"The president asked an online town hall questioner Monday to send him her husband's resume, insisting he wanted to look into why the man remained out of work despite his background as a semiconductor engineer.

"I meant what I said, if you send me your husband's resume, I'd be interested in finding out exactly what's happening right there," Obama told the questioner, Jennifer Wedel of Fort Worth, Texas.

He told Wedel that according to what he was hearing from industry, such high-tech fields are in great demand and her husband "should be able to find something right away."

Wedel told Obama that despite what he said, her husband had been out of work for three years. She wanted to know why foreign workers were getting visas for high-skilled work."

At about 5:51, Obama gets confronted by this understandably pissed off wife of an engineer who has been out of work for years:

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United States Matt from Texas
February 1. 2012 05:48
Matt from Texas

<sarcasm>Could it be that industry is (gasp!) LYING to the President?  I am shocked, SHOCKED at the thought.</sarcasm>  

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United States Dean
February 1. 2012 07:10

I couldn't believe it when I heard him say that. I always wondered about his position, but I wonder no longer. On one hand, he's against offshoring, but then he says this dumb thing. If there was any hope of me voting for him in '12, it's gone now. I don't need any more pro-slumdog/pro-Job Robber politicians. I'm really surprised at his ingorant comments, especially given his pro-worker leanings. I guess he's pro-worker - but only when it comes to imported-dummy workers...

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United States TaxiDriver
February 1. 2012 08:23

This engineer is putting himself in a position to be the next Joe the Plumber lol.

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United States James
February 1. 2012 09:55

Yeah Odumbo. You know this is an economic race war takeover with the agenda of the economic dispossession of white Americans. YOU KNOW IT PAL. So don't give us that all innocent "I don't know why he's not getting hired crap". He's not getting hired because TI and the rest of IT is a big fat Curry Den riddled with millions of slumdogs who won't hire Americans, AND YOU KNOW IT!

What a silver-tounged fraud this guy is. That woman's husband will NEVER GET WORK and Odumbo knows it. He's just acting concerned so he can get his failed ass relected.

BO is too busy spreading America's wealth around to the rest of the lazy 3rd world to do anything about the FOREIGN INVASION of our country. In fact, he just announced he wants to sign an FTA with India for UNLIMITED slumdogs to overrun us!

He knows EXACTLY what is going on. He and his commie buddies the Clintons are CAUSING IT.

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United States James
February 1. 2012 09:57

Diane Feinstein even admitted after the 2001-slumdog-caused collapse "We were lied to". Yet there she is, right there still voting YES on flooding USA with more useless 3rd world reject wannabe job beggars.

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United States James
February 1. 2012 09:59

THIS is why he's not getting hired:



Slumdog managers TAKING OVER everything and making sure only INDIANS get the jobs!

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United States db
February 1. 2012 15:39

Obama issues ridiculous rhetoric during recent state of union speech. Sign legislation to send jobs back, "I'll sign it." Yet, he walks around singing FTAs with Colombia, South Korea, etc. He's a liar.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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