the papers of the Clinton White House talks of
"call[ing the] industry's bluff re: their shortage of really
highly skilled and desirable workers."  If that were the case with the
Obama folks, Obama's surprised reaction to Weddel may have been somewhat

The worst possibility in my mind is that the Obama people take the
classic Democratic Party approach and decide that what Mr. Weddel needs
is...TRAINING!  (Whenever I trash the Democrats like this I feel
compelled to remind everyone that I'm a lifelong Democrat myself, no
ulterior motive here.)

The reason training doesn't work is that older workers are expensive.
After training (which many don't need anyway), they are STILL expensive.
So training does nothing.

Which brings me to the New York Times/Bay Citizen article (enclosed at
the end of this message).  The piece does a good job of getting the
point across that Mr. Weddel is definitely not alone.  On the contrary,
he's pretty much the norm.  However, the article drops the ball in not
identifying the central issue--MONEY, in the sense, once again, that the
older workers are perceived as simply being too expensive.

I tried to get this point across in the reporter's interview of me last
week, but I got the sense, correctly as it turns out, that his mind was
already made up:  The problem these older engineers have is that the
technology has simply passed them by; they just don't have the latest
skill sets.  I pointed out that many older engineers are exact matches
for jobs listed on companies' Web sites, yet never get so much as a
phone call in response to their application.  But by that time he'd
already heard too much from others that the problem was skill sets.
(More on his interviewees below.)

Ms. Weddel said she'd been married about 10 years, and she looked about
30 or so to me, which would likely put her husband in or near the danger
zone I've been warning about:  age 35.  The industry may tell Obama that
Mr. Weddel lacks some particular new technological skill, but that'll
probably be just a pretext.  The REAL reason engineers like Mr. Weddel
have trouble finding work was well illustrated in a rare slip by
Microsoft I've cited before:

      Microsoft...Senior Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer
      David Vaskevitch...acknowledges that the vast majority of
      Microsoft hires are young, but that is because older workers tend
      to go into more senior jobs and THERE ARE FEWER OF THOSE POSITIONS

(Emphasis added.)

It's like the old General Motors notion of "planned obsolescence," only
for people rather than cars.  And the H-1B program, made up overwhelming
of young workers, is what fuels all this.  In pre-H-1B days, it was
assumed that engineers and programmers would learn new technological
skills on their own, as part of their jobs; now, they often are not
given that chance.

Reporter Glantz has written an engaging piece, certainly recommended
reading, but as mentioned, it misses the boat on the central issue, that
older engineers are just too expensive.  Moreover, it's a pity that he
restricted his research (he did tell me he was on short deadline) in
employment counseling to government-financed agencies such as NOVA, and
industry-tied statistics gatherers such as Hancock.  Glantz would have
gotten a much more accurate picture had he talked to private employment
agencies, i.e.  "headhunters," who would have told him that, in
Microsoft's succinct words, "there are fewer [senior] positions to begin

As I said, Mr. Weddel is, if anything, typical.  I just talked yesterday
to a new PhD in a tech field.  He had worked in industry for some years
before returning to grad school, and did a dissertation which uses
state-of-the-art technology, on a very practical topic.  He had spent
about 10 years at two brand-name firms, working on key projects.  He's
articulate and well-liked.  So, he's just what Obama claims to want.
Yet he told me all his fellow students doing research in that field are
gettting showered with job offers, but nothing for him so far.  He is
also in his mid-30s. 

Mr. President, how many Mr. Weddels will it take to convince you that
something is terribly wrong with the H-1B program--and not just with the
Indian "bodyshops"?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Wedel's story is blowing up all over the internet.  I've always thought many techies were pussies when it came to the H-1B issue, and it is unfortunate that it was this engineer's wife, not him, who was the one to confront Obama on the ethnic cleansing of America engineers at the hands of the slumdog slave trade.


When I first started to take a militant stand on this issue, years ago, I was condemned for my rhetoric by many chickenshit cowards in Programmer's Guild and elsewhere.  But not anymore.



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United States Mike
February 2. 2012 01:26

Let us assume Mr. Weddel really tried hard to find a job.. it is rather astonishing that when I google his name.. He does even have a picture or connections in his Linkedin profile. I wonder how come a man searching for a job sending hundreds of resumes doesnt even think of having a linkedin connections or profile. This brings in a point whether the case is fake or he doesnt want to move his a## off Fortworth and relocate.
Most of the semiconductor mfg units are moved to China etc...what will you do about it..well find a job which is global..

I am 100% sure that this case is sham

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United States 12
February 2. 2012 02:45

LinkedIn is nothing but packs of rabid Indians begging for answers to their programming questions or slumdog recruiters trolling for resumes to steal.

And why the fuck does Mr. Weddel have to uproot his family to get a job?  He lives in a major metropolitan area that has tons of high-tech companies like Texas Instruments.  Why don't we round up all the slumdogs shipped in by TI and other companies and deport their Hindu asses?  

Finally, like many Americans, the Weddel family is probably underwater on their house and can't just fucking move.  They don't live out of a suitcase like you do, you piece of shit maderchod.  

And why do you fucking slumdogs use 2 or 3 periods all the fucking time?  You all write like illiterate mouth-breathers, even while you are trying to lecture us Americans.  

The engineer has a family, for Christ's sake!  You fucking rapist parasite Indians came over here and destroyed millions of families like the Weddels.  

no site

United States James
February 2. 2012 05:54

"Mike" is obviously a slumdog. Maybe even ANIL BHAVNANI.

"I tried to get this point across in the reporter's interview of me last
week, but I got the sense, correctly as it turns out, that his mind was
already made up:"

They mean his mind AND his walltet. After all, once NASSCOM throws some $ your editors way, you tend to come to the conclusions they want.

"The problem these older engineers have is that the
technology has simply passed them by; they just don't have the latest
skill sets."

Let's see, I am 43, I have 20 years' experience programming the Mac and 4 years doing iOS programming with Cocoa and Objective-C. Yep. My skills sure are old and out of date...... still can't find work.........

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United States 12 ka baap
February 2. 2012 06:00
12 ka baap

Go fuck yourself 12 Madarchood !!!!!!!

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United States 12 ka baap
February 2. 2012 06:02
12 ka baap

12 you are a fucking Madarchood man !!!!!!!!!!

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United States Tunnel Rat
February 2. 2012 07:34
Tunnel Rat

It's amazing how some slumdog sitting in Disney's Burbank offices has the time to browse my blog and leave his Hinglish rants.  And I am sure that this is not the real Kris Rock.  

But as we all know, they get shipped in here and then do nothing but bugger-farming, chair-warming, and porn-surfing while engineer's like Mr. Weddel starve.

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United States Dean
February 2. 2012 11:51

Fuck these piece-of-shit indians. Alot of the people I work with in IT stand right up to these job-robbing sub-human fuckers, and we don't take any shit from them - ever. We won't be happy 'till every one of these lazy motherfuckers goes home.

no site

United States Kris Rock
February 2. 2012 12:34
Kris Rock

Yeah I do feel sorry for Mr Weddel, but impotent's like you ( Benchood Tunnel Rat ), 12 etc etc don't have the balls to compete with Foreigners and stay in the race.

I feel sorry for you and your follower's in this blog.

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Canada ezygoer
February 2. 2012 13:51

Lets assume Wedel is genuine and cant get a semi-c job. He cant get any other jobs related to the software industry as Indian housewives have taken them up like testing, project management etc.

So time to look around esp. in N.J, Virginia, Texas where they have infested in large numbers and get rid asap !!

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United States er
February 2. 2012 15:06

“stay in the race”?  level the play field, do IQ81s stand a chance?

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United States James
February 2. 2012 16:29

Americans don't have the balls to "compete" with foreigners. Meanwhile the foreigners come here clueless with a bought degree from some garage in Punjab and then get TRAINED by us so they can even DO the job. Then once they DO take over the job, every company they touch dies. Yeah, we Americans, who invented IT long before Indians ever came here can't compete.

Where is the Indian operating system anyone uses? Indians are deliberately keeping Americans out of work because it is Indians who can't compete with US, and then they lie and say WE can't compete. Well, we were here doing IT long before you ever got here so stop the lies and go home.

Don't believe me Indians ruined everything they touched in the US? Just have a look at this list:

Companies ruined or almost ruined by imported Indian labor

Adaptec - Indian CEO Subramanian Sundaresh fired.
AIG (signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture Indian frauds, collapsed in 2009)
AirBus (Qantas plane plunged 650 feet injuring passengers when its computer system written by India disengaged the auto-pilot).
Apple - R&D CLOSED in India in 2006.
Australia's National Australia Bank (Outsourced jobs to India in 2007, nationwide ATM and account failure in late 2010).
Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli took over, closed, turned into a shopping mall)
Boeing Dreamliner ES software (written by HCL, banned by FAA)
Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Trade Secrets and documents stolen in U.S. by Indian national guest worker)
Caymas - Startup run by Indian CEO, French director of dev, Chinese tech lead. Closed after 5 years of sucking VC out of America.
Caterpillar misses earnings a mere 4 months after outsourcing to India, Inc.
Circuit City - Outsourced all IT to Indian-run IBM and went bankrupt shortly thereafter.
ComAir crew system run by 100% Indian IT workers caused the 12/25/05 U.S. airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int
Computer Associates - Former CEO Sanjay Kumar, an Indian national, sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for accounting fraud.
Deloitte - 2010 - this Indian-packed consulting company is being sued under RICO fraud charges by Marin Country, California for a failed solution.
Dell - call center (closed in India)
Delta call centers (closed in India)
Fannie Mae - Hired large numbers of Indians, had to be bailed out. Indian logic bomb creator found guilty and sent to prison.
Goldman Sachs - Kunil Shah, VP & Managing Director - GS had to be bailed out by US taxpayers for $550 BILLION.
GM - Was booming in 2006, signed $300 million outsourcing deal with Wipro that same year, went bankrupt 3 years later
HP - Got out of the PC hardware business in 2011 and can't compete with Apple's tablets. HP was taken over by Indians and Chinese in 2001. So much for 'Asian' talent!
HSBC ATMs (software taken over by Indians, failed in 2006)
Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned)
JetStar Airways computer failure brings down Christchurch airport on 9/17/11. JetStar is owned by Quantas - which is know to have outsourced to India, Inc.
Kodak: Outsourced to India in 2006, filed for bankruptcy in Jan, 2012.
Lehman (Jasjit Bhattal ruined the company. Spectramind software bought by Wipro, ruined, trashed by Indian programmers)
Medicare - Defrauded by Indian national doctor Arun Sharma & wife in the U.S.
Microsoft - Employs over 35,000 H-1Bs. Stock used to be $100. Today it's lucky to be over $25. Not to mention that Vista thing.
MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled)
MyNines - A startup founded and run by Indian national Apar Kothari went belly up after throwing millions of America's VC $ down the drain.
Nomura Securities - (In 2011 "struggling to compete on the world stage"). No wonder because Jasjit Bhattal formerly of failed Lehman ran it. See Lehman above.
PeopleSoft (Taken over by Indians in 2000, collapsed).
PepsiCo - Slides from #1 to #3 during Indian CEO Indra Nooyi' watch.
Polycom - Former senior executive Sunil Bhalla charged with insider trading.
Qantas - See AirBus above
Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired, lost 60% of its customers to Adobe because Indian-written QuarkExpress 6 was a failure)
Rolls Royce (Sent aircraft engine work to India in 2006, engines delayed for Boeing 787, and failed on at least 2 Quantas planes in 2010, cost Rolls $500m).
SAP - Same as Deloitte above in 2010.
Singapore airlines (IT functions taken over in 2009 by TCS, website trashed in August, 2011)
Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired)
State of Indiana $867 million FAILED IBM project, IBM being sued
State of Texas failed IBM project.
Sun Micro (Taken over by Indian and Chinese workers in 2001, collapsed, had to be sold off to Oracle).
UK's NHS outsourced numerous jobs including health records to India in mid-2000 resulting in $26 billion over budget.
Union Bank of California - Cancelled Finacle project run by India's InfoSys in 2011.
United - call center (closed in India)
Victorian Order of Nurses, Canada (Payroll system screwed up by SAP/IBM in mid-2011)
Virgin Atlantic (software written in India caused cloud IT failure)
World Bank (Indian fraudsters BANNED for 3 years because they stole data).

I could post the whole list here but I don't want to crash any servers.

no site

United States James
February 2. 2012 16:45

For all those slumdogs who come here to COMPETE with Americans, have a look at this:

Indian students rank 2nd last in global test

HAHA! SECOND FROM LAST! This means workers from Guatemala, Mexico, Africa, and Ecuador are smarter than Indians. Compete? Indians can't even build enough toilets.

No wonder the US economy is such a wreck with these people running it.

Report. Deport. Get America going again. Deport all slumdogs.

no site

United States James
February 2. 2012 17:00

Delusional Indians can't create anything of their own so the only thing they can do is come to USA as job beggars and rip off what others have created. What a pathetic country.

no site

United States db
February 2. 2012 21:06

Un-freaking believable. Homeless man has two master's degrees. One in plasma physics and the other in EE. Spread the word.

" At the Copley library, Boston resident Maurice Johnson, 55, an unemployed aerospace engineer, said he comes there every day, including Sundays, to look for work and read up on current events. Johnson said he can always read on a bench in the square during a warm spring day. But the winter months are another matter. "

no site

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